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  1. hookedupf7

    Releasing salmon

    I try to catch and release most fish. Once in a while I like to keep a mess of eyes and perch.
  2. hookedupf7

    Releasing salmon

    Seems you guys are rite. Our June trip most of them took pretty easily but in September very few of them would go. I will try tying them up this year. Thanks
  3. Have any of you guys had luck releasing after catching. I tried last fall and only had a couple take. Any hints? I like to release most fish I catch
  4. hookedupf7

    Asb tackle

    Just looking at there site a lot of nice custom stuff
  5. hookedupf7

    Asb tackle

    Anybody deal with them? Looks like they got some nice stuff? Wondering how they are to deal with.
  6. hookedupf7

    for sale : usa Prop

    Prop is in great shape any reasonable offer trade
  7. hookedupf7

    What size dipseys

    Thanks for input guys
  8. Make an offer. Somebody must need one
  9. hookedupf7

    What size dipseys

    Ok guys thanks I am going to order some 124’s
  10. hookedupf7

    What size dipseys

    How far can you get down with the 124’s
  11. I am going to be buying some dipseys in the near future. What size dipseys you run for fall salmon. I am running wire.
  12. Quicksilver 3.2 gallon tank 30 plus shipping or trade for gear, flashers, or spoons