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  1. I've made other arrangements for probes and will leave this thread open because of the Smart Troll lI offer by Darrell in case anyone is interested.
  2. Sorry, I can't help you with a launch report. I do have a link of a rotating, live real-time campus view from Cornell University. It is helpful to see what the south end of the lake is like. On clear days you can see some boats on the lake but really helpful to see the mud lines in the spring and other weather conditions. https://sha.cornell.edu/about/facilities/live-campus-view/
  3. This will sound like I'm belly aching because I am. Like the rest of you I'm a Gen I owner and also had nothing but problems right out of the box. Darrell was great to work with in trying to work the bugs out. Multiple phone calls and component replacements to keep me up and runnin'. I bought the Starter kit that had the speed/temp/depth probe and one depth/temp probe. The system never worked good enough for me to consider buying anymore probes . He had to replace the receiver, charger and the speed/depth/temp probe at one time or another. I was down to the one depth/temp probe by early spring this past season and contacted Darrell again to see if he had any Gen I probes available. He said that he wanted to get all the Gen I units out of the market ( I can now see why) and that I could buy a Gen II system for 35% off (that would be about $600.00 for the starter set). Nice offer but no thanks. I don't have another $ 600.00 and hours and hours of jerking around to throw at the Smart Troll until a more reliable Gen III comes out. PS: ditto, same as Fat Trout
  4. I put this post in the classified section but thought that it may get a different set of eyes here. "I'm looking for one or two first generation (1) Smart Troll probes that aren't getting used anymore. I have the black one. Any of the other colors would work."
  5. I'm looking for one or two first generation (1) Smart Troll probes that aren't getting used anymore. I have the black one. Any of the other colors would work.
  6. Amazon has all the lower unit gear oils you would want and you'll have it in a couple days. Rather than spending all the time and money running around central New York you could be fishing
  7. 4 Cabela's DepthMaster Downrigger Trolling Series Combo Rod & Reels DR-86M, 8'6" medium action rods DM20 line counter reels These are used with some boat rash Pickup in Binghamton, NY area only will not ship All four - $200.00
  8. I have the first generation Smart Troll and it works with intermittent success. It is now obsolete and I'm looking for any info on how the Smart Troll II is working. My unit leaves a lot to be desired. As far as how I hooked the probes to a downrigger I clip it on the main cable just above the ball clincher. I've run them on dipsey's and leadcore also. On the dip I clip it through the eye of the swivel from the wire and the leadcore I have a small inline swivel on the fluorocarbon leader about 10' down from the leadcore and about another 20' of leader to the lure. I hook the probe through the eye of the fluro leader.
  9. I put at least 150' of flea line on over my normal mono. Two things. The fish are generally going to be hanging down 90' to 120'. You'll want to add a few extra feet for the blow back on both the rigger balls and the flea line at those depths. Sent from my motorola edge plus 5G UW (2022) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. You may not get much response this weekend with the Barny derby going on on Cayuga. As said above the fish are scattered in the water column. Most Lakers are coming from 70'-110' over deeper water. Sent from my motorola edge plus 5G UW (2022) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. You can see by the picture of the wheel that you have disc brakes. A simple way to check if the system is working is to hook the trailer up to your vehicle and leave the electric plug off. Try to back up the trailer with you vehicle. You shouldn't be able to bake up if the brakes are working. If the wheels lock up and you can't move in reverse the brakes are working. If the trailer rolls in reverse the system isn't working properly. By the questions you are asking here you should probably have someone that knows what they are doing check it out.
  12. The new state wide fishing regulations are starting next Friday, April 1, 2022. I really thought that there would be some discussion in the Finger Lakes section about the changes. Link below will take you to there: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/124258.html
  13. You can use this fluid in your system at a fraction of the cost of the Seastar fluid especially if you are going to flush the system. https://www.amazon.com/Octopus-Hydraulic-Steering-Autopilot-Drives/dp/B07HBHVNPS I bought a gallon of this last March for $35.29 delivered on Amazon and used it to flush my system with Baystar steering and Raymarine Autopilot.
  14. Try these guys. http://www.prbullet.com/ They are in Canada but ship direct to the US. It's a family owned business and I've been buying their bullets for years. Call them for more indepth info. Toll free number and lots of info listed in the website. PS: They may have already tested your rifle and have a good starting load to use.
  15. I've only hunted deer with handguns. These are what I used to take deer: S&W 629 Classic 6", 44 mag Taurus 6", .357mag TC Encore 14", .243 and my all time favorite that is my primary gun even during regular gun season Kahnke model M82 12", 50 cal muzzelloader Got his deer some years ago with it. My personal best.
  16. This vid came out on Friday in the NYS DEC - The Fishing Line - October 22nd Edition, filmed October 8th, 2021. I thought that you would like to see this. Pretty interesting. It's about 30 minutes long and delivers a lot of information about sturgeon and the sturgeon stocking program in Cayuga Lake and New York State. Zebra mussels and gobies beware! https://www.facebook.com/NYSDEC/videos/598593474606608/
  17. Yes to Purple Taco. Also: http://www.stanleysstingerflies.com/Materials Price List.htm
  18. I added a couple of these to my boat last year and they worked out pretty good. I did blow a fuse and the corresponding light illuminated so finding the blown fuse was easy. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HDYQMB5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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