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  1. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Rolmops is correct. I would even go so far as to say that a good percentage doesn't even make it back into the lake. You have constant evaporation of the snow,some finds its way into the water table and some into retention ponds for summer irrigation along with whats on flat land that hardly drains off. Yes the IJC needs to step up its game ,earlier than later.
  2. I have.never seen L+M mislead anyone. Now is the time to set up a appointment, they can be somewhat slow at this time of the season and may give you a break if you tell them your talking cash in hand. Come March, you may get put on a waiting list. I have been told of some Amish people in the Southern Tier that do it very reasonable, but never followed up on who,where, names etc.
  3. Besides possibly finding a somewhat generic,one size fits all, your best bet is a local canvas shop that also fabricates the tubes. Get it done correctly the first time and be done with it.
  4. 2018 LOTSA Salmon School

    This makes no sense. If it snows I can't attend ,"so make it for two days to accommodate me,but if it snows a lot I won't be able to make either day bc I will plowing again" This school has been ongoing for years around the same date and those didn't sign up in time just procrastinated to long. Now they beef to make more room Maybe just maybe the room will only hold so many people. Maybe the speakers have other obligations so they can't do 2 days. Maybe they sell out the first day and get 5 for the 2nd,not a good business plan. Leave it the way it is and if people can't put the entry fee aside or plan ahead, to bad. I would rather sell out for one day in the largest room . available then have 2 days of half filled rooms with twice the overhead.
  5. There is no upside to a diesel unless your going to a 40' + sled. The initial cost vs gas and maintenance will take about 25-30 years around here to get to the break even point if your lucky. Gas is cheaper and a drop in replacement is nothing $$ compared to a diesel. If you were fishing the canyons and used the boat year round that would be a different story.
  6. Furuno Fishfinder

    To get the most answers just google Furuno Rez Boost and a ton of forums post will show up . Basically it means high resolution and you can use a conventional transducer. RezBoost on the FCV 588 is supposed to be 8 times clearer than it predecessor FCV 587.. Kind of hi-jacking this thread but the OP has yet to respond to any of these replies,so.....
  7. Furuno Fishfinder

    That's the same price as they go for on ebay . Unless he takes more off when you register on . FYI that price does not include the transducer if you need one.
  8. Furuno Fishfinder

    I would try posting this or resesrch it in the forum section at
  9. Furuno Fishfinder

    If you don't need the GPS then go with the stand alone unit. Still using the semi- predecessor to that ,FCV 585 and there is a used one on ebay that there asking 695.00 and in general they go for 500+ used. So people are still looking for IMHO a top of the line FF that hasn't been made in a few years. Also using the 600W transducer on O and the boat has a 1000 W unit in it as well. The 600 just seems to work better for some reason. Sorry don't have either exact unit but no one has replied so I thought I would throw that out there. When the 585 gives up the ghost or current upgrades are taken care of I may go with the FCV 588 although the FCV 295 is more on my radar.
  10. Radar

    Yes they show individual boats ,that's pretty much what they were designed for. Out in a fog and can't see your hand in front of your face or moonless dark nights, radar is a lifesaver This will get you back home without getting or being T Boned and not having a freighter run you over. Use it in conjunction with your GPS to get you back to port in one piece. Newer ones will even pick up birds along with buoys in the harbor. Seeing where other boats are fishing in most cases is a waste of time, what speed are they running, what lures are they using and at what depth.,etc.etc. Way too many variables to worry about other boats, just stay focused on your own program and you probably will do better than worrying about everybody else.
  11. Is that 17" diameter x 16" pitch with a 1"- 1/4 tapered shaft ? Or 17 pitch/16 diameter non tapered shaft ? What shop reconditioned them ?
  12. Trailering an oversized boat?

    I would measure your beam at the stern, which in most cases is a lot less than your listed measurement . Thats where they would check it out and if you know it's 9'6 there or whatever you tell them I thought the limit was 10' / 9'6" or whatever you come up with at the stern. I tow a boat with a 11' beam 35 miles twice a year and routinely drive by police,they seem like they don't want to be bothered, easier to stop speeders and texters for there court time..
  13. Google it or check out You Tube- charging a battery from a outboard- adding a regulator/rectifier will turn any outboard into a charging machine as well. At least that's what he shows in the video.
  14. Usually a price/year/type of drive system/ trailer inc/hours on motor/ what comes with it as in electronics and fishing gear if any along with location go a long way vs a lot of post asking the basic info. GLWS
  15. Crusader owners

    Strainer probably wont self drain as the hoses are usually on the top. I either sponge it out or use a wet vac. Depending on what you have for a tranny there may be no need to remove prop shaft, I have Volvos and do not remove shafts.