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  1. mudflat

    IN or OUT

    Out Not only keeps your motor cleaner it also reduces the possibility of electrolysis and corrosion
  2. mudflat

    Airmar B60 to HDS 9 connection issue

    I know that with the Gen3's your standard transducer needs to be connected to the 7 pin port and the "structure" 9 pin port is just for structure scan whereas the Carbon units will support 2 transducers and you can use either or both ports. My B60 is a few years old and has a 7 pin connector that plugs right into the transducer port I also have an Airmar TM150 transducer that has a 9 pin connector and I needed this adapter cord for my Gen3: https://www.hodgesmarine.com/Lowrance-Adapter-Cable-9-Pin-Black-To-7-Pin-Blue-p/low000-12571-001.htm I don't know for sure if this will work with your B60 or not but would think that it should. Might want to give Airmar or Lowrance a call
  3. Trollmaster sells a 10' extension cable: http://www.marinetechproducts.com/shop-for-parts#!/TrollMaster-PRO3PLUS-Extension-Servo-Cord-10-ft/p/101215002/category=8617492 It looks like it's just 2 conductors, probably could just cut and splice in a section but I've never done it?
  4. mudflat

    No screen: HDS-9 / Airmar B-60

    Andy The problem is probably in the way your "Settings" are configured. The Gen3's have so many capabilities built into them that they need to be configured to your installation to work. It's most likely a little box that needs to be checked or turned on. Look at "Settings / Sonar" and check to see if "Internal Sonar" is ON and Network Sonar is OFF then check Settings/Network/Data sources.../Sonar/Depth and mark "Sonar(This Device)" You could also look at Settings/System/Advanced.../Features and make sure Sonar is ON Hope this helps Edit: Also make sure that "Stop Sonar" on your sonar page is not selected
  5. mudflat

    Anyone know why?

    Following quote from LOC Rules and Regulations: http://www.loc.org/RULES_AND_REGULATIONS.html 18. Is entitled to only one division cash prize. No participant may win more than one of the division prizes, although contestants may enter more than one fish. If the succeeding fish is larger, the smaller of the fish with least weight will be withdrawn. Only Salmon are eligible for the Grand Prize. Maybe the laker is in because it is the "larger fish" ?
  6. Are you also planning a dinner Friday night?
  7. mudflat

    New to Ontario need Help

    That should be a great time for salmon out of either of those ports but it will probably also be during our peak flea season We combat the fleas by using wire instead of braid on our divers and go up to 30# mono on our riggers. The past couple years I've been using Blood Run's Sea Flee line and it has really helped. I hate fleas and they can get really bad at times. I fish out of Arney's in Sodus and there's usually a lot of chatter on vhf channel 9 on the weekends except during the ProAm. Watch the reports on here to get some ideas on where to start.
  8. mudflat


    Read this thread, should answer your question https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/72618-fish-hawk-transducer-location/
  9. mudflat

    ISO full copper rigging on the reel

    Angler's Avenue is a board sponsor and sells reels all set up with copper: http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/blog/2017-anglers-avenue-buyers-guide/
  10. I’m in for all three Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Check out the above post Another possibility you could try: Wickham House Inn - 315-483-6758
  12. mudflat

    Fish hawk transducer location

    You shouldn't have any problems, this works great
  13. mudflat

    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 question

    I just checked Navionics Web app and it has full contours for Cowanesque so I know I could download to my Navionics + card and view it on my HDS Here's a link to the web app, not sure if it will work or not https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#[email protected]&key=kzf_Ghm}uM Edit: The outline is all that shows from the above link, looks like you need to have Navionics Chart viewer installed to see the contour lines
  14. If we ever have "calm seas" it wouldn't seem like the Salmon Slam and all the vets would miss out on the "whole" experience, besides whoever gets on Nick and Theresa's new ride will have smooth sailing regardless. Are we still planning for July 28th ?
  15. I have the same setup with a 5.7 L and a T9.9 Used the extra outlet on my fuel filter and have had no problems. I did install a valve at the filter for the kicker but have used it only for servicing the filter. The primer bulb has a check valve in it and should be installed near the kicker. You should use USCG A1-E15 fuel line inside the motor compartment from the filter to the primer bulb. The fuel line that comes with the bulb is probably not rated for inside the motor compartment Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United