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  1. I think the OP is referring to stick baits. I just use Plano boxes.
  2. Controls.....most likely. Electrical...a good electrical guy who can read schematics can rig it but it wont be plug and play.
  3. Contact the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY
  4. Yep! Replaced them on my Sabre with after market.
  5. Current Venture owner and owned just about everything else over the years. I also worked for a Loadrite distributer for 10 years IMHO...and I know it is just MHO...That trailer was/is overloaded or at the very least loaded incorrectly. Trl Mfg. 99% of the time decline warranty because 99% of the time, the dealer set it up wrong. Type of axle plays a huge role as well. Trailers with torsion axles require a completely different set up compared to sprung axles. Torsion axle trailers need to be tongue light. When tongue heavy, they will bounce resulting in the type of issue you had as well as worn tires. Sprung trailers general rule of thumb is 10% (+or-)total weight on the tongue. That's fine with 3500# but not when your pushing 8k. Then a weight distribution hitch should be considered.
  6. Perhaps. I think I had more weight with the I/O but it was displaced differently.
  7. Had an 88 24' HT. Nice boat but bow heavy and took a lot of water over the bow in rough weather. Go with canvas. JMO
  8. TTT Anybody? Trades welcome ..
  9. Misc items...All good stuff...CHEAP! All items are best offer. No reasonable offer refused! Buy it all and free delivery within 50 miles of Rochester NY. (Left side Walker Downrigger Mount pictured has been sold)
  10. JMO...shorten the platform and install a transom bracket.
  11. I myself never had much luck with either one. But my father always did well with the johnson and porkrind trailer. Me...a top water red&white.
  12. Thank you Frogger. Can you recommend what area to launch out of? I am familiar with Sampson from camping years ago and the Glen area.
  13. Never fished Seneca but really want give it a shot before storage time. Running out of Rochester with a 19' Aluminum. Just looking for some basic info concerning location. Not looking to invade anybody's honey hole. Thanks in advance.
  14. Kind of looks like a bottom bouncer
  15. Are you talking about a 88 Nordic Crestliner? If so, I had one and the floor was vinyl over plywood. It was also in panels not a complete piece. Just curious...
  16. (MOTOR IS Sold) Many other items for Boating,Fishing, and Camping And Much More please message me if anyone would like more information.
  17. A quality antenna is just as important or more so than the radio itself.
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