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  1. Man those are on my bucket list for sure. Being from Down east Maine I have never seen one before. I did try for then last August in LO out of Henderson but not a nibble.
  2. Ya I agree. The forecast I saw was giving upto 30 NW. Seems like it would take a day or two to lay down after that much wind. Thanks
  3. I am considering making the 12 hr drive out to LO. Anywhere from Henderson to Sodus. Thought about leaving 6pm today and fish Fri-Sunday. But the weather dont look all that great. Any thoughts?
  4. Is internet available in that area?
  5. The box was around $68. Holds 90 spoons very nicly
  6. Thanks, that pointed me in the right direction but I dont hardly see any of the new ones I have from the last 3 years. Is there a option to list certain ones then print the sheet?
  7. So I purchased a SpoonCrank Box as recommended by some on here. I think its going to be just what I was looking for. My question is how do some of you identify your spoons (Michigan Stingers/Northern King) after you open them and place them in the box? I understand many of you have been using many of these for years but I do not have them all memorized yet. Is there any printable charts with the spoon and names?
  8. I have fished in alot of areas in the Gulf. I love eating most all types of fish but I cant get into anything in the Gulf except shrimp that I peel myself. My least favorite is red fish and spec trout. My oldest son has lived in San Antonio for 9 years. I do however like the hogs if harvested in dry areas away from any swamps.
  9. My plan was to use a 4 bead chain swivel for a connection between the main line and a 7.5' fluro leader
  10. Thanks. Yes Sweeden made. I bought them after my first trip to Lake O in 1992 I believe. They are so smooth and well built. I think they are about perfect for planer board reels.
  11. I have 4 Abu- Garcia 5300 reels. I am putting on 15 lb big Game. It looks like I can only get 205 yds on. I am considering putting 30 lb braid for backing to give me more line for the occasional King during spring fishing. I am considering 8 lb fluro leader. So how much line total would be recommended for the odd king in the mix? Is 300 yds with a 8 lb leader enough, or should I go with 300 yds and a 10 lb leader? I will be fishing a 21' Duckworth with 6 lines Thanks
  12. Yet another attempt to regulate stupidity
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