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  1. heh, heh, heh. It'd serve them right if I'd sent the DNC money for each.
  2. You may want to ask on Iboats.com.
  3. Back in the 80"s my brother snagged one in the tail off the river while combat fishing. Took quite a while to get it in. He threw that silver bullet into the bilge & vowed to never use it again.
  4. Thank Heaven for email spam filters! I've received 157 (one hundred 57) emails from conservativeintel asking for contributions - over 100 since election day & 3 today. (just the name made me suspicious) Disguised senders have included: Donny, Eric, Lindsey, Candy, Lauren, Hershel, eyc. Just hover over the sender to reveal the true sender. Some subject lines say " To unsubscribe..." Yahoo says "DON'T CLICK on unsubscribe!" rather just send to spam folder & empty the folder. Also getting a lot of calls from all over the country about Camp Legunne.
  5. Not meaning to bad mouth them, but bought a new 9.9 from them this year. Wouldn't accept mastercard for it as said: "we have to pay them a fee & would lose too much money on it." Yet accepted a personal check without even checking with bank or asking for ID. Maybe off topic but I really wish Evinrude was back in outboard business!
  6. Found this on the Coastwatch site for surface temps. Nov. shows same drop that your graph does. (Cool!) Also that Jan thru May 2022 were warmer than many years prior.
  7. Upstate Freshwater Institute recorded hydrodynamic data at Oak Orchard, Sodus & Oswego from May thru Oct 2022 by utilizing buoys owned by SUNY ESF with grants from DEC & GLRC. Although they have a lot of data on Onondaga, they have interesting data on Lake Ontario. Oak & Oswego buoys were in 66-71 FOW and measured from top to bottom. Their website: https://upstatefreshwater.org/NRT-Data/Lake-Ontario-Data/lake-ontario-data.html The temp regimes/history they show are: On some days, temps at depth are very similar in both places, yet on other days there is a big difference in temps at depth, hence "hot spots" and "cold spots." Point being that without a series of temp probes around the lake it's near impossible to scientifically say the lake, in general is warmer or colder. Anecdotally, I had to go to a greater FOW to catch salmon this year than in past years. (But that was just west of the Genny and where fewer alewife showed up in the preyfish surveys.) Brian - I'd really like to see that data. It's a lot closer to where I usually fish.
  8. I just re-read your post & have to ask: Are you running all your electronics while you're trolling with trolling motor? If you're trolling for a few hours without running the big engine, you're running the main engine battery down.
  9. One thing to be aware of: some modern electronics such as fish finders, radios, temp sensor, GPS, etc have memories that if they are wired directly to your battery, those items are still drawing some current when you turn the engine off. Even when they are turned off. They will drain your battery when boat is not in use, hence must have isolation switches.
  10. Fiqure this one out.....
  11. No hard feelings there bud. Seriously, hope you get the boat out ok. Rochester local weather said Oswego only had 4 inches of snow at 6:30. (so far) Hopefully it'll move more north of you. Poor Orchard Park has had 62 inches. Rochester lucked out & has only had a trace or so. Win 11 can be a bear! I've had it about 8 months now. Wait till you start getting the unanounced "cummulative updates." (Then edge updates....ugh!!!!)
  12. Something to do over the holiday. Enjoy. Happy Turkey to all! (I have to go pack for a flight 1st thing tomorrow)
  13. Here's my post: "Executive orders, while not laws, can have the same effect as laws. E.O.s are directives from Executive to depts within the Executive branch." To which you replied: "I will address his post when I have time but it will be without political implications because the owner and moderators of this site aren't into the political stuff. I will approach his BS strictly from a legal standpoint, I believe they will allow a discussion regarding the legal aspect of executive orders." and then you wrote: "An executive order is a signed, written, and published directive from the President of the United States that manages operations of the federal government." (One can see that I did not go back & edit any postings.) The federal gov't consists of the Executive, Judicial & Congressional branches. (per the Constitution) E.O.s apply ONLY to the executive branch. Exec CANNOT tell Congress or the Judiciary what to do or make rules for them. DHS, IRS, TSA, CDC, FBI all come under the Exec branch. Congress established & funds them but doesn't direct their day-to-day operations, which can and do affect private citizens. Congress didn't tell TSA to install X-ray machines. Didn't tell FBI to assist local law enforcement. Didn't tell Military to get a shot. Did they? Also, the word "could" is not spelled "d-i-d." Glad you finally saw that. So glad to see some research supporting what I said, even though it was perceived to be not what I said. Hope you can get the boat out. Water at the Genny launch is very low, even though the falls are really roaring.
