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  1. Sodus bay docks

    Try Arney’s There is a small fee or you can launch at the public launch just up the road for free Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Sodus bay docks

    Arney’s and Sodus Bay Marina docks are in Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Either of those launches will work great for your boat, I would not want to launch a 25 footer at Selkirk. Nice thing about Oswego is that if the lake is too rough you can always fish for brown's in the harbor this time of year. Also has rest rooms and a nice cleaning station right there, if it's open this time of year.
  4. I am assuming that when you refer to a x400 you really mean a Fish Hawk X4 or X4D ? I run an Airmar B60 50/200, which is the thru hull version of the P66, and a X4 together on my boat and have never seen any interference between them. I'm usually running both 50 and 200 kHz on a split screen. I also have a Lowrance 83/200kHz transducer that is mounted only 5" away from the Fish Hawk and I will occasionally run it at 83kHz with no problems. I will see cross talk interference on my HDS units if I run both transducers at 200khz together but still not have any problems with the Fish Hawk. I do have the Fish Hawk transducer mounted higher on the transom than the 83/200 so that it is a little above the bottom of the boat and it is not causing turbulence when I'm on plane
  5. NOAA marine weather

    If it's from NOAA - double it If it's from a fisherman's report - cut it in half
  6. Places to stay sodus

    Here are a few possibilities depending on what you're looking for Wickham House Inn: 315-483-6758 Reel Inn: 315-483-9600 Bay Bridge: Sodus Point Lodge: Carriage House B&B
  7. for sale : usa X4 probe

    I'll take it send me a pm with payment info
  8. Best deal on Cannon 3 prong bypass switch?

    Try Fish 307
  9. Daiwa Saltist

    I used 30's for my wire divers for a couple years and was never comfortable with the line counter on my wrist. I tried a couple 40's set up with 300yds of 30lb Sea Flea for my riggers and found the line counter was high enough that it didn't bother my wrist. Last year I spooled up a couple more 40's with some backing and 30lb wire and started using my 30's for 20lb wire. It seems everybody on my boat prefers the 40's. The gear ratio's aren't that much different but the 30's pickup 35" of line while the 40's are 47.2" due to the larger spool diameter. Both reels are real smooth and it comes down to a personal preference. Still like the old Sealine LCA's with the line counter on top
  10. Kicker Brackets

    Yes that's a 25" - I tried a 20" shaft and it worked ok most of the time but would ventilate occasionally in rough water (3 footers). I could have mounted the bracket 2" lower, with the bottom of the bracket right at the water line, and the 20" would probably have worked fine. The 25" motor still comes completely out of the water when tilted all the way up.
  11. Kicker Brackets

    It's the Hi Thrust one Hank, you've seen one on my PY
  12. Kicker Brackets

    Another option is a mount from Adventure Marine, pricey but solid as a rock
  13. Salmon stuff

    I'll take the dipsy wraps if they're not already sold Let me know
  14. help with differences in Lowrance MFD

    Aw, Hank gets all the fun
  15. help with differences in Lowrance MFD

    That's the one, you would also need the 9 pin to 7 pin cable adapter to connect it to your HDS. This is fun spending someone else's money, can I also come drill some holes in your new boat?