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  1. Decoy hound do you jig them
  2. Thanks for input guys. This site is great
  3. I have been looking at some used trophys that seem reasonable. That may be another route
  4. Ha ya not very often when mama tells me to buy a new boat
  5. Bozeman Bon that is what I'm trying to do. My two sons go with me all the time. My wife said if I bought a bigger boat she would go more. On the other hand my local lake is fairly shallow and my boys like going out bass fishing occasionally. I guess I got time to think until spring. Thanks for all the opinions guys!!!
  6. Rookie fisherman thanks for your input. I would probably only ontario in spring and fall when fish are in close. The rest of the time would be on smaller lakes in central NY. The boat I am looking at is red so that not as bad. It does have two axles on trailer. I see what you are saying about the platform on the back.
  7. Ha ya the 2 footsies weren't to fun in the 16 footer this spring.
  8. I am running a 16 ft smoker craft angler now. I am looking for more room and ability to handle some rougher water. We fished ontario in the spring for browns in the angler and I would like a little bigger boat for next spring
  9. I do a lot of trolling. I fish smaller lakes a lot but want to have something that will handle ontario on good days. I know some of the older trackers have had some issues. The one I'm looking at is a 2016 targa 18 fter.
  10. New tracker boat opinions Looking for some opinions. I am thinking about buying a new boat in the spring. I just looked at a tracker targa 18 ft. What are your guys opinions on the new trackers?
  11. I had it on smokercraft 16 ft deep v angler. Probably similar boat. I was getting 31 mph out of it but was running low on rpm. I switched to a 13 pitch. Brought my rpm up from 5 to 5500. I lost 2 mph but boat is a lot more responsive
  12. I have used bow string wax on mine . It helped some.
  13. Best reasonable offer