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  1. I really appreciate the pics. I will probly end up mounting the mast’s on the bow and take the reels and mount them on the handrail. Last thing i want to deal with is rods tangled on the planer line and chancing a copper setup goin over board. Thanks for the imput guys
  2. Well i couldnt wait for that warm day to come so i went outside in the cold and got one side done. I was gonna angle them one more click upward as i went up with the three, but instead I kept them all at the same angle just spun them on the rail a litle more as i went up with the 3 so the rods arent right above each other. So when i stick my 3 rods in, each tip is about a ft higher then the last and about 18” to the left. My only concern is that is this setup gonna work where my planer mast is? Just seems my line goin out to the boards is gonna be against my rods. Any thoughts on my setup here? I never fished with any kind of boards but really want to get this right, not only for browns and salmon but walleye on Lake Wallenpaupack thats 10 min from my house. Maybe best to wait till the ice is off and run the boards and adjust rod holders accordingly
  3. Well, with that new fish hawk unit i can almost guarantee to have lots of fresh salmon to be served at the reception.
  4. I agree Gambler. That would make a great wedding gift. Feel free to pm me for my address and you can send it out lol.
  5. After fishing my first year last year on Lake Ontario. Ive been debating myself if i should spend the money on a new fish hawk bein I’m a weekend warior 3hrs away from in NEPA. After reading all these response think I’m gonna imvest the money amd get one on the boat. I figure i have 10k imvested in my old 25’ trophy and all the gear to get started to catch a few kings a year and i did pretty well last year puting 2-3 kings a day every weekend i went up without it. But i fished the marks with my riggers and watch speed on my fish finder but spent many hrs with no success. Theres that WHAT IF my speed at 100FOW is faster or slower then what im lookin for. If that fishhawk can help put 2-3 fish more a day by dialing speed and finding thermocline then $700 isn’t much compared to what i spent on everything else. I also am on a budget bein getting married this upcoming August, but will have one on the boat by June.
  6. I just recived them yesterday. I got them on ebay for 70$ shipped for 6 of them. They are Amarine brand. They got some weight to them and seem pretty heavy duty for $11.73 a piece. Only issue i had was the bolts were 1/4 to long becouse my rail is a little smaller then i thought. Put shorter bolts in and the first one mounted nice and tight. Next warm day I’ll mount the reat and get them adjusted. Thanks guys for all your imput.
  7. Yea i was kinda think of that. To change the angle u gotta take them right off cause the screw is imside to make adjustments. Definitely see that not happening in 2-4 footers.
  8. I agree. Hope evryone stays safe and property owners and marinas have minimal damage if any. I’m new to Lake Ontario bein this will be my second year on it and it seems like a pretty big deal to me. Where do i look for the webcams on the lake? Is there a link on this sight?
  9. Thank you guys. Yea some paracord and clip is gonna go on for insurance. My copper combos are worth much more then all then all the rod holders. Sk8man. Ive had some issues with stainless Bolts and cast aluminum/steel housings. Crank to tight and your pulling threads out. I’m guessing there worth a try if you had them that long on your boat. Worst case scenario they slip and dont hold true on handrail. At least with a clip on reel i wont loose the combo. Thank you guys. I’m gonna order them and give em a shot
  10. I have a 1988 Trophy 2460 Hardtop. I’m lookin to put 3 rod holders on each sode for my new planer masts i put on. I’m lookin to put these clamp on rod holders on my side handrails. They are cheap as i dont have the money for a nicer setup for this year. Already spent enough on improvements for this year. My question is do you guys think these rod holders can handle the hit from a king. Plan on havin a long copper and 10 color leadcore of each side, if i want to try something different from riggers and dipsey off each side. I would hate to have an equipment failure and loose an entire combo. Any one have experience with these rod holders? I will be secureing the handrail so that wont be an issue. I’m adding pics of the boat handrail and rod holders. Thank you for any imput.
  11. Hachimo

    Get the boats ready !

