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  1. I'm running a Yamaha T9.9 on my Penn Yan 255 Intruder and it gets the job done most of the time but I also have a TR-1 Gold Auto Pilot on it and I think it helps the kicker by being so quick to react. There are times when the wind, waves and/or currents are too strong for the kicker to maintain boat control and speed, usually in 4 footer type conditions. I can then either head in (usually my wife's choice) or run with the waves/current. I can also drop in a couple trolling bags, start up the main at an idle and use the kicker with the TR-1 to steer and fine tune my speed. This actually works quite well with the bags also helping to smooth out the ride a little. I thought about going with a larger kicker but the "high thrust" model makes the 8-9.9 hp kickers work ok and because it is so light weight it doesn't affect the boat's handling. I have used mine to get back in when my main motor had problems, I felt like a blow boater going 4-5 mph but it was better than a tow. Mine is a 25" shaft mounted on an Adventure Marine solid bracket, I think a 20" shaft would work as long as you mounted it low enough so the prop stayed in the water.
  2. You will need the same size reel as for copper, they're the same diameter
  3. Matthew at Torpedo claims that the weighted steel sink rate is comparable to the same size copper. I ran 300' of 60lb weighted steel last year and it is much easier to handle than copper, less tendency to bird nest and untangles as easy as Matthew shows on his you tube video. I can't verify the depth but the catch rate was similar to copper. An Albright knot would work or Torpedo has a video showing a different splice using some heat shrink tubing which works well also. You can't use a haywire twist like you can with copper. It seems very strong and won't kink, I don't think you'll have any break offs with it. Overall I like the way it handles, especially when I have inexperienced people aboard, and I will probably buy more when I need to but I won't be replacing any existing copper setups with it right away
  4. $/lb for salmon? "Salmon prices surge as parasites plague fish farms" Wild Coho is up to $49/lb, That's probably still less than it costs me but maybe I can convince my wife that all the money I've spent has actually been a good investment and we're starting to make money? I knew that there were issues in the Pacific Northwest with salmon disease and parasites but didn't realize how widespread the problems have become.
  5. Check out Catfish Creek Camp, the new cabins are pretty nice . You can launch and dock your boat right there, not sure if they have wifi.
  6. Here's Matthew's post from Spoon Pullers with his video:,26358.msg158933.html#msg158933 This would work fine down the chute but I would be concerned hooking the wire into a release off a board, maybe use rubber bands? I did fit 300' of 60lb weighted steel with 900' pp backing onto a Clarion 553. The weighted steel takes about the same amount of room on the reel as copper and the 30 lb wire (.015) would take a little more room than 50# power pro (.014).
  7. The Cisco cradles are well built and solid while still being able to adjust the rod angle Only thing I didn't like was the rod butt sticking into the boat but that might not be a problem on your boat depending on your setup I prefer the Cisco tube holders, you can adjust them to any angle and still pull them straight up to remove the rod if needed plus there are no springs or other parts to wear out.
  8. I ran 300' of 60lb last year and I probably won't be buying anymore copper. Everyone who tried it definitely liked it. The weighted steel handled and deployed much easier than copper, especially for any inexperienced users I had along. Catch rates seemed similar to copper, not sure about how deep it got but will find out next year with a Smart Troll. Only negative is that it is a little more difficult to rig up using adhesive heat shrinks instead of just a haywire twist but the connections are holding up ok and are plenty strong enough
  9. Angler's Avenue is a site sponsor and they have reels spooled with either copper or torpedo weighted steel
  10. Works for me, same transducer as yours
  11. How is your boat configured? Steering- Cable or Hydraulic? power steering? Kicker - Size? High Thrust? EZ Steer? Remote or Tiller controls? On my Penn Yan 255 Intruder I have rotary cable with power steering and a Yamaha T9.9 kicker I went with a Garmin TR-1 on the kicker for an auto pilot mainly because: 1- No power steering when main motor is not running and I Didn't want to convert to hydraulic steering 2- Only needed an auto pilot when at trolling speed 3- Didn't want to mess with an EZ Steer rod 4- The TR-1 is very reliable, quiet, does excellent job of maintaining its course and can be controlled from the rear of the boat I have been very happy with this set up. The kicker with the TR-1 works fantastic under most conditions. If the wind, waves and or currents are too strong for the kicker alone I will start up the main motor, drop in my trolling bags and use the kicker to fine tune my speed and still let the TR-1 control the boat. An added benefit to this is that the bags also help smooth out the ride a little. If I didn't go with a TR-1 I would have converted to hydraulic steering for both the main and the kicker motor then gone with a Simrad, Raymarine or Garmin auto pilot. This is probably your best option if your willing to spend the money. An autopilot is one of the best investments you can make in your boat and I would hate to fish without one.
  12. Hank, You're not getting older, just more experienced Happy Birthday
  13. what gauge wire is the power supply and how long is it? Radios draw a lot of power to transmit and if the wire is too small you will see a significant voltage drop at the radio when you key the mic.
  14. Better yet, support this forum yourself and pony up the $20/yr for a pro subscription and you won't see any ads
  15. . I think you meant to say before irritating him The look on his face when you hooked into a good fish and threw Barbie overboard might be priceless Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United