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  1. Brothers Bob and Anthony - WTG gents!! Great job!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Small Evil Eye spoons/few NK spoons/few other various spoons For sale: smaller evil eye spoons, few mixed bag spoons and two small NK: $30.00 shipped SALE PENDING PM me if interested, Chris
  3. LOT 5 is all that is left - price reduced on the final lot 5. Will take best offer as well
  4. LOU friends - Given the demand for smaller lots, I have updated my post accordingly. The lots and prices are as posted. These are USPS Priority Mail shipped prices only - US only as I do not have time to meet folks for face to face sales Thanks for looking PM me if interested or text: 585-301- two-one-nine-seven Chris LOT1: Stinger, NK and one Mooonshine Mag spoons: $40.00 shipped SOLD LOT 2: Crank baits and Dreamweaver superslims - $40.00 shipped SOLD LOT 3: Moonshine, Fuller (Finger lakes tackle) glow spoons: $30.00 shipped SOLD LOT 4: Dreamweaver, NK, stinger, Fuller standard size spoons: $35.00 shipped SOLD LOT 6: various treble and octopus hooks standard size for spoon replacement and to make standard tourney fly harnesses, some smaller octopus hooks (bought wrong size a few years back), tubing, harnesses for j-plugs: $25.00 shipped SOLD
  5. Hey bud - even after you kill the leaves, the vines still are loaded with uroshiol which causes the rash. The leaves, the roots, the stems, vines..... you name it they all contain the uroshiol. Even the tree bark may have some on it after you remove the vines. IMO, the only way to do it would be to trim all the leaves and then cover yourself with a throw away Tyvek painter's suit, climb up the tree and retrieve your stand and find a different tree. Throw the painter's suit out after you're done Chris
  6. It's ashame IMO that the "best bows" are 899-1200.00.......and that's without a quiver, rest, sights which will set you back an additional 500.00
  7. Congrats buddy!!! You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks - Anthony is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, with incredible generosity to others including me and a great passion for our fishery. He is very humble but he catches consistent fish both in quality and quantity without fancy electronics and without a down speed and temp indicator. He does it with great intuition and years upon years of experience. WTG buddy - tight lines and many cheers, Chris
  8. WTG buddy!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Loved it!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United