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  1. my uncle used 12lb weights with no issues not sure on rating Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Both riggers work fine and come as shown with front rod holders and ball retrievers, & adjustable booms—-but will be disassembled to ship—- $560 shipped to lower 48 will need plugs and bases My Uncle used them regularly for a year or so then illness struck and have been in his shed for years. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United SOLD thnx
  3. My son lives in franklin mass. Since he got his Traeger grill, he is a meat fisherman. In the stocked streams by his house, He kills it with a 1/2 crawler on a slow death hook. We just did this Sunday. Place a small splitshot 12'' above the hook and reel slow and steady. In two hours at 2 spots, I caught 3, he caught 5 & we kept the 3 that were 14-15'' for the Traeger smoker. the browns, brookies and rainbows could not pass up the slow roll of the slow death hook. Just sayin...... good luck
  4. yes i missed the 6 hours--probably 7-8 lol but i am sure the adirondacks have similar places---look for a used canoe for the family to take, no registration for paddle power may become a summer tradition--avoid the black fly time though good luck coach
  5. https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/lake-francis-state-park --lake francis state park in northern NH--great fishing in 2 story lake and rent a canoe there https://www.frostpondcamps.com --excellant 200 acre brook trout lake in maine's wilderness--camp and rent a canoe--nightcrawlers and non-lead splitshot all you need i am sure there are similar places in NY. Frost pond is a phenomenal place--true wilderness for miles and great fishing. i would definitely rent a canoe as having the boys on the water will be great memories. you may even buy a used one by your home for little $$.( 100-300) at the 2 spots I recommended, cell service is spotty at best. This is a great trip for you all. good luck coach
  6. if you do sodus point, which is a great suggestion--the finger lakes are right there for alternative days--i am partial to cayuga. good luck
  7. FLEAS SUCK I fished the finger lakes as a young man and into my early thirties, no such thing as a FLEA-- 56 now. Two years ago I took my family from Florida to Niagra Falls and towed my boat. We stayed on cayuga lake for 5 days and it was mid july and we hammered the fish.. Months before, I found this site and learned about those little monsters. I am so glad I did as I prepared my equipment. We had a spectacular five days and caught the slam 4/5 days. I will never fish there again during flea season. I hated the heavy line stuff. When I retire in a few years, we will hit it in may or june or late sept. to avoid the pests anyway--thanks to LOU for preparing me good fishin coach
  8. i bought the one on walleye central for $60 plus $ 10 shipping thanks for the tip coach
  9. My advice is to follow thru with roys marina. Live bait is a great way to learn Hire a guide once or fish w/ a knowledgeable fisherman to get started. Do not buy anything til you get ideas from the experts--- things change in the summer as the FLEAS come out--a nasty little beast that mess up your line in summer good luck coach
  10. of course!!! i am looking for 2 more myself and that is just my experience with buying them good fishin coach
  11. hey guys the 5500 lc new is $119 the 6500 lc new is $129 i'd buy 2 at $70 +/- each if they were in great shape--I've bought 6 used over a few years and that's the going rate let me know thnx coach
  12. thanks sent them email love the quick response coach
  13. Hi folks, When I was a kid, all the landlock trollers in Maine & NH had these Boxes with windshield wiper motors with a downeast rod holder on top as rod jiggers. They were very effective working streamer flies. Eventually, they were made small and manageable and mounted to the gunnels. ( original ones were in 2'x2' plywood boxes and put in the middle of the boat and worked two fly rods) Cannon made one called "THE ENTICER OR EXCITOR". I am looking for one or two of these homemade or cannon units if any of you come across them. I passed up on a couple aluminum boxes two years ago. I wish i hadn't. No one makes them anymore. I want to use them but also to keep the technique alive with my kids and grand kids. thanks for your help coach
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