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just me

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  1. just me

    Durable Taping Technique for Spoons Using a Heat Gun

    nice video thanks for sharing
  2. just me

    A-1 Boat Repair

    hi steve welcome ...where is your boat repair shop
  3. real nice boat guys.....dont hesitate to buy anything from him.......keith keeps his things like new
  4. i sent you a pm
  5. just me

    Rodent deterrents

    irish spring soap.mothballs
  6. thanks wanted an extra was looking for ideas
  7. which is the best gps (only) for the boat hand held thanks
  8. just me

    2018 Oswego Brown Trout Season Re-Cap

    very nice.....glad to see the vest and whistle....
  9. just me

    change of pace: white marlin action

    thanks for sharing
  10. Length and lbs from what to what