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  1. Binghamton Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. What a awesome fish. Cayuga Lake has given up two 14lb class Atlantics in one week. Unheard of in Cayuga Lake till now. Congratulations to you and Rusty Rat (Scott).
  3. Seneca Seneca skunk

    got this pic last September on Cayuga Lake. Nasty buggers.
  4. Thanks DD. Appreciate it.
  5. Just bringing this back to the top to see if there is any interest for someone that may have missed it last month.
  6. Cayuga last night.

    Poor fish....looks like shock therapy gone bad. Nice report.
  7. Eaglerock charters

    How long ago was that. Doesn't sound like anything he would do. Eagle Rock hasn't been on the south end of the lake and hasn't fished below Long Point in years (15+).
  8. Yes, that is what I'm referring to. BJ's item# QS506. The top piece with the spring loaded locking pin. Big Jon wanted $70.00 for just the top piece. I can get the new set for that much. Was hoping someone had a couple hanging around they wanted to get rid of.
  9. Furuno 520-IND (Airmar model P79) transducer Furuno 520-IHD shoot thru the hull transducer. New in the box. This unit is the Airmar P79 with a 10 pin Furuno plug on it. 600 watt, Dual Freq 50/200 This link takes you to all the features & Technical info. New $150.00 ( MSRP $175.00) Will sell for $100.00 plus any shipping if needed. Bought this for my boat couple years ago and never installed it.
  10. Big Jon Quik-Slid mounts I'm looking for two Big Jon Quik-Slide Mounts. In a perfect world all I would need is the top piece you mount DR's or rod holders to. I have the base plates already mounted on my boat and looking to duel purpose that position.
  11. Dipsey colors?

    Good idea. May end up doing just that. Red and Green would be easy for port & starboard. The red will be black at the depths we run the dipsey's.
  12. Jrmarine kicker lift

    Yes I have one. Installed it new in 2007. Haven't had any problems with it. Would recommend it to anyone that hasn't had a hernia yet. A hell of a cheaper than surgery and the only thing that hurts is your wallet but well worth it. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United