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  1. 2 riggers - 1 in each corner as Shakemsam said
  2. There are 2 main general currents in the lake. (double gyre) The 1st starts at Niagara and follows the south shore all the way up to Henderson. Some of it flows out the St Lawrence while the rest curves back and heads south hitting the south shore somewhere between Oswego/Sodus. It then circles back up the coast. The 2nd starts at Niagara and flows along the north shore and goes up past Kingston where it meets the south shore current. It is then deflected back west farther from shore and hooks southward at the Scotch Bonnet ridge towards Sandy/Braddocks and meets up with the south shore current. A strong easterly blow will slow the shore currents slightly and may shift the areas of south shore contact somewhat, however the lake recovers a couple days after the east wind dies out. If I remember my hydrology correctly, pure wind action on water affects the water 5 to 6 times the wave height. Currents on the lake are a "bear" to figure out on any given day which is why a down speed probe is a necessity.
  3. Concentrate on the riggers first, then move on to the other "stuff." (Dipseys, cores, etc) - 1 lure in temp, 1 lure above and 1 below. - spooks (Black/silver with a splash of red) - Troll North & South watching temps. Fish stable water. Temp probe on the deeper rigger. - Occasionally take down speed up to 3 or a little higher then slow back down. Occasionally put it in neutral & let spoons flutter downward. - Run a MUP rig. Two identical lures on a rigger about 10-12 ft apart vertically. Run lower one about 15 ft behind the upper. Can also try flasher/fly high with spoon low (same colors) but don't put it in neutral. - If you spot a scum line, troll to outside of it. If you spot bait fish pod, troll to outside of it. (Go at least 30FOW deeper then back in) If you see birds, troll to the outside of them. - Keep your eyes on the water. If you see minnows or fish swirling, then get a plug on the surface. (maybe only 4-5 ft down) Good luck out there.
  4. ADK mtns used to be Northeast of Syracuse.
  5. Rochester is playing it up pretty good. Downtown city supposed to have 3 min 34 sec of totality. Buffalo to have 3 min & Syracuse to have under 2 min. East of Syracuse won't have totality. If heavy clouds, City will go pitch dark.
  6. Yahoo & The Weather Network posted an article about reporting any "weird" things that people observe during the eclipse and they're asking people to report events. The site is eclipsesoundscapes.org. ) NOT an April Fool's Day joke) Apparently started by the Boston Society of Natural History years ago and has some NASA sponsorship. So, if you notice bees returning to their hives; bats flying around; racoon coming out; crickets chirping; squirrels hiding; wind changes; etc. they encourage you to report it. Sounds like a pretty neat thing to keep an eye on.
  7. Also use cable. No reason to chamge.
  8. I'll be sitting on my back porch & should get a perfect view as neighbor cut down that tree. There's no way I'd go to a park or be on the water. People are generally nuts during the full moon so I can't imagine what they'll be like during a total eclipse! If cloudy, which Rochester generally is, it should go totally dark. Will be interesting to see if the street/expressway lights come on.
  9. If you've filled the boat and have drips coming out of the end of a runner, then it sounds like a hole under the runner. I'd pull the floorboards and check that area really well.
  10. When fishing solo, size of boat and how you control/steer your boat is a factor. Can you lock your wheel? Auto pilot? A single planner to one side will tend to turn your boat in that direction.
  11. Steering is the biggest problem when going solo. I assume you have a smaller boat with manual steering. Only using 1 planner and to a smaller extent, one dipsey will pull you boat to that side. Best to run a pair to balance things out. Going solo 99% of the time I used 2 riggers most of time.
  12. Years ago, I had a 21 ft PennYann that weighed roughly 4K Lbs on a tandem axle roller trailer. I was dumb enough to go fishing at the river in early November. (River ramp real steep with shallow water) I had a steel cable on the winch. Upon retrieval, I got it roughly 3/4 of the way on the trailer and the cable snapped. Pulled bow line right out of my hand. Boat went back out in the river about 25 ft from end of dock. Nobody else around so had to take the winter suit/boots off and go swimming. Colder than all get out! Got rid of that beast the following year. (for other reasons) My current smaller boat (18 ft;r) has a trailer that is half roller & half bunk. (Rollers on keel & at transom) It's never been a problem launching or retrieving.
  13. I just replaced a keel roller, but it had a metal tube insert. Used marine axle grease on installation. 1st one lasted over 37 yrs with not add' greasing.
  14. Thanx Rich. Must be fun keeping the clients straight, much less the lines. Good luck out there. High probability of good weather.
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