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  1. Basspro Shop Victor Has anyone seen or heard anything about Basspro in Victor? It was supposed to open last year. Have they even started building it?
  2. Do you have a picture of the whole gun?
  3. Seneca

    So. Did anyone show up? Was there an announcement!
  4. Jschelter. What is the cable tied to your downright?
  5. I didn't think scent had anything to do with the fleas building on the line.
  6. Try Fish307.com. They have the parts you're looking for
  7. Check out nationalboatcovers.com .On the top bar hit specials. They have hundreds! And free shipping.
  8. Interesting rigs in the rodholders.
  9. Those are slobs. Wonder when the spawn will start!
  10. Those are crazy looking weights.Look like robot sharks.