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  1. There is NO LIMIT on RODS. The limit is on LINES. The reason it is on lines is simply because you do not need a rod to catch a fish in New York State. Growing up on Port Bay, our neighbor's grandfather (from the "old county") used to sit on his dock with a hand line. I can remember him hand-lining a Northern Pike in! (was amazing) There's also a thing called the Seth Green rig, where a real Seth Green uses a winch to reel in a weighted cable with multiple hooks attached to it. (A slider attaches to your fishing line, not the downrigger cable.) The hook and point rules (quantity and size) are there for multiple Alabama rigs (umbrella) and gang hook snagging or foul hooking (incidental or not) Also, if you read the DEC definitions of "angling", it requires the use of a net to complete the landing of the fish. Tip-ups are explicitly classified as not angling in the definitions which is why they have different regs. What we call the "3 rod rule" was initiated and lobbied for by Big-O recreational fishermen to help them catch Salmon and was supported by many charters. (I know because I initiated the petitions) The logic behind it was simply that Great Lakes fish could be above, in, or below the thermocline at any given time which was difficult to cover at the time with only 2 rods while trolling unless you had multiple persons on board. It was felt that the 3rd rod could help more fishermen be successful hence more guys would return to the fishery and word would spread throughout the countryside. which could entice others. The bottom line being potential for more license sales and help promote Big-0 fishing which would benefit local communities. i.e. bait shops, motels, launches, camp sites, gas stations, restaurants and even charters, etc. Tom B. (LongLine)
  2. Hoping for a mild spring, but according to the glerl.noaa site, bottom temps & transects are not uniform. There's a lot of awful cold water out there beyond that warm patch along the south shore.
  3. Here's an easy one. Happy New Year!
  4. The fish have seemed to forget how to eat my lures!
  5. Only liars have never experienced this. GO BILLs !!
  6. Once had a couple big orange butterflies land on a rigger rod out in 150 FOW. They stayed for about 10 minutes and then took off. About 20-30 ft away from boat a bird swooped down and grabbed one of them. The other flew back to boat and stayed on dash next to side window for about 2 hours. Guess he felt safe there. Years ago, was E-W trolling in about 30-35FOW in front of river. Heavy fog set in and could just make out pierheads. Was startled by the foghorn. Then heard a loud engine rumbling and remembered there was no foghorn. Freeking concrete boat headed right for me. Gunned the motor, rigger wire snapped but I got out of its way quick. It past about 200 ft behind me and looked like a ghost ship. Scared the "S" out of me so I don't go out if fog is in the forecast. Also, years ago, while fishing off my dad's dock at Port Bay, saw a pike come up to surface - tail first. His head was probably halfway down another pike's mouth. Funny because neither one of them was all that big.
  7. Well, here's the answers so far: Safeguarding the Lake: Research Laboratory Monitoring Depths Surveys Plankton Lake Guardian Fishing related Across Down 1. Hook 2. Treble 2. Troll 4. Limit 3. License 5. Holder 7. Dock 6. Sinker 10. Release 8. Box 12. Ring 9. Stringer 15. Flasher 11. Cast 16. Rod 12. Rigger 17. Dodger 13. Swivel 18. Dipsey 14. Line 19. Sonar 21. Paddle 20. Shore Know where the fish come from? Vanhornsville Randolf Catskill Rome Oneida Salmon River More puzzles to come
  8. well.....I said it was an easy one. Did you get the crossword?
  9. Here's an easy one. Know our hatcheries?
  10. Something to do while waiting for football & turkey. (all Big-O fishing related) Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  11. He may also have turned around and saw an ECO and realized he didn't have a license. Dirty shame cuz those are some nice perch.
  12. I would assume processed means filets. But to be sure, you should email the NYSDEC for clarification. They may want the skin left on for identification. Also, I would contact Canadian Customs to see what they allow back over the border. They may have special regulations for bringing "food' into Canada.
