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  1. Just a thought...You could go with the 6" mounted to a 4" deep box and use it for storage.
  2. I wouldn't take it in. It's a pretty simple job and Youtube is your friend. Im a firm believer that anyone with a recreational vehicle of any type, especially watercraft or motorcycle...should learn and be able to do the most basic repairs/or service. It could make a life or death difference. JMO
  3. I was the only boat at Mayers last Sat. I wouldn't expect a crowd from people or perch. The launch is ok but its low..real low! Less that 2' from the launch to the first set of markers.
  4. I knew there was somebody I forgot... Thank you!
  5. Can anyone recommend a Mercury Mechanic in the Rochester area? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ok, Im going with kill switch. It must not work as there is no tether clipped to it. Thanks for all the help, guys!
  7. Not the original owner....but the same switch is pictured in other 195's of same year +or-
  8. Thanks for the reply, Frogger. My horn button is red also, but on the right side.
  9. Looking for some info on a 1990 195 Sportfisher that I recently picked up. There is a white push button switch next to the ignition key on the left side of the console. Wondering what its purpose is? Can anyone help?
  10. Looking to do the same with a 195 I picked up a month ago. Want to do 24v but where to put the batteries?
  11. Any of the OEM are better than Atwood, Perko, etc.
  12. Im not aware of any rack storage in Rochester. Your best bet is Sodus or maybe Pt.Breeze area.
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