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  1. The problem with that is she will be expecting you home earlier to possibly do more yard work.
  2. " They " is we the people ,that pay taxes and in this case, the electric bill. Just another scam by the state to take your money. Just like the Thruway and Peace Bridge doing away with tolls after the construction bonds were paid off. Never going to happen. Delaying spring is messing with Mother Nature , buds ,schmuds.
  3. Who told you this ? Or is it something that you came up with on your own ? Before the boom when the ice chunks came down the river they would on occasion scrap the bottom and self dredge the river as well as taking out weeds and what not. Yes some docks would take a hit ,but that's on the owner's for putting them in harm's way. Do away with the boom.and let mother nature dictate it's own course. You know the big money power authority would not let this happen. Somewhat surprised the environmentalist have not put up a law suit against them. It messes with our ( farmers ) springs for starters. Really doesn't help the upper river's ecosystem and yes, those that live close to the now colder lake burn more fuel heating our homes , which contributes to your global warming with all that carbon monoxide being pumped into the ozone.
  4. So how's this " global warming " BS looking now ? Weather report yesterday was for at least 75% ice coverage by this weekend. I do not see any above freezing temps forecast for the next 10 days. I am glad climate has changed over the centuries, otherwise we would still be in the ice age ,,,,and I wouldn't be alive. Updated as of 2/11 cover is now 80 % and should be 100% in a few days.
  5. Ok , I'll bite , no one else has replied. Not sure why the Cannon's won't auto stop if the trolling motor battery is grounded to your main motor. If not grounded I would do that and they should work. A Dual.Purpose group 27 battery is what I would replace your existing battery with. Might get some arguments on this , I believe there are 4 or 5 Mfgs and they just slap different decals on them , NAPA , Delkab ,Walmart and so on. Most of the time I get about 3 years out of any brand and that's with a 3 bank charger on them as soon as I dock.
  6. Everything you have written suggests you either take it to a recycling place or throw it in trash can. The cost to have it fixed is more than it's worth. No brainer.
  7. Marshalls Machine.com or Michigan Motorz .com might be a good place to start. Have read a few negative reviews on Jasper engines.
  8. In the future I would suggest going with Ugly Stick DR rods. A lot of Charter Captains use them , not saying there word is gold. I run them off the two boats I use and could not be happier. Great action ,unbreakable on the water , tips are touching the water when you load them up and with the light action a ball to catch any size fish out there.
  9. Instead of a fish camp buy a 75' + Viking ,Post ,Bayliss and live on it. That way you don't have to drive to the camp , walk from the camp to the boat. pay taxes, mow the lawn , fix the roof , worry about neighbors and your gear can be left out and ready to go saving you more time !
  10. Wouldnt mind trading in the wife for a newer model .
  11. Port side just about where your red line is on the stern . Long enough boom to get it about centered when you have the swivel base angled at 45* . Make sure the swivel base when locked ar 45* puts the end of the boom.over center. Might have to adjust the base so it's not exactly " squared to get the boom centered when locked in place .The gunwale rigger mount on the port side will be ahead of the hawes plate so you will have some room in the corner. Recently set up a boat with the same configuration, worked out great this past season.
  12. I will keep that in mind the next time I am fishing in the British Cayman Islands for sure !! Being part of the British Commonwealth does not translate into the same laws . From what I understand going into Canadian waters illegally may result in confiscation of your boat along with fines and deportation. Pretty sure everyone on here is well aware of what's going on and to stay in there homeland waters.
  13. They are They are not asking a question in this case and if they had one to ask they should start a new post . My post is a complaint ? Try reading it again. It's a statement in case you can't comprehend what I wrote.
  14. Uhhhh,,, this is almost a 3 year old thread.
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