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  1. So those fish in the pic came into the cone and then dove way down...right?
  2. At 3 am Cape Vincent at 245.4. At 8:45 am 246.6. At 5:12am Ogdensburg at 243.4. At 10:18am at 244.2 winds greatly affect current flow. Gyre back to normal direction this time of year but current very strong. Near 20cm along S shore. I'm sure waves on top of that level & gyre doing damage. Probably a lot of spray ice
  3. At 7:48 water level at Cape Vin was 245.73. At Olcott was 246.24. That's a 6" difference with ENE wind at only15 knots.
  4. June 3, 2019, max was 249.1 Ft at Cape Vincent. July remained in high 248's, Aug stayed in low to mid 248's
  5. gyre going back to normal (counterclockwise) outflow: Ogdensburg
  6. Marks on fishfinders can be interesting to interpret. If I was seeing a lot of marks like the one on the left and the center, I'd check the angle that the transducer makes to the water level as my boat sits on the water. Thinking that it was tipped backwards too far. I'm having trouble visualizing in 3-D how a fish can be first seen in the cone shallow then go deeper. (unless he was dive-bombing towards the center of the cone) If tipped too far backwards then the first two fish could have been swimming horizontally but perpendicular away from your boat. (hence further out of the cone) If a perfectly vertical cone passes over a stationary fish, it will show up deeper then appear shallower then deeper again. Like an inverted arch. (checkmark). If he was coming up from the bottom then the mark would start deep then go shallower. i.e mark sloped the other way than on your screen. Someone help me on this? Also remember that length of the mark does not necessarily mean length of fish, rather it means he spent a longer time in the cone. i.e. the one on the right was probably a follower.
  7. Such a strong gere on east end probably helps to hold some water back from river. I've seen Vincent go up a good 12" & Rochester down the same, due to winds, in just a few hours.
  8. Rigg'rs & 320's … Don't leave home without them.
  9. Fish will come out of temp often. If you see followers, shorten a lead on at least one rod.
  10. I've run solo for a long long time. (with 8 1/2's) With any rod, after you've lost your 1st two decent fish, you'll have learned what you need to do to get them in the boat.
  11. I replace every year. I also cut a bunch off after a decent fish.
  12. Welcome to the nut-house. I'm in room 220.
  13. Olcott about 1/2 hr ago:
  14. Oswego about 1/2 hr ago:
  15. Cape Vincent about 1/2 hr ago:
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