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  1. Tough last 3 weekends of fishing Aug 21 - Sept 4, think we will target July next year. Usually August pretty good for us not this year. July was much better. Probably one more trip in next couple weeks September has been good in prior years. Normally fish out of Oswego. Good luck out there.
  2. we did ok in 100-300 85-90 down water temp 47 but they should be in closer next weekend its very slow so be prepared we are hoping for a good weekend been up they last 2 weekends as i said slow. Good luck appreciate any info
  3. Great catch good for you! Thanks for the update.
  4. Great Fish! Thanks for the update we also fished Friday Sat and Sun 5 Friday 2 on Saturday and nothing Sunday. Tough weekend hopefully this weekend is better. We fished from 150 - 600.
  5. Awesome fish great job we are heading up Thursday. Any info appreciated.
  6. great fish going next week nice pics thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks for the replies hope they start up again we'll be going back Aug 20 and the following few weekends. Any updates appreciated.
  8. Sounds like a great day thanks for updating. Nice fish
  9. Fished 100 -400 fow but 200 -300 was our best
  10. Fished out of Oswego this past weekend, Saturday started off fast 4 Kings in the 1st hour after sunrise, all on Magnum spoons 100-140 down on rigger. 1st fish on Dipsy 300 on wire 4 more kings were caught throughout the day all kings 19 -24 lbs. We go this same weekend every year and normally have a good trip. glad no Harbor Fest so we can launch out of Oswego. We normally have a good weekend when we go this same weekend. Looking forward to next trip soon.
  11. great trip for the girls hopefully luck is turning around hope you are all well. thanks for posting
  12. Great to hear hoping to get up next couple weekends was waiting on better reports. Sounds like you had a good day!
  13. Sounds like fishing picked up headed out Friday night for weekend. Hope weather cooperates. Thanksfor all the good info.
  14. Thanks for the update, hope settles for evening bite Good luck all
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