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  1. That would explain why the one I saw, was so darn narrow and a pretty flat bottom.
  2. Something the locals have lived with as far back as I can remember. Although, I don't recall the trestle being an issue until the COE redesigned added their work.
  3. I looked at a 22' back in the early 90's. I don't know about a big lake boat?? They were narrow with a pretty flat bottom! Like anything else, pick your days and it would be fine.
  4. I'm not 100% sure...But, I would guess you hit the old trolley tracks.
  5. I would guess it's in the install of the new pump. Any chance you have the blades curled the wrong way?
  6. I thought Southbay on Empire was a dealer for Tohatsu?? Either way, I heard their service was pretty good. I would also check Eastlake in Hamlin and Pugsleys in Ontario.
  7. Not much at Braddocks. I have taken a few along the sunken pier where the the hotel used to be. Guys used to fish Wautoma Shoals but that was ancient history. Hedges will still produce but nothing like years ago. Just keep your bait off the bottom away from the gobies.
  8. You have a couple places in Sandy Creek on Rt 3 just east of Port Ontario. better luck west toward Oswego and even better if you look around Sodus. tough time of year right before winterization starts.. IMO, do it yourself. Not too difficult of a job and not at the mercy of someone else.
  9. They were removing the bad areas that were breaking down.
  10. I run a basic 2d 83/200 on mine
  11. Everything...fish and game is soaked, then frozen in milk.
  12. Not a lot of options. if these are your side curtains , don,t zip them shut. Maybe have some zippers added to get some air. My Crestliner HT was an oven in the summer and adding a fan on the dash helped. also helpful for clearing the windows on a cold morning.
  13. I haven't seen any mention of cleaning the carb(s). sorry if I missed it. Sounds like the highspeed circuit. do a thorough cleaning or rebuild. I have never had an outboard that didn't drip fuel when left in the tilted position. it generally drips right from the carb throat due to the bowl being full.
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