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  1. DEC Press Release: DEC Experts to Discuss Changes to Chinook Salmon Stocking For 2019 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced public meetings on the status of Lake Ontario's alewife population and changes to 2019 trout and salmon stocking The meetings will be held in Niagara, Oswego, and Monroe counties in October. "Lake Ontario and its tributaries provide world-class salmon and trout angling opportunities," Commissioner Seggos said. "Salmon and trout fishing in Lake Ontario has been outstanding this season and DEC remains committed to ensuring that the ecological, recreational, and economic benefits of this sport fishery are sustained through science-based management practices." Lake Ontario's world-class Chinook salmon fishery is dependent on a healthy alewife population as prey. Due to forecasted declines in the adult alewife population, DEC is acting to reduce predatory demands on alewife to promote the long-term sustainability of the trophy Chinook salmon fishery. Poor survival rates in 2013 and 2014 resulted in negative impacts on the adult alewife population. Survey results from 2018 confirmed that these impacts are ongoing and indicated that the large numbers of alewife produced in 2016 experienced lower than expected survival. In addition, below average alewife production in 2017 exacerbated forecasted declines. In an ongoing effort to effectively manage Lake Ontario fisheries, DEC reduced the number of Chinook salmon and lake trout stocked in Lake Ontario by 20 percent in 2017 and 2018. Based on this new information, DEC will reduce Chinook salmon stocking by an additional 20 percent in 2019. Combined salmon and trout stocking by DEC in Lake Ontario in 2019 will still exceed 2.7 million fish, and DEC biologists and fisheries managers are optimistic that excellent fishing will continue. During the meetings, DEC will present the latest science guiding the state's efforts, and provide the opportunity for interested participants to ask questions. More information on the 2019 Salmon and Trout Stocking Levels in Lake Ontario is available on DEC's website. Meeting dates and locations are: Thursday, Oct. 4: 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Building, 4487 Lake Ave., Lockport, Niagara County. Tuesday, Oct. 9: 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Donald Schleiter Lodge and Pavillion, 199 East Manitou Rd. in Braddock Bay Park, Rochester, Monroe County. Wednesday, Oct. 10: 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Pulaski High School auditorium, 4624 Salina St., Pulaski, Oswego County. Members of the public that cannot attend a meeting can provide comments via email to: [email protected] For further information, please contact Steve LaPan, New York Great Lakes Fisheries Section Head, at the Cape Vincent Fisheries Research Station, (315) 654-2147. Lake Ontario waters comprise more than 2.7 million acres and support thriving populations of fish, including a variety of trout and salmon, bass, walleye, yellow perch, and panfish. A recent statewide angler survey estimated that more than 2.6 million angler days were spent on Lake Ontario and its major tributaries, with the estimated value of the fisheries exceeding $112 million annually for local economies. DEC recently announced that the 2018 fishing season yielded outstanding results, with catch rates on Lake Ontario for Chinook salmon 227 percent above the previous five-year average. The catch rate for all trout and salmon species combined also surpassed the previous record high, more than 37 percent above the previous five-year average. http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/press.html
  2. mudflat

    fishing big store.com

    Related thread:
  3. DEC Delivers Press Release -Information to keep you connected and informed from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Share or view as a web page || Update preferences or unsubscribe DEC Announces Record-Breaking Fishing in Lake Ontario Survey Reveals Catch Rates of Chinook Salmon Double the Five-Year Average during Spring and Early Summer 2018 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that fishing for trout and salmon in Lake Ontario has set records this year, with veteran anglers reporting some of the best fishing in decades. "The New York waters of Lake Ontario provide a world-famous recreational fishery for trout and salmon, and fishing has been exceptional this summer," Commissioner Seggos said. "Preliminary results from the Lake Ontario Fishing Boat Survey indicate that fishing for Chinook salmon has been outstanding along the entire New York shoreline." Fishing success is measured by "catch rate," which is the number of fish caught per boat trip. The catch rate for Chinook salmon during April to June 2018 set a record that was 227 percent above the previous five-year average. The catch rate for all trout and salmon species combined also surpassed the previous record high, more than 37 percent above the previous five-year average. Fishing for brown trout and coho salmon has also been excellent in 2018, with catch rates 38 and 21 percent higher than their respective, previous five-year averages. Atlantic salmon represent a relatively small portion of the Lake Ontario fishery but catch rates for Atlantic salmon were 73 percent above the previous five-year average. Chuck Parker, President of the New York State Conservation Council (NYSCC), said, "This is the second year in a row that the take of Chinook has been above average at Oswego, as reported by Council members. There are so many variables that can and do affect the quality of the fishing opportunities we have. We at the NYSCC recognize that the science-based management practices of the DEC's Bureau of Fisheries are an integral force in sustaining the New York's world class Lake Ontario fishery." Captain Vince Pierleoni, of Olcott, said, "It's the best Chinook fishing I've seen since 1989." Captain Bob Songin, of Pt. Breeze, said, "The fishing out of Wilson Harbor to the Niagara River has been spectacular, with many Chinook and coho salmon hitting as well as the occasional lake trout mixed in." Fishing for Chinook salmon and brown trout has also been great in Eastern Lake Ontario with large numbers of fish caught all along the shoreline. Oswego produced a 28.1-pound Chinook salmon that won the grand prize in the Spring Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Trout and Salmon Derby. Lake Ontario is consistently ranked among the top fishing destinations in the country by national publications. Lake Ontario and its embayments and tributaries comprise more than 2.7 million acres and support thriving populations of fish, including a variety of trout, salmon, bass, walleye, yellow perch, and panfish. A recent statewide angler survey estimated that more than 2.6 million angler days were spent on Lake Ontario and major tributaries. The estimated value of these fisheries exceeded $112 million annually to local economies. DEC encourages anglers to head out on Lake Ontario and experience some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the U.S. Additional information about fishing Lake Ontario can be found on DEC's website. https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/press.html The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation respects your right to privacy and welcomes your feedback | Update preferences or unsubscribe | Learn more about DEC Delivers. Connect with DEC: Are you registered to vote? Register to vote or update your information online today or search your voter registration status.. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor * Basil Seggos, Commissioner
  4. mudflat

