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  1. Many of the church folks miss these shows because of the day and or hours.
  2. Good idea. The dielectric grease will keep the contacts from corroding yet will not affect the electrical continuity of the circuits. Keep protective caps on exposed plugs/sockets so dust & dirt don't stick to the grease.
  3. I have a Mercury 115hp four stroke that I bought new in 2002 and a Merc 9.9 four stroke kicker new in 2006. I've been using regular 87 octane ethanol gas ever since I owned these engines without any problems. I use marine version stabile at every time I fuel up and double it on my last fishing trip of the season before winter storage. There is usually anywhere from 10 to 20 gallons of fuel in the tank over the winter. My boat has a 48 gallon plastic translucent fuel tank. In the spring when I bring the boat out of storage and before I fire up the engines I siphon out about gallon of fuel from the bottom of the tank into a clear or glass bottle to check for any deposits, water or gunk. The results are very little foreign substances in the bottom of the tank. Using muffs the engines fire right up. I don't have any science or big words that I can't spell behind this post. Just results that I have experienced the last twenty one years with these two engines.
  4. Great video. Gets the blood pumping on these cold January days waiting for spring.
  5. If you want to play with a DIY project this winter try this if your boat doesn't have a foam filled hull liner. Get a piece of PVC pipe that is big enough diameter for your existing transducer will fit in. Cut one end of the pipe the same angle as your hull and mount the transducer in it so that it shoots straight down without hitting the hull when the pipe is mounted in the hull. Silicone the pipe to the hull. Fill the pipe with water when you are ready to try it out. If you like the results then you are good to go otherwise move on to some other setup. I did this with a 19' fiberglass runabout back in the 90's when I fished Oneida Lake and it worked just fine. I mounted it half way between the bow & transom because back them we would drift for walleye and the boat would drift perpendicular to the line of drift. Any fish marks were pretty much under the boat as we drifted along jigging or dragging nightwalkers. This setup also held bottom as we were on plane tooling along to our fishing spots.
  6. I have a new in the box Furuno 520 IHD, P79 Plastic In- Hull Transducer for sale if you are interested.
  7. I have to agree. DEC did a good job of reducing the lamprey population on Cayuga. Hopefully Seneca will follow suit. It took a couple years to get the lampricide treatment and stream conditions to match on Cayuga. Once the treatment is successful it takes out four years of the larvae stage. For those that weren't around during those days lamprey attachments were not only on the rigger balls, many times they were also on the boat transom.
  8. Arima Sea Ranger 19HT . (18'11")
  9. I use the Sufix 27lb lead core. Running six colors and using a Smart Troll probe and a 2 3/4" spoon @ 2.1 mph gps it runs 38'-40'. Say 6.3'-6.6' per color.
  10. I pull both batteries and store them in my garage. I usually put the charger on them a couple times during the winter just because it's easy. I use this charger. Doesn't take a college degree. 4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars 525Reviews AIMTOM Smart Battery Charger 4 Amp 6/12V Fully Automatic Maintainer 8-Stage Charging Process for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, SUV, ATV Fits SLA, Wet, MF, Gel, VRLA, AGM, EFB, Lion Batteries
  11. Little better information on the cover. The cover weights 39lbs for shipping.
  12. SOLD NEW Heavy duty 1200 Denier Boat Cover fits Hard Top / T-Top Boats. This boat cover fits Hard Top / T-Top boats 20'-22' (240"-264") Long, beam width up to 106" Never used with all straps and storage bag. To large for my boat. Packed it up and reordered smaller size. I paid $355.00. Will sell for $275.00 OBO. Local pickup in the Binghamton area.
  13. This is a good thread Mikey. A good learning moment for us marine mechanics. Got a lot of milage out of it.
  14. How about the thermostat? Is it working properly? or at the right temps?
  15. I need help looking for a cure for this condition. Recently my engine idle started to go up to 1,700 - 1,800 rpm. Docking was a bear. Normal idle speed is 800 rpm. The power head was made by Yamaha back then. I took it my dealer and they replaced the IAC valve (idle air control valve ) with a third party after market part. Mercury stopped making it and the Yamaha part was over $400.00. The engine idle speed is now down to about 1,100 rpm. Much more manageable when trying to dock but would like to get it down even more. My dealer said that there is no idle adjustment on that engine because it’s Electronic Fuel Injected and idle is controlled by a computer. They will try to get in touch with the Mercury Tech’s to see how to remedy the problem but I haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m sure that there are other Mercury 115 Four stroke EFI engines that have had this problem so I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone has had this problem and how they handled it.
  16. As of Wednesday the fleas were still pretty heavy. Will stay that way until the water starts to cool in a few weeks. I use 20lb Cortland Flea Flicker and the lines are clean until you get to the leader swivel. Flea attachments on the downrigger cables are hit and miss depending on the areas you troll through. A lot of guys complain about using Flea Flicker line. From my experience it works better than any other flea line out there hands down. I just overlay about 120'-130' on my reels while the fleas are active.
  17. I was on Cayuga yesterday. Fished in and around the Aurora area. The algae bloom is in all it's glory 😲. Signage at Long Point State Park warning of the algae bloom.
  18. Roger 👍 Thought I take a wild stab that you may one of my war buddies
  19. greenhornet73 hornet73. Does 20th SOS mean anything to you? Just wondering.
  20. I was out yesterday and there is plenty of water to float my boat. Maybe if you get rid of some of the fishing equipment your boat won't draft so deep.
  21. It looks like you are going to be over extended to lift that engine up. May be a hernia waiting to happen. Also you will need to support the kicker with some extra straps while trailering to get the bounce out of it. Those aux-motor brackets will not take the road shock. I went down that road years ago and ended up getting a power lift similar to the Panther Model 45 Aux motor lift, sku: 550045. They are expensive but well worth the investment.
  22. I'm running with Lenco electric trim tabs. Installed in 2007. Haven't had any problems.
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