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  1. I stopped in the bait shop the other day to bs about some new wire rods. The lady behind the counter was telling me I could use the Okuma GLS Copper/Leadcore rods with the stainless guides for wire. Is that true? Would I still need a Twilly tip?
  2. Just finished a Sea Nymph 19’6” restoration in the fall. Boat wasn’t used as much as I had hoped. Everything is pretty much new. Wiring, floors, carpet, Nautolex, etc. if you’re interested, I can explain everything. I’d let it go for your price point even though I have quite a bit more into it.
  3. This thread helped me through my Sea Nymph Duck boat build!
  4. True. When I installed mine I had the floor out and built bracing so I had a solid base to screw it to. Pretty solid. The Dolphin Ttop I purchased Is slopes down so it actually provides downward pressure when trailering.
  5. I’ve put a thousand or so miles trailering on mine and no issues. Yet.
  6. I run a pretty light tin can and it doesn’t seem to be affected by the wind at all.
  7. Will this tanks wiring harness work with the newer 2000’s harness and gauges? Sorry, I don’t know a lot about OMC tanks.
  8. Picked a few between 230-300, can’t seem to keep them hooked up. Turning back on them.
  9. 50F down 65’ in 140FOW. Mid 40’s down 80’
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