  14. Yes, I agree: It's what they don't tell us! - That Fox didn't tell us that Jessie Benton was just found guilty of funneling $100K to trumpuska's 2016 campaign. No mention that trumpuska pardoned him in '20 for same funneling crime to Iowa senate campaign, just before leaving office. - They didn't report that DeSantis's "anti-woke" laws was overturned by District Court in Florida. - They didn't report that Title 42 (a trumpuska policy that turned migrants away at southern border and which has been used to turn away 2.5 million people away in '21-22) has been ordered invalid on 15 Dec. However, on a positive note, they did give airtime to Michelle wearing braids at the White House. I suggest glancing at Reuters, APnews, UPI, PBS and even BBC, rather than Fox-CNN. Great quote! Glad you gave source. Too bad you didn't read further down where it says: "They are not legislation." (Hence not laws.) And even further down where it declares: "only a sitting president can overturn an existing exec order." I question the last statement by the bar as they also say, on this site: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_education/resources/teacher_portal/educational_resources/executive_orders/ "Q: How do you end or overturn an Executive Order? A: The President who issued an Executive Order can revoke it. Likewise, an incumbent President has the power to revoke an Executive Order issued by a predecessor. Congress also has the power to overturn an Executive Order by passing legislation that invalidates it....Congress could also effectively thwart an Executive Order calling for an action that requires funding by using its power of the purse to deny the necessary funding. Finally, the courts have the power to stay enforcement or ultimately overturn an Executive Order that is found to be beyond the President’s constitutional authority." Which is exactly what the court did on trumpuska's ord # 13769. (7 country imigration) & then again on his ord #13780. Also, my post said "could" not "did" direct to aggressively pursue." (Great example of reading what you want & not reading what's there) I wonder why the far right voted against more funding for IRS other than being afraid of more audits. (?) And why McCarthy just said he wants to repeal the additional funding for the IRS in January. Come on! Reminds me of the cartoon scene in Ice Age, where three dodo's jump off the cliff chasing a watermelon. (Which they couldn't eat anyways) Even Candy Owen admitted that your boy is paranoid. At least I respect your opinion, fought for your right to express yourself and won't call you full of S*** for it. Only 1/2 inch in Rochester, bright & sunny too. OMG, 47 spams now. I admire their persistence in a lost cause.
  15. Spfd - yes, please finally do some honest research & enlighten us. Some would appreciate hearing facts rather than hearing Tucker, Shaun, Beibert or Putin propaganda repeated over, over and over again.
  16. Loud aggressive bluster doesn't make one the Red Rascal, but it sure does sell comics. (Didn't get enough of it last night so even Fox cut away from it) Yes, I saw that too but I also saw Zelensky say he didn't have 100% of the details. I also saw the heads of NATO & of Poland say that although it was tragic, it was a response to incoming missiles. Some believe it better to "walk quietly and carry a big stick." That's probably why the 6th fleet is in the Med' and one can spot (on Flightradar24) our drones over the Black Sea as well as stratotankers flying over Poland & Romania. Additionally, the F35's, F-15 & 18's flying around the UK & all of Europe. Seen any of our satellite pictures? One thing you don't see are our subs in the North Sea, but they're there. Of course, your boy would have had none of it. He was cutting and diverting defense spending, withdrawing troops from Europe, negotiating the withdrawal from Afghanistan all while trying to build a hotel in Moscow and being friends with Putin and "rocket man." Harris would be interesting but certainly better than the ex-exec who reminds me of J Wellington Wimpy...you know the Popeye comic guy that didn't care about anyone as long as he got his hamburger.
  17. So which is it ? A sacred document or the whims of non-elected political hacks that is the basis of the country? Not giving them cash as some make it sound. Military arms & humanitarian aid etc. The cash goes to US and ally companies supplying the stuff. Name a conflict that didn't help boost the US economy. Amazing how some want a drunk who attemped assault with a keychain to be locked up yet want a guy who attempted a $400 million bribery to go scott-free. Zelensky took it back and said he didn't know "100% of the details." But whatever, it was an old S-300 SAM (surface to air) missle that the soviet union made and all former S.U. bloc countries have them. They're used to shoot things out of the sky. What was being shot at? Why'd it miss? Was it deflected? Was it jammed? What was the tragectory? What else, besides the NATO plane was in the sky? Alexander Pope said "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing..." Some think it's fun though to cast doubt and further "conspiracy" theories with very little. Remember the way to get people to believe something: "Keep it simple; exagerate it; and repeat it often." (Know who said that? Joseph Goebbels) TT - Dems have 50. Rand Paul (Libertarian, is counted as far right Repub.) Only one seat in Georgia up for re-election. Senators have staggered elections.
