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  1. Like I said....40 years old! The issue as YOU describe is the result of putting a bandaid over a bullet hole! Why do you think the State, County, and the TOG...gave up on that place decades ago. Gibbs, like a lot of folks....trusted the gov. to come their rescue only to make matters worse.
  2. This issue sure gets a lot of attention for being over 40 years old.
  3. Shakemsam

    Wanted Starcraft superfisherman 196

    Not affiliated and older...
  4. Shakemsam

    for sale : usa Planer boards

    pm sent again
  5. Shakemsam

    for sale : usa Planer boards

    Im in Greece. I you a pm this morning.
  6. Shakemsam

    for sale : usa Planer boards

    New Price $20 b/o Pick up only
  7. Homemade planer boards. They are approximately 28"long and are quite heavy. They should run true and pull hard. $25 local Rochester NY
  8. Mostly Rapalas and by the looks of them, I would say never used.$50 local or $60 shipped. I'm in Rochester New York
  9. Why don't you message the poster?
  10. Received my pads yesterday. If you're looking for pads, these are the ones to buy. I'm using the double sided ones with Trout/ Salmon on 1 side with Bass/Pike on the other. Perfect!
  11. Shakemsam

    for sale : usa Grady White

    He has listed his contact number. Some people are not all that computer savvy. I suggest that if someone is really interested and has more questions, give to him a call. Nice rig!
  12. Shakemsam

    Wanted Planer Boards

    I saw those. I will keep them in mind if nothing else comes up. Thank you.