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  1. The hull and outdrive will transfer 95% of the surface water temperature to you block and keep it from freezing. Probably need 24 hours of 20-25 degree air temp to have any effect on the block freezing.
  2. Most if not all are called Boga or Bogo Grips. I believe that is the name of the original MFG and they are all now called by that name.
  3. A good example would be the OPs issue. A overpitched prop is like him pulling his boat up a steep hill all the time, he is working the hell out of that engine, which in the long run will prematurely wear the engine out along with using more fuel. Under pitched is like going down that same hill only your in 3rd gear floored , way over the redline, and still using more gas than if you were in 4th gear cruising.
  4. They do not have a recommended pitch range, they have a recommended RPM range.. The MFG has no idea if your putting the motor on a 16' bare aluminum hull or a 19' fully loaded fiberglass hull. There is a huge difference in those two and they would not set themselves up for engine failure by suggesting a pitch without knowing all the facts.
  5. 60 lbs IMHO is not going to make any difference in your towing capabilities. Seriously if it's that bad I would be looking for another tow vehicle before I would be thinking this 60 lbs is too much strain on my car. What are you towing it with ? A Smart car ? Not trying to be a smart ass but your talking less than a total of 1,000 lbs on two wheels,I could pull that. Bad advice on prop change, your prop should allow your engine to hit the recommended RPM range for maximum fuel and speed efficiency. Otherwise your putting a load on the engine with too much pitch or letting it Rev too high and inefficiently as far as fuel economy goes along with the danger of blowing it up by being under pitched.
  6. Wanted

    Picture shows a FB, unless I am seeing things. OP wrote he did not want a FB. It is a very nice looking boat , well powered , at a great price !
  7. The OP. asked if it needed to be retimed. If it was timed correctly to begin with then there should be no reason to time it again. Its not a bad idea to check it every couple years as the timing chain may stretch or distributor gear wear a fraction. I am all for setting it up correctly from the beginning and timing would be part of it in my case, with or without points . It would not be a bad idea to time it and I should of stated it that way, my bad.
  8. Wonder why with the Delco you have to buy a new distributor. Its pretty basic, gear on bottom attached to shaft that on top that "points" to the next plug that is to be fired. Electronic module now picks up the signal and fires it at correct time. I have used the Petronix complete system on several motors with the original distributor, no problems. Didn't notice any increased fuel mileage and with a carb, after sitting for a few days it takes a few cranks to fire. Then its a touch of the key the rest of the day. Its a pain to set the points correctly every couple years. Dwell meter ,vacuum gauge and feeler gauge is the correct way to do it, so carb and points are synched. No ,you do not have to retime the engine.
  9. A bit over the line to comment on some ones asking price and then [some one else ] show links .A lot of people could comment on asking prices and basic conditions of boats/motors and equipment for sale and refrain out of basic courtesy. The seller can always come back and make his OWN changes if his product does not move for whatever reason. I would suggest to PM the seller if their price bothers you. [ Most web sites like this will not allow negative or price bashing comments , for good reason ]
  10. We're so smart ^ haha. Mellon head U, a PRIVATE college/ research institution / mostly funded but US taxpayers dollars for research,much like Woods Hole out on the Cape researches the Ocean. Maybe if the NY used some of the 108 million paid in taxes each year by sports people along with the 60 million for the actual license on environmental issues over the last few decades we would be better off. Way too much money for the EPA goes towards administration cost than actual remedial work. Done with this .
  11. So all these rules and regulations that have been on the books for decades are going by the wayside ? What's left of the factories that are part of the Great :Lakes watershed, are they going to disconnect all there pollution equipment and just start dumping all there waste into the air and water ? Every state and province has environmental laws that are over lapped by the feds. Government and Research Facilities that are all funded by us, the taxpayers and is redundant at best along with them doing anything to keep there free ride going. Maybe that money used to fund them could be better spent on rebuilding our infrastructure and the trickle down money from that will slow down the unemployment in the USA. Carnegie ? the guy that equipped a small army to shoot and kill striking workers who were paid poverty wages? Then he ended up with so much money that he built Carnegie Hall to see his name in lights The Lakes will lose nothing, Trump Train ,all aboard .
  12. It was sold a couple weeks ago.
  13. The line of sight for a person that is 5'7" and " standing" on the water would be 2.9 miles. Handhelds are great back up radios ,especially if for some reason you end up treading water.
  14. Yes there is a expiration date on your flares. I would also check your boat lights, running and anchor. If you have fuses some times the metal connections on them lose contact with the end plate clips so the lights don't work. Usually you can just take them out and turn them a bit and reinstall. Doesn't hurt to have a spare bulb and fuse on board. No tears or rips in your life preservers , charge up the batteries and you should be good to go. Of course all of this is after checking your fishing lines for nicks , wear and tear ,drags working ,spoons-tackle box all in order and stocked like your cooler along with your fishing license being current.
  15. So the hull comes in around 3500 Lbs ,not sure what you have for power but I would guess the whole package with trailer is 5000 '- 5500 lbs loaded . You have a good tow vehicle for that setup and oversize brakes on the truck as well. If you had a 19 ' or smaller aluminum boat you probably wouldn't even need trailer brakes,that's why I asked. Surge brakes if properly adjusted work great and there is a rubber snubbers available to take most of that jerrky stop and go reaction away if that's what bothers you. I take it you don't dock it and always trailer her.