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  1. I would measure your beam at the stern, which in most cases is a lot less than your listed measurement . Thats where they would check it out and if you know it's 9'6 there or whatever you tell them I thought the limit was 10' / 9'6" or whatever you come up with at the stern. I tow a boat with a 11' beam 35 miles twice a year and routinely drive by police,they seem like they don't want to be bothered, easier to stop speeders and texters for there court time..
  2. Google it or check out You Tube- charging a battery from a outboard- adding a regulator/rectifier will turn any outboard into a charging machine as well. At least that's what he shows in the video.
  3. Usually a price/year/type of drive system/ trailer inc/hours on motor/ what comes with it as in electronics and fishing gear if any along with location go a long way vs a lot of post asking the basic info. GLWS
  4. Strainer probably wont self drain as the hoses are usually on the top. I either sponge it out or use a wet vac. Depending on what you have for a tranny there may be no need to remove prop shaft, I have Volvos and do not remove shafts.
  5. No, your exhaust manifolds are raw water cooled ,and the brass,bronze plugs are either on the back of them or underneath them in the back of them as well. And no,it is not referred to as a fresh water system,it is a closed cooling system. When you pull one of the plugs on the exchanger you either will get raw water or anti freeze coming out,if anti freeze just put fitting back in and remove the other one. No plugs are removed from the actual block as that holds all anti freeze,no raw water.
  6. As long as the Non Toxic is rated for minus temps your fine doing it that way. There was a topic about this and how a block cracked bc of it freezing. Your block will not crack at any rate bc its a closed system with anit freeze. Your only concern would be the exhaust manifolds and possibly the transmission if raw water is used to cool that. I just remove the plugs on the back of the exhaust manifolds and the raw water plug on the bottom of the heat exchangers. My raw water goes through the tranny and there are two plugs on that opposite the inlet /outlet hoses of the tranny which are removed as well. Air doesn't freeze.
  7. I see a couple listed on Ebay . You can also try the classifieds at or google what your looking for. Other than that try calling the local prop shops like Pier Propeller / Rocky Bottom Propeller in the Buffalo area. Or try calling up the local Marinas like Mid River Marina who has a LOU member that post here once on a while and Smith Boys, who are pricey but you never know.
  8. You can google info he gave [ 2001 Hydra Sports Seahorse 2300,,,,althougth the 230 model will show up..., think there the same ] and there is a link to pictures of that model, not specifically his boat ,but gives you a idea of layout etc.
  9. Not only that but where do you fuel up ? Or are you dragging 80lb propane bottles down to the boat ? [ or whatever the next size up from the barbeque 20lbers are ] Seems quite cost inefficient to me in this neck of the woods. And as noted ,Hindenburg part two, on the Lake is not my cup of tea. Along with what J Powell stated it is something I would never look into.
  10. A quick quote from our illustrious Governor in reference to the IJC.. "There is a body we have no representation on that CONTROLS the levels in the lakes" " I think they made a mistake, and I think they better not repeat that mistake next year"" They should of gotten ahead of the problem, and kept the water level lower, and I hope they do it next year" I guess its sad in this day and age to see someone like him saying that the IJC is to blame, the same thing I said ,you pick the agency, it's all government in my mind.
  11. Really ??? And you are the resident expert , I bow to you . Any liquid going into a funnel is going to back up as the narrow part of the funnel impedes the flow. Sure the level is going to rise a little bit allowing more flow but it gets impeded around the round house and the Barge canal pier inflow slowing that process down. How much more water would be flowing out of Erie if the Niagara river was 3 miles wide and 60 feet deep in its entirety ? Now , to quote/paraphrase the US Army Corp of Eng, Detroit ," as Lake Erie enters into the Niagara river it hits a width of 1500 feet and a depth of 17' at a rock ledge WHICH naturally controls its out flow" And what is so sad about someone with a opinion ? Not the same as yours, so revert to the personal criticism card, nice . Time to move on to more pressing projects.
  12. Some,if not most marina's are at the mercy of there insurance carriers. The insurance company's that have to pay out any liability cases usually inspect the marina and it's docks,especially this year, before signing off on the yearly policy. They come to check.stuff out and the finger piers are under water with makeshift planks on them it's nothing but a accident waiting to happen in there eyes If the water level is within inches of the piers there worried about any winds or fluctuations in the water level that may have people slipping and falling . So it's not always up to the marina's as to when they can let people back to there slips.
  13. Last weekend it was probably 10-12" higher in Wilson as well. My only thought about the rain is, what was the level of the lake in comparison to previous years in the months of January , February and March . I would not be surprised if it was a lot higher in 2017 and that's what started it all. The Great Lakes surely had less snow and melt than a average winter.Lake effect snow should not count as it just takes moisture from the lake and redeposit it on land. And all of that does not make it back into the lake. So with less "national " snow our levels should of been below average in the early spring and O would of absorbed the extra rainfall IF the dam was not there or they opened it up in January. Yes I know Montreal was flooding out, but my point was and still is, this was a man made mess.
  14. I sure can blame the government. Tug Hill snowmelt, seriously is a drop in the bucket. And take a wild guess where that snow came from, Lake Ontario as in.lake effect, like 95% of the rest of the snowmelt that makes it way back to where it came from. Rain in early spring does not translate to 3 feet above average in late July or even mid june. The government did mention rain,and why ? To cover there ass's and hope that some people bought into it. I did not.
  15. There were no hurricanes in the spring and for most of the summer as well. There was very few rainu days ,if any ,that were fueled by the Gulf during the same time period. I didn't hear about any flooding in the other 4 Great Lakes, Erie's level was high,but no where near record high. The mouth of the Niagara River actually impedes much of the excess water with it narrow funnel shape. It will rise slowly but not enough to have any real repercussions on O. or the people that live along the river.