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  1. Eyecatcher

    Olcott 8/3

    Out to 385, finally started picking fish. Spoons and FF
  2. Eyecatcher

    Olcott 8/3

    Me too, nothing going yet. Just got out
  3. Pretty nuts today. Fish wanted nothing but a Moonshine RV Wonderbread this morning. By 8 or so they switched to FF’s. Fished between 150-280. Bigger fish were in deeper water, all down 70-80’. Tight lines!
  4. Figured out a way to mount it, all good now. Thanks
  5. 1 to nothing, Camo boat
  6. Get out there and drown some worms. Better bring some cash so you can pay up when that camo boat embarrasses you walleye guys..
  7. Eyecatcher

    Walleye Drawing

    And a naked lady!!!
  8. Everything in the above post. I deleted the reels that sold.
  9. Pittsburgh. I can ship to you though.
  10. Eyecatcher

    7-3 olcott morn

    We were in same water. A few mid teens fish and a couple shakers. Tight lines
  11. Got a guy! Thanks LOU
  12. Got an open seat, buddy didn’t end up coming. Don’t need anything except a license. Ill be at the ramp at 0530 Eric 412-491-3674
  13. Appreciate all the reports! Congrats on all the fishies!
  14. Eyecatcher

    Replacement for Daiwa Heartland Rod?

    Both FishUSA and Northwoods Outlet carry them.