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  1. Finally launched at the normal time. Southerly breeze. River surface temp 65F. Watch the rut on that 2nd ramp. Also keep an eye out for those hull busting logs just off the mouth. Couple of big ones out there! Headed out and put in at 90 again. Turned around for this sight: Worked out to 145. Bait on the bottom at 110, suspended around 130. Headed west as the pack was forming straight out. 3 knock offs but landed 1/2 of a double. King about 28". down 50 off a purple spook. Not sure how fast as I have to re-string the probe, but moving right along. oh well... off at 10. Only 6 trailers at the ramp. Luck to all, Tom B. (LongLine)
  2. LongLine

    Solo triple !

  3. Trip #2: Launched about 6. 3 others already out there. 66F Surface in the river: Obviously overcast. Slight SW wind. Headed out and slightly to the left. A few boats in the 50-60 ft range. Stayed away from them & put the gear in around 90FOW. Headed outward. Water a lot more stable than last weekend. 44F 35 ft down. 2 kings: 8 & 12 Lbs at 130-140 FOW. Both off riggers. Medium leads, moving right along. 2 for 4 - not too bad for flying solo. Lots of junk in the water - weeds, sticks, small pieces of trash. Had to clear the probe about 8 times. "Medium" clear water. Wind shift to NW & clear sky around 8:30. Off at 10, hoping to miss the "nuts". Counted 26 boats on the way in, but looked pretty scattered. 1 king on the 1st trip, 2 kings on the 2nd trip...my arms are going to fall off on the 7th or 8th trip. Very feisty beasties! Luck to all, Tom B. (LongLine)
  4. Finally made it out there! A late start, but what the heck...better late than never! Truck worked, trailer lights worked, boat worked, only one boat at the ramp... heh, heh, heh, what else can you ask for! River 64F. Surface dropped to 45 real quick. Calm bright day. Slow 1/2-1 ft rollers from the west. Straight off the mouth put in at 60, went to 120, back in to 30 then back out to 110 on the east side. Water 20 ft down very unstable from 45-85FOW. Ran into this fine fellow at 20 down over 100: 1st King of the year...YAY! A tad over 15, Real solid hook up on a Bloody Blk & Silvr, 28 size. Short lead, Lots of energy in this beastie! Kind of thin & just starting to feed. One lamprey scar. Off at 10. Looks like it's going to be a pretty good season! Luck to all, Tom B.
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    Boat name?

  6. LongLine

    Sea sick

    Hug a tree?
  7. LongLine

    Question about state limits?

    Pretty sure NYS law is a "possession" law not a catch law Tom B. (LongLine).
  8. LongLine

    More professionals...

    Tom B. (LongLine)
  9. LongLine

    Sold / Closed 1980 Blue Fin

    Looks like a 21 ft'r to me. I have an 18 ft Royal line from '84. (same exact windshield) Came with a 75 E-rude with Max rating of 115. You won't find a sturdier aluminum hull than the Blue fins. Tom B. (LongLine)
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    Word Search - Tom B. (LongLine) (I apologize to the many guys I couldn't get in...puzzle just got way to big!)
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    Fishing Tunes...

    You got it. Tom B. (LongLine)
  12. LongLine

    Fishing Tunes...

    Tom B. (LongLine)
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    Something to do before football....Happy Turkey! Tom B. (LongLine)