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  1. Looking for fiberglass drift boat 15'-16' reasonably good shape with trailer. Thanks
  2. Just connected my unit to auxiliary battery screen shows Warning High Voltage.Any concerns about damage to the unit? If so how can I resolve the issue? Thanks.
  3. 3 cannon emergency crank handles 1 large( 12) section flasher storage pouch 2 Scotty rod holders,new 1 locking base 1 walker deeper diver 4 dipsie rings $70 shipped or $60 picked-up in Albany area
  4. Interested in non-swivel bases.How much to ship to Albany N.Y. area ? Thanks
  5. Price drop$ 60.00
  6. Hawkeye50

    Sold / Closed Mag Stick Baits

    Price drop $50 plus shipping
  7. 18 planer board release clips 5 downriggers releases 2 dipsie divers $75
  8. Box of large stick baits( 13) Manns, Gags,Bagleys used for striper trolling,good musky baits,with storage case $65.00 picked-up in Albany area or shipping extra
  9. Rod Holders sold.Asking $30.00 for spoons.
  10. 15 spoons various makes and sizes (warrior,honeybee,stinger,) 2 new Scotty rod holders with locking mounts spoon box,$70.00
  11. Hawkeye50

    Gunwale painting or covering up?

    Did a boat a few years ago used thin diamond plate and riveted into gunwales looked great and no chipping worries ever again.
  12. Amish Outfitters medium size spoon bag with 12 spoons ,mostly stingers and 12 stick baits $ 90 picked-up in Albany area or buyer pays shipping.
  13. Hawkeye50

    Wanted Need equipment

    I have 2 rod holders and net holder posted on this site if interested.