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  1. I have a kicker on my 19 ft boat. For 4 years I have run cannon with extendable booms. I never extended them. Now I run Scotty with short booms. I run them 45 degrees off the back corners with no issues. On rough days I put them off the side
  2. Pair of Scotty swivel bases. No base plates or screws. Excellent shape . 25 a base plus shipping
  3. Thanks guys I will look at this stuff you mentioned.
  4. Curious I saw some guys post about running divers for early browns. Can anyone add some insight to this? Depths ? Diver size ? Slide divers? Wire or mono ? And leads?
  5. Rd9 I plan on building a couple one color this week to add to Arsenal. How long of leader do you usually run from lead to spoon?
  6. Thanks guys just wanted to make sure I was on the rite page.
  7. When running off boards do you guys add weight to spoons? If so what do you use?
  8. Joel they catch me every time at the brewerton show.
  9. I have many of Dave’s spoons . Great looking stuff
  10. I am goin go to check fish 307 Sunday. I thought maybe someone had a set kicking around on here maybe
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