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  1. Sorry. No they sold months ago
  2. Good to see ya again Clarke. U Always make a mean sandwich! U guys look great in them jerseys.
  3. Just left my camp on little salmon river. Saturday I went 9/15 5 salmon 4 skipper browns. Lost a few good ones. 100fow. Took 10 hits on spoons(fat nancy, nbk, carbon14) 2 hits on J-Plug 2 on FF. Not one meat rig fired. Today went 2/5. Same area no hits on spoons today. White glow Fly behing a white black eyed peas flasher took 3 shoots before 7am then meat took a shot and J plug. Lots of reports of a slow but somewhat steady pick today between 70fow out to 140.
  4. Thanks for all the info. This past Saturday 2.8 downspeed was the ticket. Anything slower and didn’t move a rod. All 19 bites i had came when downspeed was 2.8. And on meat rigs and 4-5 on FF. Ran two spoons for 30min without a knockoff. Had to play with both motors and bags to get speed right due to currents but when i did all hell would break loose. The past few weeks prior all my hits came at slower speeds 2.1-2.3Amazing how it changes day to day. Good luck with you next trip. Tight lines.
  5. Nice work. Glad to see the kings r hanging around
  6. Thank you Les, This is my 5th season and learned alot over there years, really came a long way becouse of the advice from fellas like u
  7. Didn’t make it out today. Drove upriver to Mexico state launch to check the lake at 5:00am and she was angry! 3-6’s and a chance of building. Gonna spend some time today doin work around the camper and scrubbin blood of the boat deck.
  8. Last two weeks been on the slow side. Usually 2-3 fish per day but with the heavy west blow the last few days things definitely changed for the better. My neighbor in the slip next to me went 25/30 yesterday
  9. Came close hitting these kinda numbers in late August/September but never in July. And the size! Seen 3 kings out of mexico over 26lbs today. Only talked with a handfull of guys this afternoon. Setting up to be a great September
  10. What a day! Started in front of the plant on the bouey line with a spoon spread for browns. Took two skipper kings from 5:30-6:30 and started trollin north to get a litlle deeper and deploy a king spread. Hit 120fow and pulled short coppers and 10 color and had 3 skipper browns taggin along. Bit disappointing but proceded north to 160fow and things got crazy. Deep meat 107down with white casper kingfisher/white glow a-tom-mik meat rig started doin damage followed by glo bullfrog kingfisher/ a-tom-mik glo frog meat rig down 90. Then 400 and 450 coppers with 42nd spin doctor with fly and glo frog spin doctor/meat rig both fire. Stayed trolling a 1/4mile stretch back and forth and hit the clicker 19 times for bites landing 17 of them. Had 1 quad landing a 21lb 19lb 18lb and skipper and a few doubles. Not bad for the just havin the wife and I on the boat. We called it quits at 10:30. By far my best day for kings yet on the big pond. Gonna try for a morning trip in the morning but weather isn’t lookin to great. IMG_3459.MOV
  11. Fished Saturday for the A-Tom-mik challenge. Typic east end struggle, but managed two doubles putting a king and two steelhead in the box. And one of the doubles was a small king and 8lb steelhead on the same rigger lol. That was fun. We finished 21 out of 43. But the team is coming together and is only gonna get better from here. Sunday was a stellar day. I donated my boat to the Fallen Outdoors and took out 4 veterans for a day of salmon fishing. Ran the same lines same gear and went 7/10. Start off in 60fow on the bouey line in front of plant. Rigger down 40 with mag NBK got crushed and a 16lb brown accompanied us onboard. Minuets later lances two face fires down 40 and brown # 2 comes on board. At 7:30 I slid out to 140fow and FF down 100 fires and low teen king hits the box. Coho on 400copper and a few steelies. Great day. Things r starting to shape up. IMG_3355.MOV IMG_3355.MOV
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