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  1. Anyone with half a brain is going to use lead sinkers , looks more natural as in " must of been fouled hooked before and ate the sinker " which is heavier than steel and won't show up with a metal detector. Any Charter Captain in a tournament is not going to bend any rules or cheat , there reputation is worth a lot more than ever being accused of cheating . One team on a tournament trail out of the how many thousands of teams that do tourneys cheat and now this has to be even discussed is numbing. Leave it as is and let the organizers handle it . All the tourneys on Ontario are above board .
  2. Each tourney , derby is run by a different entity . So it's up to each one of them to change any rules for there own event . I personally do not foresee any of O's events rules being changed because of what happened in Walleye tourney series that is much different animal than O's individual tournaments or derbies . If they want to cut open every fish that is weighed in say in a Lake wide derby that might last for 2 - 4 weeks or the whole season it isn't easy to control . I've had gas jockeys weighing fish who didn't know the species and why should they ? Could go on and on. Don't think one isolated team of cheaters is going to affect the rules on Ontario tourneys . Organizers can decide themselves if they want to open them up for inspection at weigh in which I believe are already in there rules .
  3. I would Google a schematic for it and see if it is a replaceable part . Might want to break down any other bases you have like that and re- tighten using a light or medium grade lock tight . I have seen many cannon bases that are wobbly until I chastise the owner of the boat to repair them before everything goes to Davey's locker .
  4. Please put radar on your boat if you fish Ontario . I cannot believe the IDIOTS that leave port in a fog or get caught in one that are in small boats without radar . It's a death wish for you to be out there without radar in a fog . And it's not fun when I am looking at my radar and some IDIOT without radar is on a fast collision course heading towards my boat . You are also out there in Lake Freighter shipping lanes , they ain't stopping or moving when your little blip shows up on there screen . My million dollar question is , what's your life worth ? Less than 1,500 then skip radar . Mine is worth more so I have it on my boats .
  5. 4 Mile State park has those Utes for around 40.00 per night . Heat ,air , fridge , sleeps about 6-8 people ,one big octange type tent on a wooden platform . Then rent a slip at the state park in Wilson .
  6. Dublin Up Marine may have one , give Carl a call .
  7. The motors are basically windshield wiper motors , they do not draw much amperage the.way they are geared . Run a separate deep cycle and charge it when sitting in your driveway .
  8. Why in the world would you want to replace it with obsolete stuff , that drive hasn't been made in 30 years . Going to be a major head ache . V - 8 volvos are GMC engines with Volvo exhaust manifolds and that's about it . I would find a donor boat and go Mercruiser for the outdrive . At any rate your outdrive hole will probably need some fabrication for a replacement drive
  9. Only outlet for that model is used , garage sales , marketplace,Craig's . I have new and original model and as noted the 1101 is a better rod . The guides are plastic lined vs all SS and action is notably different with the new one , not as good .
  10. In the 40 years of selling tools and equipment to garages I have never ever witnessed a mechanic use a multi meter to check a battery , even if they did not have a load tester. As a matter of fact I just left a shop where they had a battery that showed 12.6 , put a load tester on it and that showed 62 amps out of a 200 amp battery. Not going to work on a starter that draws more than that number .
  11. Voltage and amperage are two different animals. I can put 8 D cell volt batteries in a series and get 12 volts , not going to start your engine . A multimeter is pretty much useless in giving you the actual condition , it's all about the amps . How many amps does your starter draw ? I have a good idea , do you ?
  12. Hardly a drop in the bucket and it all ran into running creeks that were warm or storm drains , that dump into the warm creeks . Like putting one ice cube in hot water in a bathtub and saying that will cool it off . Mother nature will self correct. Last year someone put up a post about it not being frozen over in January. Yep it froze over a week or so later .
  13. Rent a limo ?? Or hire a bus ?? Doesn't sound like your going to find a Van .
  14. Snake oil salesmen . Been putting boats / engines away for over 50 years and have not fogged and or oiled the cylinders . Never had a issue , engine is only sitting for 6 months and oil resin is on the cylinder walls from normal use .Gas stabilizer takes care of the EFI system.
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