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  1. If you get a Minn Kota set up, you will notice there are two AutoPilot Modes: Legacy and Advanced. I greatly prefer Legacy when using it in conjunction with a kicker. In Advanced, when you hit it, it sets up a course of virtual waypoints and tries to navigate from one to the next. If the wind or current knocks you off course, it can be an abrupt correction to get you back on that exact line. In Legacy, it sets up a compass direction to head in. If you get knocked off course, you will continue in that same direction even though you you may be 20 ft to the side. I fish a wide open river where wind and current are both issues. If I'm pushed off course, a simple press of the steer button heads me in the new direction. Tons of hours doing it and it's second nature.
  2. 24 volt terrova w/ i pilot is pretty standard. 36v means 3 batteries, take up lots of space.
  3. from command thrust 90hp 15 1/4 diameter - 15 pitch $50 Alexandria Bay / Wellesley Island area
  4. 2 - 13” trailer spare wheels and tires 5 bolt, one is a P175/70, other is a P155/80 (rims are identical) spare tire bracket $20 each or possible trade for decent anchor for 21’ boat
  5. Lots of folks can't wait to jump on the internet to get that "best price" , I've got to admit to doing in at times too. These small local shops really have a tough time competing and will surely be missed when they're run out of business. I'm sure having the parts available and a mechanic who will talk you through a problem is worth a couple bucks to help cover their overhead.
  6. Good outing! Nice to get the cobwebs worked out after a long spring.
  7. I was going to build a decoy trailer, but didn't. Easily pulled with wheeler or atv. Or set up as small boat/jet ski trailer. Frame, springs, hubs, winch are solid. As is, no registration, fenders or lights. Can easily be transported on another trailer or in bed of truck.
  8. UPS costs : they are big and heavy $86.46
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