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  1. Sorry if I didn’t get back to someone. I had several people pm me and was trying to keep them in order. They have been sold. Thank you for everybody who responded.
  2. Rods up

    Wanted Shark weights

    Thank you. Fat nancy’s Doesn’t have 8 pounders. I checked.
  3. 4 cannon big body locks with keys. $100 shipped
  4. Ok bandrus. If it’s not an actual chrome shark, my buddy won’t want it. Thanks for you help nick.
  5. Bandrus 1 do you have a pics of yours. These that my buddy has are actual 8lb chrome shark weights that he has had for years. I sent an email to shark and waiting for a response. I’m still searching for him. Thank you all for all the responses and help.
  6. Hey Nick, I called them earlier and He said they already placed their order for this year. I asked him for a contact number so I could call them myself and they told me they order from shark website. I’m gonna check that out in awhile.
  7. No I haven’t but I will. Thank you
  8. I’ll try them. Thanks
  9. My buddy has a couple and is looking for more. I tried Bikinibottom but he only has down to 10lb.
  10. I hoping that somebody has som 8lb chrome shark weights. I’m looking for a few.
  11. Rods up

    Lowrance lc-x-15

    Pm sent
  12. Rods up

    Wanted Shark weights

    I would rather have the originals but I will give him a call. Thank you
  13. I’m looking for some original chrome 8lb shark weights. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Sorry guys it just sold before both of you posted. Thank you for your inquiring.