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  1. Last price drop: Lures and pad $45 Rod and reel combos $35 each release,dipsy,rings $20
  2. Hawkeye50

    for sale : usa Items for sale

    Is spoon lot #1 sold?
  3. Offers? Will separate items and can ship all except rods.
  4. Hawkeye50

    Spring browns

    I usually run 8' fluorocarbon leader with small bead chain swivel off main line and small black snap at Lure.
  5. Okuma 7'6" classic pro glt rod Okuma CLX 30 reel,never fished custom Lure pad with 15 spoons,4 stick baits,4 peanut rigs Dipsey diver with 4 rings Assorted releases new Shakespeare ATS 30 reel with 5 core Shakespeare 7' rod All for $135 pick-up in Albany area or will meet in vicinity of Utica,items too costly to ship
  6. Price drop $130 plus shipping or pickup in Albany area.
  7. 15 spoons Okuma CLX 30 reel loaded with braid,used as backup reel never used 4 peanut lake trout rigs 4 dipsie rings $55.00 plus shipping
  8. Hawkeye50

    Atlantic towers

    I installed rocket launcher on a Pen Yan from Fishon sports a few years ago great product and price.Also many accessories available.Installation not that difficult with a couple of friends.
  9. Hawkeye50

    WTB small trolling reels

    I have a new Shakespear ATS 30 with 5 core,and a lightly used Okuma 30l with braid if interested.
  10. Hawkeye50

    Looking for kicker steering options

    No.On my install I had to cut the rod 2-3 times to get adjusted properly.Worked great and you can easily remove when running.
  11. Hawkeye50

    Looking for kicker steering options

    My current rig has ez-steer,works great.My last boat was set-up up like yours and I used a Panther steering rod .That also worked fine and cost a lot less.