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  1. Flea market

    Yup hoping to make the trip out
  2. ELOSTA fleamarket

    I am going to try and make it out!!!!!
  3. Brewerton on flea market?

    Ok thanks Dave
  4. Is this a fairly big event? I wanted to make the Niagara event but couldn’t. This is a little closer. Was thinking of making the trip of it was decent.
  5. Swim platform kicker bracket

    I have seen some discussion on kicker platform brackets on here. Can these be used on a small platform. I am wondering if there is enough support on my small swim platform to use one?
  6. Swim platform kicker bracket

    That’s what I was thinking. The only problem is my swim platform is in the driver side of my boat. I don’t know how bad the boat would lean to that side. It is a 16 ft smokercraft.
  7. I’m trying to find more info of the brewerton show. Is that a pretty good size event. I am going to try to make it to it as long as it doesn’t conflict with an ice tournament that I usually fish
  8. Flea market

    I am hoping to make it out to this. A little closer than the Niagara show. Is there usually a pretty good turnout?
  9. will nk mags work in the spring Browns? I am starting set up boxes for spring fishing. I have a lot of stinger scorpions,nk28’s, and other spoons similar in size. I am going to buy some stingers and also want to know what size?
  10. for sale : usa suttons sold

    Guys Sutton is making spoons again. They have a Facebook page. And yes they have the 44’s. I ordered from them last year.I waited to until these sold so I didn’t step on any toes.
  11. Expo in Niagra

    Thanks guys. Gotta see if I can find a house /dog sitter. Definitely want to go.
  12. Expo in Niagra

    I looked at the site and nothing came up. I have to see what the boss has planned. It’s about 5 hr trip. But i would like to check it out
  13. Expo in Niagra

    Hey guys I’m thinking of making the trip out just to look around for the day. Is there a general admission and how much?
  14. Spoon size for spring Browns

    I did manage to pick a bunch of evil eyes up this fall also what was your hot color for them?
  15. Spoon size for spring Browns

    We went out of catfish creek for the first time last year. I really enjoyed it . Slow day managed two cookie cutters. Talked to charter captain and he said it was a tough bite that day so I feel we accomplished something. Both fish came on stinger scorpions. That’s all I had for spoons at the time. I do a lot of fishing in the central Adirondacks. Trying to build a good spring brown collection now
  16. Getting ready for spring

    Got a new box for Christmas from the wife so I figure with cold weather it is a good time to get organized.
  17. Spoon size for spring Browns

    Ok thanks I try to buy gear and lures all winter long for summer fishing. I am now currently working an Arsenal for spring Browns Thanks guys
  18. Spoon size for spring Browns

    Also what size bay rats? Shorts or longs
  19. Spoon size for spring Browns

    Ok I am on the rite track then. Last year we went out for the first time. I caught one brown on scorpion and one on the ss size. I acquired some mag size spoons so I was wondering about them Thanks
  20. Spoon id question

    Spoon id question Spoon says rappala minnow spoon. Have you guys used them and any luck?
  21. Spoon id question

    Decoy hound do you jig them
  22. New tracker boat opinions

    New tracker boat opinions Looking for some opinions. I am thinking about buying a new boat in the spring. I just looked at a tracker targa 18 ft. What are your guys opinions on the new trackers?
  23. New tracker boat opinions

    Thanks for input guys. This site is great
  24. New tracker boat opinions

    I have been looking at some used trophys that seem reasonable. That may be another route