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  1. I know the kings run up the rivers in the fall attempting to spawn and I see there are organizations that strip fish of their eggs for the hatchery. But are there naturally spawning king salmon in Lake O or is it all supported by stocking?
  2. My buddy is looking for a boat like this. Dave, I passed on your information. I will never own another glass boat.
  3. I just bought a new 20' Duckworth. Wish I would have seen this steal.......
  4. I have had Navionics for years. The "Fishing Hot Spots" was what I was referring to. It explains what different areas are called. Like the "shipping lane, the wall" as well as other fishing areas.
  5. Is there a fishing chart that shows these areas? We have them on the east coast for the ocean.
  6. Also make sure the motor turns freely if not it will cause all kinds of issues.
  7. If you real serious use only single hooks for starters.
  8. I have 6 of there reels. The drags IMO are some of the best but on two of them the drags are not working at all. They have not been used in a few years is there something I can do to get them operating properly?
  9. So I was thinking put one bait out say 20' off the ball then set the stacker out 10-15' hook up the Buds then let out 15-20' of line and stack that one just above the ball.The "Stacker" with BudsDiver without the weight should go out 10-15 feet out from the ball
  10. Could they be used as a stacker on a rigger to get the top bait out away from the bottom bait while fishing bottom for lakers?
  11. The salmon in the picture looks to be farm raised out of Maine or Atlantic Canada
  12. I am just wondering why I have not read or seen anyone use them considering they have been out for 6-7 years. How often do you use them and would you recommend trying 1-2?
  13. I am willing to bet its safer then eating at McDonalds
  14. Any of you use them? I watched a few videos on them yesterday but they were all from 6 years ago. I could see their advantage
  15. I have only read about ion fishing but until now I have never had the ability to adjust the ion settings. Any tips on where to start and what I should be looking for as in to much or to little?
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