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just me

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  1. I only see one for sale i could be wrong
  2. GREAT BUY STEELIE !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. just me

    Sold / Closed Spoons

    have them all...great selection and price
  4. just me

    First Ice Panfish and Spring Bobber Techniques

    nice video what are you taping with?
  5. just me

    Susquehanna River Muskie

    beautiful muskies....but where you guys fishing that your not getting walleye..i always get walleye in the suscky..
  6. just me

    Seneca Lake Legend

    gotta love a guy that shared his secrets RIP
  7. just me

    Lake fishing on Saturday

    be SAFE
  8. just me

    First Time Ever...

    i have a 1995 crestliner eagle 23 1/2 ft. i love this boat. i went through 5 boats in seven years finally found one i love and will keep ALL WELDED no rivets. very high sides handles everything.... very pleased have it almost 5 seasons now,great fishing machine.
  9. found him..........thanks for letting this post on here.
  10. TRYING to get in touch with LANDSHARK thanks