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  1. Looks like they are chasing the SMART TROLL. Same system in a new package. I wounder if there is any patent infringement.
  2. Rip for sure. Been replacing them since the mid 80's and have never had a outdated flare fail. Some were 20 years old. I save all my old flares, work great for smoking out wood chucks .
  3. Set your line counter to zero. Pull out the line until it reads say 20. Measure how much line is out. That should give you a good idea of THAT reel is doing. Keep in mind that a full spool will play out more line at 20 than a spool 3/4 full.
  4. I bought the Solas prop and installed it on my 2006 Mercury 9.9 4 stroke kicker. Had it out fishing twice now and am sorry that I didn't do something like this long ago. Although the standard three blade prop worked I find that this prop gives my kicker better performance overall. There is less vibration, smoother running and better throttle control with the TrollMaster. I have a 19' glass hardtop and run bags so the kicker will run at a higher rpm for better thrust and boat control. Top boat speed (gps) is 4.5-5 mph with either prop. I too thought my stock prop was just fine until I replaced it. At $67.00 from Amazon it is worth the try. Thanks AA for your recommendation.
  5. I bought two of the new Saltist 40's over the winter. I'll probably never use the old silver version again. It will sit in the cabin as a backup or a guest can use them if they want to. I would prefer the old Daiwa Sealine GL 47's over the silver wrist wacker. All those daiwa's are easily repairable.
  6. That's a real beauty . I see by the fin clip that it's a stocked fish. Anyone have the fin clip legend that DEC put out? I (we) would be interested in knowing how old it is.
  7. Welcome aboard Wes. Lots of good stuff here. The " Search " feature in the upper right hand corner will cut down on a lot of scrolling. Place a "Wanted" add in the classifieds for those rigger parts. You'll get a lot more looks there for what you are looking for.
  8. Thanks for digging that up. The only info I have on my stock prop is "P 8.5" stamped on the back of one of the blades. The blades are cheap enough to experiment with. I spend more than that on vehicle and boat fuel for one trip. I appreciate your help AA. Not trying to steal your thread cnyh2ofowler. Someone may chime in on this and answer your question.
  9. Times two on the hydraulic steering & Ray EV150, what Gambler said. Best friend you'll ever have on your boat.
  10. Thanks. Enjoy your vacation.
  11. AA: What is the model# of the Solace four blade prop you use. I have a 2006 Merc 9.9 4 stroke with the stock three blade prop that I use as a kicker for trolling on my 19' glass boat. Just wondering if a four blade will be better suited for 1.8-2.5 mph that I usually am trolling at.
  12. This is still available if interested. Furuno-Airmar 520IHD, P79 In-Hull Owners Guide.pdf
  13. Another thing to consider is run trolling bags so you will have to run at higher RPMs. The higher RPMs will also generate more amps to charge your batteries if you have that feature.
  14. Anytime Guido. Moving forward questions like this one you posted will get better looks and more chances of member input in as category like "Tackle & Techniques"
  15. I've used Big Jon's with the booms in the up position to pull planer boards and it worked really well on my boat. The electric retrieve is great. Use quick slide mounts to change positions of the riggers as needed.
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