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  1. I replaced Oring. All good now. That tiny piece of paper they send in itt cut the oring. Guess I should have took that out
  2. Last time I was at sonny’s A few weeks ago had meet. I know all seasons was all out last weekend
  3. Rookie you are exactly rite. I would be furious. You lost whole season? They tried doing same thing to me but in the off season. Do everything by email. So you have records. Deal with troyer and wolf. I have contacts if you need them. Stay after them!!!!
  4. Don’t feel guilty. I was coming regardless. Even if I sit on front deck of cabin all weekend. Still enjoying it
  5. We are off the lake lowballer. Even with my 19 fter it was a tough one. Kids stomach couldn’t take it
  6. Ha I love chaos. Every time I go fishing it is chaos 😄😄
  7. I will be following this post. As I own a starweld also. Hopefully they come through for ya. Definitely stay on them. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  8. Yes sir . I am very skidish on that lake. Even in my 19 fter it gets hairy quick. 👍
  9. Honestly I would do everything via email so you got records though
  10. Darryl is one of the contacts. I think I also have his boss number.
  11. Well I figure if the lake goes to shtt I can sit and relax at the cabin or maybe take the kids up and explore the river. Last chance to get out there for the year for me. It’s almost 3 for me . So I know where you are coming from
  12. Just booked a room for the weekend. Hopefully it doesn’t go to shttt
  13. I dropped mine off September. Got it back end of March. Once it got to factory it returned pretty quick. I am not sure who dropped the ball on mine. Dealer or starweld. It has been good since then. Man it dosnt seem rite if the water damage was caused because of tank issue. I had a few sessions with them on the phone. If you have issues let me know. I think I have a few contacts I think. They don’t like when you call them though
  14. Most people on this site are a pleasure to deal with. Never had a bad experience with anybody yet 👍👍
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