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  1. They were in with the browns . Insane hits on the riggers up high- jumps and some hard runs Boats near us worked deeper water than us and must have been doing something. They were there for awhile.
  2. Had a friend from NYC fishing Lake O spring for the first time. It did not disappoint. Had a steady pick of browns in the AM and lost a decent king. Things slowed a bit at lunch time so I changed things up. Took 5 kings from 2:30-3:00. 11-18 #. Riggers with frostbite and gator took the kings 5’ down and 8’. 12-16’ of water Did something like 30 browns and a coho besides kings. Great day on the water .Buddy took 2 home the rest were all released. ALSO Total darkness then back to light was so freaking cool on the water
  3. I’ve never seen the camera so hopefully someone can answer-The weather here has been snow wind and below freezing this week- Can’t imagine anyone left the river The bar should have much less boat traffic early April opposed to later April from your first post GL
  4. Ditto to what whaler said If I may Add- you need to wear life jackets until May 1 If the weather cooperates it will be a zoo out there but the fish will be there. Bring your patience- you can almost guarantee you’ll shake your head at least once at someone doing something beyond stupid keep watching the reports- next port down is Wilson - always fish between the river and there somewhere. GL
  5. I fished stagers Tuesday morning for a few hours. First time out in almost 2 years. went 2/5. Worked 75-95’ red barn to microwave-All fish on FF meat and plugs went untouched. A lot of weeds floating around- had to check rods often. Graph loaded with fish
  6. I jus received mine - I am very pleased very well made 3season rain jacket.loaded with pockets. Quality! Thank you again for sharing
  7. I'm with Whaler- stealth, sometimes less is more but would like to add if you fish with older people those long lines are tough on them. your loaded up on some solid options for sure.
  8. Congrats to all who scored already - some fine bucks down it’s killing me sitting in the camper on opening day here in Eden,NY. snow is up to my hips- heart attack walking Took me 3 hours to get over 4’ of snow off trailer we are hoping to hunt Monday maybe?? With more snow coming tonight 😩 not how I wished my fathers 60th opening day to pan out . GL to those out and those who finally get out
  9. 1998 lock stock and barrel 16’ fiberglass sculling boat with sculling oar for sale. $2500- Buffalo area im posting for a friend - pm me for his contact info.
  10. Check out Memphis net and twine. We have purchased gill nets for work in the past. It has been awhile but I remember them selling it by the yard .
  11. That is very unfortunate to hear. Jim is a good man. I hope nothing to serious —Prayers
  12. Gill- Im with you this time. I’ve been in Wilson since April 1 staying at my parents house while they are away. I go to work Monday - Friday and it’s fishable , weekend comes and the weather goes all to hell. Looking out the window now and the lake is ROCKING.
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