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  1. Knowing a bit more as to what it is and how you tested it I would go with what L&M posted. He did say on muffs it just goes out the starboard side, which is what your seeing. The impeller should be replaced every few years on that setup and if you don't know when it was done last , save your yourself the worry of it overheating and rubber bits chunking up the passage ways, do it this spring. NAPA has them as well as your local dealers.
  2. Need some more info. But taking a guess that you have a V8 the first thing I would look at is your Riser on the side that is not pushing water out. Its the elbow part that is attached to your exhaust manifold and then attaches to a rubber bellows before going into your outdrive. There are 3-4 rectangular passageways that can get filled up with metal/rust scales that erodes over time from the exhaust manifold breaking down. Like the rust on a truck frame. Anyway that stops the water from exiting the system. If the base isn't to corroded after you clean out the passageways you can put a new gasket down [ napa/ebay] and your good to go. There is usually a drain plug on the side of the riser ,remove that and you can put a small diameter piece of wire in and prod around free up the metal before you winterize it. This should be done every year to help prevent it from total stoppage. Anyway that's where I would look first,and clean out the other side while your at it,4 nuts on each side and 2 hose clamps, doesn't take long. Report back and we can take it from there.
  3. The 470 heat exchanger has 2 drain plugs on the bottom 1 is for fresh water and 1 for the closed system. To winterize that block all you do is pull the fresh water plug, if it drains green you have the wrong one. If you have a P/S heat exchanger pull the plug on the bottom of that and your done. With a fresh water cooled block all you do is pull the drain plug or [ plugs if a V6 or V8 ] on the side of the block ,located just above the oil pan usually in the center. Then on the bottom of each exhaust manifold remove that plug. Many Exhaust manifold risers also have a drain plug on the side near the bottom of riser. That's it, a few plugs ,no antifreeze and your done
  4. While I understand the theory behind the rust and "lubrication" of water pump etc. I put that in the long term storage layup. Not in the 5-6 month layup that we do. I had a power steering exchanger crack one year and all I did was remove exchanger and add a few feet of hose that I laid on the bottom of boat, never had a issue with doing that.
  5. Air doesn't freeze. I always take off all water plugs on engine/transmission, manifolds, power steering and blow air into them [ including wash down pump and fresh water in the cabin system ]. I don't bother with antifreeze or RV ,never had a issue. Good to hear you had a spare ready to go.
  6. Depends on where you dock it and what you have for engines. Generally speaking a I/O s outdrive will conduct the water temp into the block and MAYBE keep it from freezing. If a closed system not that big of a deal. If at dock with electric you can put a small heater or 100 watt light bulb in the doghouse with or without a timer. 2 stroke outboard,no problem,4 stroke may have a thermostat that traps water in the block, which can freeze unless drained. Straight inboard, raw water cooled, good idea to heat it ,closed system will keep the block from cracking but you have exhaust manifolds to worry about , heat may be needed there as well. Many variables including a hard freeze vs just hitting 30-32 at night. I go in late March, early April depending on long range forecast.
  7. Prices will range from aprox 1300 at Newfane [ if you can get in ] to 2500.00 + Hedleys is probably the next cheapest but is run down and doesn't offer a lot of protection from waves barreling in the Harbor when the winds are out of the North. The bar place is better, right next to Hedleys, but probably can be noisy on the weekend as your directly under it. The cheapest at Wilson will be the State docks, last year there was 1 charter guy from Pa. that kept his boat there all season and that was the only boat there. It will change with new docks going in. I agree with Hookmeup about the Wilson Boat Yard, just going to cost you a few more bucks. The place where the Sunset Grill is has slips and probably is at the top of the pricing list,they do have a inground pool, something to consider if your taking the family. Good Luck !
  8. How long is your boat ? that's the only way to give you aprox. pricing. Newfane town dock has a couple year waiting list for bigger boats, maybe over 21' Jim McDonough has slips directly across from Newfane Town docks, under the bar,716 778 7665 . Hedleys is right next to him 716 778 7771.. Wilson State Park is putting in new docks/slips this season. Even though they charge by the day it usually comes out cheaper than most other slips. Have to call the State Parks to get fee's ,they may have monthly or seasonal as well. I think Kevin Jerge also has slips in <Wilson Boat House ? I think he runs the WHI, maybe contact him through that web or Facebook site.
  9. Wanted

    I also found a F36 in Detroit for 24,000 - Silverton 40' Convertible with 512 hours on the engines for 44,900 in Port Clinton Ohio. The Silver seems to have a bigger fighting area along with more fishing electronics on her than the Egg along with it being about 35,000 less. You can buy a lot of gas and storage fee's for that kind of coin difference. The Eggs engine compartment is clean enough to eat off of and I love the teak along with the salon and sleeping quarters. There is also a 1984 35' Viking for 39.900 in Detroit that looks immaculate as well. does a review on a Viking 43 and raves about the workmanship in Viking boat. Most times a mfg lineup is made with the same quality control throughout its fleet, that would be a boat worth looking at IMHO. When your searching Craigs if you just punch in Flybridge you may come up with more of a selection than just putting in the Mfg name. Or do both along with searching the nearby areas of the city you are on.
  10. Wanted

    There is a beautiful 1989 fresh water Egg Harbor 37 on craigslist in Cleveland Ohio. Not knowing your budget it's not easy to come up with something in your unknown price range. Eggs are known for there quality, a big step up from older Luhrs along with Chris Craft,Sea Ray ,Trojan IMHO.
  11. Wanted

    Its listed on Craigslist in Elmira NY . No pictures of the stern deck.. 30 minutes from the border as in Buffalo or the St. Lawrence area ?
  12. Wanted

    What is his budget and how far are you willing to travel ? Strictly freshwater or is a saltwater boat ok ? Diesel or gas powered ? More for cruising/entertaining or fishing ? Filling in some of the blanks may expand or narrow your search if you want feedback from LOU people. all have a good selection of boats in there classified or for sale forums. Craigslist in Ohio and Michigan ,Hudson Valley in NY and make sure you check off nearby areas when you get to the actual boat page. These are better sources than local Craigslist, again depending on how far you want to haul the boat back from, Blackwatch/Phoenix/Bertram/Hatteras/Rampage/Blackfin/Topaz/Henriques/Ocean Yachts/Luhrs/Viking are some of the major players in what you are looking for.
  13. Just out of curiosity how does she do at trolling speed from 1.5 to 3.5 ? Do you need bags and do the motors/motor load up at all ? GLWS
  14. for sale : usa

    FYI its a Long shaft and IMHO that sells from 2-600 ,depending on gas tank ? how much $ is required to fix tiller, wiring, along with the compression numbers and how quick you want to move it.