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  1. Had an 8 Tohatsu 4 stroke on Islander I had a few years ago great motor.Get electric start and extra long shaft to dig into waves.I believe the 8 electric start Also has alternator to charge battery.
  2. Have the following items for sale: 23 assorted spoons; Alpena diamond,evil eye,honey bees,stinger,warrior ,some vintage spoons,etc.with storage box 5 stick baits 5 old school squids with double hook rigs jensen silver glow dodger with action fly $50.00 + shipping or pick-up in Albany area
  3. Not sure if that would work.I think Scotty no longer makes the part .Try contacting Fish307 they are Scotty reps and may have some left.Good luck.
  4. I run the same set-up you need the Scotty thimble..I think they are hard to find.
  5. Cleaning-out Tackle,have the following items: 3-flies with tournament ties 1-glow meat rig 5-assorted spoons 11-stick baits 1-large lake troll 1-Elbert a clipper 1-package wiggle fin action disks 1-big Jon fish whistle glow $75.00 shipped to New York or can be picked-up in Albany area
  6. Thanks guys for your imput.Thinking about a Ram 1500,had one in the past and was a great tow vehicle and gas mileage was not bad.
  7. Does anyone tow with this Truck? Thinking of buying one, reading mixed reviews.Will be towing boat weighing approx 4500lbs Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info I think the benefits outweigh the backing -up problem.Plan to install them in Spring
  9. Thanks for the replies ordered them will install in Spring and feel confident they will improve performance.
  10. Anyone ever install these ? If so did they work as advertised?I have heard good things about them and thinking about installing them on my boat in Spring
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