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    Outdoorsman since dad trusted me with his gear. Retired to the St Lawrence in 2012.

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  1. Prof T

    Back at it 2019

    After 8 weeks since a cervical fusion surgery I finally got the OK to get back in a boat yesterday morning. Had her ready, launched in the afternoon and called Kevin. We fished the SLR 9 till 11 in really nice conditions, although you had to adjust for higher than normal current and be on the lookout for debris. Picked up 2 and lost a third half way to the boat. One of us got skunked but didn't really care because you realize just being part of it, after having it taken away, is more important than the tally in the livewell. That being said, I'm down 2 and plan to even the score ASAP! Tight lines
  2. Switched my bravo drive on a 26 wellcraft to magnesium anodes and couldn't believe how eaten up they got in one season. That's a GOOD thing. Bottom line, if your zincs still look like new, they're not doing much for you! They're called sacrificial for a reason. My source: https://www.boatzincs.com/
  3. A 27" is a lot of fish for Oneida...nice job!
  4. By the way, fishing alone at night the I Pilot remote is always clipped to the d ring of my inflatable vest so I know exactly where it is without fumbling around.
  5. I thought I "discovered" this trolling/steering technique, but it's used extensively on Erie. I've got an I Pilot trolling motor on the bow of a 19ft aluminum boat and a 4 stroke Merc 90 on the back. I run riggers, pull flatlines and drag some bottom bouncers, often alone. I deploy the I Pilot, aim it in the direction I want to go with its compass activated, and head for the console. I drop my 90 in gear, set the throttle where I want it (usually around 2.2 - 2.5 MPH speed over ground as I'm a walleye guy. Last I put a small bungee from the steering wheel to the windshield support to keep it straight. Now to the back of the boat, to set riggers or feed lines out. I( have a Troll Control on the 90 so I'm able to adjust rpm's in 10 rpm increments and I put a remote paddle switch for that in the back of the boat. I steer via the I Pilot remote and can record a track to retrace my steps if so needed, All my big motor does is provide thrust. Before the 4 stroke repower 2 years ago, I did the same thing using a 9.9 2 stroke. Works like a dream, and I'm always in the back of the boat with the rods.
  6. Typical bureaucratic bull. It's 1000 ft Lake Ontario, 300 ft on the river in Jefferson County, and 600 ft St Lawrence county. Must be that my shoreline is half a valuable as one in St. Lawrence county and less than a third those on the lake. Distance was locally determined by County Legislatures. Looks to me like they were relying on the GOOD SENSE of the boating public. Come watch the circus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How cool is that King !!!!! PM sent
  8. There's a waterproof case for under $40 that's supposed to be good down to 200ft. Also, a torpedo mount that can be made with PVC 2" and 3" fittings. I've looked at some saltwater footage on YouTube but it's shallow, just wondering if anyone's done it deeper and interested at what depths you run out of light.
  9. Is anybody putting their hero down to capture video at the ball? I'd so, what's your setup. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. With the holiday weekend approaching, boaters/fishermen need to be on their toes. Water is just about at 2017 levels (depending on wind), which puts shore debris into the water. Jefferson County has established a "No Wake" idle speed zone within 300 ft of shore, but it goes largely ignored. Lots of boaters have no clue how to minimize their wakes, or just refuse to care. It's not just about shoreline erosion, but also about structures such as boat houses and docks. As the cruisers come out, things will get worse before they get better. As a result, I watch lots of boat damaging debris, like timbers and logs that have been washed out of boathouses, or from damaged cribs and docks, flowing in the current downstream. Tough to see in the daylight, impossible at night. Believe it or not, some folks still operate up and over plane in the dark. That's a lot of confidence in your hull and lower unit.
  11. Go to a garage sale, or look on ebay, for a good old sunbeam or GE. You'll be surprised. Been my go to for 30 years as I watch my buddies burn up some high dollar alternatives. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I replaced a 90 Evinrude w/ 90 Merc 4 Stroke Command Thrust. Love the fuel economy. Command Thrust gives you a larger lower unit ( bigger rudder). Smartcraft Gauges give you instant read engine diagnostic (engine water temp, oil temp, trim angle, rpm, hrs etc.) PLUS Troll Control..allows you to adjust engine RPM in gear from 550 to 1000 in 10 RPM increments. End result is my 9.9 sat in the garage and trolled on the 90 all last season!
  13. Here's a link to an article describing this study. http://wellingtontimes.ca/fish-tracking/
  14. 12 lbs!!!! Not a lot of kids/guys ever make that milestone. Congrats Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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