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  1. Clark I was wondering where you have been. Been asking Mike B where you been. Good luck May see ya out there this weekend
  2. Age old problem . They do catch fish. But don’t hold up for paint
  3. Mine seems to recieve pretty good but can’t talk out. I am thinking bad mic. Don’t know a lot about them so I figured I would just replace.
  4. Hey guys looking to upgrade my vhf radio. Mine is an old radio and looking to replace. Looking for an opinion on a base model radio to buy. I don’t know a lot about them but mine seems to receive but won’t transmit. thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys is anyone from warrior lures on here?
  6. Sk8man is rite. It is a big deal in the winter ice fishing around us If a game warden comes out that is usually the second thing he ask me for is a bait receipt after fishing licence.
  7. I also may run a 5 color down the shoot depending on what I am seeing
  8. My 6 rod spread is 2 riggers , 2 wire divers , a 10 color off one board and a 300 copper off the other board. Also a free slider on each rigger or May stack rods on riggers. I am only fishing a 19 ft boat so I am limited
  9. Just make sure you hook to main line before throwing 😄😄. Yes I have done it twice 🤦🏻🤦🏻
  10. I have a kicker on my 19 ft boat. For 4 years I have run cannon with extendable booms. I never extended them. Now I run Scotty with short booms. I run them 45 degrees off the back corners with no issues. On rough days I put them off the side
  11. Pair of Scotty swivel bases. No base plates or screws. Excellent shape . 25 a base plus shipping
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