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  1. No ladders on the dock. Wouldn't make launching much easier.
  2. They took out the floating docks and installed the permanent dock when the lake was at record high. Apparently they didn't get the IJC notice that the levels would change over 5 feet from year to year. Now I wonder if they will do anything to restore the launch to usable condition?
  3. Looks like the lake level is going to be dropping. IJC drew the lake so low that the river is now low. Montreal Harbor is at record lows. May 1st the outflows are increasing to raise the river for shipping. And the rain we have gotten won't do anything because most of the rivers and streams are still low.
  4. I think you are looking at the wrong line. It's the red line not the blue line.
  5. If you could have shown the tail it would have helped.
  6. The IJC is still drawing the lake down. The lake is lower now than it was in January! If we don't get a ton of rain in the next month the level of the lake won't come up for the rest of the summer. Sent from my RCT6B03W13 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Where do the browns go when the water is clear? Do they move offshore and suspend or just bury down on the bottom during the day and feed at night.?
  8. Both public ramps on Sodus Bay are unusable. The one next to the Coast Guard station is blocked by construction equipment. The ramp on rt 14 is too shallow and the new dock they built is useless. I can't understand why they took out the floating docks and installed a permanent one.
  9. There was 4 boats launched out of the harbor on Wed.
  10. Sk8man How do like the boat launch now? The dock is almost 4ft above the water. I saw a 21ft boat go under the dock and a girl on a jet ski had to stand up just to reach the dock. I don't understand why they took out the floating docks when the lake levels change so much.
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