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  1. Good idea. May end up doing just that. Red and Green would be easy for port & starboard. The red will be black at the depths we run the dipsey's.
  2. Yes I have one. Installed it new in 2007. Haven't had any problems with it. Would recommend it to anyone that hasn't had a hernia yet. A hell of a cheaper than surgery and the only thing that hurts is your wallet but well worth it. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Great pics. The only thing better than looking at someone else's fishing pictures is looking at mine,......right now I'll have to settle for yours. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Cayuga Can't find any boating advisories so far.
  5. Thanks for the heads up SuttonT. Didn't have the new change in my radar. Guess I should try reading the rule book once in awhile[emoji5]. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Fished Sat. long point to tin can. Wasted the first 3hours in the upper water table then went to the depths. Limited out on lakers in a hour & half. Down 110' over 120'- 140'. Best laker for the day was 31". They took spoons, d/f. Surface temp 38-39 deg. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. I've been adding those brass rattle tubes that bass fishermen use to the base ( fly end) of my dodgers for years. Does it help catch more fish? I don't know but it makes me feel better. Sorta like putting wiggly eyes on my flies....
  8. Cayuga

    I haven't launched there this spring but the lake levels are on the rise and nearing summer level. Check out the graph as of 3/27.
  9. I'll be interested in how you make out with the install and operation of your new Simrad. I have the Ray Sportpilot. It does have it's limits holding course depending on the winds as you know. Ray replaced my Sportpilot 5 years ago without charge. It started to get sloppy because of the wear in the gears. I sent the helm unit back for repairs and a new one showed up 5 days later. It's still holding on but the wear issue is starting to show up on this one also. I know your frustration when the AP bombs out . Had a AP for 26 years and I'd be lost without one. Hope you have a good fishing season, especially with your new best friend (Simrad)
  10. I put one of theses on my Arima 7+ years ago. Lifting a Mercury 9.9hp 4 stroke short shaft. Skeg is out of the water when boat is on plane. Never had a problem with it. The owner is vary responsive if you have questions regarding his unit, it's operation and/or installation. My opinion, this is well worth the money.
  11. Goggle Map earth view shows Kitto 's Marina.
  12. Cayuga

    Here is a little reference on current lake level:
  13. I have a complete AP2000 that stopped working because of an electrical issue. I would rather sell the whole thing together rather than part it out. Everything is there including all the adaptor plates. Make me a reasonable offer for the whole thing.
  14. as Sk8man said, many times "bow" is the short form used for rainbow in the fishing posts Here is the link to what NYS DEC has on the bowfin:
  15. I don't own one of those systems but have been on boats that did and they worked like in the video.