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  1. Some great kills fellas. Nice work. I have a new predator ontop of my hit list. Seen odd tracks in fresh snow creepin around my duck and chicken coops then caught this guy on camrea. Hopefully next weeks warmup will melt some of this snowpack and I can try trapping for the first time.
  2. Yea me to. Sucks to spend the money on starter but the new owner will have a goodworkin backup starter and outdrive. Lol
  3. Got the new starter in and still nothing. So I unplugged the relay and jumped it there and it turned over. Ordered a new relay. Wish I checked that before I spent $100 on a new starter. thanks for all the imput fellas
  4. Just my opinion. I don’t like big boards. Used them on my trophy and had one dive on me. Thought it was gonna take the mast with it spent hrs untangling stuff while everyone around me was filling there boxes. I’m a rookie with boards and still learning. When I bought my baha I went fishing on it with Capt. Jay and he was runnin inlines with 3 copper per side. My baha has planer reels but after seeing how easy the inlines were, I went out and bought a few. I thought they would be a pain having to detch them and reeling them in but there really not
  5. No I didn’t and already had the starter out before that was mention.
  6. I got the new starter. Hopefully i will have time the end of the week to get it in and hopefully that will b the fix. If not I got lots of info to figure it out. Thanks for all the info. I’ll let ya know what it turns out to be
  7. Mexico Bay as of 5 min ago. Bill, U might b trailering over this way if u want to fish in 30days
  8. I had to learn this the hardway Kevin. Lost 400ft and 300ft of copper on the rods. But managed to handline a 24lb king to the boat. The wife took video of the nonsense
  9. Thats pretty funny Rich. We submitted our comments at the same exact time. Lol
  10. This is a battle ive been fighting in my head. I think logics. That 400 copper is deeper then the 300. Therfore if u have 400 on outside, he strikes he deeper then inside rod. Therfore u bring him to down the chute he will be below ur inside rod. Had a mess two years ago runnin copper with long rod on outside, short inside. Never again Spring time with mono lines, yes u want ur longer lines to the outside so they can get around the shorter lines on the inside while u bring them into the chute.
  11. Its simple. Go to my dock and jump onboard and observe the chaos! And dont forget the observer pays for fuel!!!! last year due to corona I believe they didnt have observers( at least thats what I was told cause I was askin around to observe for Pro division of oswego pro/am) if thats the case they probly wont have observers again this year. I’m fishing more tournaments this year including Oswego Pro/am. I have a friend and his son that fished with me last year, but if they can’t make tournaments this year, you and ur son are welcome to be part of the “Winning Team”!!!!
  12. Ur killing me Bill. In my perfect world there is no ice and I’ll b trolling March 20.
  13. 29days and a wake up before my boat goes in. Who’s counting anyways
  14. I bought two 4 packs of magda45’s with rods off ebay 5 years ago for $225 each set of 4. I was new and just starting off with a minimal budget. Been upgrading my cooper setups, leadcore, and dipsey combos throughout the last couple years. Still running the magda’s almost every weekend as downrigger setups for browns and kings and haven’t had any issues with them yet. Maybe I just got lucky with all 8 of mine. Well worth the money IMO when your just starting out with a budget. Good luck Mike
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