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  1. anyone upgrade to the new ones?? how r they
  2. has anyone upgrade to the new ones???? i was wondering how they are thanks
  3. they are hard to find. everyone out of stock. if you get to speak with someone they are only getting the newer ones in.
  4. wow guys simmer down just asking before i sell. all i did was ask
  5. 2 shimano tekota 700 not a line counter. brand new in box what are they worth. let me know what you think thanks
  6. the guy bought the new ones. i got lucky
  7. did anyone upgrade to the new ones? do you like them? i am looking for the older ones thanks
  8. my buddies hunt. told me a tiny bug that we call no see umms bite the deer, they go to drink and within 36hrs. they are dead.
  9. goes into reverse no problem. went to put in forward made a grinding noise. now in forward just revs up, no gear engagement. any ideas thanks
  10. they are great spoons can't get them anymore
  11. i sent u a pm awhile ago
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