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  1. Lyteline dave was at the brewerton show. Still doing spoons… Not out of buisness.
  2. Troutman dave from rt was at brewerton show. He is still up and running. He gave me a new email address if you still need it.
  3. Stayed at catfish many times. Doesn’t get much handier than that. Usually good fishing rite out the front door depending on time of year
  4. I run a smaller boat. 19 fter. I run riggers , 2 dipseys, and 2 lines ou on the planer. Usually 300 ft copper. This year I am going to play with snap weights and see what I can achieve with them on the coppers. Also some days I will run a 10 color out on the boards instead.
  5. Curious what guys are finding roughly on a 300 copper and adding way 3 ounces to the backer? Also how much backer are you guys letting out?
  6. Length is 25 inches and can be cut shorter
  7. Rolmops pretty sure it is a panther I will measure length.
  8. Mainefisher we are going to be out that weekend also. I believe that is the weekend of the Sonnys brown trout tournament. As Stated above look up dirty goose onFacebook . He usually does daily reports out there. If I remember rite last year about that time was a good spoon bite.
  9. Brand new never used. Outboard to outboard. $20 plus shipping. I will be at Brewerton next weekend if somebody wants to meet up
  10. Planning on making the trip. I have been going for quite a few years now . Always a good event
  11. Thanks stinger. Probably won’t make it Watkins. I am hoping to be on the water fishing by then. I have his contact. If he isn’t coming to brewerton I will have to order through mail I guess
  12. I was just thinking about r and r . Wondering Dave wa still around. Also very curious on bayrat. Hopefully someone buys there molds and continues.
  13. Hey guys lower drain plug stripped out on my etec. Pretty bad. Sick about it. Been reading guys are saying helicoil. Any opinions? Want to fix it rite. Being on Lake Ontario don’t want that in the back of mind that it will fail.
  14. Thanks guys . Weighted steel it is then. Have to buy 300 ft either way. No better time
  15. After a dumb move on my part over the weekend I am down to one 300 copper . Thinking about setting up my other rod with steel instead of copper. Pros and cons?
  16. That’s what I thought . I have never done it because that’s how I thought it would go . Thanks Brian for the input
  17. Anybody run a fixed cheater above flasher fly or is it to much of a hassle
  18. We usually make our last trip Labor Day. Same as usual out in front of river mouths. Flashers flies and spoons. Also run a j plug once in a while. Combat fishing at its finest. Going to be busy in a small area. Try running an orange crush flasher and fly. You have to basically make them mad
  19. Ya I know but at least it gives me a general starting point. And I know you aren’t talking out your rear😄😄. I have seen videos 😄
  20. On regular dipseys do you guys figure 3 to one ratio on wire
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