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  1. For the cost of the equipment involved.. with your limited time and lack of experience ( no disrespect) with this type of fishing, I really recommend one of the local charters.
  2. Thanks for the offer, Lake bound. But, that's a little pricey for what I need.
  3. Looking for 2..7' Med/Hvy Action Rods for Dipsys and a Bracket for a 5hp kicker. Thanks all!
  4. For sale in Rochester NY; Invader manual riggers and home made Planer Boards...$60 2x4X8' Trailer Bunks $10 55hp Evinrude Carb kit $5 Performance Reeds for same $5 Manual for Merc Outboards up to 40hp $10 Humminbird Wide 100 w/trans $15 Evinrude fuel line connectors $5 Switch/Fuse Panel $5 Fuel Inlet (No cap) $2 Vhf Antenna base $2 Am/Fm Stereo Antenna $5 $75 Buys it all, if picked up.
  5. Been at Marys Island for a week now. Only SM came on this side of Deer Island. Its beyond slow! LM in the Lake of the Isles has been much better.
  6. Fish it early in the day and not passed the middle of July.
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