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  1. Not going to work , the water pressure will wreak havoc on the whole setup .Not going to be "aerodynamic " no reason to cobble up your steering system and that's exactly what your talking about.. . Do it right and have it fabricated.... In the Introduce Yourself Forum with the heading of Welding and Fabrication is the name of a shop that has done this numerous times . have seen his work and been on a couple boats that have had it done and it is the shizzle compared to the stock rudder.
  2. Might want to post this in the classifieds , a lot more people visit that section than this one.
  3. Didn't say that boat had spider cracks , I said some have them , please read my post again. You are looking at the one that there asking 19,000 / 19,500 for ? Has about 3 or 4 pictures with one showing the buggy top on the aft deck . The boat will not be a speed demon with the 5.7s , probably 20 -22 mph cruise and high 20's for top speed. You will get about 1 to 1.3 mpg at cruise and burn somewhere between 1.5 and 2 gallons per hour while trolling and no trolling bags should be needed.. That boat will get the job done regardless of how fast it goes. Ohio is not a far drive to look at a boat like that. Would be surprised if it wasn't a salt water boat at some point in it's life and that not a big deal with the inboards and a closed cooling system.
  4. Has been on the market for a couple months , might be able to low ball at 16-17000 if owner wants out for whatever reason bad enough at this time of the year.
  5. Looks like it's in great condition ,but there pictures. Some have cosmetic spider cracks on the gunwales and fore deck , not a deal breaker. Engine is a GM 350 marinized by Marine Power with closed cooling ,no worry there. Huge amounts of room in helm area to be able to get 6 + people out of the elements and not feel like sardines in a can. Working deck is big as well. Well laid out and handles the big stuff with no problems. Engines are fairly easy to work on and wiring is not a spaghetti mess. Do not think you can trailer it ,even with the buggy top off , it's probably going to be too high. Would have to measure it , and it's probably cheaper to drive it through the Welland Canal if you plan on bringing it to Ontario, then paying a hauler.
  6. I would Google it and/or go to thehulltruth.com and use there search icon. yachtsurvey.com did a survey on a 95 or 96 - 32 ,which is it's sister ship and gave it a very good review. [ There are two of the 32s in Wilson. ] What I read was and that was up to debate is her listing at cruising and above speed. Nothing else really came up negative , except where they skipped quality in things like latches and not enough varnish on woodwork. Things that you can replace or update yourself. The meat and bones , fiberglass layup stringers ,engine mounts ects is not where they cut corners and were all well above average. Is this the one from Ohio ?
  7. Hahahahaha , why limit it to those two locations ? might as well say any land touching any Ocean / Gulf ?Fiord ect., Sorry can't buy into this left wing brainwashing . Anyway what does that have to do with Ontario's now semi annual flooding ? NOTHING.
  8. Andy controls everything, that's what control freaks do. If the NYS Governor doesn't have any pull in this game I would be shocked. Yes there is the IJC.and they have to answer to someone up the food chain. Doesn't get much higher than the Governor of NYS...Your sarcasm was noted.
  9. How does throwing 49 million at Orleans and Niagara county fix the problem ? It doesn't ,but The Commondant says it will ! Wonder where does this money come from ,let me take a wild guess , you and me ,the taxpayers. What a crock , and this is only the beginning as Andy loves the face time he gets on TV by opening his big pie hole. Water over the bulkheads /retaining walls and into the parking lots , how do you fix that ? Higher breakwalls and building up ALL the land from one end of O to the other including all the harbors and homes . Not going to fix all that for 500 million dollars. How about this Andy , drop the level of the lake starting now , in the fall and keep dumping it until it gets to where it's supposed to be ,you taxpayer thieving moron.. Ok , I am done with my rant on Fredo's loudmouth brother !
  10. Yes you can buy a 3 way switch specifically for the bilge pump.. Auto /Off / On . Or it can be wired with a On/Off switch and then hard wired into the battery for the auto mode . Ebay has them.
  11. Well yeah , if the deck is below the waterline you will have a hard time draining it .Unless you want to drain the lake into the boat .. Yes two pumps would work and the pumps should be auto with a overriding switch so you can turn them on when needed and to get more water out. The auto floats usually kick off the pumps before they hit the point where there not working., leaving a bunch of water behind. Wonder what condition your transom and stringers are in if the deck is shot .
  12. Where is your water line in relation to your deck. Hard to tell from picture, but I am guessing it may be almost even judging from where your out drive is and your deck is.
  13. Yes you should have a water stop around the dog house. Something like a 1 -2 " high 2x2 surrounding the 3 sides should do the trick waterproof of course.. Your two exit holes / tubes/PVC should be at least halfway below the deck for drainage. If you cut the round hole,insert the PVC and used 3m 4200 to seal it you could then put a rubber flapper on the outside slightly extended end of it to keep water from entering. You will have to drill a hole in the bottom for your water. Intake that would enter through a check valve set up. Vinyl on the floor might be a bit slippery when wet or worse in the spring when it's almost icy.
  14. Most, if not all boats that run them have a gutter of some sort on the aft deck. The water runs off into the gutter then out the scupper hole that is located in the transom at least 2-4" above the waterline. A through hull fitting with a shut off valve is where the water comes from. Personally if I had to drain the water into the bilge I wouldn't install a wash down pump. If I had carpet on the deck I wouldn't bother , just asking for a rotten deck in the near future. .. 5 gallon bucket and let it fly if my boat didn't meet the above criteria.. Install the switch on the dash , the pumps have a built in switch/pressure regulator that turns the pump on when you hit the trigger on the nozzle.as long as you have voltage going to it ,hence the switch on the dash. Need more info on the deck of the boat to give a accurate assessment..
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