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  1. I'll take it if nobody has already offered to buy it via PM yet.
  2. We fished out of Oak Orchard today and the fleas were terrible. I've switched over most of my reels to 40+ lb Ande or Big Game, so not many problems there, but one still has 20lb sufix mono. At the end of about 3 hours on the downrigger, that line collected a 3.5' rope of fleas. The 50lb zebco stuff from Wal-Mart that was mentioned earlier works well.
  3. I've been running a set of homemade big boards for a long time, and would absolutely never switch back to inline boards. I have a 19' sylvan navigator, 4' mast on the bow, and currently use dacron line. I'm going to replace it with spectra soon though. I usually use 3 rods per side. The order that you set these up in is very important. The first rod out on each side will be your longest lines and shallower diving. I start them around 220' back. The next will be 15' shorter, so 205 back, then 190, etc. The longest line goes in the front rod holder. I spool the whole reel in mono, no braid at all, for dedicated board rods. Clip the mono directly into an Offshore release, and send it down the line until it's a couple feet from the board. Deploy the next line from the back of the boat, go UNDER the first rod, clip it on to the tow line, go back under the first rod, and put it in the 2nd rod holder. Let it out a little over halfway down the line. Repeat this for the 3rd rod. When you hook a fish, it'll either pop the line out of the release by itself, or you'll have to do it. Either way, pick the rod straight up, keep tension on it, and let that fish swing back to the center. Once it clears the inside line, then you can start reeling. The 15' spacing, plus the distance between the releases, combined with the deeper divers being on the inside gives you plenty of room to get the fish centered up. I start them at 220' back so if you get a fish on the outside rod, the other two simply get slid down closer to the board, then you set the one that just got a fish as your inside rod 15' shorter than the last. Once you get to where you're setting them under 100' back, reel that side in and restart around 220.
  4. I tried tying a willis knot with my current leadcore just now and there's no way 30lb mono is going inside that. 12lb mono was a struggle. Maybe a hollow needle would work, but with micro diameter leadcores there's better knots out there. With my old leadcore it was simple, this suffix 832 is a completely different style. Ended up going with a FG again.
  5. I was just scrolling through some old posts and happened to see this. My 10 color leadcore is suffix advanced 832, 30lb mono leader and a short mono backing section since I use offshore releases on big planer boards, then braid backing under that. I used an FG knot for the braid to mono, mono to leadcore, and leadcore to leader. I used to use a willis knot, but the FG is the smallest diameter you can possibly get, and goes through the guides effortlessly. I actually used short sections of braid in my new copper set up too, all using FG's to mono, just to put a swivel in the middle of the braid instead of having a huge knot with mono that hangs up on the guides. If you're worried about abrasion on the braid where it's wrapped around the mono, cover it with dental floss. Still smaller diameter than a willis knot, and the wax on the floss helps it go through the guides even better. I can post some pictures of either one if anyone would like to see how I set them up.
  6. Ended up going to Sandy Creek. Launched around 5:20. Started fishing at 100fow straight out, and got a few 7-10lb kings early between 100 and 140. Slowed down significantly around 930. Most of the kings were on a moonshine carbon 14 mag spoon. 52' down seemed to be the hot spot, especially early. Picked up a few steelhead on an agent orange moonshine 4" around 45' down, and a berkley flicker minnow 11D green alewife, a 12lb king with a good size lamprey stuck to it on a wonderbread dreamweaver spoon on a 350 copper, and a probably 7lb laker on a gambler rig just off bottom at 125fow. Started out with just spoons, tried a flasher/fly once it slowed down with no luck. 11/15 or so on the day. One king had 3 huge alewife in it, so maybe a meat rig would be something to try in the near future? Packed up around 12:30 or so, with very little action in the last hour and a half.
  7. Looks like we might end up going to Sandy Creek lol. Not one of the four I originally thought, but oh well. Olcott has been on fire this year it seems like. I was up there once and went 9 for 15 or so before it really turned on, also with no down speed or temp. I'll post a report Sunday. Thanks guys.
  8. Pick where you guys want a solid honest report from this Sunday. Irondequoit, Sodus, Olcott, or Oak Orchard. They are 1hr, 1.5hrs, 2hrs, and 1.5hrs away from me, respectively. I don't see many reports out of Irondequoit, but I was thinking about trying it out since it's close. I've always fished Olcott or Oak Orchard, but we're looking to possibly shorten the drive time for Sunday. Is Olcott that much better than Irondequoit, or is it just a matter of more reports being posted mostly from the same few people?
  9. I launched at Captain's Cove. The state launch isn't open yet. Looked like the one at The Black North might have been open, but I'd call first to make sure.
  10. Nice. I was out there today in the 19' Sylvan from about 10:45 to 1. Not much traffic there today. We went 2 for 2, one good size fish. Around 22 fow with a watermelon stinger spoon 15ft down.
  11. Ended up losing that one, but picked up an 8" king. If you're going to fish most of the day, bring a cooler of beer. A lot of guys say it isn't worth going right now, but there's still some fish to be had. We ended up landing 5 out of 6 fish and had an awesome time.
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