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  1. Ditto on how well taken care of that boat is. Very nice boat and well kept.
  2. I just got an email about a missing fisherman out of the Golden Hill State Park launch. He was in a kayak and I have attached the image that was sent to me. Hopefully he is found so that his family can have closure. Phil Lucason
  3. All are invited to the meeting tonight at the Mexico VFW (meetings are open to the public). The meeting will start at 7PM and will be inside the main building. There will be updates about the lake fishery counsel made up of lake and tributary anglers, hopefully some word on cormorant control, stocking, fishing reports, etc... Hope to see you there. Phil
  4. Looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar and new faces this weekend.
  5. ELOSTA will have a raffle or 50/50 as well. Donations can always be made to help send kids to DEC camp through ELOSTA too. Looking forward to the event. Thanks Phil
  6. It will be at the Mexico VFW on April 9th morning until early afternoon. Entry fee will be a nominal $2 per person. There is an indoor and outdoor venue (if needed) for vendors. Tables are available for a fee (depending on the number of tables, size of the table, and possibly an outside versus inside rate). Exact times, food, and other information will be added as it gets firmed up. We already have a few vendors looking to unload a lot of stuff. There are plenty of tables still available. Please call Bill Pingel to get a table at 315-515-8278.
  7. Next Wednesday, June 16th, ELOSTA (Eastern Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association) will be having a public meeting at the Mexico VFW on Route 13 at 7:00PM. All members and non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Topics will range from the bait fish situation, cormorants, fishing thus far, picnic / derby discussion for August, and other pertinent information as well as any techniques and or tips people are willing to share. Looking forward to seeing you there. Phil
  8. It has been cancelled by the fire department last night due to the C-19 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. A big shout out and thank you to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery Biologists and staff for the job that they do. After literally going every year and standing above the arena since the late 80's I was finally able to partake in what goes on down below. The perspective definitely changes when on the floor and many of the misconceptions that I did not realize I had have been cleared up BIG TIME. It is a whirlwind once the fish start coming and does not stop until the last one is spawned, research samples are collected and tallied, and everything is scrubbed down. There is a nice energetic and passionate group of young biologists and technicians who will make sure the hatchery fish continue to be of the highest quality. They all spoke with passion about what they were doing, studies they were taking part in, and fishing adventures they have had recently with the trout and salmon on the lake and in the Salmon and Oswego Rivers. One of the biggest misconceptions that I had as well as many of you reading this may have as well was that only the small males were being spawned. Not intentionally by any means!!!! From up high I could pick out the bigger ones that may have been overlooked or sent down a shoot or dumpstered without spawning. When at the sorting table it is fast paced and the fish in front of you is the one that goes into the tub to be spawned. Once there is a sufficient number in the tub the rest are discarded - big and small. We did some really nice males and a couple not so big males with most reflecting the average size coming up to the hatchery. What happens below the hatchery in terms of selecting out the biggest is outside of the hatchery's control and has been going on since the inception of the fishery. This was something that I had dreamed of doing and can't thank Tom enough for the opportunity. Unfortunately I was not able to put the eggs up due to cross country practice, but hopefully another time. My girls walked away with a whole new level of appreciation as well and Lizzy got a full blown milt mustache courtesy of a big chinook who was more than ready to go - if only I had a camera to take that picture to bring out when a new boy comes courting or for those special moments. Morgan who some of you know, said that if she wasn't going to be a physician assistant she would definitely be heading into fisheries biology -not only because of the fisheries, but the people who were on the floor with her. Thank you again for a Lake Ontario fishaholic's experience of a lifetime.
  10. Well done Mike and crew! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Thanks again to everyone who helped out in making this another successful and meaningful event. The communication on the water was beyond excellent and definitely helped put more fish on the rods. It was cool too for the guys and gals to see the other boats with people they knew either going by or hooked up - lots of cheers and smiles. Congrats to the crew on board Outcast for catching the largest salmon at 24lbs even and on Blue Angel for catching the largest trout at 18 and 1/2 pounds. This is definitely one of the purest, most meaningful events that anyone could be a part of (large or small). Even the guys who struggled had veterans on board who were so grateful and were given an opportunity to feel at peace. More pictures can be found on the Fair Haven Fishing Association FB page with more to come. Sincerely, Phil
  12. Fair Haven Wounded Veterans Appreciation Weekend is fast approaching. It is and has been fast approaching. We now have solid numbers a week and a half out. There should be between 30 - 36 guys coming. Larry, Cindy, and I agreed that we could not turn these guys away who signed up after what they did for us (our goal is usually between 20 - 30) and are hoping for good weather and the fish to be biting regularly again. Spread the word that any one on the lake on the 22nd is encouraged to use channel 72 to spread the word on any patterns, depth, speed etc... that they get working to help bend an extra rod or two for these service men and women. Also, please be sure to thank all of the local businesses who have donated with special thanks to Bayside for allowing us to use their fish cleaning station, Turtle for hosting some of the guests in their cottages and opening up the restaurant early for breakfast and to be used as a meeting place to pair off with the captains, Screwy Louies for a cabin, Anchor for the use of their floating dock to help load and unload the guys with the high water, many of the restaurants in town and grocery stores for donations to the picnic, and countless others as far away as NJ who have donated trophies, plaques, money, and other goods. A special thank you as well to the local Legion for hosting the Friday night dinner for captains to share information and for the guests staying over night to have a place to go for a great spread and to get to know each other a bit better before a day of fishing. Thank you to all of the captains who have donated their time, expertise, friendship, and use of their boats to make this possible. Sincerely, Larry, Cindy, and Phil
  13. This Friday at 11AM the kings are scheduled to be delivered to the pens at Turtle Cove and Bayside Marina. Anyone able to come and help out would be greatly appreciated. If you can arrive a bit early 10:30-10:45 they get there early with the delivery sometimes. Usually everything goes smoothly, but some trouble shooting is needed some years. It is a great experience as fishermen to be a part of anyway and gets the blood flowing when thinking about what these little guys will turn into. Thank you in advance. Phil
  14. If anyone is available we will be having a work day this Saturday at 1PM on the northern property of Bayside Marina to put a new net on one of the pens and secure the other nets on the other two pens. A pair of pliers with snips, boots, and gloves are recommended but not required. We will be having our FHFA meeting at the conclusion of the work where all are welcome. The pens will be docked at Turtle Cove and Bayside Marina again this year. Please be sure to thank Scott and Brian for their continued support. Also the DEC purchased this new net and two new feeders for this year and an additional net for next year for us. It may be raining so dress warm. Turtle Cove restaurant is open from Thursday through Sunday for dinner through close if anyone is looking for a bite to eat after. Thanks in advance.
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