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  1. TD's are used exclusively commercial fishing on the East coast and I know they are also used in the Eastern Basin of Lake O by many charter boats.
  2. Any idea what model the boat is? She looks well rigged. Beautiful
  3. I figured the 29 line was the TD # on the 9960 chain.
  4. As a 33 year veteran of commercial fishing on the East coast I have a great passion for boats. I really enjoy checking out all of the great boats fishing LO. While I was fishing out of Oswego the first of the month I saw the boat "Blood Vessel" several days. One particular day it was very rough but she looked to be going 20+ kts and handling the conditions very good. Anyone know what model vessel this is? I saw several others that were taking the conditions very well also but I could not read the names.
  5. We had some bad experience with braid on our rigger rods fishing out of Oclott a couple of weeks ago. Braid is far easier to manage but when fleas are thrown into the equation wire worked without a issue.
  6. My wife turned 56 on the 5th. Her energy level is off the charts. She can back up a boat trailer better then 90% of the men I know and she pinned all of the meat rigs we fished. She got up Sunday morning at 5 and said "we got fish to kill"
  7. Man, a open boat in those temperatures... Your tough. I was there too in my boat with a top and cooked.
  8. With what I have wrapped up in the trip gas was the least of my concerns. Saturday night we got back to the room in Oswego at 12:30am (we visited Niagara after fishing) then lest Oswego at 5am for Oclott. Returned back to the room, packed up and headed to Maine at 10:30pm (11.5 hr ride). My wife drove the whole way home. I have Wifi in my truck so I started work at 8am. Long story short she was up 35 hrs and loved every minute of it.
  9. But will he go to jail? What would happen if it were you or I?
  10. It was. Thats alot of driving 5 hrs a day extra. But I fished Oswego for 5 days and had 3 days of 1-2 fish in 11.5-12 hrs of trolling so I had enough at that point. Thats one benefit of having a 20' light trailerable boat.
  11. I fished out of Oclott sat and sunday these were the temps in 400-430' 45'-69 deg 55'-57 deg 60'-53 deg 70' -49 deg 75' -45.5 deg 80' -46 deg 90' -44.5 deg 100' -43 deg 110' -42 deg I had never fished this area before but me and the wife limited out both days in 4-5 hrs of fishing. Kings and steelhead. The steelhead were so aggressive at times I had to take the spoons off and put on meat rigs to keep them off the rods. I had two strikes/landed while setting the rods back in the riggers. Seemed to be 60-65' deep and Kings 71-65'
  12. On Saturday and Sunday I trailered my boat 2.5 hrs from Oswego to Oclott. Limited out both days in 3-4 hrs on Kings and Steelhead.
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