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  1. Smokercraft lists a 18’10” Ultima Pro Mag for 2010. Also, is that Yammy really a 2010 or is that a typo? From the cover, it looks early 2000’s.
  2. 68F from top to bottom. Even out in 400’, 67F down 80’
  3. Good luck, still haven’t picked a fish. Ton of fish stacked inside 30’, nothing snapping. Moved out, few marks around 70, nothing. Out in 400’ for some chromers, nothing. I must suck!
  4. Pile of boats, no nets. Getting out of this skinny water and find out what’s happenin
  5. We saw a bunch of boats, never saw a net. Water is 70F from top to bottom. Hope they move around by the morning;)
  6. Bounced around from 3p to 8p, 40-110 fow. Didn’t mark much, little bait in the 70ish range. No takers. Anyone move any rods?
  7. Weather looks good to come up Tuesday afternoon. Do those of you with years of experience believe the Lake will be fishable so soon after this blow? Muddy inshore from rain? Just looking for ideas, called it a year after last week, but can’t convince myself to stay away since fishing was so good. Thanks for your help
  8. Same program as Nympho
  9. Yesterday was a little bouncy, today it’s calmed down quite a bit. Probably last day on the water for a few days.
  10. It’s crazy out there right now
  11. Eyecatcher

    Olcott 9/4

    NE at 10-20 sounds awful sporting!
  12. Eyecatcher

    Olcott 9/4

    Fishing remains the same! Same program. Not many people around, you all missing out!!