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    Outdoorsman since dad trusted me with his gear. Retired to the St Lawrence in 2012.

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  1. Pretty perfect conditions last week. Lots of guys doing good on lots of species. Every now and then things come together. Sounds like you had a ball. Congratulations.
  2. Dave, which one's which, top to bottom? Thanks, Prof T
  3. I generated maps using Sonar Chart, submitting meticulously created sonar logs and the result was a unique, detailed chart similar to, but nowhere as good as this. I found shoals not detailed on any chart before, and I know it produced fish for me, many for friends, and for those who stalked us. This looks like a game changer for sure! Especially if you're a hunter who's always on the prowl looking for new areas and untapped fish. I've been critical in the past of Navionics on the river because of missing detail, but that appears to have been improved. Need to look closer in my area before I pull the trigger. Also, they offer a rebate if you have an older version of Nav+ which will soften the blow a little.
  4. Slow start for me on the SLR as well. Three times out, yet to establish anything that works so far. Still early for my home water, that doesn't mean I don't want to be out when they first turn on. Fog chased me off last evening. Just enough to be dangerous with Memorial Day pleasure boaters still around. Don't like it when I can hear boats but not see them!
  5. Kevin's a wealth of knowledge. First line in the water, last line out type of guy. If you can run three rods, he runs three. That usually means 9 trolling out of his Alaskan to figure out what they want today! He doesn't catch fish or shoot turkey or deer by accident. He puts the time in and pays attention to details. Heck, he even adopts an occasional struggling fisherman...big mistake
  6. That's like asking if I know a spot to pick mushrooms . The how's a little easier. Most guys anchor up and fish bait. Bring a LOT. Slip bobber, a couple hooks, light sinker to keep it down. Some guys drift with small jigs. GOOD OLD FASHIONED FISHING. Look for warmer water as the fish are spawning now, and a little color helps. Bring a kid. Hit the right day and they'll be hooked because there can be a lot of action if you hit it right. Finally, DON"T CROWD OTHER BOATS or run real close to them. These schools are spookier than they are given credit for. If you are looking for boats to find fish, as you approach, find a spot comfortably to the outside. Generally you'll be on the bigger fish. Once you get them coming, keep bait in the water to keep them there by running multiple rods. Nothing's worse than doing it all right, having fish coming, and having someone motor over the school you've worked to get going. A little thought and courtesy go a long way.
  7. Yesterday Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Jason, Goose Bay early, followed by Eel Bay now. Welcome aboard!
  9. OK....Years ago New roller trailer...put buddy in boat because launch was shallow and no docks...going to back way in so he could back boat off. Well, launch dropped off quicker than I thought. In 6 inches of water in my rearview all I can see are huge eyeballs as he hollers. What did I do? PANICKED AND HIT THE BRAKES! You know the rest of the story.
  10. Also a bow mount electric steer/rear main engine pusher. Mine's a 12 v i pilot, think I bought it in 2006. I troll into river current so I need the gas power. Used to use a 9.9 kicker, but installed 3 years ago a 90 Merc with the Smartcraft gauge/Troll control. Totally pleased and if you're using main engine power for thrust, the 12v is perfectly fine for just steer. Usually run it at 3 1/2 to 4, group 31 battery (Yorkville Battery) and get over 6 hrs. non stop. Highly recommend Pro-Mariner charger. Keeps battery up while at the dock without overcharging. I toy with going to 24 v, but the cost of 2 batteries and the unit, to do what works for me with what I have, is a concern. A huge help is to use the troll (N) into a specific direction from the remote. Boat still can be "steered", but makes fine adjustments on its own. Once a fish is on (walleye), big motor goes to neutral, trolling motor holds position so you don't drift back over the fish. Current keeps lines tight Boat is a 19 Sea Nymph
  11. Also be aware of ALL of Canada's boating laws. They are not tolerant of open containers..even empties in the trash. Fines are high and usually applied to everyone in the boat. Pistol type flares also banned. Do your homework.
  12. Sale pending Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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