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  1. Yep .... my wife's booster caused the same reaction. She's had some issues since September so we we're happy to finally get it done.
  2. It's a deflection tactic so they don't have to deal with the hikers and snowmobilers
  3. The leaders of each county I believe ... whom ever that might be for your area.
  4. Great story ..... Fantastic memory for you both!!! Congrats!
  5. Thanks ... That site is really interesting.
  6. Thanks guys Been to both ..... click into the various types and there out of stock or available for backorder for almost all of the 45's. I'll keep looking though
  7. I just got a new CVA Accura MR - X 45 Cal and I'm having a heck of a time finding bullets. I would like to try a variety of loads but that isn't likely to happen soon. Sportsmans Warehouse has the Aerolite ELR in 45. Anyone have experience with this bullet? Does it require a sabot?
  8. Be careful out there and wear the orange. https://www.fingerlakes1.com/?s=phelps
  9. Thanks for the info ..... I'll be checking that out.
  10. Looks like a saddle set up ....Nice! Good luck
  11. What sight is that? I like the idea of not dealing with the peep.
  12. Kind of puts things in the right perspective. Recently went through a similar event with my wife. Glad your coming through it. Best thoughts!!!
  13. Nice job and great story !!
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