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  1. Bozeman Bob

    In Need of Manual for Digi Troll II Downrigger

    Generally you can go to fish307.com or Cannons web site and get- download manuals/schematics from there.
  2. Bozeman Bob

    Shark weights

    Most Charter , tourney and serious fishermen will use any and everything that will give them a edge and that includes mental. IMHO the real Shark weights belong in that category. Do the facets on there flashers and weights really attract fish ? I do well with them , black version , i have both the 15 and 17 # for different conditions, so I feel confident with them. Is one brand spoon etc. really any better than another one of the same shape and color ? Probably not, but to most it's what they feel more successful with. You spent how much for your rig and equipment , what's a extra 30 - 40 $ for the real thing vs a semi copy of a shark ?
  3. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Furuno gp1871 F

    Will be purchasing the 1971 in the next few weeks. IMHO Furuno is top of the line as far as FF goes. Going to use the current Airmar ducer that is in hull on my boat. Don't think I need the updated ducer that you have a option to use. Have the 585 on other boat and am not in any hurry to upgrade that excellent working unit.The 1971 is a upgraded version with a bigger screen. Will keep the older Garmin GPS so I can leave the 1971 on full FF display ,unless returning to port when I can go full screen on the 1971 GPS. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
  4. Hope the engines were winterized properly. Bright side from looking at your numbers is he did make some payments and I would think if the AJ is in decent condition you should be able to move it quickly for more than the 2600 that was owed on it. Good luck all the way around !
  5. Every Thing Boston Whaler on FB has quite a few listings as well as www.continuouswave.com or WhalerCentral.com
  6. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Looking for a 25’-31’er

    Volvo trannys NOS have been available on eBay for a couple years. 1500.00 Neighbor in Wilson has a couple NOS for sale as well.They are reliable but not as smooth shifting as a BW velvet drive. Low idle rpm allows allows for a less clunky engagement Also smaller and easier to install or remove. I wouldn't pass on a boat because of a Volvo drive system, fairly bullet proof IMHO.
  7. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Looking for a 25’-31’er

    Volvo Penta is a chevy long block with a few changes, the exhaust manifolds , raw water pump and closed cooling system are Volvo specific. Parts are readily available and not priced any different than Mercruiser or Crusaders.
  8. Bozeman Bob

    Cannon Mag 10HS troubleshooting

    I thought they had a lifetime warranty ??
  9. Bozeman Bob

    Prop question.

    13" sounds like it is for a outboard. You should be in the 14-1/2"+ :range. If it is 13 that may be the reason your overreving and it comes off plane too soon.
  10. Bozeman Bob

    Prop question.

    3,000 rpms is normal cruising rpms for a gas powered inboard and is usually around 20-22knots. Judging from what your saying I would guess that you have a small diameter prop and that's where your prop slip is coming from. I would try borrowing a 17" Mercruiser prop and take it from there. I also would have my hand on the throttle to keep it from going past 4800 rpms.Looking at the picture of your boat and trying to push it with 230 hp your asking a lot out of that engine. So 17 may give it a better holeshot and get it closer to your redline.I have a few props kicking around if you cant find anyone local to borrow one from. After you get a base with a semi close prop you can go 4 - 5 blade or whatever , but I wouldn't just drop a few hundy on a new prop with out verifying what the actual problem is.
  11. Bozeman Bob

    Prop question.

    Moving the batteries on a boat that size will have minimal effect. Solid core and no foam flotation suggests the hull is not waterlogged.
  12. Bozeman Bob

    Prop question.

    How long have you owned this boat and when did it start having these performance issues ? A boat that is hitting 5500 immediately coming out of the hole should be on plane right away,unless it has huge amounts of prop slippage. How many rpms are you seeing at WOT when on a full plane ? If you go to a higher pitch,in theory it will take you longer to get on a plane , that's the head scratcher as the 16 should jump, unless the diameter is 12 - ×13" . At any rate you are over revving it to death. Try borrowing some props before buying and verify tach accuracy.
  13. Bozeman Bob

    Prop question.

    I believe the maximum RPM for that engine is 4400- 4800. If your hitting 5500 with a 16p there is something wrong . Before buying a prop I would verify the tach with a hand held one at the very least. The boat itself is underpowered so with a load it will be a slug coming out of the hole.But no way is it hitting 5500 and not popping up on plane. I wonder if you have spun your prop hub , that would allow the RPMs to hit 5500 or until you blow the engine and your planning speed would also be affected as the prop is always slipping. 4200 rpms should be close to WOT if propped correctly. I would borrow a prop before buying anything . Most boat's are set up to run 17-19" props. So it wouldn't surprise me if the PO didn't put that 16 on to compensate for it being light on the HP.
  14. Bozeman Bob

    Open garage door?

    Wouldn't be surprised if kids driving by with a remote trying all the garage doors in the area didn't set it off. Probably only a few frequencies for them. IF it was me I would unplug the auto and put a lock in the door track to prevent it from being opened. Then just use the man doors to get in and out of the garage. The burglers job is to know your and your neighbors work schedule and to see what might be sellable. A boat does not usually fit that description , a 4x4/ quad/dirt bike/sit down lawnmower does.