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  1. Way to go Brian!
  2. Nice ..... Congrats!
  3. Wow ............ Congratulation!!! That is a beautiful buck
  4. Sean .... what are you using for scopes?
  5. Looks like it was a great trip for the both of you. Congrats!
  6. Cayuga

    Way to go ....
  7. I just went through this in a recent thread. Beckman was the most suggested net. Here's what I found for a website. http://www.beckmanfishingnets.com/
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions / info !!!
  9. OK ... so which Beckman? (model#) Thanks guys! http://www.beckmanfishingnets.com/
  10. Best Net I'm in the market for a new net.I've had a bunch of decent hand me downs but it's time to upgrade. I'm interested in a Ranger with extendable handle. So far I haven't found one in the shop's (Bass Pro, Field & Stream, Dick's) and the online search has been a bit confusing. What is everybody using (model#????) and where do you get it? Thanks!
  11. for sale : usa

    Got any pics? Where can it be seen?
  12. Lots of good info here. I'm in the market for a new net. What do most of you use? I fish the fingers mostly and make occasional trips to Lake O.
  13. Thanks guys .....
  14. Nice ..... but he's not handy. He's looking for someone to do it for him. Thanks