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  1. Big Jon 4x4 base I am looking for 1 big Jon 4x4 base. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Ryan
  2. Received my gambler rigs today. Great looking setups. Great to deal. Thanks guys!!
  3. for sale : usa

    I am interested in invader boards if you would ship.
  4. Have you guys had any luck on the small scorpion stingers or all on the larger ones?
  5. Checked his site out. That's where I will get them from. I want to try them on some of my local lakes for lakers. Thanks guys
  6. Spin and glows? What size are you guys using and what colors? I have been looking to add some to my box but can only find small ones. Thanks in advance.
  7. I guess that's a soft top sorry.
  8. There is an islander on Craigslist western mass for 8 grand . Not sure if it's what your looking for.
  9. I have heard a lot of good about him. I have used cold steel for salmon. Just was wondering for browns. THanks for reply guys
  10. Spring brown charter Thinking about doing a spring brown trip with a charter. Either in Mexico or Oswego who would be a good one to take my two sons on. Also when would be the best time April or may?
  11. Somebody is getting a sweet ride! Someday!!!!!!
  12. That's what I was looking for. I am thinking that an 8 might be better
  13. Kicker size? I have 16 ft smokercraft angler. I am thinking about doing a kicker this year rather than using my trolling plate. Would a 5 horse Honda 4 stroke be enough motor? What size would you guys recommend?