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  1. I’m confused on the bait issue. I’d be the first one to tell them they are wrong. One day there is too much bait and the next there is none. I personally think there is much less bait then 10-15 years ago, but perhaps I’m fishing different areas. I recall pounding fish through bait ball after bait ball ten years ago and now it seems either you find it or you don’t. Back then you didn’t have to search it was everywhere. The charters know better than the state on this issue, however I feel there Input may be bias because of their profession. I’d love to know what the top 5 captains of the lake truely believe with the bait. Vince is the first guy I would personally ask, next would be songin or vice versa, both excellent guys.
  2. One of the most rediculous posts I have ever read on this site. Your interbreeding theory is beyond wrong. There have always been 2 year olds running the river and dying off when they should not be. There are also 3 year olds that do not run the river and live to 4 possibly 5. The only way this fishery dies is when and it is a matter of when we run out of bait. Hopefully in none of our life times, however I think that depends on the winters we have. Excuse me when we run out of bait or when the Asian carp show up. Neither of these problems should show before we retire from fishing, but you never know. To be concerned about interbreeding and natural reproduction on the south shore is rediculous. This is a put and take fishery that is being sustained by our state and only our state. I don’t want to believe it but I think the light weight tournament placing fish is either bad luck, a true lack of summer feeding on bait, or the absolute terrible, rough, choppy lake we saw during the fall loc. That leaderboard changed pretty fast the last day or two with for once, favorable conditions. The spring boards seemed perfectly normal to me. I truly don’t believe the fishery was any better this year than the last ten. Personally I believe 10-15 years ago was possibly 5 times better fishing. I think the studies, the numbers and the research are all wrong like usual. The fishing has been fantastic every year, this year was no exception. Next year we’ll have all east winds and the title will read “Lake Ontario collapse of 2019” when it is strictly weather related.
  3. I will be. Fished today (Monday) and Saturday, and Friday. Derby fishing each day. Friday was rough slid into inside (120 foot) which I consider inside. Fishing excellent with sun up east of olcott on frDay. Temps were excellent all deep on bottom which makes it like target practice. Saturday was windy, struggled to stay inside with tough, at times rediculos south winds. Currents were rediculous and winds were non stop offshore. Long story short, decided to give up on the inside 100 and troll with the current. Did well once we stopped fighting the wind. Lots of fish 150-180 trolling with that big south wind to keep lines nice and spread. Today (Monday) nice calm conditions trolled 110-80 and then back out to the “dead water” 250. Dead water was not dead and was the best water of the day. Did a dozen fish between 110-250, in my opinion the deeper the better. Fish are not t staged heavy, water is cold down deep everywhere, like 42 degrees past 90 down. If I had to do things over, I simply fish offshore 25-30 north lines. I do not like fishing staggers off bottom when the bottoms temps are ice cold. If you are wondering about having a huge day with staging matures, I believe it’s simply too early. Every kind of fish at every kind of size is in there but it is not a full on mature fest yet. We won the summer loc with a nice 26 north fish weeks ago and if winds cooperate I would prefer to fish deep for another week. Winds have been a disaster for a few weeks. Good luck !!
  4. Going back to my comments made back in the day.....what a $hithole bar across the street. Too bad Newfane doesn’t own both sides to the mouth.
  5. Guy supposively hit the first and second place loc tourney fish today out front of olcott in 65 feet of water on a spoon. Unbelievable how fast fish move with winds.
  6. Keep dreaming if you think kings survive after being released in 90 degrees. Grip or no grip don’t matter, shut the boat off some day and watch them for 15 mins as they float upside down.
  7. Pack the boat up and call it a year. Warm water and rapidly maturing fish...seasons near end
  8. Try different mixes of meat and carbon spoons. Pound inside water and stay in it.
  9. Make things easy run all st. Owner trebles never have a problem once the initial hook hit sets in. Still have yet to find better hooks then owners. I feel like atomik has went cheap on treble hooks, he has certainly switched brands from what was running 10 years ago. Some kind of Chinese treble now. Doesn't matter as many make there own rigs the way they want.
  10. Last Thursday wasn't bad if you compare it to the last couple days. 3-4 footers last Thursday outside nothing torrential. 4-5's today easy out deep. Fishing is not fun after 5 footers...time to go back
  11. Is Niagara not an option? Incredible fishing off can... olcott ok also. If I could fish one last day tomorrow it would be Niagara river region.
  12. 29 line excellent, bumpy though, very bumpy........
  13. White mule, bob cinelli, is #2 if and only if Vince is booked through next July....stand up guy bob is, would never disappoint.
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