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    ontario, NY; port - Irondequoit Bay
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    Hunting, fishing, married with two daughters
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  1. momay4000

    2018 food plots

    Awesome plot!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. momay4000

    Sandy Creek 8/4

    Awesome job!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. momay4000

    Sewage spill

    https://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/pubs/research/infrastructure-series/combined-sewers.pdf interesting article explaining some of this as Jimski discusses
  4. wow...that's an incredible deal!
  5. Great video Pete! Thanks for sharing
  6. wow that is a huge rocky! NYS record is 1#15 ounce....... cool fish Thanks for sharing Chris
  7. Nice report guys/gals!!! WTG Chris
  8. momay4000

    The Kings are biting (too many strikes!)

    Sweet vid! Great fishing and great docking!!! Thanks for sharing, Chris
  9. agree 100% With my GPS, compass in the past, I still managed to do a complete 360 one time.....it can really be nerve wracking
  10. momay4000

    Tagged out with big bird

    Awesomeness and a great respect to the bird....thanks for sharing Chris
  11. Hello LOU friends - sadly this is the absolute last of my stuff that I am selling since I sold my boat three years ago. 11" flashers with teaser/twinkie rigs 36" along with various meat heads, 5 or 6 teasers in the tubes and bags, 2 brand new Familiar Bite sushi flies and toothpicks, large case for storage. $80.00 shipped USA only Thumper balls/weights. (3) 16 ounce, (4) 12 ounce and (6) 8 ounce weights. I crushed lakers with these running a thumper rod set-up....sad to see them go.... $25.00 shipped USA only 11 spin doctors, some have flies attached $80.00 shipped USA only Please text me : 585-301-2197 or PM if interested. I prefer shipping only as local pick up is difficult Thanks, Chris
  12. momay4000

    Boat name?

    Pole Position
  13. momay4000

    for sale : usa Lures 2.00 each

    Clarification: I will take them all Call me: 585-301-2197 thanks Chris