  13. from the NYS regs" Fish caught in New York State Salable fish may be transported in any number. No more than two days' legal take of non-salable fish may be transported unless a permit is obtained from a DEC Regional Office, or the fish are frozen, processed, and packaged for storage. Not sure what the Canadian import regs say.
  14. How well do you know outboards? Can you find all the parts? Enjoy.
  15. Congrats on the boat. Thanx for the input.
  16. Thinking back on this summer season, I'm thinking fleas weren't as bad as they were years ago. (I only use 15 Lb copoly line). There still there but I don't remember having lines fouled anything like they used to, especially in the 100-200 FOW range. How was your experience this year?
  17. Corps shows a 0.6 meter drop at Rochester from 1 Oct to 29 Oct. Drop at Coburg 0.5 meter for same time period. Outflow of St Lawrence is 266,600 cfs which is lowest since May. Has there been a strong East or North wind? How has the precipitation been in the Ottawa River Basin this year? That's the main driver of Big-O water level. All that precipitation farther than 10 miles south of Big-O southern shore drains south towards the Chesapeake.
  18. Never read a copy of Field & stream huh? No question it's awesome. Too bad that some people don't want to maintain the awesome-ness we have.
  19. It's not a matter of whether they've seen it. They obviously know about it as the graphs I've posted are from the annual reports. The question is whether they know that stakeholders have concerns about it. As well as If and what can be done about it? Is anything being done? People called about the alewife issue back in the 60's and salmon were introduced. After a few years the salmon demonstrated a very good economic return, and it became a world class fishery that attracted fishermen from all over the country. (The 1st ESLO derby only had a few salmon turned in and a 6 Lb'r won the Rev Modish a 14 ft boat. Thereafter the fishery grew.) M.N. introduced the diseases but aqua culturists developed the treatments.as a preventive maintenance to protect the fishery. M.N. brought in the Lampreys, biochemists developed the lampricides, also as preventive maintenance. Man polluted the lake and agencies are trying to clean it up as preventive maintenance. If M.N. had her way, it'd be a glaciated lake like it was created by M.N. at the end of the last ice age. i.e. pure water...no living organism in it. I look at it as a preventive maintenance item. I'm a C&R Rec fisherman and I'd prefer they discuss and look into the issue at their monthly meeting rather than have them say: "well, nobody's expressed any concerns, so the stakeholders must be fat dumb & happy with the direction things are going in."
  20. Numbers may be a little off in our minds but that's what the state currently recognizes. While they might raise some categories, I doubt they'll lower any as Big-O is promoted as a "World Class Fishery."
  21. Ring, ring, ring Hello, this is DEC, your call may be recorded for quaility assurance, please wait for next available officer. DEC officer 1: Hello this is DEC officer 1, how can I help you? Caller: I'm very concerned about decreasing size of fish in Lake Ontario. DEC #1: Well, sir, as you know the Lake Ontario Fishery is important to NYS, and DEC continues to support that World Class Fishery. Have a nice day. Click. DEC #1 turning to to DEC supervisor: Hey you know, that was the 157th call we got concerning the fish in Lake Ontario. At headquarters monthly DEC meeting: Quality assurance operator to DEC boss: We've got a lot of calls about fish in Lake Ontario. DEC boss to DEC suppervisor: What's going on out there? Supervisor to boss: Well, there's some concern about the size of the fish out there. Boss to supervisor: That fishery is economically important to the State. We've changed creel limits; we've cut stocking; we're treating them for disease; we've greatly reduced phosphates and chemical pollution; we're stocking ciscos; we've improved hatchery conditions. We should look into it. Get our partners involved. (USGS, USFWS, OMNR, etc) Explain what's going on to our stakehoders and at least explain current and future programs that may affect the concerns. (All starts with some stakeholder input.)
  22. In order to qualify for the NYSDEC Angler achievement award, Kings have to be 33 Lbs. Cohos - 16 Lbs https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/103336.html
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