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  1. Very nice. Good lookin fish. I know I read on a post a while back about meat on a FF but don’t remember how u guys set that up?
  2. Nice work! Great to see things heating up.I’m Heading up next weekend but gonna Be out of oak orchard saturday and maybe mexico sunday. Thanks for the report
  3. Sorry to hear work hasn’t picked up Jake, and ur sellin that awesome rigger. If I didnt have so much goin on with Building the garage and Savin up for a new boat I would be all over that. Fishin is pickin up in mexico. We will have to plan another trip. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Nice work buddy! Seems obvious u showed him the ropes and he’s Killing it on his own. Very nice Atlantic.
  5. This past weekend out of mexico there were areas loaded with cottonwood then other areas were clear. I thought they were fleas at first glance but they weren’t attachin to the lines
  6. Nicely done my friend! happy father’s day as well
  7. Just got back home. Unfortunately I had to cut my weekend trip short and stayed out till 2:00 then drove home. After blank screens out deep I worked in 100-120FOW and finally moved some rods. One laker on a White meat rig and dropped another laker At the boat on spoon behind cowbells. Had two good screamer hits on FF on the dipseys but dropped them both. Awesome day couldnt ask for better weather.
  8. I went put to 240 and it was a ghost town. In 110 now and havin marks here and there in the 70-80fow.
  9. Still no action. Packed up and moved into 120 and starting to mark a few here and there. Today was Hachimo’s (aka Mr. Beans) first trip on the boat to Lake Ontario. Looks like I got a new fishing Partner!!
  10. Very nice. Still nothin out deep. Blank screens. Trollin my way into shallower water
  11. After tryin for a month to get up here, finally got an opportunity to come up today and tomorrow. Rods in at 7:30 and setup in 200fow. Scattered marks here and there but no action yet. has anyone been out of mexico the past few days?
  12. YES!!!! Thats awesome. Weather lookin good this weekend so far, I will be up friday night.
  13. Definitely interested. Need more info thou. Whats the beam on it. Has it had a recent survey. Any idea of hrs on the engine.
  14. Nice work. Were you seeing alot of marks?
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