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  1. stinger

    Cayuga CAYUGA 1st OUT

    Maybe this will help clarify the number of hooks (hook points) question: ********************************************* Freshwater Fishing Regulations Methods of Taking Fish Angling Angling means taking fish by hook and line. This includes bait and fly fishing, casting, trolling and the use of landing nets to complete the catch. Anglers must be in immediate attendance when their lines are in the water. The use of set lines where the angler is not in immediate attendance is prohibited. An angler may operate no more than three lines with or without a rod. each line is limited to not more than five lures or baits or a combination of both. in addition, each line shall not exceed 15 hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks. Snatching, lifting, hooking and use of tip-ups are not angling. ********************************************** ie: a number 11 Rapala has 9 hook points (three treble hooks) link to DEC regs: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7917.html
  2. Needs a little more of this >
  3. Your welcome anniep. I had them fix my AP2000 back when I used to have one and they did a quick turn around.
  4. This transducer will work on these units if anyone is interested.
  5. Here is another lead to have your unit repaired: http://www.kingmarineelectronics.com/
  6. You are right .I have been getting rid of stuff. I set up a account on Ebay and paypal it was kind of a pain and they are still holding the money for everything Ive sold. 21 days they dont tell you about. That being said If we could get together I could put that on ebay for you. 

     Just as a arima friend

    Check out Furuno FCV 667 Ive got two on Ebay .Getting some interest.


  7. stinger

    Brown or LL salmon??

    A topic like this comes up every now and then. These are lake run browns and salmon to compare. Three browns on top and three LL's below. 3 browns & 3 salmon.bmp
  8. stinger

    .357 round for deer

    The Remington 158 gr SJHP is worth considering. I've used this bullet in both my .357mag and .44mag for hunting deer. This bullet is a vary good in deer size game. Quick expansion, bullet weight retention and holds together pretty good going through bone. The link will take you to a ballistic test to get some idea of performance. You'll get better muzzle velocity/energy in your 6" barrel than the 3" barrel in the video test
  9. stinger

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    One idea: Like volunteer firemen New York could have Deputy CO's. A few more eyes around at peck times would help. With deer season upon us there won't be much enforcement on the water.
  10. stinger

    Kayak fishing on Cayuga

    Here is a thought to add to your winter fishing
  11. stinger

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    This is my personal best salmon caught last Sept, 9lb 8oz.. Couple pics from this year Rainbow Don't have a size on this nice salmon. It was released without removing it from the water
  12. stinger

    Cayuga 9/30

    We are not using the palomar knot to join lines. Use it for hooks, swivels, snaps, etc. There are much better knots to join two lines.