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  1. This vid came out on Friday in the NYS DEC - The Fishing Line - October 22nd Edition, filmed October 8th, 2021. I thought that you would like to see this. Pretty interesting. It's about 30 minutes long and delivers a lot of information about sturgeon and the sturgeon stocking program in Cayuga Lake and New York State. Zebra mussels and gobies beware! https://www.facebook.com/NYSDEC/videos/598593474606608/
  2. Yes to Purple Taco. Also: http://www.stanleysstingerflies.com/Materials Price List.htm
  3. I added a couple of these to my boat last year and they worked out pretty good. I did blow a fuse and the corresponding light illuminated so finding the blown fuse was easy. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HDYQMB5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Generally the the rough running problem with those 9.9's is the carburetor. They will probably need to be taken apart and cleaned. I have a 2006, had it back to the dealer after a couple years. He said the jets are tiny and just needs to be cleaned. YouTube has a couple videos on how to do it. Pretty easy and you won't need a parts kit either if you are careful with seals. I did it myself three times since. After the first time you do it it will take you about a hour to take off, clean, reassemble and install.
  5. I have the EV-150 ( just a bigger pump than the ev-100) on the main and use a tie bar for the kicker. If the tie bar doesn't work for you use the ez steer. The tie bar is much easier to use if it will adapt to your setup.
  6. stinger

    Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1

    From the looks of his pictures he doesn't have to wait till fall to have the lake to himself.
  7. I had a dream last night that once trolling at night catches on in the fingers this is what it will look like.....
  8. I'll bet a few guys are following this thread. I would be interested in hearing how you make out trolling the fingers for trout/salmon in the dark. I often wondered if they actively feed at night. This could open more fishing opportunities for some.
  9. The rods are usually threaded so any boom should be able to be taken off or replaced if broken, bent, etc. Easy fix if the short arms don't work out.
  10. Big Jon's are probably the easiest riggers to repair or adapt to any boat. You can get extensions and easily lengthen the booms out to 42"-48". Check the classifieds or put in a WTB "Wanted to Buy" ad for the extensions.
  11. That's a good question to ask your ECO or the DEC legal department. Page 73 in the Reg book has: Angling Angling means taking fish by hook and line. This includes bait and fly fishing, casting, trolling, and the use of landing nets to complete the catch. • Anglers must be in immediate attendance when their lines are in the water. ⊲ The use of set lines where the angler is not in immediate attendance is prohibited. • An angler may operate no more than 3 lines with or without a rod. ⊲ each line is limited to not more than 5 lures or baits or a combination of both. ⊲ in addition, each line shall not exceed 15 hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks. • Snatching, lifting, hooking, and use of tip-ups are not angling. Would the downrigger cable be considered a line under those circumstances? What's to keep you from attaching a lure to the cable or weight? A quick call will set you straight.
  12. Roger on the great new design. You can see them on the Daiwa website under SALTIST® LEVELWIND LINE COUNTER. I checked a couple sites but haven't seen any available yet.
  13. The year the boat was made is at the end of the boats serial number
  14. Here are two 12 lb'ers in the classifieds.
  15. Do not attach the release to the rigger weight. By doing so when you load up the rod the tension on the line will pull the tail in that direction causing the weight to steer in that direction until it can't go out any farther and then reverse in the other direction until it can go any farther and so on. Any of the releases that attach to the cable will stop that action. To prove this back and forth movement to yourself lower the weight down 10' or so and load up the weight and see how it pulls the tail off to the side steering the weight so it won't track straight. Pancakes are the worst for not tracking straight when attaching releases on the tail. Also be sure the tail on the weigh is straight so it doesn't act like a rudder or keel. Blacks, Dubro, Chamberlins, etc all work just fine on the cable.
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