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  1. If you edit your listing, it would give the moderator a heads up to remove the post. It's just a courtesy.. Thanks!
  2. No price and call for more information keeps the "prop kickers" away! If your serious about buying it you know about how much it is.... If you are truly interested in buying the boat you will call for price and more information I couldn't agree more with these statements!
  3. I would stay clear of Featherbed shoals if you dont know the area. Good Largemouth and Pike at the entrance to Dodge Bay. Top water over the weeds at dusk. Drift the shoreline 15 fow from Peos to Millens for perch. Good Luck
  4. These are stainless and very HD. Will fit all tracks. I used for only 2 seasons with no issues for both dipsy and planer board lines.$100 for the pair
  5. I have a Merc 2 stroke. I believe late 80's. Probably needs the carb cleaned from sitting. PM me if you're interested.
  6. Ended with 1 Chunky Greaser 60/100 west of Ibay.
  7. Could be under inflated. Possibly weak sidewalls if they are old tires. Also check that the undercarriage is true, like I described above.
  8. Over 15 years with Load Rite and EzLoader. Never balanced a tire... Just saying...
  9. Easy enough to find out... Measure from the (Back End) frame rail on each side to the spring hanger bracket. The should be exactly the same.
  10. I used to work for Load Rite. Could be tires but Im more inclined to believe the undercarriage is crooked.
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