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  1. Getting spring fever, for sure. Thanks for the post, Justin
  2. Sea nymph help

    Also a Sea Nymph195 owner. When I did my floor I was able to salvage the original carpet and put it back down over new plywood. Although there is some expense involved, I coated the wood with West system epoxy, both faces, and two coats on all edges. Made for a very tough subfloor. As for the carpet, I totally wish I had gone for vinyl. My buddy's got a Lund with the vinyl, much easier to keep clean. I also keep my boat in the water. Rain always finds a way through the covers and the carpet is always wet. Wouldn't be a problem with the vinyl.
  3. Elegant Woody

  4. Sweet!!!! That's a monster for sure and a real trophy.
  5. On board chargers?

    I've got a Pro mariner dual bank that is supposed to drop down to "float" once the batteries are fully charged. If my boat's at the dock, it's plugged in and I've had no issues. Just finished third season on group 31 trolling motor battery and 24 cranking(dual purpose) and they still seem to perform as new. In winter I fully charge, disconnect everything and leave them in the boat. They never come close to fully discharging and jump right back up in the spring after a short charge.
  6. Sonarchart live screenshots

    Wallyandre, I spent a lot of hours charting and producing my own contour charts up here a couple summers ago. I was a pretty vocal critic of Navionics + because they just didn't have an accurate database and I knew some critical things were missing or not located properly. I am also a realist and know there isn't really any way anyone could list every detail on every body of water. My advice to everyone who wants to target the eyes here is to get charting software and spend the time producing your own 100% accurate charts like you did. I'm a detail freak, hunt around the bottom looking for current breaks and subtle pieces of fish holding structure. Lots of guys hit some great fish randomly, but being able to reproduce that success depends a lot on duplication. Same speed, same depth, same hump, same direction. Get it right there and then find three more spots just like it and you'll have some great nights! We're lucky in that the SLR is huge, good structure is everywhere, and you can find a place to fish without drawing a crowd. Prof
  7. Today's a good day to practice!!!
  8. The installation is pretty "plug and play". There was an "H" type connector mounted in the wiring about behind my throttle/shift lever. 1 spot to motor, one to the shifter, one to the gauge and the 4th to the paddle switch. The remote switch had an annoyingly short lead, which I spliced to make it long enough to reach where I wanted it.
  9. Superhawk, I put a 90 merc 4 stroke on my boat a year ago and added a Smartcraft gauge w/ troll control. I can adjust via the buttons on the gauge from 1000 RPM down to 550 RPM in 10 RPM increments. That's 200 RPM slower than the natural idle of the motor without the troll control feature engaged. For the same reasons I decided to go without a kicker after running with one for 28 yrs. I can easily get down to about 1.6 SOG on open water, and usually need about 650 RPM to get 1 MPH here in the SLR current. I also mounted their remote paddle switch at the rear of my boat so I can adjust speed while messing with riggers. Prof T
  10. Great way to end the early season

    Awesome opportunity to hunt with a couple perfectionists. Worked birds right in to the decoys and called shots when everybody would have a crack (except for Kevin's solo triple). Two great hunts under less than ideal conditions. All birds cleaned, time for a siesta for sure!
  11. More geese

    We're so good we get them standing on our heads
  12. More geese

    Here's the picture. Ended up with 22 short of a limit...thats 53 birds! Incredible day! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Esox hit it right on the head. Whether you're trolling or drifting, hug the bottom. Riggers can be deadly, but you've got to learn a spot. Best advice....better to do a small area perfectly than try to cover too much area 6 ft off of the bottom. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Got to love those new four strokes. I'm at 135 hours on my new 90 merc and love it. Can it live up to the 30 years I got out of my 9.9 evinrude? Pretty sure by then my gear will be put away🤢 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Chamount/Henderson walleye

    Game on for sure. Great catch! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app