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  1. I am wondering if anybody from this sight painted it. I bought it from a fellow at brewerton show. He thought it was rr spooon . Dave said not one of his. I did real well on Browns a couple of weeks ago on it and would like to get a couple more
  2. Anybody I’d this spoon. I thought it was an R&R but Dave said he doesn’t think it is one of his.
  3. I am looking for a handle for diawa sealine sl175h.
  4. Make an offer sick of moving off my work bench. Came off a 2006 mercury 50 horse.
  5. Dirty hooker we saw you out there I think. I see you are from lake luzern area?
  6. I made the trip out last weekend. We fished Mexico Bay Area. Saturday was good. Sunday we didn’t do as well but heard from a buddy Oswego was hot. I think both are good depending on day and conditions
  7. Ok I will try it again when I go out again and drop it down further. Thanks for the input! 👍
  8. I don’t only fishing 5 ft down. I just read that you may have to play with gain. Any input?
  9. Took my first trip out this weekend. Fishhawk wouldn’t work. It showed surface temp. That was it. I changed batteries. I noticed red light was blinking in probe when I brought it up. It worked fine the three times I used it last year. Any ideas?
  10. Ha everyone better get fishing. Cabin fever is setting in on this site bad 😄😄
  11. No I thought maybe somebody had one in the package
  12. I am looking for an older mag 10 circuit board. Thought I would try on here before I ordered one.
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