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  1. On your riggers, what type of fishing line, pound test and type of release do you use for salmon on Lake Ontario? (I've use Pline, 15Lb with Black's releases)
  2. Anyone know anything about Polar Kraft boats?
  3. Try an industrial supply house such as grainger.com or mcmaster.com
  4. I've been googling. Here's what I found: Could be VCI paper. Chemically treated paer that helps prevent corrosion due to moisture. Used to protect all metals & metal parts, especially in shipping & storage. Found this at www.zerust.com.
  5. I would have guessed a thin gasket material or rubber, but not sure why they put it in there. Spacer to assure a tight fit? Reduce vibration? I'd ask on I-boats forum. (iboats.com) They have a lot of guys that do restorations.
  6. Never heard of any "paper" used in a tank. Suspect more than likely a chemical residue/sludge that's hardened up over time. Ethanol gas will definitely do exactly that to old rubber hoses. I had a gas line leak under my floor boards years ago when that happened to fuel line. I replaced everything with ethanol resistant rubber & rerouted line above floor boards. Also, if you have an older engine, check all of its fuel lines and o-rings. (especially any "automatic choke solenoids.")
  7. Make sure the wire is not traveling up to the edge of the pulley and riding between the edge of the pulley and its housing. When you let wire out on a rigger with coated cable, the rigger should be pointed towards the rear of the boat....NOT at an angle to the boat. This will keep the wire centered in the bottom of the pulley. Invest in a good swivel base if you want to run probe rigger at an angle to the boat.
  8. I'd replace the end pulley and it;s axle. It may not be free spinning or have a groove in it. (Pulley may be hanging up at some part of rotation when under load.)
  9. Tritium 1/2 life about 12.5 years. Low Beta emitter. (combines with oxygen to form water, Beta travels about a foot in air) Here's what EPA says about the tritium. Radionuclide Basics: Tritium | US EPA
  10. Weren't there were 2 commercial netters up that way that targeted perch? I'm wondering if perch are going to go nuts on Ibay.......very little ice.
  11. Recent NYSERDA feasibility study said not worth it. https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/great-lakes-wind-feasibility-study "Based on the totality of this analysis, this concludes that Great Lakes Wind currently does not offer a unique, critical, or cost-effective contribution toward the achievement of New York State’s Climate Act goals beyond what existing, more cost-competitive programs are currently expected to deliver." "This conclusion is based on a fulsome analysis of the resource development costs, ratepayer impacts, expected State benefits, transmission and interconnection limitations, infrastructure and supply chain constraints, visual impacts, and potential environmental impacts of Great Lakes Wind, as discussed below and throughout the Feasibility Study."
  12. The general rules for marine sanctuaries forbid disturbing the sea bottom so I take that to mean windmills are out. Thunder Bay is a marine sanctuary & FAQ says sport fishing in the water column is ok. It further talks about "charter boats" as those boats that take divers out to explore the wrecks not the charter boats trying to catch fish on rod & reel. https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/protect/regulations/ "While each sanctuary has its own unique set of regulations, there are some regulatory prohibitions that are typical for many sanctuaries: Discharging material or other matter into the sanctuary; Disturbance of, construction on or alteration of the seabed; Disturbance of cultural resources; and Exploring for, developing or producing oil, gas or minerals (with a grandfather clause for preexisting operations). In addition, some sanctuaries prohibit other activities, such as the disturbance of marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, operation of aircraft in certain zones, use of personal watercraft, mineral mining and anchoring of vessels. " https://www.michigan.gov/egle/about/organization/Water-Resources/shipwrecks/frequently-asked-questions "3. How does the presence of a preserve affect the use of the water column above the bottomlands? Preserve status does not curtail other lake use activities, including sport fishing, boating, swimming, and commercial shipping. In many preserves, wrecks are buoyed during the diving season and care must be taken to avoid colliding with them. Of course, the presence of fish nets in a preserve can present a definite hazard to fragile shipwrecks and to divers and the placement of nets near known wreck sites is discouraged." https://www.michigan.gov/egle/about/organization/Water-Resources/shipwrecks/frequently-asked-questions "10. What responsibilities do divers and charter boat operators have? The members of these two groups have the greatest effect on shipwrecks. Divers on the wrecks must resist the temptation to pick up artifacts and move them around the site. Handling artifacts may not only lead to breakage, but simply moving the artifacts from where they were originally used or came to rest compromises the ability of an archaeologist or historian to accurately interpret the wreck and the wreck incident. In addition to offering a safe diving experience, charter boat operators must insure that divers from their boats do not remove artifacts from the wrecks illegally. Charter boat operators must moor or anchor their boats in a way that does not damage the wreck or disturb the debris field. They must also share the wreck with other dive groups. Inappropriate or careless mooring can easily damage and will ultimately destroy a fragile wreck."
  13. The two "commercial" fishers are the guys that trawl or gillnet perch etc. Further down it talks about there being 60 party and/or charter boats that fish the area.
  14. Just seeing this sad news. Sorry for your loss.
  15. Brian - article says smelt short lived. How's their life span compared to the alewife?
  16. Brian - were the pipelines dug out & buried in the lake bottom or drilling just for the foundations for the cribs? Navigation maps show pipelines. They also show depth over cribs which is considerably different than surrounding depth, which implies intake is not on bottom of lake. Offshore windfarms that I've looked up did not bury transmission lines.
  17. Happy New Year!
  18. Here's one to figure out during the "storm". ho, ho, ho...
  19. heh, heh, heh. It'd serve them right if I'd sent the DNC money for each.
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