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  1. That sounds like something I’m gonna look into. Ur not leadin me in a “Misdirection” mr. Misdirection are u? Lol
  2. I have a sandblaster but no way is that animal blastin my boat. Lol. I blast bulldozers and heavy equipment and can’t back down the psi’s enough. A cheap sandblaster may do the trick thou. Thanks for the idea thou. I might grab one to save a little time
  3. Well people say its “Bad Luck” to change a boat name. I don’t believe in luck. Believe more in Karma and what cones around goes around. So the wife and I been discussing knew names since we bought it in late July. I Want something original and has somewhat of a meaning. Not easy nameing a boat. So far I’m leaning toward “BloodLine”. I havent seen that name on a boat around but I’m sure its out there. Who knows but as of now its BloodLine.
  4. So I thought it would be pretty cool to start a topic and post my progress along the way. Originally I was gonna sand it down and paint it becouse of how oxidized it was but after doin a little wetsanding I brought a small area back to its original beauty, and decided to wetsand and buff the entire rig. (Also the boat wont fit in my 14ft high garage if I pour the floor cause the door is 12ft high and I wont spray without a concrete floor) My plans for the boat is to wetsand all topside paint with 1000grit, then 1500,followed by 2500. Then use a medium cut polish and pad on the buffer, then light cut pad and polish quick, followed by a glaze with final pad. Bottom side will get hit by 80grit on the DA to take off years of paint then brush on new bottompaint. The entire cuddy has been scrubbed and cleaned spotless. Spent 8hrs with the carpet shampoer and it looks like new. So I’m 2 weeks into it now Wet Sanding everyday 3-4hrs after work. I finished the entire back. Removed decals, Wetsand ,and polish. Looks great. That was last week. So far this week I have the starboard side of the hull done with 1000grit and startin the 1500grit tomarrow after work. Definitely alot of work doin this to a boat of this size, but the finished product is definitely worth it. I think it may even be more time consuming then if i sanded, filled the scratches, and painted. But definitely cheaper. I painted my 1986 trophy 2460 4years ago and between sanding,filling,painting,buffing I was around 50hrs on it. I’m thinkin with wetsanding the Baha I will be close to double that.
  5. Very cool. I almost needed a tow my first trip with my 28ft baha. Lost a battery and starboard engine. Luckily my port engine got me back. Fixed thay issue quick. But I’m definitely confident If I need a tug back in, it wouldn’t take long. Just pay it forward. When a call goes out someone needs a tow, do what this fella did for you. Who knows, maybe this guy was paying it forward himself. good stuff.
  6. Nice work Mike. I’m thinkin u got another two or Three weeks before they really start running
  7. Nice work Mike. Go get em! I just got done shampooing all the carpets in the cuddy of my boat. Lol. I’ve been in the boat everyday since I got it home
  8. I’m sure we will be up more then just 1 weekend. We had a good time the last couple trips up there with u guys.
  9. Still available. Got a nice warm, cozy garage to sit in all winter if she dont sell.
  10. Jay your awesome man. Lol. can’t wait to stomp my cowboy boots all over that Tiara next year and Yes next time that old girl goes out, she gonna have a new dress. Gonna look real good.
  11. Trust me buddy I’ll still b on the site all offseason. Main reason I pulled the boat is to start scoutin some swamps back in no mans land next week.
  12. Thanks Les, lucky for me I didnt pour my floor last weekend like I planned. Just got her in with an inch to spare. Celing is 14ft high becouse I’m putting a lift in but doors are 12ft high. My boat is 12ft4in high on the trailer. If concrete was in It wouldnt fit. Looks like a lean-to is goin on next summer.
  13. Bought this months ago and didnt realize it was only 15lb. Its brand new never opened. Pretty impressive scale as it stores 8fish and touch screen. As we know definitely not big enough for Lake Ontario but thought maybe someone out there may do some bass/walleye fishin and it would be a good scale for that. paid $60 with shipping, but askin $45 shipped to your door. Once again its brand new never opened. thanks Mike
  14. Wrapped my salmon season up this past weekend and finally got the big girl home early this morning. Been a tough year, but I definitely achived a few goals that I thought were impossible. Of course getting the new boat was great but also I got way more trips this year then I thought I could ever do. Even got up durrin the week a few times. With the hard fishing you guys definitely helped me figure things out and get a few fish on deck. Whaler1,Sk8man,Gambler, and a bunch others, you guys are great! Thanks for the help with the posts and threads u guys put out there. Also built a great network of guys who fish out of Mexico and at any given time I could text and almost guarantee someone is out and exchangin info. Hookedup7,Logger Gen2, Cuttermag1 FatTrout and others Its been great workin with u guys and next april I’m sure we will be back at it. Lowballer I didnt forget about ya. Lol. Your great people in my eyes and gonna b a lifelong friend/fishing partner. Never met another fisherman who will drive out of there way just to stop by and make me a sandwich It’s on Clark for spring browns! We will get ur whole crew out and u can leave your yacht home for that weekend Time to start sanding and prepping the boat for paint and gettin her all cleaned and ready for 2021. Also this winter I will be workin on my 6-pack license and maybe sometime down the road I could become a part time charter 183days and counting down to my next trip Best of luck to you guys on the rest of the season
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