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  1. Awesome report way to go! Great times Hoping to get one more trip this weekend in oswego,for the last before hunting we will see.
  2. Yeah we drive a long way to so i usually check a few different sites give us a better idea. Normally fish Oswego and occasionally mexico. Hope helps. I use windfinder: https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/lake_ontario_buoy maps of lake o and L-36 https://l-36.com/weather.php?lat=43.47&lon=-76.51&point1=Oswego,+NY&point2=Marine+Location+Near+Oswego,+NY&tide1=&tide2=&lat_long1=43.47,-76.51&radar=TYX&radar2=BGM&station=buf&ports=9052030&rss=osgn6&rss2=rprn6&rss3=rcrn6&airport=KFZY&geos=goes16/ne&lat_long2=43.47,-76.51&yd10=on&zone1=LOZ044&zone2=LOZ005&v=0.50 lake ontario united maps: https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/page/lakeontario_map/ scroll to bottom ndbc: https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45012 Give you an idea anyway.
  3. We started in Oswego fished one day there very slow caught fish 115-120 2.2.-2.5 troll 80 ft down Oswego very few marks and caught 2 king. Next 3 day fished mexico next 3 days, alot more marks and did 3-4 salmon per day 115-120 2.2 troll 80 feet down. Carbon 14, dipsey and flies caught all our fish. Went 3 per day. SLow but was better in Mexico than Oswego Aug 22-25. Hope to get up again next week sept 9-12 as weather doesnt look great. Hate to drive 5 hours and have miserable time on Lake. Greens Yellow and black spoons were good for us. Fish scattered both oswego and mexico. Good Luck all!!
  4. great glad for you and your son awesome! we also had 2 screamers end of day pulling riggers and rods on late night we fish light to dark and it was dark carbon 14 25+ that hasnt happened in awhile. Only getting better get out there! Cant wait to get back hopefully this weekend.
  5. We were up Aug 25- 28 Thursday to Sunday fish scattered. Caught fish every day but not as many as in prio years. We ended up with 10 Kings and 1 coho. Carbon 14 was good for us, and dipsey and flasher/flies best nothing caught on meat. We got 2 over 25lbs and the others smaller, not a bad trip but slower than normal. Hopefully back this weekend if lake cooperates.
  6. awesome great getting the kids out there and having a good time! We need more younger people out there.
  7. Great update looks encouraging hopefully get this weekend
  8. Any avid fishman looking to go Lake Ontario Oswego launch out of Wrights landing. Normally go every weekend through Labor day weekend. We love to fish usually out first light and not back until dark, Looking for someone who loves to fish that long and willing to drive part of the way. 5 hours from here. We sleep in boat or truck bed comfortable and dont have to pay hotel prices. We are in Hadley ma area. Anyone interested let me know your welcome on our boat. 413-695-2434. We fish and have fun! Live in western Ma any interested parties please let us know. Long trip to drive home.
  9. We made the trip July 15-17 did well. Friday 15 caught, mix of kings brown trout and steelhead. 20lb Salmon the rest smaller, 160 fow 75-80 down, troll 3 on top. All spoon bite green and black stinger worked for us. Sat pretty slow maybe 8 fish mix again. Sunday was best day, stayed till 11:30 then headed home 4 1/2 hr trip. again mix of kings steelhead and brown trout all in all good trip. Probably caught 15 sunday morning. Out at 5 until dark both Friday and Saturday. Back in 2 weeks. Good luck all.
  10. Thanks for the update great trip going up Friday hopefully we have god weekend!
  11. How does this transmit pics is it back to a screen on boat or phone
  12. Faster was better for us we did 2.8-3.2 at least this trip, normally 2.5-2.8 caught lots of fish at that speed
  13. Water temps was 46 when we were out browns were caught 10-12 on rigger the kings we caught 25-37.
  14. We were out Friday and Saturday 5/13 and 14 had a great trip lots of browns probably 30 or so and 8 salmon mostly small one 19 lbs. caught mostly in 75- 100 fow anywhere down 25-37 feet down didn't seem to matter what colors Carbon 14 caught lots of fish along with yellow orange and gold and black and purple eagle eye. caught ln dipsy's and lead core. Really didnt seem to matter just had great trip. Be back soon!!!
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