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  1. X3 on Deans Cove. Another option is across the lake from Deans Cove on the east side is Long Point State Park. Nice park and with clean rest rooms and deep water a few paddle strokes from the launch site. If your going to use any of the state parks more than 12 time a year it would better to purchase a Empire Pass for $80.00. It gives you unlimited access to any New York State Park. You can get one on-line and info on all the benefits it has to offer.
  2. Common sense would tell you to hold the flare over the side of the boat and pointing away. It shouldn't take long to get some common sense if you don't. You'll only make that mistake once.
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.........
  4. Snake Creek Marine in Montrose, PA. They do good service in rigging and engine repairs & tuning. I've been going to them for 30 years now and have been satisfied. That's way I keep going back. Family owned and operated. Three generations https://snakecreekmarineinc.com/site/
  5. If all else fails get some of Dave's spoons (R&R) and spray paint the cup metallic brass
  6. This is the link for R&R Tackle. You'll see the spoon on the home page. http://www.mytacklebox.com/
  7. All good info above. One more easy thing to try is stop your boat and let one rigger ball down, say 30'. If you can't see it then either your gain is to low or your 'ducer is not angled in the right direction or both. If you do see the ball send it down deep ( 80') and watch it. Then do the same thing for each of the other riggers to be sure that they all are in the cone. Once you have that then start moving the boat forward and gradually increase speed up to say 2 mph gps. If you loose the balls on the screen before you get to your trolling speed then the 'ducer needs to angle back more. You'll need a wide angle cone for the deep water.
  8. Search "conesusguy" in the Members List and try a PM. Maybe that will get his attention.
  9. If you don't mind catching lake trout right now go out to the 125-150 water and run your stuff 80' -120' and you won't get skunked or disappointed.
  10. Caught this brown a few years ago and don't have a measured length but the newspaper will give you an idea of length. The fish weighed in at 11lb 5oz. Girth will play a big part in weight on these fish.
  11. Not sure if this is still available but you can't beat this unit for the price. It is posted in the "Classifieds" section.
  12. This is what they are talking about http://www.tamiron.com/Tamiron-Honeybees-s/103.htm
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