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  1. Anyone been out of Oswego last few days? Any reports?
  2. Anyone launching out of Wright’s?I heard not officially open until May 1,but can still launch there.
  3. Absolutely,hug the walls with your boards have had a lot of success inside
  4. Price drop$45 shipped
  5. Assorted Trolling items; 4-Scotty Power Grip Releases 5-Trolling Flys,proven colors,tournament tied rigs 3- Dipsey Divers with rings 2-Lake Trout Rigs $55 shipped NE region
  6. 2-Downrigger Rods; 1-Daiwa Wilderness 9’ medium action 1-Okuma Classic Pro 8’6” medium action both Rods in excellent condition,minimal use $40 pick-up in Albany area
  7. Is it ok to use a rod with a twili tip for weighted steel line?
  8. Still available,New price $75 shipped to lake O region
  9. Deal fell through so reel still available
  10. Awaiting payment,if deal falls through I’ll let you know
  11. Quantum Controller CN 40 Trolling reel full of 200’ Blood Run Copper line,50 lb braid backing,40’ 30 lb big game leader.Reel like new with box.$75 +shipping
  12. 3 cut bait rigs tied with 50 lb Ande ,twinkies,and 11” custom paddle $40 shipped
  13. 3 new cut bait rigs with glow heads,twinkies,Ande 50 lb test Also 2 large flashers.$45.00 shipped
  14. 2 used flashers and 4 new flies proven colors,tournament ties with Ande 50lb test $35 shipped
  15. 47H reel in excellent shape,loaded with leadcore and backing $30
  16. I live in the Albany area also and have been brining up the river herring for the last 3-4 years and I can tell you they work great.I catch them in Sprig and freeze them until late June or early July Then I fillet them up and brine them in Patuzke solution ,also add a little garlic scent to the mix.Good luck.
  17. Hand-held VHF radio,manual,and charger in excellent condition was back-up on my boat never used $45.00 shipped
  18. Total of 9 various makes of releases,all in excellent condition $30.00 shipped
  19. Brads cut plug rigs with twinkies,great colors $35 shipped
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