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  1. Ditto on the congrats!
  2. Congratulations to you guys! Nice fish to go along with what sounds like a great trip.
  3. Thanks for posting and glad to hear you had a good day out. Although we all long to have our favorite waters to ourselves, not seeing boats this time year is pretty eerie. We have a phenomenal fishery right on our doorstep and it makes you realize how fragile it really is! I can't imagine how much money is being lost by all of the small businesses who depend on a three month season to make or break their year.
  4. ESOX, Nice fish and photo. Having a difficult time putting a June pattern together so far myself. Getting a few, but fish are inconsistently scattered. I think the heavy current inconsistent weather don't help. Really need to keep changing things up. YUP, BRING ON THAT FULL MOON
  5. nActually a pretty reasonable repair. Just did mine for $115. Teleflex through Wholesale marine. 2 tips: after freeing the cable from all cable ties that secure it and other things to it, remove it from the helm. As you ease it forward you should be able to free it from the tilt tube of the motor. It helps to have a partner push it out with a dowel or other push rod.. Mine had enough clearance to ease it all the way out without removing motor mounting bolts. Before you pull it through the chase to get it around the rear corner of the boat, attach a decent rope or guide wire to assist in pulling the new one back toward the motor. Once you have the old one on the ground, the measurement is along the black sheathing, from the crimp on the rack end to the crimp on the steering arm end, PLUS 30". Then round up to the next foot. New one went back in in about 45 minutes. Feels like a new boat!
  6. I have an lcx 15 Mt Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Nice report....and a good glimpse into a type of fishing I might be a little too old (and lazy) to start up. Sure like the hum of that new 4 stroke
  8. Border Angler, Kevin and I have talked about this a lot. We think the fish are scattered on lots of locations, more than people think. The reason some guys get them is that they have learned a specific spot and what it takes to present a lure or bait there so it's working properly. It's no secret these fish love the bottom. Also no secret that the current in one spot is different than in another. So what gets you down and working in one situation has to vary from what worked in another. I leave my clicker on when friends come with me so they can hear what I'm doing This is where I pay more line out, this is where I pull up, etc. This is where I reel up and start over because the current has caused too much line to get out. This big river fishing is really just like small stream fishing where every pool and run requires a slightly different approach. Find a likely area, learn it, keep close track of the current and structure, fish it at different times of the day and night, log what works and doesn't, and your success rate will reflect. Finally, don't depend on your depthfinder to find fish. Use it to study the bottom. Find a shelf where the current will be broken and provide a resting area.....find a big flat adjacent to the current...find something that works and then go find 15 more just like it.
  9. Thanks..great to be back on the home turf. Fish were in dissimilar spots. One on a 35 ft drop and the other on a 55 ft flat. With the flows increased, the current is definitely "enhanced". Couldn't move the bigger fish against it, Had to slip with it to gain on the fish and was fortunate to have a steady net man. It would have been tough alone. And yes, Kevin caught the first fish from my boat of the season!
  10. Todd, I'm a bottom bouncer guy and here's my not very expensive setup: Okuma Classic levelwind on a medium action 6 1/2 - 7 Ugly stick. I like the smaller 200 reel size to save weight and really, how much line do you need to fish down in 25 -50 ft of water? Those reels have a nice size crank also. Main line is 20 lb braid to cut the water easily, with a 5 ft flouro leader to the bouncer. Lures are also pulled behind a rod length of flouro. I'm sold on Seaguar Blue Leader material in 20 lb. Could go lighter if fish are smaller and bottom isn't lined with zebras. I fish a minefield and need the strength and abrasion resistance. Braid can't handle it. This is a no stretch setup, so you've got to let your drags and rods do the work! I absolutely think the Seaguar is worth the cost. Years ago I started paying attention to terminal tackle and found that if you don't need a swivel, DON'T USE ONE. My stickbaits are always pulled behind a good quality duolock snap, lightest wire one you feel safe with. Swivel is on the bottom bouncer end anyway. For kicks, tie two Rapalas on test leads. Put one on a snap swivel and the other on a loop knot so it can work side to side. You'll see what I mean. The duolock is a good compromise. It's the little things.
  11. Back on the river tomorrow...let the games begin!
  12. Look guess is a goby pattern would be deadly. Every fish I clean has gobs of gobies. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Pm sent Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app