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  1. Do you still have the pancake weights? Thanks Phil Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Morgan-E

    Another 20% CUT in Chinook Stocking for 2019

    Many associations along the southern shoreline are directly opposed to this additional cut for many solid reasons. The Fair Haven Fishing Association is directly opposed to the proposed additional cuts after careful thought and many messages, phone calls, discussions, and emails. The official letter can be found on the Fair Haven Fishing Association Facebook page at the bottom of the most recent post. Many anglers who fish the lake are gone at this time of the year and will not be able to make the meeting, but took the time to make their opinions, observations, and concerns known.
  3. Nicely done. See you on the water. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Awesome job by an awesome group of guys. Congratulations! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Pm's sent Second has my number Thanks Phil Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Morgan-E

    Fair Haven 7/8

    I will be out regularly starting next week. Feel free to contact me for help or information. I love seeing families fishing together. Keep it up. I am on channel 72 Morgan-E Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Morgan-E

    Fair Haven 7/8

    Congratulations Looks like you are doing it right with your kids. Keep the reports coming. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Just a reminder / request for this weekend out of Fair Haven for anyone fortunate enough to be out on the water or in town in the afternoon. We have over 30 wounded vets planning on coming to Fair Haven to fish this Saturday. Unlike years past there will not be a parade this year due to circumstances (PM me if you have questions), but there will be a meet and greet / opportunity to say thank you from the public at the town pavilion behind the town offices Saturday afternoon. The vets will be meeting at Turtle Cove with the Captains / Boat owners and Mates between 5 and 5:30AM and getting a little breakfast thanks to Brian. From there they will be broken up and hit the water with their teams. Anyone on the water is asked to help out as much as possible if you find a magic depth, color, pattern, speed, etc... to try to help get the rod to bend a few more times for these guys. Lines will be pulled around noon and they will then head to Bayside Marina for some pictures and fish cleaning. After the pictures are taken they will be heading back to town for a chicken barbecue and goodies, as well as "thank you's" from all of us folks who can fish because of their sacrifices. Please feel free to stop by and let them know that what they did is appreciated. Some of these guys are from the most recent wars and some date back to the Vietnam era when there wasn't any thanks given to them when they came back. Thanks in advance.
  9. The net pen fish were released yesterday with success. Thanks to Werner and all of those involved in yesterday's efforts as well as to all who took part in the feeding and care of the fish. Also, once again this could not be done without Bayside marina and Turtle Cove letting us use their docks etc... We will need some help rolling the pens back onto the tarps the weekend of June 23rd after the Wounded Warrior experience wraps up.
  10. I was asked to post this very sad information. It is the same that appears on a couple of FB pages. It is with the heaviest of hearts that this post is made. Kenny Scott, son of Reese Scott and Brother of Cody Scott, and Member of the "Gray Fox" Fishing Team has passed away. Please take some time to pray for him and his family and take some time to remember him while out on the water. His Dad, Reese, has asked that this news be posted and has asked that donations be made in his memory to the Fair Haven Net Pen Project instead of flowers. For those who wish to do so; donations (checks need to be made out to: Fair Haven Net Pen Project) can be sent to: Fair Haven Net Pen Project C/O Werner Stenger 14513 Lake Street Sterling NY 13156 Our Prayers go out to the family. Anyone who met Kenny knows that he always left those around him with a smile on their face. He will be remembered as a great person, fisherman, family guy, and person who was always there helping out with whatever needed to get done. One of those guys who truly made a difference in the lives of those around him.
  11. Morgan-E

    Salmon are Coming to Fair Haven Tomorrow

    They are penned up for another 3 weeks. A handful got out before we figured out that the gate was wedged open by a half an inch by a knot in a rope before we fixed it. They look great!!!
  12. Just a reminder that the salmon will be arriving tomorrow at 11:00AM ish. They do not anticipate being there too early and will likely be there right at 11. With that said; anyone who can get there around 10:30AM in the event that they are early would be great. They may in fact be a little late (they are loading other trucks that will be heading further west before they load our truck). Thanks again to Bayside and Turtle Cove for their continued support.
  13. June 23rd - Larry is securing our veterans. More information to come. It should be the usual routine except a change to the parade and the addition of a meet and greet / thank you opportunity at the pavilion in the village.
  14. Pen update. The pens are all in good shape and ready to be splashed. Thank you to everyone who made it. We had about a dozen people on deck and it made things go quickly. The tarps under the pens made a huge difference this season with very few weeds around. Despite the annual cold temps (could be 70 the day before or after, but never on our pen work day it seems) the holes were zip tied (half of them broke despite being rated for -40 degrees). Also, our professional welder and jack of all trades with some competent help was able to fix a broken axle and replace a couple of broken tires in quick fashion. We had our annual Spring meeting immediately following and discussed the pen projects themselves, hatchery news, and the Wounded Warrior Weekend in June. The fish are scheduled to arrive on Thursday the 12th at 11AM but they usually come a bit earlier. As soon as there is any updates they will be posted - otherwise see those who can make it there.
  15. We will be having our net pen workday on April 7th at 8:30AM. We need to give them a once over to zip tie any holes and get them out of the mud and hopefully in front of the docks that they will be set by. From years past this should take roughly an hour and a half. We will be getting around 47,500 kings and 6,000 steelhead. We may have an opportunity to fix one of the axles as well. Bring gloves, hand warmers, boots, and wire cutters for the zip ties. The fish should arrive on the morning of the 12th (presently scheduled for 11:00AM but they usually come a bit earlier) as long as the water temperature is close enough to the hatchery temperature. A more current update will be made next week. The net pens are located on the north lot of Bayside, behind the large blue storage yard. Thanks and see those who can make it there. Phil - on behalf of the FHFA