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  1. Not sure what you mean by locations near Rochester. I think it gets you perks at West Marine but the Roch store is pretty useless IMO. Better off investing in a reliable kicker!
  2. Put it in a trash barrel and see if it's any different. When I use muffs, I wrap a bungee around it tight but it is still slow to stream.
  3. Frying the alternator for starters.
  4. You can switch the Perko from 1 to 2 or to both, while running without issue. The problem is if you accidently switch to off while doing so. That could be a real bad day!
  5. Distance apart might but up and down should not. Biggest issue would be if they are the same frequency or cone angle. My2cents
  6. Is the control wireless? I have heard the wireless Trollmaster's do the same thing. If it's not wireless, try isolating the wires from other electrical harnesses. Maybe run it through some flex conduit?
  7. Unfortunately, you will most likely have to remove the runner as well.
  8. I always ran on 1 and occasionally would run on 2 to keep everything charged. I always tried not to switch while the main engine was running.
  9. It's not over thinking! The more connections, the better chance of a bad connection! In a perfect world, your Battery should go to a battery selector switch, Switch common to main engine as well a separate feed to a breaker continuing to a fuse panel, all capable of handling the amperage load. Your kicker directly to the cranking battery, but ideally to it's own. Bilge float directly to battery with an inline fuse. FWIW...I run a breaker and panel feeding my console electronics and another breaker and panel for the stern (riggers, 12v supply, Depth Raider, TrollMaster, Remember, that 6 amp alternator won't put out 6 amps at idle and most likely not at trolling speed.
  10. All tarps are waterproof....until they tear or breakdown from the sun. expect 3 years of hard use before you replace it.
  11. JMO and everyone knows what those are worth...lol.. but if you really want something to have access to grab the boat and go, you would be better off with a carport or something similar.
  12. Whatever is closer will give more opportunities to enjoy the boat.
  13. Def not a CB. VHF radio wire colors are all standardized. just google the model and you can probably find a manual.
  14. If it is a true CB and not a VHF radio, then they could only be for external speakers and a PA.
  15. Ran an older Johnson for years that developed same traits. Chased it for 3 years before I found a Johnson TBI bulletin on Iboats recommending a slow speed jet change to 2 sizes up to compensate for changes in the fuel. Not to say it will help, but something to think about.
  16. Nothing available in a spray for the DIY that I'm aware of. For the sealing, I assume you're talking about the plywood in the transom. You will most likely have to sandwich 2 pieces or maybe 3 for the correct thickness. Total Boat epoxy is fine but not necessarily the penetrating type. Lots of info on youtube.
  17. it's labor intensive but once to start drilling out the rivets to remove the splash well, you will see it's not that bad. Plus you can get to replace all those thru transom bolts and seal everything with 5200.. Replacing the foam is optional. lots of info out there about the pros and cons.
  18. Generally, I would say it's picking up some trash. Look at the board itself for something bent.
  19. I would keep looking. Not a 4winns fan and not really a fish friendly boat. I would put it in the category of a family day cruiser that dad can occasionally. fish on until the wife sees you drilling holes! The Cobra's are ok. A step up from the previous OMC's but still not as easy to work on or for parts as merc.
  20. I can't imagine you will find anything in the Rochester area. Should be somebody in Sodus or between there and Henderson.
  21. Agreed. And I do the same, usually at the Oak. Just another reason why there is not another weigh station.
  22. Agreed, the numbers out of I bay or even Rochester in general are crazy low compared to the west end or Sodus.
  23. Long ago when it was locally owned, the weigh station was at the Port of Rochester and then it was moved to Rochester Hollow Grinder. Back then, it was truly an event!
  24. Water is kryptonite to wood, regardless of type or strength. Make sure to seal both side and extra coats on the edges.
  25. Unless you are running your riggers constantly, they should not drain your cranking battery. It may have been something else that was a constant drain, combined with the riggers. Keep in mind, it is not enough to just have a kicker with electric start. it is about the size of the stator and how many amps it puts out.
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