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  1. Keep boat in gear; get fish along side the boat; net the fish headfirst. Do not just hold the net stationary. It should be moving toward the fish and the center of it slightly below the fish. Some say that spooks the fish...to which I say...the fish won't swim backwards to avoid the net, rather he's going to give it a burst of speed and try to go deep...hence right into your net. Did you know that you can "tail" a king? Get him tired enough, right along side of the boat, reach over and grab him in front of his tail. Kings can't collapse their tails. Handy to know if you break, lose or forget you net. (been there...done that) Tom B. (LongLine)
  2. Splashdown - Finally! Well, it’s been quite a while. I’ve never had to wait this long in the year to go fishing before. …high water, lousy weekends, new roof, new stairs, painting, etc, etc, etc… I told myself “I’m going fishing, before the snow flies!” And glad I did! Hit the river solo about 5:30. Had to put the rear axle in the water to launch but water was 74F & docks about 4” out of water so I guess that wasn’t too bad. Only saw one log in the water. Checked out the engine then headed straight out, a little to the left. Heavy clouds and slight wind from the west allowed for cruising speed. Stopped at 125 FOW & said “what the heck.” A couple boats around but not many. So loaded the riggers there and started trolling out. Single rigger fired at 90 down over 135. About 15 minutes into that fight and the second rigger fires at 75 down. Saw that one jump then the stacker fires. A 1st for me, fishing solo with a triple. Netted the 1st one; 2nd one throws the hook back at me and I go after the 3rd. Anyways, ended up with a 24” stlhd and a 22 ½ Lb King. Took some work reviving them but they both swam away. King was FAT! Both fish clean & no lamprey marks. There was a pretty good N-S thermal off Russell. Definite change in water clarity. Not many fleas but a lot of seaweed down a ways. Worked out to 170 & back to 130 a couple times. Went 7 for 9. 2 stlhds, rest small kings in the 17-24” range. (all clean fish) Good day for fishing, Great day for catching! Purple spooks, short leads, trolling fast did the trick Pulled the lines a little after 9 & headed in. Wanted to beat the crowd. Some festival going on at the beach. Stopped at DEC Angler Survey boat on the way in. Maybe 10 trailers in the lot. Luck to all. Tom B. (LongLine)
  3. Forget the snubber. The 5 should have a clutch in the crank. Just tighten the handle until weight stays where you want it & no more. (run the 10...I run a 14 with no problem) Tom B. (LongLine)
  4. FWIW: NYS tried to put very stringent ballast rules on incoming freighters & it was the Feds that shot it down. The Phosphorous laws were also 1st proposed & adopted by NYS. The good thing from the Feds is the USGS and I hope their funding doesn't get cut. Tom B. (LongLine)
  5. The ones with the devil face on them are eppinger's. Look like flutter chucks to me. 1st picture: top ones with the red bead are evil eyes. 7th picture: the ones towards the top (green with blk/yellow stripe) look like either southport slammers or northport nailers. Very bottom one in same picture is a Doctor spoon. (Loved that one as you could reverse the ring & the hook & get a completely different action) Tom B. LongLine
  6. I've always called it the anode fin. Don't know if that's right or not. It has absolutely nothing to do with the "tilt" of your boat at high speed. As the other guys said it's to counteract steering pull. Does your boat tip the same without the kicker on it? If not then it's a weight distribution issue. If it does then I'm thinking the boat isn't wide enough for that size power-plant & the only solution would be to invest in trim tabs. Tom B. (LongLine)
  7. Salmon Fishing '17 Come on spring! Tom B. (LongLine)
  8. make sure the area under he tape is very clean. Alcohol generally works great. If the tape had been removed with WD-40, tape won't stick very long. Tom B. (LongLine)
  9. Trade deficit with Mexico for goods is at 60 B for 2016. For services, it’s a surplus. US imported 80 B worth of vehicles last yr from Mex, so it makes sense to impose additional taxes on Mexican made vehicles & bring that manufacturing back in country. Get Ford & Chevy to invest billions in new factories here. Should be great short term…get construction jobs, get assembly jobs, get investments, drive stock prices sky high. But what happens when Mexico retaliates with tariffs on our exports? What happens when Ford & Chevy want return on their investment? (I don’t know, just asking) BTW, did anyone catch what both Ryan & McConnel’s said about reducing sanctions on Russia?
  10. A 16 ft'r deep v would be a very good boat for early morning fishing on Big O out of I-Bay. Winds generally don't pick up till 9:30-10:00am. Keep an eye on the weather. That area is well protected from East, South & most West winds . North winds can get somewhat narly tho. Tom B. (LongLine)
  11. port side for the kicker. Think prop wash. Starboard for the sonar - to keep it away from turbulence. (sounds scientific anyways) Tom B. (LongLine)
  12. So I got out & raked up some of the front lawn yesterday...January 22 in Rochester???????.... probably going to get dumped on tomorrow. Tom B. (LongLine)
  13. Welcome to the site Will. We're looking forward to your reports. Tom B. (LongLine)
  14. Pap - I agree: a large concentration of ammonia is very bad for aquatic life. But I think the question is about the phosphors/ates. There certainly has to be a balance there. I'm sure we don't want a glacial lake as nothing will live in that. It may be interesting to research the Lake Guardian's water chemical research with the best fishing areas. (Someone told me that Erie has dead spots, yet many guys brag about the Walleye fishing there.) Will the fishing even be better in the Black River a few years after it's been "cleaned out?" I don't know but I certainly hope so. Tom B. (LongLine)