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  1. Adding another battery

    Dedicated deep cycle is the way to go. From what I understand kickers don't put out much amperage to keep one do all battery up to a full charge. Besides carrying 2 batteries I would also consider a pocket sized lithium booster pak. They work great and you can use it in your vehicle all off season.
  2. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Not to hijack thread but,^ unless you buy a closed cooling system inboard from saltwater you should look in the mirror. OR you buy it cheap enough that the money you saved over a fresh water boat or raw water cooling more than off sets the cost of repower. I believe the OP wrote in another thread that he was planning on repowering in the near future if need be. Do your homework on what engines go for before buying a boat with a ton of hours, raw water cooled from saltwater or has low compression etc. I will put money on the OPs engines being trouble free due to salt water.
  3. Well I went and did it.......

    Looks like Cricket Cove Marina near Myrtle Beach and boat was probably dry racked. Looks good ,enjoy her.
  4. Hydraulic steering Lines

    Besides this , now ( with this beautiful spring were having ) is a better time to address it. Picture a nice summer week that your off and you are all set for hitting it hard. Line let's go the first hour your out there and you spend the rest of the week waiting for a new line to show up. Fun, wow !
  5. Hydraulic steering Lines

    Depending on MFG and price/availability a local hydraulic repair shop might be something to look into. When I did my auto pilot add on's that's where I ended up.
  6. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Sorry, looks like he was referring to the last post on page one as you noted. Sort of skips a beat when going to next page ,my bad.
  7. Talk me out of buying this sweet boat

    Your post on the top of this page states it was sold, bit confused as to why he would send pictures.
  8. Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    Not sure how floating "docks" finger piers would work in that open water. Just wondering if some big wake throwing boat cruising close by would create a unsafe condition when people may be loading/ unloading/ standing on floating structure ? Most floating docks / launch ramps are in a protected area. Yet I do agree that the engineers should be able to come up with something that is safe and USEABLE year round for that particular ramp.
  9. 1st trip to lake O in 25 years.. help

    Have to agree with Final Flight. Oak Orchard and west to Wilson would be my go to choices for that time of year. Hard to go wrong fishing the Niagara Bar just about any time of the year.
  10. Downrigger wiring question

    Starting battery should be stand alone for one obvious reason. Trolling motors may also get you back to port if the main engine fails. That leaves you with the least essential battery to wire them up to ,fish hawk and fishfinder battery and no, that will not cause any interference.
  11. Fort Niagara Boat Launch Project ???

    NY takes in about 45 million for license fee's Then you add in boater reg cost along with taxes on everything associated with the sport and I think your close to 250 million in taxes and fee's. And don't forget they charge you to use some of the worst ramps in the country.. Yes, Jimski2s last 2 sentences were spot on.
  12. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    Too bad Thrillseekers 24 Northcoast listed wasn't 2' longer. Newer engines and a awesome hull , turn key and fish. Top of the line designed and built fishing machine.
  13. Boat to chose... want opinions duck!

    Pretty much agree with above post ^. Your going to need need a 2500 to pull and stop it, so you may have to budget for a suitable truck. Then your going to need a over width permit every time you move it or spend some money on a blanket permit. Gradys to the best of my knowledge have wood and known issues with that over the years. Chartering on O would have me looking at twin inboards,low center of gravity,more centered, and a hell of a lot cheaper to repower. Along with more client friendly working area at the stern when they are bringing a feisty one in.
  14. How many hours on the engine ? Condition of trailer and GVWC of it ?
  15. Boat for sale

    Price and engine hours would be helpful.