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  1. I added one of these to my one man and replaced a conventional smitty. Used 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 steel box tube as it slips together easily. I'll keep it sprayed down with wd 40. Really happy with it.
  2. Don’t feel too bad for me…tonight’s supper last week’s northern in chowder and yesterday’s perch
  3. A couple of years ago I ran into a DEC crew at a state launch on the St Lawrence. They were cleaning and catagorizing fish that had been retrieved from early summer netting. They had bass, Northern’s, walleye, panfish, bullheads. The study being conducted was a toxicity study, and the techs were quite knowledgeable and willing to talk. There were really no surprises in previous samples. When I told him about my concerns as I consume more freshwater fish than most people, he looked at me, asked my age (65 at the time) and replied “you can eat anything you want”! Wise ass!
  4. Rollmops, l also send my condolences. It must have been grueling for you both. She’s in a better, pain free place now. from a fellow fishing fanatic, Prof T
  5. Had the same boat and same issue. Removed all of the deck hardware and installed 3/4 plywood on top, sealed and painted with top side paint, both sides, bolted and glued with 5200. No flex at all.
  6. I have a 2016 Crestliner with a 90 Merc Fourstroke. I’d like to add a temperature gauge. The motor has a sending unit mounted near the thermostat that I believe tells it when to go into “safe mode” if it overheats. Is that same sensor used for a traditional dash temp gauge? Is wiring already in place in the harness? I’ve looked around the internet and can’t find any information or schematics.
  7. Prof T

    for sale : usa Duck Boat w/ trailer

    South Bay 14ft - $1,600 https://watertown.craigslist.org/boa/d/thousand-island-park-south-bay-duck/7531281551.html
  8. Has anyone come up with a reasonable light for a downrigger depth counter? I was thinking of a single LED wired to the power lead, somehow mounted above the counter. Night trolling the more I can keep my headlamp off, the better my night vision.
  9. Ran across an interesting video on how to determine the age of a walleye / perch. http://www.northernontario.travel/fishing/how-to-determine-the-age-of-a-walleye-yellow-perch-sauger I did try it on a 27 incher from the St Lawrence. Fish was belly up and going to die anyway. Taking a picture allows you to blow it up for easier identification of the growth “rings. I think this fish was around 15.
  10. Grady, Nice catch. Yeah, hot, muggy, still mosquito filled nightfall makes you long for October! Good that the fish are cooperating. That breakoff is what keeps us interested. I had a guy out who'd never caught a river walleye last week who tied into a big something and lost it. He felt bad that he didn't at least get to see it. He wasn't really doing anything wrong, just in a LOT of current. Next day I was out and grabbed that same stickbait. The center treble was gone, fish had straightened the splt ring. Made him feel only slightly better. Walleye limit worth it.
  11. Chose to build my retirement home here. Friends moved south, we moved north full time. Visit Florida in March, always anxious to go, more anxious to get home once I'm there!
  12. Nice pictures and glad your camping/fishing trip was a success. Yes, the wind over the past few days has been unbelievable in the afternoons, but it has helped combat the high temps. Guessing you'll be back!
  13. I use the troll smarter for speed, Terrova to steer. Both remotes clipped to my inflatable vest, always have wrong one in my hand.
  14. Good going! nice limit Smart to not let a fish die and not get used. Some times it’s inevitable that a fish is just overworked and will be belly up in no time.
  15. I like that trollsmarter has a remote, lower price and GREAT customer support
  16. Kevin has shared a lifetime’s experience with me personally, as well as with those who read his posts, and I’ve been fortunate to have him as a partner on many excursions. He has a deep understanding of this ecosystem an is not only an outdoorsman, but an ethical conservationist to boot.
  17. Update. I bought the 18.5 ft Commander in March and was able to find a new owner for the Sea Nymph pretty quickly. We are both very happy with our decisions. The 90 on the Commander gets it on to plane just fine, but I've yet to put more than 2 in the boat. Old motor was a Command Thrust and that big prop bit a lot better. Top speed on the Commander is 32. Comfortable cruise at 26 (4200 RPM) Huge difference is fishable space for a few reasons. Beam is a foot wider, and console to rear splashwell a foot and a half more. I troll a ton, and old rod holders were Ram, which put a good portion of rod butts inside of the boat. New boat has Bert's tracks and holders. Entire rod outside of boat. I never considered what a difference that would make. Big windshield has pros and cons. When closed up and draft curtain in place, its a very warm ride. Side triangles help a lot. At night, I used to look over my windshield for better visibility. To do that now I have to stand. Put a Troll Smarter controller on the kicker. Gives you a remote throttle control which I like, as I steer with my Terrova and can stay right in the back of the boat to tend to rods, bottom bounce, etc.
  18. Same deal upriver with guys camped on beds. Hate to blame the boat type, it’s just obvious what they’re fishing for.
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