    Well had an early day of work today and sun was shining so why not do a trailer swap on my boat! might have been a little more complicated in the winter but only took 3 excavators and two cummins’s and igot a new trailer under my trophy
  12. Hachimo

    Giant Calico

    Very nice fish. I get into big crappir here in PA on lake wallenpaupack trou the ive but 14-15in big. Thats really an impressive fish. Good job.
  13. Hachimo

    Why We Fish

    After reading this post and pondering the reasons y i spend TO MUCH money and TO MUCH time fishing,I think i can finally answer WHY I FISH? My grandfathers paved the way for me into the world of an outdoorsman. One grandfather was more into hunting then fishing and tought me the appreciation of the woods and world of hunting and fishing the deleware river. My other grandfather was a great fisherman. At the age of 8 i was running leadcore lines and sending downriggers down fishing for lake trout on Charleston Lake, Ont. Canada. When i was 12 I had a friends dad ask me to go to Cayuga lake with him and show him how to troll for lake trout with his new downriggers and leadcore combos. This style of fishing in NEPA isnt very common ,but becouse of grandpa it was second nature to me. In 3 hrs of fishing we got 4 lakers then had motor problems but had a great time. Also at the age of 12 i got my first lick at a king salmon. Grandpa only had a V-bottom 14ft smokercraft so for our birthdays (1st week of September) we fished salmon river durring the salmon run. We caught fish and it was a blast. Occasionally the lake would be nice and we would troll for a chance at a silver salmon and only once i hooked up and after a 30min fight i lost it at the boat. I wasn’t a bit upset thou. I told grandpa that was incredible. Nothing like the battle of big king on the lake. As the years went by grandpa couldnt do the drive nomore(3hrs) and as i hit my teens i lost interest and started hanging out with the wrong crowd. It took me a few years to figure out what i wanted in life but I always knew One thing i had to have. A big boat all setup to fish lake ontario so i can put a silver salmon on the deck. After meeting my fishing/hunting partner (my fiance) we bought a flat bottom 16 ft boat and hit the salmon river and caught a few kings running the river. I even had that boat (equipped with an evenrude 4.5hp) on the lake trolling tryin for my silver salmon lol. That’s what nightmares are made of, when the winds blow out of the north and im fishing 100fow from port Ontario. So we bought our “86” trophey 2460. Last year i achieved my silver salmon many times over. Alot of my rookie success comes from the members of this site showing me the ins and outs of the lake. Lake Ontario fishing has now become a huge part of our lives now. Me and my fiance are getting married in August and my bachelor party is gonna be me and my brothers fishing Lake Ontario. Our honeymoon? Yes me and her last week of August fishing Lake Ontario. I take a lot of pics and videos on the boat and there was a short video i took last year,that i look at now and think these are the best days of our lives. I reacently lost my grandfather Who showed me Lake Ontario fishing on 12/9/18 and not a day goes by i dont think about him and what he instilled in me and i fish with him every time im out there. My pop pop passed away march 2016 and every time i walk in the woods he’s there walkin right along side me. It is becouse of these men “WHY I FISH” EBA3964F-CD69-4DD4-B8A3-FFFD3449A308.MOV
  14. Hachimo

    Get the boats ready !

    And with the couple warm days i got the itch to uncover the boat and get workin on it. Installed my two planer mast mounts,two big jon swivel bases,two cannon swivel bases and swapped out my volvo 275 outdrive for a brand new 275. Next step, disconnect and pull out the motor to replace the oil pan. Then finally lift the boat with my excavator to get my new trailer under it and off to Lake Ontario I go. I always loved the winter and goin icefishing,but after fishing Lake Ontario last year I’m hooked and can do without the ice.
  15. Hachimo

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    Very nice video to watch durring these cold winter days. I love the respect you have for those who come and and gone. Makes me think of my familys property on the Delaware River, and my great grandfather and all his buddys who been passed away long ago. They tought me that river inside and out, but most importantly the appreciation of the river and the outdoors. Very nice video. Thanks