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  1. I have two of them. (for about 15 years now) Swivel mounts & extendable booms that I don't extend as I have no need to. I use a 14.5 Lb homemade torpedo & have my sub-T probe on it. Never had any problems....knock on wood. I've had it down over 100 ft. It does give you exercise getting it back up from that depth though. (any manual will) Tom B. (LongLine)
  2. Late start...launched about 7. No driftwood last week at the launch, when I took pooch for a walk but there where 2 large piles of small stuff there today. Ramp #1 blocked & between #2 & #3. Looked like guys kicked it all to the center. Large log at #4 was gone. Anyways....had to burn the crud out of the engine & break in the new kicker. Glassy calm water. Surface 54 in the river, 45-46 to the west. Lots of driftwood on the west side....probably due to the recent East winds. (Only saw 2 big logs out there) Ran to Round Pond a couple times then came back and slow trolled the beach & along the pier looking for a Brown (Less than 1 mph GPS). Came across this guy on a surface line straight back, about 100 ft WNW of the lighthouse. Little over 33", so guessing 14 Lbs. Revived him & let him go. N wind came up about 10:30 so called it a day. Luck to all. Tom B. (LongLine)
  3. Back to the topic: If you want the shot, get the shot. If you don't want the shot, don't get the shot. Stop the BS that the gov't is going to save you and the BS that the gov't is going to kill you. You have the right to decide what you want to do, so stop, make your decision and move on. We had a saying in the Marine Corps: "You can gripe, but quit your GD ****ing."
  4. I guess you missed the FEMA tent that he had set up in the old Kodak parking lot for free shots. (Driving park & St paul) What, What, What.....Free 1st shot.... free 2nd shot.....free booster? What, what, what....couple weeks salary continuation for employers who had people out of work due to virus? What, what, what....can't fire people who are out with covid? What, what what....grants & startup money for SMALL businesses? (More entrepeners now than ever) What, what , what... rent relief grants to states for people that were out of work due to covid? (& states not spending it) What, what, what.....eviction moratorium for covid issues. You get your free gov't masks or test kits yet? So glad you sent your gov't stimulus checks back. How about the regeneron that he sent to Florida, when DeSantis was begging for it? Guess you missed Texas (Abbott's) press release on the 31st begging Feds to send medicine, medical personnel & test kits to him? (Ivan said he'd help Red states & Blue were on their own... guess what - both Fla & TX are red) Guessing you only remember Ivan sending a ship to NY? (which BTW was only used for 9 non-covid related patients & Ivan held it up in Norfolk for over a month before it departed) Hey, how about the big hoop-la Ivan made about giving Kodak $500M for development of chemicals for a test (that we've been reminded of in this thread) that doesn't work, or the $30M he gave Harvard for who knows what? Guess you forgot those famous Ivan words: "It's no worse than the flu"..."this Kung-flu will be over by Easter" What more do you want your government to do for you? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (per B. Franklin) It's so much easier to make a mess than clean it up & Ivan was great at making that mess!
  5. You mean like MT Greene owning stock in the vax companies?
  6. hah, hah, hah.....Ivan poo-poo'd the whole thing. (as he told woodward) Remember: "Hong-Kong flu will disappear by May." Ivan tried to take credit for vax & got boo'd at his own rally. This is too plitical!
  7. So what medicine is 100% effective and has no side-effects or risks for all persons? When vax came out, it was clearly stated that they were only 80-90% effective for serious infection. They claimed nothing about transmission. Masks have been promoted from the first as the foremost means to reduce transmission, although not 100%. When I got my 1st shot (well over a year ago), they had me fill out a questionaire about previous medical history. They also gave me a 3 page pamplet explaining possible effects and warnings about the shot. I also had to sign a document that I understood all the previous documentation. There was a 4th document regarding health ins/payment. On the 2nd shot, paperwork was a little less, but still had a page of the possible effects & warnings & another that I understood them. Payment was just to show my health card. When I got my booster, I had to fill out a health questionaire, read possible effects & warnings & sign the doc' that I understood. Bottom line: to say possible effects, warnings weren't publisized is capital BS. BTW, I did ask the right question. I l iked the way around answering it though, as we both know a super great majority of those deaths were un-vaxed. If you are against mandates, then fine. You don't have to like them. It's your right. (That also applies to taxes, speed limits, fishing regulations, noise ordinances and so on) Employers don't owe you anything except a renumeration for your labor/work. You have the right to seek other employment. You have the right to home-school your kids, You have the right to go to another store or restaurant. You can vote for somebody else. Go for it! You have those rights. BUT as a free country (1st amendment wise) I and the great majority on this site have to right to see through BS! Thanx Gator. I'm really tired of all this rt wng extremist & projectionist "stuff." HB2 - Glad she's feeling better! Happy New Year all!
  8. It certainly does if 21,000 of those 21749 deaths were un-vaxed. The fact that your "source" didn't mention vax/un-vaxed ratio for that claim makes me wonder about its' credibility.
  9. Great post however I missed the part where you said how many of the 21749 deaths during 2021 Nov 1-18Th were vaxed people vs not vaxed. care to clarify that?
  10. And the most interesting thing is that none of the windfarm people will talk about restricted zones. They simply sidestep it by saying USCG will be responsible for restricted zones AFTER they are built. These whole projects would be more "palatable" if they came out and said they suspect X number of meters away is a safe distance. Also, if they said how the zones are going to be marked. (At least on the "shipwreck" project on the East end, they came out and said wrecks would be marked and no fishing around them.) Some honesty right upfront would be nice. You'll notice, at least in the Genny, where submerged cables exist, there are all kinds of signs saying "No Anchorage" as a warning. I'm sure there are some cables marked on navigation maps up towards the islands also. BTW, your map doesn't show the underwater cables nor "step-up" house.
  11. In order to make your own lures, you have to find the parts: Happy New Year! Tom B. (LongLine)
  12. There currently are no restricted zones for US offshore windfarms, HOWEVER they can be set up by many different agencies for a variety of reasons. This article is interesting: https://docs.rwu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1100&context=law_ma_seagrant In Belgium, fishermen have to stay 500 meters away from offshore wind farms. In UK, no restriction except during construction. (pgs 9-10) Article also suggests access will be restricted in US similar to oil platforms. i.e. no restriction in Louisana but stay 150 meters away in California. Another source said that Dominion's Coastal Virginia Offshore farm were required fishermen to stay 50 meters away from all construction sites, cranes, work boats & cables during its construction. Should be interesting as I can foresee ragboats zipping around them now for their Sunday morning regattas.
  13. I read this and panic-ed into running Malbytes & Norton!
  14. An MFG can set the price as the OP is finding out. The Sherman act doesn't apply in this case as he could still go buy another type of device with upgrade from a different MFG. It doesn't apply to the boat sale event either as the two dealers either received different pricing from the MFG (i.e: volume pricing) or are working on different OHs, margins, etc. Where the Sherman Act would apply is if these were the only boat dealers in the area and they got together and said that their boats must cost $X.
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