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  1. Kind of looks like a bottom bouncer
  2. Are you talking about a 88 Nordic Crestliner? If so, I had one and the floor was vinyl over plywood. It was also in panels not a complete piece. Just curious...
  3. (MOTOR IS Sold) Many other items for Boating,Fishing, and Camping And Much More please message me if anyone would like more information.
  4. Nice Job, Matt! I bet that Eye was a shocker.
  5. A quality antenna is just as important or more so than the radio itself.
  6. Much easier to measure from the back end of the trailer (each side) to the spring hanger. That's the way the hanger was set when the trailer was built. Measurement should obviously be the same. Still...it sounds like it is over loaded.
  7. X2 for the toilet bowl cleaner. I use (The Worx) from either Big Lots or The Dollar Store. Mixed 50-50 in a garden sprayer.
  8. Ok. New cable it is.
  9. Slow down...no need to cut it yet. Disconnect the cable from the motor and move the motor by hand. If there is still a problem, it's the swivel bracket. If all is good there, pull out as much cable as you can and spray the housing, the shaft, and the cable with some good penetrating oil. (WD-40 is not a good penetrating oil) Have somebody work the wheel back and forth as you wipe up all the mess. Keep at it and it will free up. It is most likely all plugged up with dried up grease. There are lots of videos on youtube.
  10. Agreed...It does seem to be picking up. I do have to say the consistent 5-7lb fish is a concern. Not just near Roc, but it seems to be everywhere. JMO
  11. Took my daughter and her husband out for an evening troll. Ran 2 riggers] and 2 wire dipsy ff's. Fished 150-300 with good temp around 50. Marked some bait and a few fish but nothing happening. On the return, a wire diver 110 over 189 starts jumping. I gave it to my son in law while I cleared a rigger. Ended up losing the fish but it was nice to hear a drag again. Still, it is brutally slow out there.
  12. Ok...I've repaired a couple of them because of the rubber dry rotting. Snapping off is a different animal. Good Luck!
  13. Next to impossible to find. What is the problem with yours?
  14. It's not too bad. I use to work for LoadRite and occasionally had to repossess trailers for non payment. A floor jack is a definite requirement along with a lot of blocks. Cinder blocks help as well.
  15. Heating the board with a propane torch till it is glazed is another way to give an adhesive better grip.
  16. Everything you need to update your roller trailer or convert from bunk to roller. Came off a 20' single axle Venture supporting 19' aluminum open bow. Asking $300 b/0
  17. I personally feel the importance of having a VHF on board, let alone knowing how it use it correctly...kind of went out the window when they stopped issuing Radio Telephone Licenses with call signs. I still have mine laminated in my rig. I can't remember the last time I actually used the call sign. If I did, I bet the USCG would have no clue what I was saying.
  18. The OP asked a legitimate question and I thought Ski's reply was legitimate as well. Then the OP came back with some attitude. As far as not turning on the VHF in 5 years...I meant for only making inquiries concerning fishing or idle chit chat.
  19. And ...Olcott isn't Erie. I stopped turning on the VHF about 5 years ago.
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