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  1. Just curious what you guys are running for length and action rods. I have 9fter ugly sticks that are light action rods. I bought them off here. They seem to work but seem light.
  2. Ha ha thanks man . I needed that. Stuck at home .
  3. My favorite 2 sticks are goby bayrat, and smithwicks fire tiger so far .
  4. Ok thanks. Took my seats out clean boat today. Holy [email protected]“”t. I didn’t know if I was going to get them out
  5. Curious what you guys use on your seat receivers to lube them up? Removed mine today and they came hard
  6. For spoons I like the special mate boxes. I want to get another for sticks at some point.
  7. Roomie fisherman I was one of them. I already had a nice chat with the original poster !!!!
  8. Awesome guys . I was in a 3 day ice fishing tournament all weakened. Wish I was there instead 😄😄
  9. Will probably be going to brewerton if anyone is interested
  10. Will probably be going to brewerton if anybody is interested.
  11. Customer service is some f the best I’ve ever seen 👍
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