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  1. 20 assorted spoons; honey bees,stingers,warrior,others $48.00 shipped to New York region
  2. 2 Church walleye boards with flags and releases port and starboard $45.00 ,can pick-up in Albany area or buyer pays shipping.
  3. Are the Bert's risers still available? And would you ship to Albany area?
  4. I fill my reels with all wire no backing.I think those reels will hold 1000' of wire.
  5. Will Wrights be open to launching this Spring,like it was last year?
  6. How much for the #1 and #5 and can you ship to Albany area? Thanks
  7. 4 heavy duty fully adjustable stainless steel Rod holders,like new condition $75.00 pick-up in Albany area or buyer pays shipping
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