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  1. Fishstix did u fish...catch anything
  2. im not sending it back for 65 bucks.........i'll keep it and use it or sell it
  3. Brand new roll.they sent the wrong color (gray) I wanted tan I am located in mexico. I plan on selling it when I go back up.6x11 ft. They wanted me ship it back 65 bucks um ya ok..
  4. no i wont open the roll but its 6 or 7 ft wide 11 foot long
  5. Someones is ALWAYS complaining about them and customer service
  6. I bought vynil for a new boat floor. They sent the wrong color....its a gray tweed. I wanted tan 65 bucks to return..r u kidding me. I only paid 189 for it. I'm out of mexico in the spring. U can buy it for 150 Think about it still in the tubthanks
  7. R u sure it works..its gonna be a gift for my buddy thanks
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