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  1. lyteline

    Cayuga Cayuga tips this for Friday

    Watch for logs and trees.The lake is full of debris...Zeke n Cyn
  2. lyteline


    Cayuga will be a mess.Rt 89 is closed both ways in the Sheldrake area......
  3. lyteline

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    You have a PM...
  4. lyteline

    Tie down those boats!

    Years ago a boat came off its trailer on the 104 bridge in Oswego.The guys got to the launch and NO BOAT...
  5. lyteline

    Cayuga Fleas

    Fleas were very manageable this am.Weed pods were a non issue.Fished in the Taughannock area...Zeke n Cyn
  6. lyteline

    Thank you HANK

    The boat ran great...No fumes,No leaks and no problems of any kind.We couldn't be happier...Thank you very much...
  7. Just saw a few on eBay...Zeke n Cyn
  8. lyteline

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    He will tie them for you...!!!
  9. lyteline

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    I got my fly's yesterday.They look great and I'm looking forward to running them. Fast shipment and very good quality...Zeke and Cyn
  10. lyteline

    Best launch in Port Bay?

    Thank you...
  11. lyteline

    Best launch in Port Bay?

    Is there a dock...???
  12. It may be a Renosky Lure Crystal Flash Series