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  1. Stopped and saw Fishy last year and he gave good advise. Bought lures and other fishing items to help the business. Great guy with lots of knowledge on the lake. Will be in to see ya Fishy. will be up the week of the week following the 10th of August.
  2. Has anyone been fishing Keuka lake. Will be heading there in two weeks to do some fishing. staying at the State Park and will be launching from there. Anyone doing any good?
  3. Looking to tie some hochies over the winter and looking for recipes for use on Seneca Lake for the 2019 season. Anyone have any recipes that work well.
  4. I'll take 7 & 8

    Brian Gross

    3813 Carlson Rd

    Jamestown, NY, 14701


    Let me know where to send paypal

    1. momay4000


      Hi Brian,


      I do not do paypal


      Send me a check or money order $65.00 to:


      Chris Momot

      1259 Kenyon Road

      Ontario, NY 14519


      Thanks a million!

    2. Murphy
    3. Murphy



      Will the shipping be combined to $5.00 for both?


  5. Thanks to Fishy's advise I caught one each time out trolling and the last morning I brought 5 to the boat, two were worth keeping.
  6. I want to thank Fishy for all the information and which lures to use. Very knowledgeable and great talk to. If your fishing Keuka Lake you should make a visit to Fishy Business and see Fishy and make a purchase. I'm hooked on Lake Trout fishing and will be back Labor Day weekend. Thanks Fishy
  7. Will be coming up the week of Aug 5, staying at the State Park and looking for any suggestions on fishing for lake trout and Land lock salmon. Never fished this lake before. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. My flies came in the mail and they look great. They will see water in two weeks.
  9. Where is a good place to launch? I've never been on Seneca lake.
  10. Will be coming to Watkins Glenn the weekend of 7/12-16 for the Wine festival. While the wives are tasting we will be fishing. Looking for any information on where to go and what to use on Seneca Lake. Will be launching in Watkins Glenn. Thanks for the help
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