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  1. Thanks ,I spent some time watching videos yesterday! price per pound of salmon has surpassed the price of venison for me know.
  2. Thanks again guys ! I need to make some longer meat rigs for some kingfisher2 flashers I purchased used some time ago in hopes of getting back to the great lake.Factory meat rigs seem 4’ or so my plan was to make up some 6’ers.
  3. Thank you guys ! At 59 I can’t tell you how good it is to get back up to Ontario after so many years.Only got out one full day this year and only caught one fish but I am excited to be back . Planning on spring trip for a week in may .I was born in the wrong state ! But still have a little time to change that .😀
  4. I was going to make up some fly rigs and meat rigs this winter and I can’t seem to find any suppliers .Hoochies and squid at suppliers out west but can’t seem to locate any mylar type flies or teesers .Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Glenn
  5. Sorry i couldn’t resist!
  6. Thank you for helping me understand whats happened over the years I have been absent .I think the idea of boat being registered makes finding people to go with easier .Over the years many people want to go until its time to go, then you have to scramble to get alternate and have them get in derby.I am nearing retirement age and look forward to extended time to fish up there , thanks for all the input .
  7. So sorry about your fishing partner ,I thought life would get easier with age .I could’nt have been more wrong.Every day a gift make the best of it I guess.At least we witnessed the heyday ! Hopefully Ny Dec has more control than my state. In ct deep can make recommendations all day long but if political donors don’t approve it will never happen ,I realize things have always been like that to a degree but it sure seems like it has gotten much worse .I see more bears and bobcats than deer while on the roads for last couple years plus Deep biologists begging for season but it doesn’t happen .Way off topic and thank you for responding Chinook35 and glad your getting out and hope you find a diehard regular to join you on the lake. Glenn
  8. I am curious how much over the years derby entries have moved up or down .I am just getting back into fishing Ontario after long absence (1990). Back then grand prize was 19’ grady and f-150 brown trout was aluminum boat , boats were outfitted completely down to coolers.And cash bash entry would pay taxes if you were lucky enough to win .I know fishery always faces challenges but it has to be more than that .I remember east end Mexico launch would have have 75-100 boats launch in am , when in port Ontario boat parade in dark to get out early camera flashing glow lures up before getting to open lake,this year a handful of boats at 7am! .Same in spring when in Olcott met guys from all over the country .Even driving to and from lake to home there would be tons of boats on highway set up to fish Ontario this year I saw maybe 3 ! Is it prize money , economy or interest by anglers ,freakin covid ? Myself I spent a year getting a used new to me boat set up to finally get back in the game bc I have had some of the best times in my life fishing up there.It was sad to see so many empty motel parking lots and businesses for sale in Pulaski this year . I was hoping local residents could shed some light on this for me.I know it is complicated and many factors involved but I am blown away with the difference from when I used to vacation up there . Thankyou Glenn
  9. I have sea chaser 17 , I just got it last October and it needed trailer work , electrical ect . This was my first trip to O in it .Handles water better than my last 19 but it was a bowrider pleasure boat . I did install ff and fishhawk tight to outboard for future 9x12 electric trim tabs which are supposed to make huge difference according to Arima owners site . If you have not been on it there is tons of info and some very helpful people on it .Sorry I cant give you better answer but it works for me and Im just getting back fishing up here again . They have cult following out west and its actually my first real fishing boat and I plan for new stand up canvas and kicker .I need to be able to trailer 5-8 hrs . It will go to my son if I step up so doing good job on it .Good eye on picking it out ! Good luck Glenn
  10. Had engine problems as soon as I launched 8/23 and thought it was fixed several times but finally got it straightened out with an outstanding individual from Harbors End marine inHenderson harbor . Got out finally Thursday 8/26 and went 1/2 down 94/106’ had 55 degrees on blank screen on DW 42 nd ,ran ff fm jplugs flasher meat took hit off down rigger in same water but missed it .Wire divers did nothing . Lake turned 4-6’waves so had to leave ,my problem was ethenol fuel in Ct I can elaberate if anyone who can’t get ethenol free fuel having issues. It only take a week or two of not running boat to foul carbs.Lesson learned cost me two days of fishing but got my buddy his first king after putting up with boat issues on his first trip to ontario .
  11. Great news! Headed up Saturday .Was questioning my timing again but if We get 1 it will be better than our trip last year 🤣Thanks for report. I will post any good news I have , will be running out of port ontario
  12. Thank you for the info , I knew you would have the answers, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me .At 59 I am just getting back into it and my plan is to fish as much as possible in coming years .Getting out next week hoping to hear drag singing again ! Don’t get that in Ct
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