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  1. They're were 3 yakers and dudes on jet skis chucking poppers. It was nuts man.
  2. I'm still in shock 😵‍💫
  3. Final update on the overhaul in case anyone is interested. Went for striper out of Raritan bay yesterday. Boat ran great, everything worked, and the bay was full of bunker and keeper fish. Boxed our 3, released 8. Never fished a blitz before, absolutely crazy. Mojos, umbrella rigs, plugs, and Poppers. Killed it. A few tweaks and I'll see you all for browns. Thanks for all the advice! Clark
  4. Didn't know the gentleman but our thoughts go out to his family. I'm just one of many that have benefitted greatly from shared knowledge and a few laughs on this site. Thank you Mark! We salute you. Semper Fi.
  5. Second sea trials. She's good to go. Few electrical tweaks, deck lighting, downriggers. Wife's happy, made my day. Idle speed on relatively flat water is 3.2 to 3.5. Will a bag get me down to 2.5? She's perfect for trolling striper and blues. Appreciate the imput.
  6. Congratulations! She's a keeper 😉, good luck. J plugs and moons, you know the drill.
  7. One day at a time brother. Thoughts and prayers
  8. I went through 4 magic boat erasers. They worked great. Finished up the buffing this evening. Had to buff the deck out too. Really sucked. I followed up with the starbrite and a clean microfiber to get the build up out of the nonskid surface. Looks about as good as its going to. I'm just anal lol. Another question for you folk. Can I use a lithium battery for 2nd (house) for downriggers and deck lights. I bought 2 last year for the Misty, 1 med and 1 large for the trolling motor. Major investment, but it took 50lbs off the boat. Still using lead acid for crank and factory accessories. Thanks
  9. Lol, yes, did that. Guess after 20 yrs it'll have to do. I don't think this thing has seen wax for a decade. Severely oxidized. As far as the flex seal, I was referring to the inside of the hull where the fiberglass matting is exposed. Should have bought aluminum. 😪 oh well, she'll work fine. Last build for me. Thanks Less.
  10. Progress report. She buffed out about as far as my arms can take it. Is there a secret sauce to remove stains from non skid deck? I've tried everything I can think of. Used all of the marine products, 3m pads, buffer heavy cut compound, thinner, you name it. Also upon inspecting the inner hull, it holds moisture in the bow. Was thinking of a built in blower for ventilation. Or maybe an access hatch to put a small fan in. If I can get it dry can I flex seal the fiberglass or will that create problems? Thoughts? Thanks again.
  11. I agree, but wasn't making a political statement. Just hurts to see the fallen being forgotten. My dad was a Pearl Harbor survivor.
  12. I'm chewing on it, trying to way cost versus function. I don't get up to the O but for late season. I'm itching to be able to fish July. I fish Cayuga occasionally, and am only 2 hrs from upper Chesapeake. Building an around fishing machine with comfort for wife and play for grandkids. If I find a good used one, I'll probably jump. Thanks
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