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  1. 100% agree and I would report it here and to the authorities, But the conversation came to an abrupt end before I found out the lodge and charter where he was stayin.
  2. Nice work. Congrats. Some really nice lookin fish!
  3. I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine who lives near me in the scranton PA area. He asked if my boat was on the lake yet and if I been hitting the browns yet. I told him no not yet waiting a few more weeks till things cool down. And he said “Why???? I just got back from Pulaski. Chartered a boat got a few browns, and hit a couple steelhead in the river.”He stayed at a lodge and said things are normal up there Man some people just really dont give a sh*t about anything. Doesnt help I’m hangin out in the cuddy of my boat (in the driveway)as I write this, but I’m gonna do my part and fish local a few more weeks.
  4. good to see ya get out, and find a decent bite unfortunately at a cost of a rod. Saturday morning I heard a gobbler behind the house, so i took the wife and my slate call so she can experience a turkey hunt. She shot a bear and a few buck but never turkey hunted. Every yelp I made he responded and pulled that bird probly 400-500 yrds right into our laps. Unfortunately not in season yet so she just got a crash course in callin them in.
  5. Awesome video. Gotta love the little guy handling the rod like he’s been reelin in kings for 20 years. Nice work.
  6. Sk8man ur not alone. Yesterday i spent 4 hrs setting up my 6 and 8 rod spreads. Adjusted all my rod holders. Even Put my masts up. I was almost temped to have the wife drive the truck to gimme the real effect of trollin pulled out all my favorite spoons and stickbaits and put them in there holders so there on hand ready to go when this virus is controlled.
  7. Nice pics fellas. Nice to see this amount of kings this early. U guys are killing it.
  8. Nice video. Good work out there. Social distancing at its best!
  9. On another note this epidemic has given me ample time to work on my new garage. I started it in January but in between work things were goin slow. Then march hit and things started takin shape.
  10. I like this topic. The times are what ur gonna make of them. Last night my wife and I lit a fire next to my pond behind the house. Classic rock on the radio and a case of beer in the cooler. We sat out there till 1am and ran out of beer. We don’t normally see past 9-10pm but with no work to go to why not. With husbands and wives spending so much time together think 1 of 2 things are gonna happen. Either another round of baby boomers or divorce lawyers r gonna see a boom in business lol
  11. Nice work, and great info posted. U guys are killen me. Lol
  12. After spending weeks at home,not working, practicing social distancing I figured its time to get my trophy out on my local lake. Last weekend I didnt even get it off the trailer as I noticed the temp runnin a lil warm, and realized my raw water pump took a crap. Ordered a new one and installed yesterday and got her out today. Boat Ran 100%. better then ever. Trolled lake wallenpaupack 6 hrs catching 1 small pickerel and lost a 10-12lb striper at the net. This is killing me, I really hope this virus gets under control ASAP.
  13. I started “seriously”fishing Lake Ontario 3 years ago. On a very tight budget with no gear other then 2 old mag 10’s that came with my boat. On ebay I bought a 4-pack of new okuma magda 45’s combos for $200. First year thats all I had. I would buy 1 or 2 FF setups and 2-3 spoons every trip north. I did well but when guys were goin 10for12 And I’m 3for5 I knew I needed to add more setups. Next year I got 4 wire Diver setups and every trip bought a dipsey n spoon or two. My second year my catch more then doubled. In My opinion the dipseys out fish riggers most of the time and If I had to chose I would leave the riggers home before I left my diver rods. Now starting my 4th year I got copper setups, planer mast leadcores,and to this day my most productive setups Is the dipsey setups. Alot of my gear came used from this site and bein a weekend warrior it works great for me
  14. Do you own a German Shepherd??? Lol. Probly a 1in 10 probability. Especially when the wife gets bored and decides to brush her while trollin I can definitely see the bilge cloggin with hair.
  15. Thats awesome congratulations, I got my first lick of Lake Ontario browns 3 years ago and this site really helped with the learning curve. Lots of helpful members and info here. The longer you stick around this site the easier it will get to get these cows in the boat!
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