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  1. 2 new trailer tires and rims . They were fit my other boat but never installed. Asking 200 for the pair . I am in central ny but am in Mexico often
  2. Sad to hear that . We wondering why I didn’t se his pads weren’t around anymore. I liked his better than the Amish ones.
  3. I use the theory . 3 times the flasher length to the fly in general.
  4. Looking for an adapter plate for xd4 that fits in track.
  5. Ended up buying another set of canon swivels. Going to use the tracks in the boat but they will be under plated. Want it so I can take them off easy to cover boat up with cover and keep riggers out of weather when not in use.
  6. Going to put new swivel bases on my Scotty’s . Planing on putting them in the tracks . Canon or Bert’s??? What’s your preference. I currently have the canon bases but they seem to have some play. Any opinions???
  7. Looking for a 4x4 plate for planer mass.
  8. Green hornet interesting thought . Kind of curious on answers to this
  9. Ended up going 2 coldwater high speeds all new reels and wire for this year. Hopefully be smoother this year . Have had a lot of problems with wire divers and fish break offs . Hopefully new equipment will help
  10. I am talking salmon. Like I said the medium lights have a good report on the rods but when it was game time they seemed way to light. I have diawa Greg lakes med heavy now .
  11. You guys are running med heavy for wire divers rite? I know it’s a stupid question but I started running 9 ft med heavy last year. I was running 10 ft medium lights that I bought off someone. Great bend on the rod when trolling but when I would hookup it was almost unmanageable. But I could see more of what was going on in the rod tip when trolling.
  12. Spoons will work. I usually run 8 to 10 ft leaders . If you have a few various stick baits may want to throw in the mix. I like smithwicks the best but a lot of different opinions. Smithwicks firetiger can be money…..
  13. Am currently running them bolted on but trying to make it so I can remove them and the dual rod holders all in one shot. I plan on leaving the boat dry docked this summer. And want to be able to put the cover on the boat. Now I have to remove the dual holders with 4 screws. Figure with the track I can remove the whole assembly as one . I have it plated now and should definitely plate the tracks and thru bolt them . Thanks for the input. Gotta see what I can fit up under there I know it was a sob getting plates up there
  14. How many you guys running your riggers on tracks? Wondering how big of tracks you using and if you plated back sides under gunnels?
  15. First things first going to be very limited on your days. We run a 19 fter and are very limited… next spring browns. During the month of April 10 ft to 20 ft of water usually. Beast time for you to shine. 1.9 to 2.5 mph riggers 5 to 15 ft down 50 ft behind the ball sticks and spoons. Run a few planer rods . Either inlines or big boards. You will do well.
  16. Hey guys in the future wondering if anybody on here have any used Scotty swivel bases. I had a set and sold them like a dummy. Now I want to switch to them. Thanks in advance.
  17. 1 ridgeback rattler rigger weight $25 1 cabelas depthmaster gold reel with 1000ft of wire. Drag is a little sticky for my liking. Clicker works and line counter works good $ 50 4 jet divers3 -30, 1 -40 and 2 0 dipsey divers $30 All prices are plus shipping.
  18. 2 mag death traps 3 3/0 hammerhead spinners 4 unknown brand 50 plus shipping USA only ing
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