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  1. Bro, I'd like to help you here, but I'd probably offend someone else by doing so. A vast majority of anglers believe in passing on conservation and ethics, like myself. However many here will not do that in fear of alerting this "wave of vultures" that will come devestate the species and destroy everything as we know it [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]. It's a bit overblown imo. Unless you live near the city, then I can see that happening, but then again a very small percentage of anglers are illegal or do illegal things. Like on the Genny, its mistreated more oftenthan it should be. My advice is go search the species you desire online, its seasonal patterns, food sources in the area your fishing etc. You'll get more info there than here. They don't pass it on to just anyone. Most are here to fluff their feathers, not give up secrets. Sent from my SM-T720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. [emoji1787] like people that trout fish don't already know. My first year stream fishing. Anyone can research on line. I understand protecting the species, but anyone can figure it out. Not really hiding anything when you can find info on DEC, youtube, and study the species online. Sent from my SM-T720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I'm a nooby too trolling trout. I'm interested this year when the trout start pushing the shoreline and mouth, or in the river. I prefer in the river because I have a 14' Jon boat, river will be safer. So could you tell me what colors are best in the Gennessee river and size of spoons ? Smaller Suttons ? Not interested in salmon, just trout. Sent from my SM-T720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. So I finally bought a 14' boat this year. I have done the driff/troll a couple times on the Gennessee a few years ago with a freind, but never went back. So my experience with what species is looking for which baits is limited. I like the idea of bottom bouncers or 3 way weighted with worm harnesses, sticks, spinners or trolling spoons with an in line weight system with depth chart I picked up. I do own a pair of trolling rods with line counters. So anything as far as colors, techniques, or tackle tips is greatly appreciated. Like what size spoons or colors work for trout ? I am very limited in experience but have a little inclination as to what might work. Just need a 🤏 bit of advice. Thanks [emoji106] Note: I am not interested in the salmon Sent from my SM-T720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Read a few weeks ago the launches were a mess. Anyone know their condition or changes ? Have 14' aluminum with 8hp motor. Could I slip this in ? Sent from my SM-T720 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Was curious what type of lure you used ? I know spinners sticks and spoons catch browns. I have never caught a brown or laker before. I usually bass fish @ Hemlock. Any info your willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank.
  7. Anyone know what temps are between hemlock and canandaigua lake are ? Where can I find this info ? Been trying but no results. An estimated temp will do. Thanks.
  8. OK so apparently this is an incident I know nothing of and is way off topic. I just wanted to know water temps in my area which is west of canandaigua, no where near cayuga. FishingTheFL please take that somewhere else like the DEC. I bet u didn't even call DEC when u saw it. So get off my thread
  9. Yeah thanks. I'm waiting til 45-50 deg. Another 3 wks probly. I don't fish Cayuga, but it still remains one of better bass lakes on the tourney and in the country. producing well despite claims of crappy guys catching bass. How does anyone know if its crappie guys or something else causing death ? Still produces year after year
  10. Water temps Anyone know what temps are on conesus or honeyoye ? Might be early for bass yet.
  11. Oh OK would you be willing to tell me colors or lures ? Glow ? Pm me if u want
  12. Thanks for tips. I got their about 11:30am north end and head south. But went to where I see on finder @ 25 ' and could not get a bite. I think my boat spooked em, I was over them b 4 I knew it lol. Oh well was a beautiful day and thanks again for tips.
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