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  1. Stan...Meyers has the disabled unit to lift you in and out of your boat...Zeke and Cyn
  2. I'll take them...Check your PM
  3. lyteline

    Cayuga Boat vs Shore fishing etiquette

    Cyn and I give the shorebound people the right of way as much as possible.The only exception would be if we were boxed in by other boats and couldn't move out...Zeke and Cyn. Strike 3
  4. Will be watching Craigslist
  5. Mike We can only run 3 rods/person...!!!
  6. lyteline

    Flasher fly lot

    You don't need more stuff...
  7. As I don't have a boat I'm now a collector ...
  8. You have enough already...
  9. We've used almost frequently theses past several years.Cyn and I are gonna pound em this season...
  10. Glad that you're having...Zeke and Cyn
  11. lyteline

    Cayuga lake launches

    The lake is up about 2' maybe a little more.You should be fine...Zeke and Cyn