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just me

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  1. Where you located
  2. just me


    landshark who you kidding...........you have those walleye trained to jump in the boat................hope you had a good holiday weekend.
  3. just me

    WTB This crankbait

    one of my favs for lake trout
  4. just me

    for sale : usa Trolling spoons 1.00

    So any moonshine Or ones that glow Thanks
  5. Where u located Any echips I'll take the large glow with the green spots..and a few others how about a pic No spin Drs. Thanks
  6. just me

    Carb help

    lf your at catfish creek u r 5 miles from salmon country............good boat mechanic RALPH
  7. what r u looking to get fo it
  8. Is there numbers on it anywhere
  9. how would u register this with no papers
  10. anyone fishing out of mexico n.y thanks.