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  1. Steelie the heartlands are cheaper than they use to be
  2. I'll take lt. Let me KNOW in a pm where to send the check Thanks
  3. for sale : usa

    I'll take the pro kings lot 2 pm me where to send the check
  4. Shimano takota 9 ft rods 2 Shimano takota nine foot rods. TLA90MC-2 USED FOR A WIRE ROD (EBAY 105.00). $60.00 WILL NOT SHIP SORRY WILL BE IN MEXICO AND PULASKI IN A FEW WEEKS THANKS. Med action 12-27
  5. Thanks for sharing
  6. In Wilkes Barre PA but will be headed to Mexico and Pulaski NY. Also anyone pm me your phone number I'll text u pics Thanks
  7. Tekota 800 with copper $130.00 tekota 800 with copper. I bought it from wife of someone that passed away. Won't use it Thanks
  8. I'll give you 75 for each rod don't need the reels
  9. The post reads I will be in Mexico and Pulaski in a few weeks. Thanks