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  1. Anchor about once a month on a sand bar and have a pop while you scrub her down. You will be amazed at how much that helps. The outboard depends on a couple things. If it happens to be a carbed motor, sometimes they will leak fuel when tilted up for any real amount of time. I usually don't tilt unless the water is real shallow come fall.
  2. For lake trolling specifically, no need for anything really fancy. Basic 50-85 frequency. No need for chirp and screen size depends on room and location.
  3. Did the exact same thing on my 90. There should be the original ply under the bow.
  4. I believe they are considered firearms in NY. Could be a recent change. Check the penal code.
  5. Unless that 40 hp is a manual start, it charges the battery. While it doesn't have an alternator, it does have a stator.
  6. The only accurate way to test a battery is while it is under load..IMO
  7. To be clear, this contact just a couple years ago, was with the new ownership. It was obvious they were oblivious how to run the business and was dependent on the "Bryce" name and it's customer base. They were in way above their head! That being said, prior to that when Craig Bryce and his boys ran the place, it was better. Not much...but better. I think that Bryce, having been in business for so long, just like Rochester Marine, became so full of themselves, sales was all that mattered. They pretty much had a lock on the Rochester area, as everyone else had closed. There were numerous boat dealers in this area at one time, besides these two. Rochester Outboard, Robot Marine, Voyager Marine, Raz Outboard, Spencerport Outboard, JaySea Marine, Sutter's Marina, Mayer's Marina, Bethany RV, Ballentyne Rv, and some car dealers as well were selling boats. Weller Motors which became Marina Dodge, sold Bayliner. Pelican Marine sold boats before they became just a restaurant, and Doyle Chevy was in the mix for a while with Sunrunner Boats out of Canada. A lot of the above were in business at the same time and competition was healthy.
  8. 2 years ago, I called Mercury and spoke with the District Rep for NY State concerning Bryce. Without going into all the details, the conversation ended with me telling him that Merc should be embarrassed to have such a Piss Poor POS Dealer representing their products. Switched to Johnson the next year, and all my needs go to Pugsley's in Ontario. Can't say enough good things about Bob!
  9. Check the obvious and start with the fuse. Whether there is water or not, the switch should turn on the pump. The float should be wired directly to the starting batter and replaces you when the boat is unattended. Some pumps have built in floats and some do not. Use google for diagrams on proper wiring. Good Luck
  10. I left the area for home on the 17th. It was real slow. It is low...so low that most of the problem areas are above water. Just keep your eyes open.
  11. That would explain a lot, as the dinks are pretty warm to the touch and the few keepers are ice cold..all while being in the same depth. The bigger fish are slooowly coming in shore.
  12. Columbus Day week is my annual trip up for perch fishing and I don't remember it this slow. Generally my main stay is a drift between Peos and Dodge Bay's. Still the most productive for me but only a result in about 20 eaters in the past 5 days. Even made a run to the breakwall at the Cape, with not even a bite! Also drifted Carlton and Linda with same result. Still...I wouldn't be anywhere else this week. You folks up here are so blessed!
  13. Here ya go! Looks like it might have been a Wellcraft hull. http://www.fiberglassics.com/library/index.php?title=Lightning
  14. Not an MFG! I owned a 71 Gypsy and the outside strakes of the bow hull were flat, not sharp. A lot of boats in the 80's were what we called XYZ boats. Company's that bought the molds from out of business boat builders from the 70's and through a name on it.
  15. x2 For years only ran the carb and fuel lines dry. Now just stabil or seafoam.
  16. The only reason to ever turn in plates was to have a receipt to show your insurance agent that the vehicle was not on the road. no need with a trailer.
  17. No personal experience with OMC I/O's. But I believe the general consensus was stay away if you can. Parts are pricier and harder to find than merc. The Cobra's were a better outdrive than previous versions but still not merc. An outboard bracket would be an interesting project. Since you are rebuilding the transom anyway, that's the direction I would go.
  18. Could be charger...but why two of them. My guess riggers. But riggers were never 110....they just used the plugs and wired them 12v.
  19. Marine grade plywood preferably coated with an epoxy. Lots of videos on Youtube
  20. The floor is either screwed or riveted to aluminum bracing.
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