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  1. Awesome job! WTG on the early bite Tight lines, Chris
  2. never used them. IMO, I would not buy a rod holder with holes in
  3. The Quick draw holders have cutouts on the rod holders so you can quickly get your rod out of the holder instead of having to lift it out under tension like in a standard rod holder. See how the aluminum is cut out in the front and back of the holder in the pic? Go to Big - I'm sure they have an explanation there. It's sort of like the el cheapo cabelas rod holders but it's heavy duty and made of metal instead of plastic. Chris
  4. Awesome stuff Matt and Rick - me and Anthony are in (he told me about this a few weeks back)!! This will be an extremely exciting and fun Rochester tourney!!! Tight lines gents, Chris
  5. There is absolutely no way 200' of weighted steel line plus an additional 200' of 19 strand wire will be down 80 feet without some sort of drop weight. Absolutely no way
  6. To the top of the board.............$60.00 shipped for everything which is all brand new!!!!!! I want it outta here
  7. Butler Creek scope covers, Leupold/Weaver/B Square rings/bases Hello LOU friends, The following are all BRAND NEW and are for sale: If anyone wants everything, total price is $60.00 shipped for everything (at least $200.00 of new stuff here). Guys/gals buying just one Leupold mount and getting EVERYTHING else for free!!! Going on E-Bay piecemeal tomorrow. Butler Creek #14 Eyepiece flip up covers. Fits an eyepiece outer diameter of 1.605" B-Square 1" Utility scope mounts for a standard dovetail base. Medium height (2) matte stainless finish, (2) matte black Weaver Grand Slam #49302 1" rings with square recoil lug. Medium height. Matte black. Fits standard weaver top mount bases (like on an AR) Weaver Grand Slam #49318 1" rings with square recoil lug. Medium height. Matte black. Fits standard weaver top mount bases Leupold Dove tail 1" rings and bases for Remington model 700. Medium height. Silver color. Fits 1" scope tube Leupold PRW medium bases with 1" rings. Cross slot mounts. Medium height. Fits 1" scope tube Please PM me if interested. Chris
  8. Simmons 20-60x 60mm Spotting scope with tripod/case $50.00 shipped For sale: like new Simmons spotting scope with camera mount, sweet case, tripod, caps. This is NOT a high end spotting scope. It is good out to about 150 yards and is perfect for sighting in a gun, having fun with kids, nature loving, looking in your neighbor's bedroom, etc. They are going new for $100.00. I'll take the first $50.00 shipped PM me if interested, Chris
  9. 870 Express Wood Stock and Forend $40.00/shipped For sale: 870 Express Fore-end and Stock. Original Remington parts, circa 2010 or so. I removed these for a synthetic stock. No cracks PM me if interested, Chris
  10. Awesome catch buddy!!!
  11. Holy mackerel - what a slob perch!!!!!
  12. Wow- 134,000 views.....Rob you should be proud of starting such a great thread. I will miss my daily regular views now that deer season has left us. Remember to enjoy and cherish the journey and to honor the destination. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Safe New Year, Chris
  13. Yes - that is absolutely correct.