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  1. for sale : usa

    You know that the weather has to be extreme to force Kevin to be cleaning out tackle boxes instead of finding some fishable patch of water somewhere! Fish....beware. He's only gathering his strength.
  2. Stillwater, Company who are used to letting lines drag well behind the boat, right on the bottom, get frustrated pretty fast. Cabela's and Fed EX profit immensely as a result! Bonus points don't last long.
  3. Boy, That woke me up this morning! Thanks Gil-T Two months to go!
  4. Wallyandre to the rescue. Great to have this resource available to us. Any news on the mapping front for Gen 2's?
  5. Nice post, and a nice pair of fish. I think their fate (the fillet board) is perfectly appropriate, tournament or not!
  6. Nasty, I used west systems. Bought the dispenser pumps that give the proper proportions. Don't be afraid that you'll have some left over. I got a gallon of resin, did 2/3 of a 19ft boat, and have used the remainder over the the last 5 years. It's nice to whip up a small batch for various repairs. Tip I got along the way, be sure to double coat the edges. Prof T
  7. x 2 on the resin coated plywood
  8. Mark, That's a work of art in my opinion! Great paint. It's got me thinking about transforming some non-producers in my tackle box. What did you use for paints?
  9. The clarification of this policy is long overdue for pleasure boaters and fishermen alike. The threat of confiscation and major fine is ridiculous under the current vague protocol, and it is compounded by the lack of clarity from the Canadian side. Try calling in if you are just boating through and you will probably get "you don't need to" on the phone, yet the literal interpretation says you are in violation. Meanwhile, Canadian boaters travel our waters freely as we used to there, Our section of shared water has for decades provided tourism and sportfishing for both sides, with equal access for both. Hope they pull this off.
  10. Nice pics and Great Job! I hope this inspires someone to do this job on their own rig. I did it 5 years ago, but also had to replace all of the plywood. As long as I was going to go that far, I coated top and bottom (2 coats on the edges) all wood with West System epoxy. Added about $75 to the cost, but great insurance against further rot. Old plywood was so rotten it peeled away from the back of the carpet which allowed me to reuse it. Looks good, not rot or smell, but I feel it was a BIG mistake. New nonslip vinyl is the way to go for a fishing boat and I should have done it when the floor was already prepped.
  11. Unsafe ice!!! Fellow anglers PLEASE be careful! Sad report from Sandy Pond today. 2 guys lost! Also a wheeler through on Saturday on Eel Bay, as well as another on Perch Lake. Gonna take some cold weather to firm things up again.
  12. Drinking Saturday morning coffee and watching the weather ....Jan 21 with temps 45 to 50 today. Then I read of guys getting out for browns? When life gives you lemons, that how you make lemonade! Keep up the good work and keep us posted! Did I mention I was jealous? Prof T
  13. Stick a wire through it ...... would make a great lamp for your man cave....still has that great burnt carbon smell
  14. Sold pending payment
  15. Eagle Mach 1 Own a piece of history....hate to throw it out...will trade for almost anything ...or $10 cold cash if I don't have to drive too far. Includes power cable, transducer and 5 rolls paper. Also have a Willie Swivel perch. Clamps to rowboat gunnel. Get ready for that Canada trip.