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  1. ELOSTA Tackle sale and Updated Seminar Schedule

    This is my first year out really enjoyed it. The only thing I could see to change is probably could use a little bigger venue. But otherwise can’t wait until next year!!!
  2. Medium rod weight is enough for kings? What weight line you running in August and September for kings?
  3. Can you catch kings on the smaller size spoons or all on mag sizes?
  4. Mexico/Oswego ???

    Hoping to make it out middle of April if this god forsaken wether would break!!!!!!
  5. ELOSTA Tackle sale and Updated Seminar Schedule

    I made it up late. Stupid work got in the way. Even showing up late I got some good stuff. Definitely be back next year!!!
  6. Mexico/Oswego ???

    Ran up to Mexico and Oswego today after the Brewerton show and checked the lake out. Launches looked good but the lake did not!!!! Rough would be an understatement!!!!
  7. Just wondering if anybody has bought a boat from bass pro in Utica. How was there service etc? You can pm me if you want
  8. Transducer mount plate

    I never thought about an old cutting board. Same material. You don’t have any pics do ya?
  9. Transducer mount plate

    That’s it thanks guys
  10. Transducer mount plate

    Not positive what you call it but I know there is a plastic flat plate that you put on boat to mount trans on. Do these just epoxy or do you screw them on and where can I get one?
  11. Wanted WTB- 16ft + aluminum boat

    I may be selling my 16 ft smoker craft. It is a 2007 angler.
  12. Flea market

    Yup hoping to make the trip out
  13. ELOSTA fleamarket

    I am going to try and make it out!!!!!
  14. Brewerton on flea market?

    Ok thanks Dave
  15. Swim platform kicker bracket

    That’s what I was thinking. The only problem is my swim platform is in the driver side of my boat. I don’t know how bad the boat would lean to that side. It is a 16 ft smokercraft.