  18. Constitution is the basis, however when SCOTUS can interpret it one way one day then interpret it completely differently on another day......hmmm. Many constitutional decisions have been reversed by subsequent courts. Unfortunately no law is foolproof. There are always loop-holes. There is always someone who finds a way around them. Additionally, society is ever changing. Do we need laws concerning the internet? Do we need laws about robo calls? Do we need laws about tracking someone's cell phone or vehicle? Do we need laws about stem cells or any medical procedure? Do we need laws concerning crypto? As to pork, I fully support the notion that no bill can be more than 500 words long and can have no amendments. As long as people don't want to work toward compromise, there's just going to be a lot of "noise." Afterall, people forget that the Constitution was a compromise.
  19. R-B. It's not that people don't have the time to research, it's that people choose not to do the research. So many enjoy listening to the sensationalized and assume if someone said it, it must be correct. I.E. "it's on the internet so it must be true"
  20. Executive orders, while not laws, can have the same effect as laws. E.O.s are directives from Executive to depts within the Executive branch. For example: Trumpuska directed Immigration to not allow anyone from 7 Muslim countries entry into the US. He also ordered Border Patrol to separate kids from parents at the southern border. Can an E.O. affect an ordinary citizen? Yes. The IRS could be directed to aggressively pursue tax cheats. The DOJ could be directed to provide further assistance to local law enforcement. (As they're currently doing in NYS by having AFT & FBI involvement with crimes involving firearms). TSA could be directed to perform greater security checks at airports. DOD could be directed to alter guidelines for defense spending, consolidation and/or grants. (Remember Seneca Army Depot?) As to overriding vetoes: the last one that was overridden (by 322-87 and 81-13 margins) was Trumpuska's veto in Dec 2020 on a defense spending bill. BTW, the official count is now 35 GOP spams since election day.
  21. Freedom of Speech is definitely a key freedom. However, all freedoms have limitations and the limitations on FoS are designed as protections of other citizens or the public safety. The 1st amendment specifically applies to the gov't. Employers and private entities can establish rules about speech, to which one agrees to by signing a paper or clicking "I agree." One can publicly protest the gov't, however time, place & manner are limitations. "Hate speech" is called just that as it's abusive, physically threatening, slanderous and/or obscene and geared towards incitement. All of which have never been protected by the 1st amendment and there have been laws against each for many many years. Criticism and "Hate speech" are two different things. The Declaration of Independence contains no "Hate speech" as we know it. Religions indoctrinate; the military indoctrinates; employers indoctrinate. What organization doesn't have rules or a code of conduct? Yeah, time to move on. The losers got put in their place. It's over. Time for some to dust off their ice fishing gear. (I accept the fact that no one can tell me what laws trumpouska passed that were good for the everyday citizen.) BTW: I now have received 32 emails from conserveintel.
  22. Here's something to work on - enjoy:
  23. So I have officially received 27 emails from conservativeintel since election day! Talk about wasting time & money!
  24. I remember very nasty welcome at airport when I got out. Then I went back to school & witnessed more Horse-S from protest groups. Wasn't "nice" but I never let it rattle me as I had experienced much worse. Some found out the hard way not to F with me. I've been an Independent for a long, long time & have voted for members of different parties. I don't follow one "news source", but check out many sources trying to get discern facts before I form an opinion. IMO, to get news from one source is total lunacy. The follow-up weeks later often shows how wrong or slanted initial reports were. I look at the actual words a candidate says, not what some pundit said he said. The latter is mere hearsay and doesn't stand up in court, so why should I give it standing? I look for proposal specifics not sensationalizing & negativity. I also look for consistency and not flip-flopping or hypocrisy. I further believe that no party has the complete solution but rather the solutions can only be accomplished by compromise among differing viewpoints. Until lawmakers proactively pursue compromise, I'm afraid we'll just have to endure the constant whining.
  25. The alt-right prosecutor (Doorly's office) charged the "assailant" with "2nd degree ATTEMPTED assault." Attempted assault means "no serious physical harm could have been done." I find it funny that Libertarians want no government telling them what to do yet want the gov't to be a police state and lock everyone else up.
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