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  1. That is a beautiful buck .... nice job!
  2. Nice buck .... Great shot! Congrats
  3. Beautiful Buck .... love the brow tines
  4. Would love to SEE how he gets it in the van ....where there's a will there's a way? Congrats on a really nice buck!
  5. Congratuations ...!!! Love the story too
  6. Can you talk to the Canandaigua store and get them to carry it too?
  7. nice .... good for you!
  8. I had a fusion done 27 yrs. ago in the month of Feb. Are you in a neck collar? That collar was my best friend at first ... I was in one for a month I think. That first month was tough but once I got out of the collar things progressed nicely. I hunted that fall and don't recall any problems. I was using an 06 at that time but changed over to a 243 and never looked back. Good Luck!
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