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  1. Curious what size coldwater a you guys using with 10 colors and 300 copper with backer?
  2. Thanks guys . I may try my rod tips higher and like the pool noodle trick. 👍👍
  3. Mine is mounted to a mast on nose of the boat . I feel that if I could make the mast a couple feet taller it would give me a lot more angle. My tow lime drags in the water a lot out by the board . I feel more angle I could get a little farther out also
  4. Anybody ever extend there planer mast . I feel I need more height to get more of an angle. If so I would like to see pic. Thanks
  5. Hey guys I am looking for a working vhf radio . Didn’t know if anybody laying around they would sell.?
  6. Hey guys looking for a recommendation on an entry level vhf radio. Mine quit working in my boat and have to replace it. Not looking to spend a lot . Usually never use it but know I need to have one on board
  7. Curious if anybody ever extended there mast to get more height/ angle?
  8. Just had Reel rage do some custom work for me . Super fast and spot on . Thanks.
  9. I have a 19 starweld flex. I bought a rod rack that clamps to the Bimini top off Amazon. It is kind of chinsey but works good to get rods up and out of the way
  10. Any good tackle shops out by Niagara Falls. Going out his weekend for anniversary trip. May want to feed the habit 😄😄
  11. JimiHendrix1970 sent ya a pm
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