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  1. SLR Walleye 2017 I know there's a new SLR section, but we've posted here before and some guys might not follow that thread yet. This year's been interesting, to say the least. The higher water, and thus higher current, have changed things up for those of us who fish the constricted areas of the river. June and July caused us to move off of our traditional runs in search of slacker areas where we could still get down and present lures effectively. Fish weren't stacked up like year's past, and you really had to have a dozen areas to hit to find cooperative fish. We still caught fish, but did a lot of moving and adjusting to do it. New spots here means lots of hangups and lost tackle. I left more gear last month than all of last year. The past couple of weeks have been getting pretty consistent. Fish are showing up and there have been some really decent ones. Interestingly, a couple other guys along with myself have been landing some undersize fish. I got just one all of last year, and I have had four on over the last three outings. Can't be a bad thing. Today's fish included one short, one decent one lost at the boat, a couple low 20's and a 28. Pretty typical of the past 5 or 6 outings. Just wanted to let guys know we're still at it.
  2. We've had really good luck with 20 flourocarbon for leaders for river northern which are rarely over 36 inches. And yes, sweet walleye[emoji9] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I own this same boat, rigged with a new 90 merc last fall. If you are looking for an inexpensive, SAFE, towable, very fishable boat at a reasonable price, give this listing a close look. I've owned mine for 30 years, have never replaced a rivet, and only performed the same repairs he has listed as already done.
  4. Same problem. Going to try some 30 mono on a rigger rod.
  5. Fish are around, but compared to the last couple of years, they're pretty damn stubborn. Fished from 4:30 to 8:30 this morning and moved around a lot to find fish that would hit. Took over an hour and a half on 6 different spots to connect. Then it was all about swapping out lures to finally land on what they would hit today. Fleas suck. Surface weeds suck. Rain sucks. Current sucks. Had to hook 6 fish to land 3. If I had a chance to do it over and sleep in, would I? NO WAY
  6. Still battling them here too! So is 30 mono and a rod length of flouro what I should spool with?
  7. x3 .... very sporadic. On one day, cant buy a strike the next.
  8. Although the speed is reduced near shore, you can still get around and there are many launches open. There are lots of boats out and the amount of debris is reduced since spring. Not saying there isn't any, just be alert. Increased current is a particular problem if you're fishing deep. It's made a mess out of my program.
  9. Lots of guys would be envious of you for finding perch that were cooperative this time of year!
  10. Big upright freezer $75 I have an old Carrier upright freezer for sale. Has worked flawlessly for me. It's 6 ft tall by 30 inches wide and weighs about a ton and a half. Not frost free so it's much easier on your fish and game. (less prone to freezer burn) Door latches and locks w/ keys. Located in Rome Here's my craigslist ad with pics.
  11. Grasse point is a very underrated park. Those electric sites on the west side are probably the nicest in the state park system!
  12. Ditto on the congrats!
  13. Congratulations to you guys! Nice fish to go along with what sounds like a great trip.
  14. Thanks for posting and glad to hear you had a good day out. Although we all long to have our favorite waters to ourselves, not seeing boats this time year is pretty eerie. We have a phenomenal fishery right on our doorstep and it makes you realize how fragile it really is! I can't imagine how much money is being lost by all of the small businesses who depend on a three month season to make or break their year.
  15. ESOX, Nice fish and photo. Having a difficult time putting a June pattern together so far myself. Getting a few, but fish are inconsistently scattered. I think the heavy current inconsistent weather don't help. Really need to keep changing things up. YUP, BRING ON THAT FULL MOON