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  1. I got bildge pump, but forgot the bathroom and washdown. Thank you
  2. Yup. I bought 60gallons a few months ago. Found it for $1.25 so i got plenty and wouldn’t try to dilute it
  3. Great job fellas on the Bucks!
  4. Sometimes I might rather this. When I’m hunting and try to give a recap when she been workin all day, its almost grounds for divorce! She gets so mad. Especially when I come home with a bear or a nice Buck.
  5. First year winterizing this boat. Just lookin to see if there is something more I should do. Its set up is a twin 305’s with rawwater pumps on front of engines. From the pumps the line runs to transmission then straight down throu the hull and into the scoop. Before running motors, I changed the motor oil and filters. Disconnect line from the scoop and started dumpin rtv antifreeze in the line while the wife started the motor and ran it, occasionally reving it up,while I kept dumping a total of 8gallons in the line. After 4 gallons of pure antifreeze comin out the exhaust baffles I fogged the carburetor till motor stalled. Then repeated with port motor. Is there anything else I should do.? Pull exhaust manifold plugs? Disconnect lines and block them up? Or bein I ran antifreeze trou the complete system I’m good? also I ran antifreeze trou my 3 bilge pumps. any advice is greatly appreciated thanks. Mike
  6. Rich on the Yankee Troller is a true professional. Great captain, and very well respected. Also If your lookin to go out of Point Breeze area I would also highly recommended “ 3 Dogs Fishing Charters”. Capt. Jay is a great guy to fish with. One of a kind,he will have u crackin up all day while catchin fish.
  7. Welcome to the site Bill. Great sight with great, knowledgeable members. Best of luck this upcoming season!
  8. Thanks Bill. My kill spot is 240yrds from the house in a 40ft wide cut. Really dont want to bait them in any closer to the homestead. I’m thinkin of running a direct burial wire to a Tree with red lenses motion light next to the spypoint. Whats ur thoughts about that? I’m worried that after callin night after night, there gonna learn and keep quiet
  9. Spent the past night few nights out with the exception of wendsday night. Last night felt good so after traveling an hour to my dads for my new flock of chickens. Got gome at 9pm and and sat on theberm of my pond. Started with a quick male howl, then female howl, followed by female bark. Waited 5 min and started rabbit in distressed call. Heard a fox barkin so turned it low and waited for him to get into the cut. Never happened. Killed the call and waited 10 min and started my sequence over. Female howl got them yipping so put the finisher on “pup in distress”. 5min in had one 200yrds comin head on. Turned on gun light and killed spotlight and at 150yrds squeezed off a round. He flipped and ran off. It was dark and couldnt find blood. Went out after work today and found him 50yrds away. One dog down and many more to go! Just set up a spypoint over a deer carcuss 200yrds behind the house where I shot him. Hopefully i get wokin up in themiddle of thenight and get a shot out my dining room window no way this pack is gettin my new flock of chickens.
  10. What a night so far! The wife and I sat in my treestand over the bait at 6:30pm. and playin coyote pup in distress. Brought an owl in 20yrds but no other action. Gave it an hour and came to the house. Let the dogs out to pee and I heard yelpin in the back. Got the dogs in and sat by my pond solo. Let out a coyote howl on the speaker and the woods lit up in a distance. Ran to the house to get the wife with a second rifle and light but she heard how many were out there and no way she could do it. Walked back to my m-14 on bipod and let the howl go again. She recorded out the window. I’m thinkin I could hear a 10+pack. At least 4-5 adults and some juveniles. What a rush. They flanked my right side where there was no light and probly seen me. What a rush. Love it. Gonna give it an hour and try down the road.
  11. In the past I always used my mossberg 835 12gauge 3.5in with 00 buvkshots. I no longer have the gun. When I missed I was using a single shot 12 gauge cause i didnt have my light. I put my light on my mini-14. Its a tack driver at 200+yards and i have a bipod on it. Ordered a second light for the wifes AR. But will b lookin to get a 6.5 creedmore in the future
  12. Also I’m dropping my brothers deer carcus in the woods where ive been seeing them so hopefully that will help as well
  13. They been makin loops trou everynight between 6:30 and 7:30. Then again around 11:00. I missed one the othernight becouse I didnt have a good light. Just got it in the mail yesterday so hopefully I’m postin pics tonight!
  14. Yea i used to wait till December cause they have much nicer coats but after what I woke up to this morning, I’m not waiting. Lol.
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