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  1. I've always been able to get by with finding speed by listening for the Downrigger cable hum and looking for bubbles off the cable.
  2. Back at it again today. Same area with more traffic and less action. Beauty of a day with flat water. Probably too flat! Decided around 11to troll back towards the Genny and call it a day when a rigger 40/100 fired. Picked up a dark brown looking like it was pre-spawn season with a hook jaw. Never seen one in the spring, before.
  3. Dropped lines about 0630 hrs Finished 6/7 with 4 Steelies and 2 Coho. Generally 30-45 Over 100-150 A dipsy/echip with b/w fly produced 2. Chinook diver/NBK produced 2 Ninja Board/ Orange Crush with 3 oz. Snap weight the other 2.
  4. Ebay. And just a guess that all the GLS's use the same cap.
  5. Curious.. I was out as well out of the river till 11. Made a shallow east troll to Webster and back. No takers but a full screen
  6. Is anyone familiar with the Walker Auto Weight Retrieval System as to how it installs or operates? I came across the parts on Ebay but based on the few pictures and very little info I can find, I think something is missing. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Place a reliable stand alone charger on the battery in question for a 24hr period. Not a trickle charger! 10 amp is good.. Then check the voltage drop under load. Better yet, remove the batt and have it tested.
  8. Not real familiar with that area. If it's possible...Handle the payment and paperwork electronically. Have the dealer have the boat in the water. Go up with a trailer and a buddy with his boat. Throw a rope and tow it back. Maybe you can get a local up there to bring it over.
  9. Not a big fan of mono for a diver. Just too much stretch. Much prefer braid for another non-wire diver. And again, no need for a twilli. Maybe making up a rigger/diver rod with braid on a LC?
  10. Should be ok. You could have it color matched at one of the auto paint suppliers. Then maybe top coat with a clear outdrive paint. All the outboard mfgs offer cans of touch up as well.
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