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  1. Awesome video my man - great action
  2. I'll take them - I sent you a PM Thanks
  3. You have a PM - I'll take them and need them shipped Thanks, Chris
  4. Damn dude.....what a trip. Someday I'm doing this with you!! See ya soon my man
  5. Sold / Closed

    Sold my boat - absolutely, but I still troll with my buddies, hunt 60 days a year, pan fish in my personal ponds and the Finger Lakes, buy or sell stuff from time to time and I still love learning and seeing how guys do. I know you're not piling on in any way, no offense taken. This site is a break from my daily grind and I do enjoy a visit!!
  6. Sold / Closed

    Agree 100%. I called a guy out on poaching a coyote and got basted as well for calling him you know why I spend less and less time on this site. It seems like guys just love to pile on.
  7. I believe coyote season is closed.....not cool regardless if they are a nuisance.
  8. I will guarantee that there will be more vehicles swamped this year than ever before when the knuckleheads start backing into 2-3 feet of water and their boats/trailers and tow vehicles get pulled right into the drink.... Be safe LOU friends
  9. delivering sand for sandbags perhaps?
  10. I changed my mono every season. A huge spool of mono is cheap compared with all the other crap you spend money on. Plus it's a fun project to do in the offseason and it's an opportunity to check your reels, line guides, reel seats, etc. Why not do it once a year when the cost per rod of monofilament is negligible? Just make sure you recycle your used line and don't just throw it in the trash Chris
  11. Great job boys!!!!! That's a beauty!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. what does it mean to keep a three man limit for the garden? Thanks, Chris
  13. Fabulous post my friend - couldn't have said it better myself.....and I am an avid landowner and hunter that practices QDM. Perfect post - thanks for sharing, Chris
  14. 11.5 volts is significant voltage drop and/or too low. Your battery should typically run at 12.4 volts or higher
  15. Used to be a place called Mad river .....awesome guy to work with Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United