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  1. Brand New Sealed Navionics Hotmaps Premium Lake Maps for the South ACCEPT PAYPAL COACH 561-301-4169 $95 SHIPPED
  2. i took off my 2012 Lowe 185FS Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United i am in florida $50 but shipping is expensive as they are heavy—$80 they have never been sat on
  3. I put them on a 20' deep vee aluminum 1966 Chrysler Lonestar polara (that i completely repurposed to a side console beast)w/ Yamaha 130--the boat wanted to turn hard left above 3800 rpm...tried many things. Smart tabs made it 1000% better-not perfect but could run safely at 35 mph without fighting the torque. They were a great help with proper planing as well. good luck and happy holidays coach
  4. "offer up" in west palm beach florida has a 2019 tracker 16' walk thru for $12,500 its brand new just about--only downfall is a 25hp i looked at it use zip 33470
  5. At 56, a New Englander transplanted in Florida--Here is your best deal. search Craigslist in Florida. There are real bargains. Be willing to pay a deposit and drive down and get it---you'll save thousands. Floridians hate aluminum boats unless they look like a jon boat or have an ariplane motor mounted on them. For your budget, you will have equity immediately. For example, My current boat is a 2010 Lowe 175fs. I paid $8000. (new is $35 k+) The boat was barn kept and never used. The 90 Etec had 63 hours on it and I sold it online for $6000. I replaced it with a new 90 yamaha 4 stroke, mounted removable downriggers, added an Ulterra by minn kota--it is perfect for intercoastal fishing here, bass fishing here, and we tow it to the reservoirs of the south and up to the finger lakes or new england for 2 weeks every summer. On this site, ebay, or walleye central; my boat would fetch $15 k and i am into it for $8500. check it out--if you are careful, you will find an old northerner who realized it is too hot to fish here, or his health is not what it was, or he bought a flats boat-- and his deep vee tin boat is just sitting. i have flipped 6 boats in the last 10 years--half were rebuilds, 1/2 were just flipped -----(2006 crestliner w/ 150 merc 4 stroke(190 hours)-- i paid $5500 and sold it in 2 days to a michigan guy for $10.5 k and could have gotten more) feel free to pm me with any ?'s. coach
  6. Now that you adjusted a bit--if you do not have Radial trailer tires, replace them as $$ allows. I tow my 19' deep vee aluminum ( 3000 lbs loaded) from Florida to Maine and many lakes in between. Radials are a sway stopper if everything else is ok good luck
  7. Had the exact same problem with a 2006 merc 115 4 stroke this past may.---Yamaha dealer looked at fuel filter with no water in it and said" It is probably Plugs"-- reluctantly, and believing my friend was wrong and it was a fuel issue, i replaced the 4 plugs---Ran like the 125 hour beauty she is. I was shocked but very glad that was it. good luck and good fishin' coach
  8. i love them for trolling leadcore with spoons or sewn bait fiberglass is so forgiving with no stretch lines good luck
  9. I also have bought 4 on ebay over last couple years $75, $94, $95, $122. With the case i"d guess $650-700 be fair
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