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  1. Sold / Closed

    Bob Barker says "you had enough" no? Now you've had enough!! Lol aka I like the two Bob Barker's in there... Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Those look great for that price!! Can't buy em on line for that and they are Salmon killers! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. PM sent
  4. Walleye for that recipe would be super sweet, almost like candy, my wife is allergic to seafood and I made her walleye with garlic n butter this year said she couldn't eat it because it reminded her of scallops. Go figure.. she likes trout/salmon better.. She does love this recipe for the chowder though but if it had walleye in it, no way!
  5. The "Bri-Brooke"
  6. Awesome that was worth the trip!!
  7. Cayuga

    Rollie dust off the Arima and roll it north!! Thanks a bunch for the insight on those they not only look great but catch fish!! But seriously the launch there at Taughannock is too shallow for a bigger boat. So if anyone drafts over 2' I would go to Deans cove. Heck fishing usually is better up there anyway.
  8. Cayuga

    My theory on that is the smelt are the ones that still hang out up near the surface and the alewifes are the deep fish. The fish I caught were in small areas near bait that was up near the surface. The fish finder showed a few tight balls of bait about 30-50' down I'm guessing smelt or maybe fingerling perch.. The fish I kept had empty stomachs except the lakers which had large alewifes in them. Being that the smelt population has been on the decline it may go along that the winter fishing has declined or that the fish are just feeding a lot deeper.
  9. Grand Slam in January! Hit Taughannock this morning at 8am and I was suprised to see more than a few boats out. The lake was as calm as Trump firing Obama. The salmon were out over deep water with scattered bait up high which suprised me for this time of year. Lots of bait was deep and I was marking fish down 110 to 250. The first part of the morning I slowed way down (for me) 1.5 to 1.9. I started out 1 for 6 and couldn't seem to get a fish to stick but the slow speed seemed to be what they wanted. Rigger parked at 55 and 3 color lead core were the salmon takers. Got a few new warrior UV extreme flutter spoons and they were hot. Ran a rigger down 140 to 175 trying to pick a laker or two, their bite was slow but thankfully the big paddle and ironduke uv wild child trolling fly was the ticket for a few lakers. Picked up a buddy at 10 and we fished south. Picked up a small bow and a keeper brown. Overall ended the day with two keeper salmon, two lakers and a brown. I do love Cayuga. Can't beat it for a winter break! The launch is super low and going out into the lake stay as far south as possible. Good luck if ya'll get out!
  10. Happy Birthday sir! Hope you have a great day

    1. pap


      Thank you very much!! I had a great day!! 51 today!! Best part of the day my wife and I went into a local sporting goods store, and they had a 50%off sale. This container was filled with yozori lures, they were marked down to $9.99, and it was 50% off that price!! So $5.00 a piece for the stick baits, I got 20 lures!! So that was my birthday gift. Can't beat that!!!  Thanks for being thoughtful!! Mike.

  11. thanks for the insight on the Coleville Crusher. Ordered a couple and they look awesome!!! Good luck fishing this year Rollie
  12. Could you splice into the 12v backup light in the tail light assembly? you would have to run a totally separate wire to the 5K lumen lights though. Question to this answer is, is 12v coming off of the brake solenoid wire? if so splice away. May be easier to clamp a light to the boat and turn it on while launching...
  13. Great time of year to organize and restock your flies! Sharpen hooks, replace leaders, You guys have top producers you like for fingerlakes and Ontario? Starting to have cabin fever setting in....
  14. The antlers drop due to the decreased amount of testosterone in the buck, usually determined by photoperiodism, a wound or stress. & Mama says alligators are ornery cause the got all those teeth n no toothbrush!!
  15. Merry late Christmas happy New year to Joe Joe n all the FLTA guys!