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  1. That's a great way to display if you don't have the wall space or height ......Nice job and a GREAT buck!
  2. Can you put up some pictures of the interior .... please
  3. What size Bay rats you using? They are a great lure
  4. Thanks ... Your comment on the " amount of powder that is stuck in the tube" is what I was looking for!!!
  5. I'm using the charge tubes from Blackhorn. They are plastic and when I go to pour the powder out some of the little pellets cling to the inside. Anyone else have this problem with the tubes your using?
  6. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all that make this a great site! https://www.fltimes.com/sports/outdoors-inspiring-story-of-paralyzed-hunter-enjoying-deer-success/article_07891366-66e0-54a7-ae6e-3fb24985bd13.html
  7. His father must have been a muley! Nice buck... Congrats!!!
  8. That is a beautiful buck .... nice job!
  9. Nice buck .... Great shot! Congrats
  10. Beautiful Buck .... love the brow tines
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