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  1. Great report thanks. I was out also. We left from Sodus. A local told me Saturday was a stic bite but I really wanted my best shot at a King so I stuck with spoons. We only put one brown in the net as of 1 pm. We went in for lunch and back out about 2:30. I changed over to all stic baits and the rods fired consistently boating 5 browns and a nice eye.
  2. I was sitting in my c=car at 6am looking over the inlet to Sodus bay. After 10 min over 100 (I counted) cormorants flew in and landed in the inlet near the light house. The made their way up in towards the bay. They were coming up with 3-4" fish steady. Some of the fish were bigger and it was a struggle for the birds to get them down. I really hope you guys are successful at getting some kind of controlled reduction of these predators. Many of us from the East coast are watching hoping we too can be more aggressive in protecting our wild Atlantic salmon par in the spring.
  3. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/data/Forecasts/FZUS51.KBUF.html
  4. WSW 17-22kts at 5:30am was 18-26kts out of the west all night 😖
  5. I didn't want to deal with the bow blowing off and tangling lines so we stayed in.
  6. My wife and I were going to head out of Sodus this morning for a few hours before work. The picture below is the current buoy report off of Oswego. I understand SSE is a good direction but gusts 24-25 since midnight may be sporty in a 20’ boat.
  7. Are the rod trees still available?
  8. I came here a week ago from Maine. I got out 2 evenings last week, a day Saturday and the whole day Monday. Could be worse I guess but I still think I came early. We have had some luck. Last Friday evening me and another guy went 6/6 on browns and Monday the wife and I went 12/18 again all browns. The last two weeks in March I was working in Ocean Springs Mississippi. Fishing was tough still a little early to fish from shore. I managed 2 specs and a guy gave me 4 flounder. I too spend some time watching Russ's videos as well as Ricks from Crazy Yankee. Very enjoyable to watch but seems to be very costly for me
  9. So if I were going to target Kings where are they in numbers this time of year? I hear of the odd one or two being caught but where are they normally in April?
  10. Very nice vessel. All aluminum would be my guess
  11. I saw it in Oswego today. When I saw the net reel on the deck I figured it was towing a net assessing the bait biomass.
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