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  1. 2020 coming and I am hoping to get some renewed activity selling my camp. Ron Papke of Garlock Reality is available to answer questions 315-608-1233. Happy Holidays to everyone.
  2. Camp has been closed and winterized for the 2019 season but realtor will still show it. Contact Ron Papke 315-608-1233
  3. FYI - Motivated Seller (Me!) Contact agent Ron Papke (315-324-5044) at Garlock Realty (315-482-6000) MLS #S1175741
  4. Water level going down. Still crazy high but we don't get our feet wet getting to the boat. Hope it drops 3 feet more before winter. FYI...Check out the Berkley Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament. 5 bass weight 25-pound, 9-ounce https://expo.newyorkupstate.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/08/805efaa682404/ga-angler-wins-100000-with-unexpected-rally-at-st-lawrence-river-bass-tourney.html
  5. Still available $50. There are about 30 lures at maybe $5 per lure...you do the math.
  6. *New Price* because I want to sell this year. Zillow "zestimate" is $192,515. I told realtor to make it $192,500 to see if we can motivate a buyer.
  7. ....and the water keeps rising June 14, 2019 with southwest wind water level reached 8 inches over the stationary portion of my dock.
  8. Saturday May 25, the water went over stationary section of my dock. We still have several weeks to go before we reach peak level. I'm in good shape because my dock is anchored into the rock shore line. Several of my neighbors docks are on legs so a good wind will send them adrift
  9. What sizes do you make of Flats, Torpedos, & Pyramids? Can you post pictures?
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