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just me

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  1. just me

    Sold / Closed SPIN DOCTORS

    good buy. the price of them is unreal anymore!
  2. just me

    Sea Nymph GLS 220

    good luck
  3. just me

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    gambler i have a 24 ft crestliner that does not bounce around
  4. minion meat rig i'll give you $10 to my door.....(?)
  5. just me

    Kingfest 2019 - Who's Ready??

    wow the young lad right on it....but the older guy to it right off him......sad
  6. what a buy.....nice
  7. tin cup what will you be asking for the 600lc with the fenwick rods thanks
  8. you should probably break this lot up for a better sale good luck
  9. $23.00 to my door i"ll take them
  10. just me

    Islander 191v top

    there is a guy on here..tin cup........his wife does custom made BEAUTIFUL work.not junk. look him up