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  1. Is the launch accessible at Wrights? And what about parking?
  2. Hawkeye50


    From what I have been able to determine Mayor stated Marina closed until July if they open at all,however have seen several posts where guys have launched at Wrights with no problem.
  3. What port did you launch out of ?I have heard mixed reports that Wrights is closed,yet some still allowed to launch. Also any Salmon reports on Lake George yet?
  4. Ugly stick,I use Gander Mountain 10' rods would love to pick-up a 1 or 2 more but can't seem to find any,don't think there made any longer,great rod for slide diver.
  5. I thought yesterday Oswego mayor stated launch is closed indefinitely?
  6. On a boat I had few years ago mounted cannon mag 10s with gimbal mounts with o problems.What I did was install oak backing plates under the gimbal mounted rod Holders.
  7. Be careful mounting too far forward on tight turns run the risk of cable tangling in Prop.I would mount them on rear corners. Good luck.
  8. I use small bead chain in Spring, helps keep debris off Lure,later in season will change to heavier bead chain to connect leader to main line on spoon rods.
  9. Does anyone know for sure if ramp is open? So much confusing info out there,website says open,have also heard facility is closed until July.
  10. Found mine at Home Depot last year.
  11. Yes.Finally after several tries I got it done.Hooked -up to truck and worked actuator back and forth,then bled brakes with a pump sprayer and clear hose,worked like a charm.Always amazed at what you find on utube.
  12. Towing 18' trophy,loaded approx 3500-4300 pounds.
  13. Thanks guys,tried vacuum bleeder,with limited success,will give it another try later this week,at least it keeps me busy these days .
  14. I tried the gravity method,no flow.Also used harbor freight pressure bleeder,still did not get good results.This am tried pumping with screw driver from actuator,again little or no flow,pulling out what little hair I have left.Thinking about taking trailer to local auto repair shop.
  15. I have been attempting to bleed the surge brakes on my single axle trailer and after trying several methods can't seem to get all the air out.Jacked-up trailer and spun wheel activated coupler and wheel did seem to brake.Any thoughts?
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