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  1. Are there any plans to make the rod holders with thumb screw bases? I feel like I’m always moving rods and the thumb screws make it simple. I’d order a few if you had plans for thumb screws. Eric
  2. I’d like to find a newer Oil injected 2stroke or 4stroke. 75-115hp, preferably 75-90hp. Any maker okay as long as motor runs great. Eric 412 491 3674
  3. Was in there with ya. One decent and two shakers. Started almost to Wilson and ended up right in front of the water tower.
  4. Yep. That’s what it looked like on my graph. We’ll see. Thanks man
  5. There’s a few fish in tight.. 160-180’ picked a few. Didn’t do much out deep so came in.
  6. Glad to hear, heading up now for the weekend. Will keep this thread updated.
  7. That’s exactly what the OMC dealer said. The ratios at idle are nearly 100:1, at WOT much more oil. And I was running a 4stroke kicker so I wanted to use the same fuel tank
  8. I had a 1999 Johnson 115 that had exactly the same symptoms. Ended up being the fuel side of the VRO pump. New VRO pump and motor ran again. Not cheap fix.
  9. I stopped in the bait shop the other day to bs about some new wire rods. The lady behind the counter was telling me I could use the Okuma GLS Copper/Leadcore rods with the stainless guides for wire. Is that true? Would I still need a Twilly tip?
  10. Just finished a Sea Nymph 19’6” restoration in the fall. Boat wasn’t used as much as I had hoped. Everything is pretty much new. Wiring, floors, carpet, Nautolex, etc. if you’re interested, I can explain everything. I’d let it go for your price point even though I have quite a bit more into it.
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