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  1. R these meat flashers they look big Thanks
  2. for sale : usa Trophy Boat

    It reads Oswego and $18.500.00
  3. I agree with pap...if my dad was alive he would hop on this....we did all our own slaughtering Nice setup
  4. Steelie great deal...some of those are hard to come by...NICE SELECTION
  5. Hey guys they will be available at Ultimate outdoors for 2018
  6. Nick looks like your really going to be working hard this year.....happy to see all these responses. Good luck buddy Carol
  7. Nick Your on a roll Good luck buddy All those brown trout spoons were good producerill be looking for 4 inch glows Merry Christmas Carol
  8. Wow great deals...wish I needed something
  9. Pap you are so right ... anywhere we went my dad would thumb tack a map of the place up on the wall..if you caught a fish when you got off the water you then would mark the spot on the map...I wish I had five bucks for every time he said TURN ALL THAT **** OFF... WHERE'S THAT BOOK I BOUGHT!!!!
  10. Wanted I need owners manuals

    You should be able to download the manual
  11. I'll take the dipsey divers for 55 plus shipping. No hurry...