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  1. Nautitroller

    Cayuga Barney and Bears Fall Derby Final results

    That big bow hit and ran right at the board and jumped ( not showing up on my rod or board) he was definitely on the first jump. Then he dove down and pulled the board under, it was a show, he jumped three times and ran at us so fast it was tough to keep tension on him, I love Owasco!!
  2. Nautitroller

    Cayuga Barney and Bears Fall Derby Final results

    Thanks Les, the whole story was we were fighting this pig and I see a huge bow jump behind the boat, I said to Sher, did you see that? Nope, what? I just saw an 8 lb bow jump behind the board, sure enough give seconds later the board dives under and the drag rips! Double of our lives!! He weighed 7.8
  3. Nautitroller

    Cayuga Barney and Bears Fall Derby Final results

    Wife n I fished Saturday weighed a nine lb as our best at Bears tourney. Sunday we fished our FLTA tourney on Owasco, caught our personal best Laker on the finger lakes 15.2 on the digital. Finger lakes fishing is at its best these days!
  4. Nautitroller

    Cayuga 8/29

    Great catch Alex! Those are beautys! Cayuga is in the good old days of fishing right now! The big Lakers are getting ready to spawn soon, it'll get tougher to catch them next month or so. Way to dial in the silvers!
  5. Nautitroller

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Wow! Epic box! Wish we could've been there..
  6. Nautitroller


    👍🎣 Well done Joe, good to see ya got out!
  7. Nautitroller

    Seneca 7-14 weekend

    IMO Seneca is and always has been a great fishery. Something happened, probably a combination of things that made catching fish difficult. There are plenty of fish but truly tons of bait. It's a jewel to fish but it's sheer size makes it difficult to find the active fish. Your tips are truly helpful Nick. I'm sure a lot of guys appreciate them, I sure have in the past and look forward to reading your posts in the future. With the bait the way it is now in a couple years we will see some giant LL, browns and bows..
  8. Nautitroller

    Seneca 7-14 weekend

    Nice report Nick! I agree that Seneca is doing much better. The fish were starting to cooperate even though there is bait literally everywhere! This was our first full box on Seneca, we caught several LL and one bow. The Laker bite was a bit slow but we managed three. A Seneca special spin doctor with a green, uv fly was our ticket run 220' back on a mag dipsy. Tried many other fly, sd combos without luck. We found the fish to like it a bit slower 2.0-2.3. If we could've gotten some of the big suspended fish we marked out deep to go that woulda been cool. Our silvers came on orange and black full sized spoons, whereas they wanted smaller spoons the days we prefished. Seneca is definitely worth the trip, look Nick up for a great time fishing it. https://www.reelstoriesfishingcharters.com/
  9. Nautitroller

    Seneca update

  10. Nautitroller

    Seneca update

    Spot on report Nick, we fished yesterday also with lots of action for Seneca. Weeds are showing up a bit. Fleas minimal, good luck to all for the FLTA this coming Sunday!
  11. Nautitroller

    Cayuga Cayuga 6-15

    Nice fish Freddy! Those are two classic great spoons on Cayuga.
  12. Nautitroller

    All out fishing recap

    Joe Joe we miss you on the FLTA, Owasco was sick with big Lakers this weekend... Cool to see you got out for the Derby..
  13. Nautitroller

    Android issues

    Works only if I uninstall app, but second time logging in doesn't work , network error
  14. Nautitroller

    Keuka Keuka 2018 stocking info

    Keuka needs to find a balance. I think there are tons of skinny hungry Lakers in there. This sounds like an effort to correct this. Y'all can disagree but take your limit of Lakers out this year, IMO.
  15. Nautitroller

    Spring's first signs

    Saw a woodchuck today... It's official! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app