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  1. Shakemsam


    Been at Marys Island for a week now. Only SM came on this side of Deer Island. Its beyond slow! LM in the Lake of the Isles has been much better.
  2. Shakemsam

    I-Bay Largemouth

    Fish it early in the day and not passed the middle of July.
  3. 2 manual short arm Invaders. Good cables w/ new Cannon Terminators, Cannon Swivel Bases, and 1 large trolling bag.. $150 Pickup in Rochester Now including 2 fish shaped weights, 4 Roemer Releases, 2 Angler Pal rod holders.
  4. The fact is..anyone seriously considering buying anything on here, Should and most likely will ask several questions regardless of the information and pictures posted for said item. Want more info, ask questions! Dont like the way the item looks, move on! Its not rocket science!
  5. Shakemsam

    for sale : usa B78 /13 t/w

    Rochester NY
  6. Good shape on a painted wheel. Perfect spare! $25
  7. Like I said....40 years old! The issue as YOU describe is the result of putting a bandaid over a bullet hole! Why do you think the State, County, and the TOG...gave up on that place decades ago. Gibbs, like a lot of folks....trusted the gov. to come their rescue only to make matters worse.
  8. This issue sure gets a lot of attention for being over 40 years old.
  9. Shakemsam

    Wanted Starcraft superfisherman 196

    Not affiliated and older... https://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/d/1997-starcraft-superfisherman/6570552692.html