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  1. There is a huge difference in the speed over ground vs what the FH transducer reads. I am talking about in a small lake in Maine with no current. Should I calibrate the FH transducer speed to match speed over ground from my GPS? Then set my probe down 4’ and set that to match the transducer and the GPS.
  2. Do any of you troll using the black 12 oz torpedo weights off of boards to fish 60-70' down?
  3. I would only add that you can use a small rod with 6-8lb test and clip that rod to the FH TD for retrieval. So clip the FH TD on the dipsy rod line then clip the small rod on to the FH and send it to the dipsy and reel it back in.
  4. I know a great mechanic in Fairhaven if thats close to you.
  5. If you can afford it you would be better off fixing all of those things. Not many want to buy a boat thats not running or has issues.
  6. The boat also has autopilot.
  7. In the water turn key ready to go.
  8. No trailer. The boat is to wide to trailer down the road without a permit.
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