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  1. where you at so I can figure payment/shipping?
  2. Two eagle claw rods. Real nice condition $30.00 plus shipping
  3. 300 ft. coated downrigger line ..... Brand new in the package. .041 Diameter 150 lb. test Bought for use with SubTroll $30.00 shipped
  4. 13 Alpena Diamonds ... finish is rough on 2 of the yellow. The rest are in great condition. $35 shipped
  5. more detail ??? pictures is a little small
  6. Feel bad for you. You work hard at this and to have it yanked away truly sucks
  7. I've had Leupold scopes for 40 yrs. Agree with everything said above. Having said that ... check this brand out: https://tractoptics.com/ They have two AR scopes available. I have one of their scopes on my 243 .... love it. Also own a pair of their binos.
  8. Thanks! Now I know why they didn't answer today.
  9. Has anyone heard when they will start taking venison again? Thanks!
  10. What did you get for night vision?
  11. Just to verify .... How many are you selling?
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