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  1. Tall Tails unfortunately the information you have been told regarding the sanctuary preventing off-shore windmills is not correct. I am a member of the sanctuary Advisory Committee and have been in direct contact with New York State officials that would be involved in off-shore windmills. They have stated that the sanctuary would not prevent future off-shore windmills from being constructed. The point of this post is not about windmills but the fact that NOAA does not want to be upfront with the public with their proposed regulations at the time they announce the plans for the Lake Ontario marine sanctuary and then submit them only after all public comments are closed in September. What sanctuary regulations is NOAA attempting to hide and from public comment?
  2. The marine sanctuary designation would not prevent the development of off-shore windmills. The Public Service Commission is in charge of decisions concerning windmills. The New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation would also be involved. This situation has been previously fact checked with NYS. The point of this post is that NOAA does not intend to provide the public with their proposed regulations at the time they announce the plans for the Lake Ontario marine sanctuary and then only after public comments have been closed. That is not right so what regulations does NOAA want to hide from the public?
  3. Within a few weeks NOAA will post on the National Register their proposed plan for the Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary which covers a portion of eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. We understand that NOAA will only post their regulations for the proposed sanctuary after the public comments have been closed in early September. If the new proposed regulations for the Lake Ontario marine sanctuary are similar to those posted for the proposed Wisconsin marine sanctuary* then they will create the following: 1) Restrictions on fishing in areas near shipwreck and shipwreck wreckage sites 2) Restrictions and possible permit requirements for tethered devices which could include underwater drones, towed surveying equipment, fish cams etc. 3) Anchoring restrictions near shipwreck wreckage sites 4) Other restrictions still unknown to the public By not publishing regulations with the proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary plan, NOAA is preventing the public from reviewing and possibly objecting or commenting on them during the public meetings to be held in mid-August. What is NOAA trying to hide from the public? Please let’s hear your comments – we will pass them along to NOAA. Or you can inform NOAA ([email protected]) directly how you feel about this decision to post regulations only after the time for public comments on the Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary plan is closed. *Reference: Section 5.4.1: Proposed Wisconsin - Lake Michigan National Marine Sanctuary Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Management Plan (windows.net)
  4. My new book Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario is now available. A special Rochester book premier event will be held on June 19th at 6:30PM. For details on ordering the book and to register free of charge for the book event visit the shipwreckworld website: http://www.shipwreckworld.com/articles/shipwrecks-of-lake-ontario
  5. My guess is that this is an old channel marker which probably was off of the Niagara River some time ago and was dragged by the ice to this location. I have seen this before. There are only a few shipwrecks that we have located in Lake Ontario that still have the mast still standing. We have found large trees and several high pinnacles of rock in some locations that protrude off the bottom that can cause a snag. If anyone is curious about a snag you can email ( [email protected]) me the location and I can check out our side scan records for that area of the lake or go and check it out if we have not covered that area. See www.shipwreckwold.com for our shipwreck discoveries off of the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Cheers, Jim
  6. Hey Chris, Thanks We have not seen any salmon at those depths. If anyone has seen a curious bump on their depth finder or has hung up on something in the lake I would appreciate hearing about it. Please email me: [email protected] All info will be kept confidential. Jim
  7. The British steamship Nisbet Grammer, the largest steel steamer to have foundered in Lake Ontario has been discovered by a team of shipwreck explorers thirty miles east of Niagara, NY in a depth of over 500 feet of water. The Nisbet Grammer was enroute from Port Colburne to Montreal with a load of grain when she was struck by the steamship Dalwarnic in a dense fog. Read the full story with pictures and video: www.shipwreckworld.com
  8. We saw a Steelhead swimming around the wreck. Estimated to be around 30 inches. No hangs seen on the dagger-board schooner wreck. There are no plans to raise the ship.
  9. Our shipwreck search team has recently discovered a rare dagger-board schooner in Lake Ontario. Read the story and view the pics and video on the Shipwreckworld website. See: Early 1800's Dagger-board Schooner Discovered in Lake Ontario NOTE: We are always interested in hearing from anyone that has hung their gear up on something or has observed a curious bump off the bottom. Please contact me directly with information at: [email protected] All communications will be kept confidential.
  10. Great Lake Lure Maker: I am also finding it hard to believe that the temperature would be nearly 49 degrees. My experience as a diver is that over +100 ft depth in the early part of the season it is closer to 39 to 40 degrees. The ROV has had problems with the depth and temperature sensor over the past few weeks. It was just sent back for repair and calibration. Jim
  11. The houseboat is over +300 fow . Looking forward to getting more details for a story for Shipwreckworld.com. Will show the video . This houseboat wreck is a mess waiting to catch fish lines, anchors, and remote operated vehicles (never to return !!)
  12. Thank you. Yes this must be the Chug -A-Lug. It is in over 300 ft of water. Perhaps they printed something about the loss in the Pall Times. When I have more information I will put the story and video up on www.shipwreckworld.com. Thank you to Tall Tails (Capt Brian) and Rustyrat for your fast reply. Jim
  13. Recently we located a sunken houseboat or party boat north of Oswego with the name Chug-A-Lug. We are interested in learning the details of the loss of this boat. Video of the sunken boat will be put up on the Shipwreckworld website in the near future. We would appreciate receiving any information on the Chug-A-Lug . Please send email to: [email protected] Chug-A-Lug - stern
  14. Thanks for the congrats everyone. We have seen quagga mussels in depths as much as 600 ft. The quagga mussels are found in deeper depths and the zebra mussels in the shallower depths. We have not seen hardly any fish in Lake Ontario on shipwrecks in depths much over 150 ft. And beyond 300 ft, I don't recall seeing any fish life. The temperature is around 39 degrees at those depths. The company that lost the deck cargo was dissolved in 1993. A friend in the marine salvage business in Chicago told me that this was not the only deck cargo this company had lost in the Great Lakes while they were in business!! Jim
  15. A lost deck cargo that we discovered this summer in Lake Ontario has now been identified. Read the story and view the underwater video. No fish seen at this depth. http://www.shipwreckworld.com/articles/ ... ke-ontario Cheers, Jim
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