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  1. These are the egg sac Tyler I don't have!
  2. I didn't say I bought one in Wayne county. Good luck selling them. In July you were asking $75!
  3. Do you think I would tell you. Then you would try to sell them for 10 times what you paid. I'll just let some real fishermen buy them to use not somebody out to rip people off!
  4. I just bought one yesterday for $15.99! That's the third one I have seen in two weeks.
  5. for sale : usa

    That's highway robbery!
  6. Hey Fishal. How long is the lead for the fly on your rig? It looks longer than usual in the picture of that 25# salmon.
  7. Not many of those swimming around anymore!
  8. Looks like the browns are getting colored up for the fall run.
  9. Check out Stanleysstingerflies.com
  10. Ad flasher setup Does anyone have pictures of SD setup. Which holes do you use on the front and rear for flies or meat?
  11. I have caught a lot of Browns with lamprey marks. Caught one with two six inch ones still hanging on!
  12. Any updates??
  13. I wonder what the conditions on the river will be with all the water coming out of the lake?
  14. LOC Derby Anybody hear anything on the derby? It will be a mess for the start.