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  1. hi folks i placed an add for a wanted a cmc trim unit, i was referred to an email of someone who had one. we even spoke on phone result —i got scammed for $200 in Dec lesson learned!!!
  2. i am looking for 3-6 older style 3”-4” Blue Rebel minnows -straight or broken back its for a buddy -nostalgic deal i appreciate you looking-thx
  3. always looking for 3-5” hot steel, brook trout, flo. orange do you have any
  4. i ‘d like 2 of the 7’gls rods shipped to fl will send pm
  5. i gotta stretch a little but i do not use them that much so it is ok i also cut a hook like notch in a yardstick for all kinds of grabbing lines and such they are worth the effort though good fishing
  6. yeah- i keep my riggers close so not an issue when i use them i run 9’ rods off the side with or without boards -side downriggers with 2’ booms w 1 rod and sometimes a 2nd rod w that stacker if no stackers-i run a 5th down middle w/wo a dipsey mostly i run 5 lines on my 18’ deep vee Lowe
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