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  1. stinger

    Brown or LL salmon??

    A topic like this comes up every now and then. These are lake run browns and salmon to compare. Three browns on top and three LL's below. 3 browns & 3 salmon.bmp
  2. stinger

    .357 round for deer

    The Remington 158 gr SJHP is worth considering. I've used this bullet in both my .357mag and .44mag for hunting deer. This bullet is a vary good in deer size game. Quick expansion, bullet weight retention and holds together pretty good going through bone. The link will take you to a ballistic test to get some idea of performance. You'll get better muzzle velocity/energy in your 6" barrel than the 3" barrel in the video test
  3. stinger

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    One idea: Like volunteer firemen New York could have Deputy CO's. A few more eyes around at peck times would help. With deer season upon us there won't be much enforcement on the water.
  4. stinger

    Kayak fishing on Cayuga

    Here is a thought to add to your winter fishing
  5. stinger

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    This is my personal best salmon caught last Sept, 9lb 8oz.. Couple pics from this year Rainbow Don't have a size on this nice salmon. It was released without removing it from the water
  6. stinger

    Cayuga 9/30

    We are not using the palomar knot to join lines. Use it for hooks, swivels, snaps, etc. There are much better knots to join two lines.
  7. stinger

    Cayuga 9/30

    Ditto on the palomar knot for heavy line. I use it for 20lb flea flicker on up. Even works good for braided line. Easy, fast and won't slip
  8. stinger

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/3

    A good poor man's down speed indicator is a dodger. It will have a nice rhythmatic pulse on the rod tip at the proper speed. Watch how the rod tip pulses when it is near the surface (say 10'-20' down) at trolling GPS speeds. Then look at it every now and then when at depth. Works on riggers, wire dip's, lead core's, etc. Search "thumper rods" for some more tips. Check your spoons at the same time to see how they are running and adjust your boat speed according to the dodger rhythm when at depth. You will not get a pulse with a flasher.
  9. stinger

    Kicker won't hold trolling speed

    Thanks for the feed back. Checking the fuel supply line is easy enough to do. I have a portable tank that I can hook up on my next trip and see if that clears it up. Never thought about a timing belt because the engine run fine at other RPMs. The Merc 9.9 is a black Tohatsu. My Dealer is Snake Creek Marine in Conklin Forks PA and they got wiped out in the flash floods back on August 14th so I was hesitant to call them about this problem. I'll do a little looking into replacing the timing belt on my own if they aren't back up and running yet. Any tips there would be appreciated. Thanks again
  10. HELP! Kicker doesn’t hold trolling speed 2006 Mercury 9.9 Four stroke, tiller short shaft (I bought new) 1,100 hours on engine equipped with Troll Master Pro (2006 model) Problem: engine will not hold set trolling speed. If I set it at say 2.0 mph GPS it will eventually slow down to 1.5-1.7 +. I hit the MFT (momentary full throttle) button for a split second and the engine returns to initial setting, 2.0 mph for a few minutes and then slowly drops off to the slower speed. Engine runs smooth at all speeds including trolling. No missing or hesitating. At different times to tried to remedy this by making these changes. 1) replaced the servo for the Troll Master throttle control 2) upgraded the linkage from the servo to the throttle 3) changed spark plugs and 4) most recently rebuilt the carburetor last week Also the same problem exists if I set the speed with the tiller and lock it there with the friction knob. Fuel comes from the same tank as the main engine going thru a fuel/water separator filter and splits from there going to each engine. Fuel is treated throughout the season with StaBil Marine stabilizer year around. I even siphon a couple quarts of gas out of the bottom of the fuel tank every spring to be sure there isn’t any water or jell in it from winter storage. There doesn’t seem to be a change in how the engine trolls with any of these attempts to fix it. I’m hoping someone out there is familiar with this problem and knows the remedy for it. Thanks
  11. Bought this new and was never installed. $ 100.00 OBO
  12. stinger


    Looks like a little Bud down the hatch and a Bush on the surface to get things started....
  13. I think he is talking about Quick Slide Mounts. https://www.bigjon.com/product/quik-slide-mounting-base
  14. stinger

    Deans cove 4/14

    I'm a little slow getting to the keyboard but I don't think conditions will change much this week. . Fished out of Long Point Sat also. Both East and west side. Surface temp was 38.1 to 38.4 every place I went. Didn't get anything in the upper water columns. The only fish I could mark was in 125' to 150' bottom and that was the only place I could catch anything. All lakers, no silvers. Most fish caught were down 90' to 11o', one at 65'. Dipsey set at 290' worked.