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  1. Much more comfortable than traditional type. It is now an automatic for me to wear it, even beyond May 1. Keep in mind that in NY they only count toward your 1 PFD per person IF THEY'RE ON. I still carry traditionals.
  2. You know Kevin doesn’t exaggerate when he says it was “a little” windy. I know for a fact that Kevin enjoyed this day more than anyone involved. Well deserved! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. If you are lucky enough to have a fish market in town, go there and get a bag of their Golden Dipt all purpose breading. $9.25 for 5 lbs. It’s not the same as you get in the store. My friends run Stan’s in Rome and have cooked thousands of pounds of fish and supply all area restaurants. It has a binder in it so it doesn’t fall off into the oil, burn, and wreck your next batches. I also use their prewash Batter Mix instead of milk and egg. Constant temp 360 degree oil, 1 min 15 sec deep dry perch, 2 min 45 sec walleye, both at room temperature, Perfect every time. Never any left. Cook like the pros! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Congratulations on your success. Your persistence is to be commended. If I could be so bold, I'd like to offer some unsolicited advice. First, if you don't already, start keeping a detailed journal. Pay attention to water levels, temp and clarity. Pay attention to what's not working as well as what is. I only started a few years ago, and regret how much I don't recall from great trips in years past. The second is a tip I got from one of the best fishermen I know who is a frequent poster on this site. He'll say that "patience is one of the most overrated qualities in a fisherman". If it's not working , change it up. Don't beat a dead horse. We've all got hundreds of lures we don't go to unless the old favorites aren't producing. Get them in the water. Be unconventional and don't be afraid to experiment. You're going to nail a fish or two that's learned to ignore what everyone else is doing.
  6. Minn Kota solid state unit distributes recharging power from main (starting) battery to 2 trolling motor batteries while running. Automatically senses state of primary battery, switching output once fully charged. New units are $149. I got this one in a package with some other items and just don't need it. I was assured it worked when removed by previous owner. This particular unit is designed for 3 battery, lead acid systems only.
  7. Lots of respect for Justin ( Justtracytrolling ) and his opinion! Overharvesting mature fish can be devastating, no matter what the species. I believe that the past 12 months of pandemic has put a lot of people back on the waters, both open and frozen. That's great for the sport and for the businesses that support it. With that should also come a deliberate effort to become selective about what we keep. Cheers Prof T
  8. I used to trailer my aluminum boat exclusively, and it's the TRAILER that determines how good or bad your experience is going to be as long as you're within the weight limits of your tow vehicle. As far a boat considerations, you should narrow down your search based on how you plan to rig it. If you're going to fish the big lake, and you want to extend your season, then you probably want to be able to have a canvas enclosure. That especially true if you've trailered a decent way and you plan to put in full days. My guess is that's why you see so few center consoles here vs Florida. I'm totally surprised that you don't see more west coast style aluminum boats, like Hewescraft or North River. Crestliner makes a Commander model similar. Fully welded, heavy gauge. If you look at them from the side, the helm is moved toward the bow compared to most of our walk through windshield boats, giving you a larger open area in the stern. The compromise is that it reduces the size of the bow fishing area. Add a model that puts the motor on an extended bracket behind the boat and a 19 footer fishes like a 24! Final consideration for me is freeboard. My gunnel height hits me in the thighs when I lean to the side of my boat, and I'd have to work pretty hard to fall overboard. Big disadvantage is that a taller boat, with the canvas up, has a lot more sail area that can make anchoring in the wind and boat control more difficult.
  9. Cheers, Justin Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. I've got a question for "extreme" users. My boat's usually in the water for about 8 months and I put about 200 hrs on it annually. Power is a 2017 90 Merc Fourstroke w/ Command Thrust lower unit. I'd say 80 % of the use is trolling at about 600 RPM until October, then operation becomes more normal running from spot to spot for a couple of months. I pulled boat this week and am going through the normal pre winter chores. Lower unit grease, Merc High Performance only, is as beat as any grease I've ever seen. Black and stinks! I realize now, after looking it up, that I about doubled the 100 hr recommended change interval. (or as buddy Kevin suggests, every 100 WALLEYES!) My question is to those guys who keep their boats in. Do you pull mid season to do the 100 hr gear lube change? To anyone who runs 200 -250 hrs before change, how does the lube hold up? Research says that black and smelly is "normal" indicator for worn out lube. There's an acceptable amount of fine particulate, no shavings or chunks. I've run boats for 40 years and unless there's a problem with water infiltration of a part giving up, it's always come out looking just like when it went in. I tend to create problems, but beaten up lubricant to me is a sign of problems to come. Next season I plan to start checking it at 50 to 75 walleyes, I mean hours,
  11. Didn't think this would take off like this, but it got me off to do some research and I found some pretty interesting, at least to this old shop teacher, stuff pertaining to threads, bolts and TORQUE. (I just wrote a long, long explanation of what's going on when you tighten a bolt and decided to delete it because who really cares except race car drivers and astronauts) I always try to follow manufacurer's recommendations. Somebody a lot smarter than me writes them, and for good reason. That's why the NO ADDITIONAL LUBE position. I say additional because the plating is there to provide a controlled amount of slippage so torque readings are consistent. Yesterday I changed my plugs and had just looked this up. Factory plugs in a 2017 Merc 90 Fourstroke. 556 hours. Thats a lot of heat/cool cycles. No evidence of lube on the old plugs, and they all came out just fine. New ones went in dry, torqued. Will let you know at 1000. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. NGK does NOT recommend anti seize. Plugs, as long as they are not the black steel type, are plated to prevent seizing. Spend your money on a torque wrench to prevent overtightening. It will save stripped out threads and seizing from its number one cause, overtightening.
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