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  1. I really can’t believe it’s not an rr. If you look at his paint schemes it matches.
  2. Whoever the boat I cut off when we caught the king sorry. I buried a smithwicks to curve of the hook in my hand. You probably could hear me screaming in the next boat as the fish kept flailing around in the boat with me hooked to it. 😄😄
  3. Stinger it looks just like his super lite series but is a brass spoon. I was really surprised when he said it wasn’t his
  4. Dave said it’s not one of his. I havnt lost it yet but afraid I’m going to. I have caught browns on it pretty regularly. Even took a steelie on it last weekend
  5. Yes identical. I would also like to know what it is? If has a couple I would be interested.
  6. I am looking for a couple of these spoons. Bought this one off a fellow at brewer on show. Can’t figure out what it is
  7. We went out yesterday and today. Yesterday we covered fro 12 ft to 120 ft. We took one small brown in 60ft, a king at 80 and a steelie at 120. Today was a tougher bite. Setup between 80 120 and took one laker at 110 dragging bottom. I felt accomplished after talking to other guys that hadn’t moved a rod.
  8. Just talked to fish hawk. My screen had a problem. They seem to have the best costumer service I have ever felt with. They are fast , and super to deal with on the phone. Aaaa+++
  9. Faded a bit. Matching set. One of them track little funny but very useable. I have 2 sets of boards. Don’t need a spare set 50 for the set. Will ship at buyers expense. I am trying to head to Mexico next weekend so may be able to meet there
  10. I’m new to short cores. I always ran longer cores. Just set a 2 color setup up. Thanks guys
  11. I’ve heard that in longer cores. That’s enough on 2 colors?
  12. How much backer do you put out before you hook to the boards
  13. X 2 for north woods. That was the cheapest price I found
  14. Gambler I traced all wires last night power and transducer I even redid connections at power and ground. All looked good. After that I took screen off and probe and packaged it up. Still under warranty so hopefully they can figure it out.
  15. It is packaged and heading in the morning. I will post an outcome when I hear.
  16. Sk8man no its not I was playing with the menu. That is the other issue. when I go to the set page it scrolls on its own through the menu and doesn't stop. I cant set the gain or anything.I talked to fishhawk today. They told me a couple more things to try. kind of baffled. I am going check connections tonight. If they are good I am going to take the whole thing off and send it back. They seem pretty good to deal with on the phone.
  17. Gambler I thought about that today. I had work done on my boat at factory this year. It wouldn’t suprise my considering that my tach was unplugged. If that is it I am going to feel like an idiot considering I called fish hawk 😄😄
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