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  1. How did she forget , Into the Mystic ? Also covered by Joe Cocker. Down by the River , Neil Young
  2. ^^^ Did the same thing when boat was stored in my driveway, luckily it is stone and not cement or paved. Sort of thought the same thing but figured he would of looked at that to see if anything on the outside or lower shaft was stopping them from.dropping.
  3. All the replies above are spot on . You will be happier in the long run with the bigger boat no matter where you fish. The 6,000 difference is on a new boat ? Seems to be quite a few nice used ones in the size range listed on here and Craigs. Just a thought if spending a extra 6K is not in your wheelhouse. Don't want to get anyone in a uproar but ,,,, I have not heard a lot of good things about Trackers. I would rather buy the 17.5 StarCraft listed on here and if need be trade in the desirable Honda 4 stroke 50 hp to go bigger. Quality aluminum hulls last forever and what your saving by going that route would allow you to buy a brand new or slightly used engine . Would water test any boat to make sure it has the performance that you want. [ I have no connections with that boat or seller. ]
  4. Taking a guess here . If you push the rudders back up as far they can go and there is nothing on the rudder shaft that looks like it would impede the rudder I would drop them down again. Then I would put a block of wood over the top of shaft and tap that with a hammer to see if you get any movement. The only place that makes sense for some kind of keeper device should be on the upper rudder shaft and not in or below the rudder housing. The ones I dropped a few years ago had a tar substance on them which led to the tapping sequence ,they dropped like a rock after a few hits. As I recall there was a key way along with a collar that kept the rudder shaft in the proper position
  5. Your going to need the maximum rpm's that the engine gets at wot with a average load on board. Then read the tag (usually )on the valve cover to see what the max rpms are ,probably around 4400- 4600 for that motor if memory serves me right. At this point you can take your old prop to a prop shop and get there recommendation. Or try wire brushing the outer hub where the retaining nut rest on. The numbers are normally stamped there. The most common pitch for that setup is 19 " or 17 " and the diameter probably in the 15+ - range. So If you have a 19 and are hitting 4,000 rpms you would go down to a 17" pitch with the same diameter to get your rpms up to the recommended number. And that number is key, so that your not constantly lugging the engine if over pitched or revving it too high if under pitched. Basically if you want to skip the prop shop we need the rpm number and what's on there now. I have never seen a prop that isn't stamped ,so do some wire brushing or scraping to locate it.
  6. To the statement about US citizens not being allowed into Canada because of a possible record ,like a DUI. Canadian laws have changed. You can buy a Canadian license on line and as of last year you are allowed to enter Canadian waters and fish or cruise without calling in. If you anchor or touch land in any way , then you are required to call in and possibly be denied entry. So my understanding is ,even if you have a misdemeanor of some sort ,your legal under the new ( original ) law..
  7. Agree with FF34 , your eyes will adjust better with the light above and even or slightly in front of your sightline. Just think of walking in the woods with a flashlight ,you can see more if you hold it over your head than holding it at your waist and pointing forward. Stadium lighting is always high for a reason. You will not get any glare off the bow of the boat that way. Spotlight or HID LED bar light is your next option . Spotlight is good for zeroing in on buoys ect in the harbor. LED is more of a flood light and has no moving parts to break as well as working better in a fog ,[ for other boats to see you ] if you are caught in one without radar. Either is better than nothing.
  8. Wouldn't think you would get any glare off your windshield , seeing that you don't have one . I would mount it on the T-Top , the higher the better. That should reduce any glare off the water . Most ,if not all hard top boats have them mounted on the hard top , not there pulpits. Seems like it gives more off a seeable spread and is out of harms way. Most of the boats I see with pulpit lights are soft top and unless they make a mounting bracket on there windshield frame have no other choice as to where to mount them. Then if they did they are dealing with hiding wires in and around there frame ,which is easier said than done.
  9. Might want to post or search this on thehulltruth.com
  10. Boat is not sold out, he has 10 in his driveway. Take a drive over and look at them. Maybe he will give you a deal when you hand him American cash.....Ban the spam....
  11. David will still buy it ,just send him your ss number,bank account number ,credit card number and for good luck your drivers license. He sounds legit ,haha
  12. Hello my name is David ,I do not have command of the English language and want to buy everyone's boat. Just send me all of your personal info and I will be the happiest scammer on the planet !
  13. His boat is " sold out ", good one acammer
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