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  1. I appreciate all the help guys. This site and you guys on it really helped a first time Lake Ontario fisherman put fish on the boat and hopefully more next year. I recently built two planer masts out of my old cannon hand riggers so my plan is to send the big boards out with 300 copper on the end of each board then a dipsy off each side and one rod off each rigger on back corners of boat and leaving the shoot open to land fish. That depends on lake conditions also.
  2. Yes, that was all i had to work with last year. 8 only on calm days but the occasional 8 rod tangled was a nightmare.
  3. Thank you for the info. So my thoughts are somewhat on the right track. I over presentated my spread my last few trips and it showed. Every boat around me was killing fish and i was skunked until i ran only two rigger rods
  4. Hey fellas, this was my first year fishing Lake Ontario. I did well for a rookie but now i want to experiment with rod spreads for next year to cover more area. I spent alot of money this year between buying a boat,riggers, and gear so my budget was limited. I run a25ft trophy. My spread consisted of 4 riggers with two rods on each with occasional cheaters. If lake was rough then Two riggers were out. Durring the winter i would like to further equip my boat and purchase more gear. My thoughts were putting a planer mast on each side then running 250-500copper 40ft or so of each side of boat. Then a dipsey off each side maybe on 2nd setting. Then keeping the riggers behind the boat. This probly sounds like non-sence to some of u seasoned vets but any inmput would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has any copper combos there lookin to sell i would be interested. PM me and let me what ya got. Thanks guys
  5. HookedupF7. I met ya when u were takin them pics. Surprised u didnt get my rig in the pic. Fishing was good sunday but today was much better. Well except for me and the wife. Lol we got 3 steelies and 3 knockoffs from 5:30am to noon. Think i figured out my problem thou. My 6rod spread is to tight. But as a rookie u learn from ur mistakes. Best of luck on ur next trips.
  6. Fishing mexico now at 130-140Fow. Riggers 110 and 90 stacked with flasher flies and spoons. 2for2 One on mt dew flasher fly and one on black silver mag. Two kings in high teens
  7. Got a question about the J-plugs. This is my first year fiahing Lake Ontario. Been a good year (for a rookie) so far but i know its gonna get better. I’m from pa so only get up for 1-2weekends a month. I got one hell of a J-plug collection but never used one yet. All spoons n flies. How do I present the J-plug? Behind 8” flasher, or bigger flasher? Or by itself? And color flasher if so. Do i try to match flasher color to J-plug? Any help from you guys is much appreciated
  8. Sounds of it there still out deep. Planning another trip next weekend. What was the bait or baits of choice?
  9. Good luck fellas. Last weekend the better bite was 280-400ft. I made the mistake of staying i shallower water.
  10. Well today wasnt much better. Woke up at 4:30 and stepped onto the deck of the boat and felt the wind and heard the waves crashing off the break. I laid back down in the cuddy till 5:30 then headed out to 120 fow. Trolled till noon workin my way out to 180fow. An only hit one king and lost two others spoke to other boats who fished depper in 300-400 and did alittle better.
  11. I fished mexico today and went one for three. Started at 120 and went out to 200. I talked to a few different guys who fished deep and shallow in the 300/400 ft was much more productive. i made the mistake of running in the 100’s. HOpefully next trip i do a little better
  12. Fished today from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. And went 0for2. Pretty bad but any trip i take up north is better then work or staying home. After a broken leaf spring and two blow outs on my trailer outside of syracuse my morning got off to a late start. I had no action untill 6:30pm. I started in deeper water(140-180) and couldnt find a fish nevermind get one. Moved into 120FOW started markin fish and bait and hoked up shortly after but lost it. Worked into 112 and flasher fly went again just to loose it. The lake was in rough shape and i wrapped it up. There wasnt any signs of fleas like my last trip a couple weeks ago. Ill be at it again tomorrow bright and early hopefully the lake calms down a little bit.
  13. As i type i am sitting at the launch. Had some bad luck on my trip up this morning with a trailer axel and tire. I went out fishing but turned around and came back in the lake was a little to rough for the wife’s liking. Gonna wait it out a little bit then try for an evening bite I will post my findings later on
  14. I guess ive been pretty lucky with not getting tangled up. OR i just dont have enough time in with that spread to experience any severe tangles. Although there was a time i dropped a leadcore down with 6 rods and i paid the price for that. Every pole wrapped in the tangle and had to cut 8 colors off the pole live and learn. WONT do that again.
  15. 1988 Trophy hardtop. BLUE and white. If you see a white dodge dually withstacks on it in the parkin lot feel free to PM me or yell to me on channel 68 and i would let you in on any fish i find and lures/spoons i get with. IF i hook up at all.