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  1. Have to admit .... I'm guilty of that myself
  2. aybe I missed it but what is the length and beam? Also .... How about some pics of the inside/deck.
  3. There was a question about the stringers back in the string ........Please share the answer.
  4. The find of a lifetime would be the deer wearing them ......
  5. Based on comments here I've checked some of the premium brands websites. It appears that Sitka, First Lite, Kyrptek, etc. all make an early season line. In addition, I follow the sales at Wing Supply and have been very happy with a variety of the Browning line they offer on sale.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys!
  7. Coyotes invade home and they let em go ......... http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/coyotes-invade-michigan-mans-home/vi-AAlXhdf?ocid=spartandhp
  8. This is true. I mentioned earlier in this thread I've had trouble with some garments from Cabelas (Wooltimate). The good thing with them is you can send back. That is one of the reasons I'm looking this time of year. There's no hurry for use of the clothing plus there are decent sales.
  9. Interesting comment on the Sitka Gear. I still hunt some but mostly hunt stands same as you. How was the fit with the Cabelas Stand Hunter?
  10. I recently purchased Cabela's wooltimate fleece. The shoulders and sleeves were tight in my normal size so I sent them back and ordered the next size up. The overall garment was too big and the arms were still tight. ( No ... I'm not built like Popeye) . This isn't the first time I've had a Problem with Cabelas sizing
  11. Thanks! Kuiu is one I haven't checked out yet so I'll give em a look. Sitka seems to be the one everybody recommends.
  12. Considering new Hunting Clothes I'm looking to invest in some good warm, reliable hunting clothes. I'm checking out all the name brands such as Sitka, Nomad, First Lite. Today I stumbled across a couple new name (to me anyway). Does anyone have any experience with Plythal or Kryptek? These brands are an investment so any help is appreciated. Also comments on the other mentioned brands. Thanks!
  13. I'll take the last batch/pic. PayPal