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  1. I don't think you would have enough power to troll and maintain control,especially with any wind . I would recommend a min of 8 hp.
  2. I have a pair with extra keels and a few releases Pm me if still interested.I am in the Albany area thanks
  3. If I had only 1 choice would be white green dot with atomic stud fly.
  4. Was fishing Oswego last weekend and found fleas to pretty thick,had them on a the wires.The fishing on Friday and Sunday was spotty for us ,Saturday was a blow-off day.Landed 4 mature kings ,3 skippys , small coho ,and a nice brown.Kings in 180'- 300' ,brown in 100' Good luck.
  5. Oswego Reports Heading to Oswego for the weekend. Any info on how deep the fish are would be appreciated.Two weeks ago fish very deep 140'-150' of cable. Thanks
  6. Oswego fleas Any recent reports on fleas in Oswego area?
  7. l have been running the Amish Outfitters snubbers on my cannons for 3 years ,no issues work great.
  8. Oswego fishing reports Fished Oswego Friday and Saturday found tough conditions only managed 1 lake trout , 2 steelhead ,lost a small king and broke off a good coho .Fished from 25' to 180'fow.Anyone have better results?
  9. With the high water level how are the launching conditions at wrights ? Thanks
  10. Wrights Launch Conditions Any recent info on high water and dock situation? Last I heard was docks 6" under water Thanks
  11. Oswego Conditions Planning trip to Wrights on Friday , hearing horror stories about historic flooding and dangerous lake conditions with floating debris. any info on the above would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Panther Electrosteer T5 Any opinions on this unit for kicker steering on lake O Thanks
  13. I have the 9.8 on my 22' Penn Yan and it pushes boat fine .I would recommend the extra long shaft model and high thrust prop
  14. Sold / Closed

    Stick baits and ram mount sold pending payment,rest still available
  15. Sold / Closed

    Last call.Any reasonable offers considered