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  1. You did a great job there, lots of hours spent I'm sure. I have a 1964 MFG that needed the transom repaired but I went a diffrent route. Took all the wood out , scraped, cleaned, put new fittings thru but used a pourable transom compound. It was pretty easy,, all prep work really. I am very happy with the results. Is there a reason that you used wood or just the way you decided to do it?
  2. Spool all 10 colors that way you have em if needed. I back my 2 up with 30lb super line and if I remember correctly its way over 200 yards of backing.
  3. Wally and Cheryl are great people!! From another small boater, 15'-9". And we do ok playing the weather too.
  4. We did ok on one trip out of 4 in 3 days out of Wally's place about a month ago. Boat is a 1964 mfg,15'-9".
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