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Prof T

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    St Lawrence River
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    Outdoorsman since dad trusted me with his gear. Retired to the St Lawrence in 2012.

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  1. Prof T

    Eyes on the Super Moon

    Glad to see somebody was doin it. I looked out the window and said to the wife "if I was younger...…" Thanks for posting the pic, it helps keep the winter moving along.
  2. Prof T

    Walleye and riggers

    I put hundreds of hours running riggers for eyes on the St Lawrence. Learned to use them on Oneida in the 80's and 90's. Lessons learned: Oneida's bottom is a LOT more forgiving than the river. I try to skim no more than 2 feet off of the bottom so you've got to be very familiar with the area you're fishing, A good depthfinder/gps map is essential. My leads are 40 to 50 ft pulling shallow running stick baits. Keeps them ticking right off of the bottom. I used to run Black's releases and was pretty happy when tuned properly, but have gone to Chamberlain's for 3 years. They are 20 bucks vs 10 for the blacks, have 2 adjustments, and can be set for a light release with a good sharp rod snap for a reliable hook set. Allows you to crank the rods down, especially when there's surface weeds and not get a lot of false releases. The release upon a strike is an independent magnetic thumb screw. They can be set super light for soft hits and always go back to where you had them. I'm sold and won't go back. I especially like that guys fishing with you can be shown how to set a rod and it ends up OK.
  3. Prof T

    Harvest moon produces on the first fall casting trip

    Nice catch and thanks for posting
  4. Prof T

    Port Maitland yesterday..

    Nice outing!!
  5. I assume the fished killed were only those that didn't make it through the weigh in process?140 anglers with 5 fish bags for a couple days really adds up. Someone must know what the breakdown was between fish released back to the river and those that ended up in the coolers. I bet FLW won't give it up!!
  6. Prof T

    Finally back on the water

    A fitting end to a labor day weekend. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Prof T

    Finally back on the water

    Good chance those big line tuggers were drum. Landed one the other day that had to be 15 lbs. That fish did NOT want to be caught! Congrats on the eyes.
  8. Prof T

    Finally back on the water

    That's the cool thing about this fishery. There's so much good area to learn. I was exploring a new rock pile myself today, after old faithful paid off of course.
  9. Prof T

    Finally back on the water

    Sleep is over rated
  10. Prof T

    Finally back on the water

    Don't feel too sorry for him! Walleye revenge
  11. autofill got the best of you on this one a good "woman" of fishing
  12. Prof T

    Nice haul on a sunset troll

    I wait all year for this weather with this moon! Nice catch. Had a cousin up this weekend and had the same success. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. River fishing picking up for sure. Picked up a drum as well the other day along with a limit of eyes, and yes, they are drag pullers! Come on full moon[emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app