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  1. Glad you had quick repair , last fall went up for five days but got out one thanks to Harold at Harbors End Marina . X2 on internet vs local shops .
  2. Down by the bar we witnessed 5-7lb fish shooting 3 ‘ out of of water over and over it was crazy ,a guy at the dock said they do this to try to get lamprey off ? Seemed plausable we did get one fish with 12” lamprey.
  3. Thanks ! Lake access on the lake Ontario is so good , especially with fuel prices you can launch in Olcott ,Wilson or at Lewiston if thats were you hear fish are. My state has 500 acre lakes as big and crap launches without a single finger to tie up to .The numbers of fisherman was in Ollcott harbor looked way down and talked with a lot of people fishing not in the derby ,$40 to steep for the economy and inflation . Fishing was good so can’t wait to come up again . Good luck Glenn
  4. After 32 yrs finally got back to west end , first order of business was to get my new 14 lb weights from rich ( bikini bottom) and they were awesome . Sunday am ran down to bar and had the best action ever off 7 color on or 12 boards ,230’ copper and riggers lakers and kings up to 10 lbs or so Monday we did the same program all mag spoons am carbon 14 with blk ladder that yankee SF mentioned in podcast , silver streak frankinstein,purple carbon 14 . Had more doubles than I ever had. Later swithed to greens uv warrior salmon candy later in morning . Action was great . Next day finally got wire diver going and it was in fire with kings up to 20 and lost one very angry king that had to be mid 20s making ridiclous left to right runs on surface came unbuttoned but thats fishing wire on 2 setting with stinger mag green alewife out 156’ mvp. east wind caused lake to be rough in afternoons , Had main motor trouble again going in and missed south west wind flat lake next day but had great time . Full box every day and frst time keeping boat in wilson .
  5. Thank you , had hard time finding any temps . I just learned about coastwatch last year but it’s down right now . Appreciate it .Glenn
  6. The fact that your a meterologist and mariner how does 5/7-5/14 look for bad wheather patterns for Wilson /Olcott area .I realize it’s week out but I have been combing sites hoping for a fishable lake for 17’ boat .I am not on facebook and realize a lot can change with wind but just looking for experienced outlook if you heading out that week .Had to ask . Thank you in advance .
  7. Awesome report ! Thank you Heading to Wilson on Saturday , have not been up to fish spring derby in over 25 yrs ! Appreciate all the reports and podcasts you guys do to give info to rec anglers who only get up to the lake a couple times a year .Retirement is in sight and hope to leave boat dry docked somewhere on west end .
  8. Thank you for the report , what was the surface temp in the deeper water ? Thanks Glenn
  9. Check Facebook marketplace , there was a few units in New York
  10. I had clamp on mounts on my 1st pair of invaders which gripped the side of a small aluminum boat which was very cool for guy who rented boat on salmon river .I later made my own bases out of 2 pieces of 3/4” alum or steel that just form the letter L . One side gets through holes which mounts to gunnel invader had 2- 1/4-20 or 5/16-18 bolts in which you drill and tap 2 holes in the oher side of the L to bolt downrigger bracket and away you go . These were compact invaders , not sure if yours are similar or not but sometimes its easier than searching for hrd to find items. Glenn
  11. Cisco fishing systems ltd 216-881-4559
  12. I ordered 24” and 6” track last summer when I thought supplies very at their worst and they answered phone and were able fill my small order in a few weeks . They were a pleasure to deal with and I love the product , not a sharp corner on the track! Fits my cannon daul axis holders perfect .
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