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  1. Here's the link for Kidde's recall info:
  2. Black Friday!

    You might have to change the name to "Easy Rider" I'll keep my eyes open, I think Sammy has some in his basement
  3. Black Friday!

    Nick What flavor riggers are you looking for ? These wouldn't be for a new ride would they?
  4. Planner board set ups

    This setup has worked good for me Just make sure you can reach your reels comfortably to retrieve your boards and use a tether line to pull your board line to you so you're not reaching out too far to attach your releases
  5. Musky I've used your recipe several times and everybody wants me to smoke more salmon only problem is keeping the 14 Cats away from the smoker!
  6. boat canvas

    Had mine made by John Mann in Sodus Point - 315-871-6400 Very satisfied with both the quality and the $ - made both a drop curtain and a cover Do a search and you will find him recommended almost as often as Hank (L&M)
  7. Smart troll review???

    Short answer: IMO - Yes Longer Answer : Comparing apples to apples : For your riggers, if you get a basic depth/temp/speed kit from Smart Troll it's about the same $ as a Fish Hawk X-4D. Add another $50 for a tablet if you don't already have one. This would get you the same information with either system. Both systems are good and both companies stand behind their product with excellent customer support. With a Smart Troll you can then add more probes for your divers to gain depth/temp info from them but the extra probes add to the $ and can make the Smart Troll appear too expensive if you get the whole package. You don't have to buy all the probes at once but can add them as $ allows.
  8. Smart troll review???

    I have a Smart Troll on an I/O with a kicker motor mounted on the port side, the Smart Troll transducer is mounted on the starboard side. Works best when I am running just the kicker, I do notice some interference and jumpy readings from the port side when I am running the main motor in rougher conditions but the readings are still usable. I'm using a 8" Fire tablet ($49 from amazon) mounted up front in the cabin and I can still read it from the back of my boat , a 25' Penn Yan. Last week I was running 3 probes - Starboard side: Wire diver out 440' - down 142', and a 500' copper off the side on a board - down 112' Port side: Wire diver out 360' - down 123' Conditions were fairly calm -(1 footers) and the readings were stable most of the time but they would fade out once in awhile and come back. Not too bad since Smart Troll only claims a 300' range When I was trolling on the inside (80-120'), trying to get the stagers laying on the bottom to bite, I was able to keep my divers right near the bottom because I knew exactly how deep they were running. This is probably the biggest advantage of the Smart Troll because I found out my divers aren't always where you think they are. I also found that having the temp from several depths at the same time was also a big help keeping everything in the range. The biggest con is $ and getting over the idea of hooking a probe onto 30# wire line and thinking about losing it. Most of us sweat running a probe off a rigger and have felt the pain when ***t happens. I almost lost 2 Smart Troll probes at the same time when low voltage caused my auto pilot to make a crazy Ivan turn in 3 footers and by the time I got the boat straightened out both my wires had been cut off by the kicker. Fortunately I had a copper down the chute and both wires had tangled with it before they got cut off so I recovered everything. Only time in my life I was happy to have my wires and copper tangled up. When I think about it, over the years I have lost more rigger weights than I have lost divers because of break offs. Most of time it's the leader on a diver that breaks off unless you have a bad kink in the cable. As it all worked out I made it thru the year without losing any probes. The only other negative I can think of is that sometimes having too much info to keep track of can cause confusion. There are times when I want to shut everything off and just fish like we used to.
  9. Arney's in Sodus Point has a 1990 Contender listed:
  10. Nick, I was out earlier this week and couldn't get anything on the inside to go, I think they were all taking a bath in the warm water Had a good bite out in 300-400', down 100+
  11. Sure, I can see it now Theresa, honey, rather than going thru all the trouble to upgrade and install a new Fish Hawk it would be a lot easier to buy a new boat with one already installed
  12. Driver question

    Here's an old post showing how your divers are running further away than they appear Tim Bromund 3,667 posts Location Colden, New York Home Port Olcott, NY Boat Name FishStyx Posted June 24, 2011 · Report post · Divers are farther away from the boat than they appear. There is a belly in the line that makes it look like they are almost straight behind the boat, but back a little ways it flares out and the the diver is actually quite a bit further to the side than you might think. it looks something like this: Tim Quote Hide Tim Bromund's signature Hide all signatures Back in the Game Salad is what FOOD Eats !! Quote this
  13. You should have no problems, I launched a 26' there last week
  14. Oswego rates: Sodus - Arneys