    "GPS module not responding"

    Need to set up a NEMA 2000 network and connect the lgc 4000 to it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. mudflat

    Tr1 gold help

    How are your batteries? The only time my TR1 has acted screwy was when I had low voltage.
  6. mudflat

    Downrigger cable retrever cord

    I used paracord from Home Depot Works better than the original cord Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. mudflat

    Removing hardtop

    TJ from Penn Yan Boats has taken the hardtop off an Avenger before, see the fourth boat in his listings: http://www.pennyanboats.com/fiberglass.htm Maybe you should give him a call to see what you would be getting into. Personally I have the Avenger's big brother, a Penn Yan Intruder, and I would never take off the hardtop for fishing on LO
  8. mudflat

    Boat Storage Along Ontario

    Arney’s has dry docking Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. mudflat

    Kicker Auto pilot

    I have a TR-1 Gold and it works really well. It's on a 25' Penn Yan with a T9.9 High Thrust Kicker and I give it a real work out but it gets the job done most of the time. If the T9.9 isn't up to the task against the wind and currents I will drop in a couple trolling bags, start up the main motor at an idle and still let the kicker steer with the TR-1 and fine tune my speed. The TR-1 is very reactive and is constantly making the needed course corrections so you need to have good batteries and a charging system because the TR-1 doesn't like low voltages and the pump will use a lot of juice on windy days. The TR-1 Gold base package includes a wired hand held control, a sensor ball, hydraulic cylinder and the pump. You need to also get the correct mounting kit and throttle kit for your kicker motor model. Garmin also offers a separate wireless hand held control as an option. The installation is not too bad but getting everything tuned correctly to your boat is the key to how well the whole system works. My Penn Yan has rotary cable power steering and I have no regrets going with the TR-1 for my auto pilot. If it had hydraulic steering I would've looked seriously at installing an ap system for my main motor and connecting the kicker to it with either an tie bar or a separate hydraulic cylinder. Hope this helps you make your decision on an auto pilot, once you get one you will never want to fish without one again,
  10. Cat Fish Creek http://www.catfishcreek.com/ Port Lodge http://www.portlodge.com/default.htm Stick's 315-963-3084 K&G Lodge http://kglodge.com/ Mike's Marina http://www.mikesmarina.com/lodging.html
  11. mudflat

    Twill tips for copper

    Not needed for copper just for your 7 strand wire lines, copper is soft enough it won't damage the tip. Actually could cause a problem by cutting your backing on any sharp edges at the tip of the coil on the Twili
  12. mudflat

    IN or OUT

    Out Not only keeps your motor cleaner it also reduces the possibility of electrolysis and corrosion
  13. mudflat

    Airmar B60 to HDS 9 connection issue

    I know that with the Gen3's your standard transducer needs to be connected to the 7 pin port and the "structure" 9 pin port is just for structure scan whereas the Carbon units will support 2 transducers and you can use either or both ports. My B60 is a few years old and has a 7 pin connector that plugs right into the transducer port I also have an Airmar TM150 transducer that has a 9 pin connector and I needed this adapter cord for my Gen3: https://www.hodgesmarine.com/Lowrance-Adapter-Cable-9-Pin-Black-To-7-Pin-Blue-p/low000-12571-001.htm I don't know for sure if this will work with your B60 or not but would think that it should. Might want to give Airmar or Lowrance a call