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  1. for sale : usa

    Where you located?
  2. Thanks for posting that pap. I took a snapshot on my phone to use it as a reference.
  3. I was running Sticksand spoons. The two browns came off a stinger scorpion hammer and a dw nbk. As soon as I got out to 100 I got two riggers set and I couldn't take the waves . Trolled for about 10 minutes and headed in.
  4. Thanks I want to thank all you guys for helping getting setup for browns. We made our first trip out yesterday and today. Quick released one behind the boat and boated one yesterday. Today not a hit but it sounds like it was a tough day around Mexico. Both were on green spoons. We tried going out to 100 for lakers but it was to hard to function in the 16 footer!!!
  5. We will be there this Friday black chevy and blue smokercraft. If your there Friday please stop in.
  6. I will have to stop and get some stinger size then. I have a whole big box of scorpions I use for inland lakes for landlocked and lakers and quite a few different sticks
  7. Just booked a place at catfish creek. Kind of in the middle. Hopefully it is decent.
  8. Buddy of mine said the same. Anything green he said also. That's what has me leaning towards Oswego.
  9. A million brown questions Getting ready for first brown trip. Rigging stuff up and getting ready. I have a few questions any help is appreciated 1. I am using 10 lb floro leader, light enough? 2. How far behind planer boards and how heavy of split shot? 3. How far behind ball on rigger? 4. Is it worth bringing a 3 color core this early? I have rigged rods with 3 sticks and 3 scorpion spoons to start. Thanks for all the help guys. This site is the best.
  10. Better fishing? Oswego or Mexico Just getting ready for my trip out this weekend. It is my first trip out to lake O for browns. In your opinion is Oswego better than Mexico or visa versa? Mexico is 30 minutes closest for me. It seems on here everybody is talking about Oswego and not Mexico. I am only running a 16 ft deep v so I am not going to want to travel to far. Thanks guys in advance
  11. I think it's actually in palaski not sure though
  12. Your the second place to say that about KG
  13. How about red roof inn in Fulton?
  14. Oswego lodging I am thinking of heading out Thursday night to fish Friday. Where's a decent place to stay that won't break the bank. Thanks in advance. It will be me and my two sons