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yank my line

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  1. yank my line

    Giant Calico

    Great fish. I have a skin mount over 30 yrs old and it still looks good Sent from my RCT6B03W13 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. yank my line

    Hardwater report !!

    Is that App's parking lot?
  3. I've seen first hand at the hatchery. They only milk the midsize fish. They throw the big fish back because they are to hard to handle. They are removing the genics of the larger fish!
  4. Good job on the fish with your flies. I'll have to give you a call sometime. I'm the one fishing on the rocks all the time.
  5. yank my line

    Need tackle locators

    Big Game line at Walmart. Eye stickers and lure tape at madrivermfg01. They are in Verona Beach NY.
  6. yank my line

    Dipsey Madness

    Did anyone notice the barefoot slide into the starboard rigger breaking the rod holder off? I thought he lost the rod but he held on!
  7. yank my line

    Top 3 atommik flies

    They're all stud flies just different colors. Look at the beads.
  8. yank my line


    A boat sunk this morning north of Hughes.All four people onboard were rescued.
  9. yank my line

    Catching Alewives

    With all the large bait balls out there this year is anyone catching there own bait for meat rigs? What kind of tackle do you use?
  10. yank my line

    How much thrust electric for 14 ft. aluminum?

    I WOULD SAY 35LB WOULD BE THE MINIMUM BUT 55LB WOULD BE BETTER. Sent from my SM-S550TL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. yank my line

    Northern King Lures are back .

    Back in the 80's my brother and I used to buy the blanks from Pasty. There were 10 spoons wrapped in tissue paper for 10 dollars. what a deal even back then!
  12. yank my line

    for sale : usa FLT - Casting Spoons

    I thought they are casting spoons.
  13. yank my line

    for sale : usa FLT - Casting Spoons

    What weight are they?
  14. yank my line


    Those eyes look like they are on the fall feed!
  15. yank my line

    for sale : usa atlas egg sac machine

    That's highway robbery!