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  1. Hey Pat...The reels we're in perfect condition.Dod you use them...? Thank you...Zeke n Cyn
  2. There's a like new condition probe for $175 obo that was just listed...!!!
  3. You have any Alpena Diamonds?
  4. I don't think Nick will agree ours was so smooth.Hes a great guy and pulled me through it...!
  5. Got my order today...Thank you Nick
  6. I'll take the Pirates...TY
  7. Reminds of the old Fays Drug Watertown when they showed up at the shows.
  8. Misc Tackle

    Mike...You didn't need them m...!
  9. Don't worry Mike...Help has been given.../
  10. You have a PM..../
  11. I'm doing my part to keep the economy going...
  12. Payment was sent to you...Thx