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  1. weave

    Boat name?

    My Prescription seems alot less likely to raise an eyebrow, if that is important to you at all. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I wish these were available back in December. I would have snapped one of them up.
  3. weave

    Lake level news.

    Now there is a rabbit hole I don’t ever want us to go down. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. weave

    Interesting article on L Michigan

    And what do they think is his agenda?
  5. weave

    Florida school shooting

    I'm not nearly smart enough to understand what has changed to create conditions where we have regular mass killings, but I am smart enough to know that what was OK in 1975 simply isn't working anymore and changes need to be made. The cynic in me believes that we are being used as pawns for those who stand to profit from the status quo.
  6. weave


    As are Brookies.
  7. weave

    Registering a home made trailer

    Thanks for the detail. Do you happen to recall what receipts the first office wanted to see that you didn't have?
  8. I am working on a trailer to haul my kayak around. I need to ask a few questions of anyone who has experience with registering a homemade trailer in NYS. Specifically regarding documentation. Like most homemade trailers, there is alot of scrap and scavenged parts involved. I know the DMV requires me to provide receipts for materials that were purchased. Before I get too far down a hole, I''d like to get some feedback from folks that have done this. What am I going to need for receipts, and what happens if I don't have what they want to see because it was scavenged and spare materials? PM is fine for the conversation as well.
  9. weave

    New York fishing license sales drop

    Call me a cityot then for wanted to invade your environs and ruin your hunting opportunities..... Here's my take as a cityot who doesn't hunt much anymore. I moved into a rural county 15 years ago. I assumed that I'd find lots of opportunities to hunt closer to home. What I found was, state land nearby that has 5x as many hunters as deer on it, and farmland owned by farmers that either lease out the hunting rights for more dollars than I am willing to pay for a shot at venison, or only give permission to family. Not criticizing as I'm sure I'd do the same if I was in their boat. But it is what it is. And fishing is generally an expensive hobby. This is a forum for Lake Ontario. Fishing Lake Ontario is a very expensive hobby. You have to have a boat, a vehicle to haul it, and a place to store it. Nevermind the thousnands spent on gear and fuel. I'm betting the demographics on this forum are mostly middle aged and older. Established folks with disposable income. With the way income has stagnated over the last couple of decades, disposable income to spend on boats and all the equipment needed is in fewer and fewer hands. No surprise to me that license sales are down. I guess it is easier to blame the guy that moved out of Cheektowaga though. The world is changing. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. My son doesn't have the interest in outdoor stuff that I had. We fished. We hunted. It wasn't for him. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, and I don't think it is necessarily bad. I do wish I had him as a partner when I fish/hunt, but if it doesn't interest him, it doesn't interest him. No point in blaming anyone. We found other things to do together.
  10. Another means to effect warrantless surveillance. Don't think its use will be limited to over public areas. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. weave

    Fishing out of a kayak

    No updates. I have pretty much keyed in on a NuCanoe Frontier 12. Waiting on my work bonus before pulling the trigger. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Guys, I'm waiting on my schedule to shake out, if I can make it work, I am interested for this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. weave

    Fishing out of a kayak

    Gotcha. More info to consider..... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United