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  1. Thanks for the replies ordered them will install in Spring and feel confident they will improve performance.
  2. Anyone ever install these ? If so did they work as advertised?I have heard good things about them and thinking about installing them on my boat in Spring
  3. No way don't leave the top up I had an Islander ,built wood frame then put boat cover over frame then tied tarp over cover.Tarp allows snow to easily slide off.Have used same methods for several boats with good results.Good luck
  4. Looking for Gander Mountain dipsy Rod I believe they are 10' long seem hard to find
  5. You could possibly cut in an access hatch to reach mounting bolts for kicker bracket
  6. Looking for ideas for running transducer cable on my 1802. The wire chase tube is full,anyone run into this before?Any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Fuel separator filter with anti siphon fitting to kicker,works great
  8. Thanks for the info.How deep of water were you fishing?
  9. Thinking about making last run this weekend. Is the lake fishing still holding up?Any info on depths to start,heard some are trolling in the harbor.Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Heading to Oswego Saturday pm and Sunday any recent fishing reports and lake conditions would be appreciated.
  11. Ranger hook free net 21" hoop, handle extends to 6 1/2' long like new used as back-up $25.00 located in Albany area
  12. 25 assorted trolling spoons;warrior,mooselock,honeybees,some new,a few vintage with storage box $55.00 shipped to N.Y.
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