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  1. Have you checked on the shipping?
  2. Do you still have the soft sided tackle box and what would the shipping be Jamestown, NY
  3. Jiffy gas auger

    What model is it? What is your best price?
  4. What type camera is it? Does it come with battery? Charger? How old.
  5. I'll take it. Send me your cell number or email. Let me know what you want for postage
  6. Do you still have it. What are you asking? Would come in handy with my motor.
  7. Any problems with overheating. Will you meet half way?
  8. I'm in Jamestown. I have a scarface deer decoy used once still in box and a doe decoy still in box. Is there any problems with overheating? What size shaft have a 17' transom.