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  1. Hey guys planning on buying 2 new riggers in the future . My boat is a 19 fter. Curious in between the mag 10 stx or Scotty. Not sure which Scotty if I went that route. Opinions???
  2. Just curious when Kings are starting to stage. So you guys still run meat? I know j plugs are a staple at that time. Wondering are the colors the same.
  3. Used one for the first time on Sunday . Took one king on it .
  4. Offshore thanks for sharing . This made me step back and go through all my stuff and make sure I have proper safety gear on my boat.
  5. We had a king take us out to 700 on wire today. Got nervous but finished him on the boat
  6. HB2 I’m not being nasty . Sorry if it sounded that way. I was laughing as I was typing. I actually think it is hilarious. But I did so quite a bit of research to see what it was exactly and came up empty handed πŸ˜„
  7. HB 2 you are the one that keeps talking about Gary d rig? You are a prick πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ . I looked high and low for what a Gary d rig was. Guess what . I still don’t know . πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  8. Thanks guys. I think I will stick to my 10 lb fish weights. Logger mine are used every weekend . A lot of times on local lakes. I am in same boat hopefully new stx next year
  9. Hey guys I have a set of mag 10’sThey have autostop and adjustable booms. Curious on what weight they are rated up to. I have 10 lb and have thought of going up to 12β€˜s. I can’t find any info on them
  10. I know that the fish doctors son used to be on here and he built custom rods. Not sure his name or anything .
  11. I believe guys do run snap weights on the lead . I havnt but I am sure with experimentation you could get to where you need to .
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