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  1. Small world and addictive sports!
  2. Nice feeesh! You the same Twinmotors from the old Ohiowaterfowler?
  3. Olcott Reports?

    Slow in tight, moved a few rods. Only one mature fish. Back at it in the morning. Tight lines fellas
  4. Olcott Reports?

    Cranberry Twp, just north of Pittspuke. Transplant as well.
  5. Olcott Reports?

    If I catch a few it'll be well worth it. Staying at the Sinker again I imagine. See y'all up there!
  6. Olcott Reports? Experience some of the best fishing of my life the last few weeks out of Olcott. Hoping to make one trip back up. Pretty limited reports the last week or so. Will plan on fishing tight, same FF combos as last few weeks. As it gets later in the year, anything I should change up? Different lures, faster slower presentation? Any tips would be helpful. Eric 412 491 3674
  7. Olcott 8/16

    Never got out past 65' this morning, the fishing is absolutely fantastic. Been fishing a lot lately it seems like it gets better and better every day! This is my first year on Ontario after setting up the boat and I'm addicted!
  8. Olcott 8/16

    Stick tight fellas, like 50'-70' tight. Insane FF bite right now!
  9. Olcott 8/16

    Stacking in close! Love this place!
  10. Olcott 8/16

    Found them! West of Wilson. Nice pod of mature fish
  11. Olcott 8/16

    Struggled last evening, caught a few. Lot of boats out this morning. Good luck all. any good reports, help a brotha out!
  12. Olcott 8/16

    Lol, I tried to head out last Thursday when you said it wasn't bad and got turned around in about 180'. Luckily I did, found a pocket of fish and stayed on them. If you say it's bumpy, may watch from the dock!
  13. Olcott 8/16

    Back up tomorrow through Sunday. Hope we run into the same fish. Fish still close or back out deep? Any idears?
  14. Olcott 8/16

    Well, never made it out to the 30 line! Little too bouncy for my tin can. Picked up a few shakers, a laker and a steelie in 200'. be back at it in the morning!