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  1. 3 Trolling rods: 10 Okuma dipsey Rod, new 6'6" Quantum leadcore rod,new 8' Shimano triton light action dr,used custon spoon storage box,holds 75+ spoons assorted lure tape $85 pick-up in Albany areal l
  2. Any thoughts on harbor Trolling last week of September?
  3. Thanks for the info heading up tomorrow weather/waves look good think we'll give Oswego a try .
  4. Any recent reports out of Oswego,been real quiet.
  5. Anyone have good info on wind/wave conditions for this Friday Saturday?Looking at several sites and getting mixed reports as usual.From 1' to 3'-5'.
  6. Planning trip to Oswego this Friday is Wrights still available to launch?Also any reports out of Oswego I know winds have been brutal recently.
  7. Haven't been in O town in a few weeks,heard fishing has been very slow,heading up Friday any recent reports? Also just realized the Atomic tourney is this weekend ,thinking Wrights should be a zoo.
  8. Try angling the kicker motor attachment towards your main engine.I have also had to tighten set screws on mine.Be careful not to overtighten.
  9. I believe there are a few transient slips at Oswego Marina on the opposite side of the river.From what I have heard you can still launch at Wrights.
  10. Can you still launch and park at Wrights?
  11. Looking for Gander Mountain 10' dipsy Rod They were heavy action ,brown color blank,Don't think they are still in production
  12. I also used same air line fitting on my ez steer,worked great and cheaper than buying replacement fitting from manufacturer
  13. Looks like a jigging box, have seen them before used mostly for landlocks.However have never seen one from Cannon.
  14. I would opt for an 8hp 4 stk have purchased 2 Tohatsu kickers in the past ran great with no issues and relatively light,If I remember weight was about 80 lbs.
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