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  1. I just wanted to thank all you guys for helping me out. I got all the gear i was looking for, at some really good prices. I met with multiple members buying and swapping gear and you all are really good people in my book. Not lookin to make ridiculous money on your old gear and helping me with advice and pointers. Thanks again and best of luck in 2019
  2. I am selling a whole bunch of J-Plugs that I acquired from buying whole collections of fishing gear. I broke them down to lots of 14. Most are used but in good condition. Some are new. With each lot i will include at least 2 trouble hook harness’s. One small one large. I am asking $40+S&H per lot and am open to offers. private message me with offers. I am from Lake Ariel,PA(near Scranton). Thank You, Mike.
  3. Hachimo

    Susquehanna River Muskie

    Awesome video and great catch. I grew up in Pittston PA right next to the Suquehanna river and everyday after school fished for muskie,Pike,and walleye and i only got a hanfull of muskie but nothing like that. Takes alot of time and patience to get into toothy critters like that. Thanks for sharing
  4. I’m lookin for the following gear to get my boat fully rigged up for the 2019 season. I got an 1986 bayliner trophy 2460 hardtop so i want to run single mast’s of each side. I have no cooper setups and this year i want to expand my spread. Lookin for 300-500 copper. And if anyone has any wire dipsey combos there lookin to get rid of. If some of you guys got some extra gear layin around and want to make a few dollars send me a PM. Im from scranton Pa so depending where your from i may nees it shipped but i have a paypal account if that helps. Thank you. Mike
  5. 2018 was my first year on the big lake and absolutely enjoyed every min on it. So I’m dedicating this winter to getting my boat 100% gear up for 2019. To spend more time up there im thinking about buying a pull behind camper and finding a marina that i will be able to put the boat in a slip for the year and rent a campsite. A guy told me about catfish creek but i want to look around and get some input of where a good safe place to keep the boat. Especially after hearing guys having boats broken into last year and gear stolen. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Last year i boughta garmin ECHOMAP 73sv. It comes with side vu and down vu imaging. I tried using it once or twice but side or down imagining did not work. After doin some research i realized i need a different transducer but i am unsure of what transducer i need. Does anybody have one of these units or any knowledge of garmins and the transducers? Thank you I appreciate any input.
  7. After one year of fishing i can 100% agree with ya. Normally the wife runs the boat and does a dam good job. I run the gear and when we hook up she brings them in. One weekend she had to work so i brought an old friend who just got in the way and after he had a few drinks became a liability so that ended the already frustrating trip after fishing 3 hrs.
  8. Wow. Talk about putting some time in to explain the spread knotlost. Thank you for the in depth advice. Yes i have it beat into my head now that more rods isnt always the best. As a rookie capt. i thought the more more tods the better the chance of hookin up. But i over presented the area below deterring fish from the presentation. The more time i spead on here reading old forums and the answers from u guys and videos i watch im building up confidence for spring browns. Kills me to c a snow covered boat.
  9. I appreciate all the help guys. This site and you guys on it really helped a first time Lake Ontario fisherman put fish on the boat and hopefully more next year. I recently built two planer masts out of my old cannon hand riggers so my plan is to send the big boards out with 300 copper on the end of each board then a dipsy off each side and one rod off each rigger on back corners of boat and leaving the shoot open to land fish. That depends on lake conditions also.
  10. Yes, that was all i had to work with last year. 8 only on calm days but the occasional 8 rod tangled was a nightmare.
  11. Thank you for the info. So my thoughts are somewhat on the right track. I over presentated my spread my last few trips and it showed. Every boat around me was killing fish and i was skunked until i ran only two rigger rods
  12. Hey fellas, this was my first year fishing Lake Ontario. I did well for a rookie but now i want to experiment with rod spreads for next year to cover more area. I spent alot of money this year between buying a boat,riggers, and gear so my budget was limited. I run a25ft trophy. My spread consisted of 4 riggers with two rods on each with occasional cheaters. If lake was rough then Two riggers were out. Durring the winter i would like to further equip my boat and purchase more gear. My thoughts were putting a planer mast on each side then running 250-500copper 40ft or so of each side of boat. Then a dipsey off each side maybe on 2nd setting. Then keeping the riggers behind the boat. This probly sounds like non-sence to some of u seasoned vets but any inmput would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has any copper combos there lookin to sell i would be interested. PM me and let me what ya got. Thanks guys
  13. HookedupF7. I met ya when u were takin them pics. Surprised u didnt get my rig in the pic. Fishing was good sunday but today was much better. Well except for me and the wife. Lol we got 3 steelies and 3 knockoffs from 5:30am to noon. Think i figured out my problem thou. My 6rod spread is to tight. But as a rookie u learn from ur mistakes. Best of luck on ur next trips.