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  1. Oak 9/17

    Ended up losing that one, but picked up an 8" king. If you're going to fish most of the day, bring a cooler of beer. A lot of guys say it isn't worth going right now, but there's still some fish to be had. We ended up landing 5 out of 6 fish and had an awesome time.
  2. Oak 9/17

    Got one on now 89 fow straight out
  3. Oak 9/17

    Moonshine carbon 14 has been the hot spoon so far. Got 3 fish in 20 minutes with that. We were at 80-95 fow down 60 feet straight out from the breakwall. That was around noon. Haven't done much since then. No big kings yet, but a good Atlantic and a 13lb steelhead. I'll try to keep this updated as live as possible. All the boats out here disappeared, so I don't think many people were getting many fish.
  4. Oak 9/17

    Picked up another dink king at 120. Going to try meat now.
  5. Oak 9/17 Got here around 11:30, shot out to 100fow and caught an atlantic, small king, and a big steelhead right off the bat. Nothing now from 120 in to 50. Should I try deeper or shallower?
  6. Conesus Tiger Muskie

    Finally got a walleye! 9cm slick purple alewife flicker minnow over 33fow just off long point yesterday around 9am. Fished from 545 until 10. This was the only eye. Thanks for the help!
  7. Conesus Tiger Muskie

    Thanks! We had 6 rods on the planer boards with deep Jr thundersticks and Berkley flicker minnows, all in blue, purple, or black/silver. 7cm purple flicker minnow took a big smallmouth. Got a 40" pike on a blue 9cm flicker minnow. Marked a lot of bait suspended around 15' down over 30-36fow but still no eyes. Had one worm harness on a downrigger near bottom, and the Sutton 44 at various depths. Also ran 2 leadcores with a worm harness. Sounds like I just need to spend more time on the water.
  8. Conesus Tiger Muskie

    Tiger Muskie Caught this yesterday on Conesus. 25' down, Sutton 44, 2.2mph. 8.8 lbs, 37 inches. Pretty beat up tail, but it fought fine. Still can't seem to find a walleye in this lake.
  9. Olcott, Newfane Marina Rocks!!

    I was there this past Saturday with a 19' Sylvan, drooling while looking at all the big water boats. Felt like I was on a jet ski. Awesome launch though. Parking was quick and easy, ramp drops off fairly quick so you don't have the whole truck in the water, and restrooms were spotless even on a Saturday afternoon. Well worth the $8 fee. I was expecting triple that for such a nice place.
  10. I didn't have my scale or anything to measure it with, and I released it. It's one of the biggest I've caught though. Good start to the season.
  11. Olcott 6/17 nooner Got a late start yesterday morning, ended up getting on the water around noon. Headed about 3 miles west and started around 170'. Picked up a big steelhead first thing on an arctic green magnum moonshine spoon at 55' down. Fished for a while with just downriggers, then finally decided to throw a dipsy out. Oscar color standard moonshine on that caught a few small kings and a steelhead 180' back. Spent 90% of the time between 165 and 200 fow. Spin doctor/fly didn't do anything for us. All on spoons. Trolled in shallow just before picking up and didn't do anything from 150 in.
  12. We ended up 4 for 7. 170-250 fow, 100 & 130 down. Black and green stingers worked well. 3 steelhead and 1 king in the boat. One steelhead on a orange spoon behind a small Orange SD. Good day on the water.
  13. All in 225+ fow? I'm out there over 160 now, was out to 220. Marked a few fish, haven't had any takers. Any help would be great, trying to get a fish for the ole lady to use as a fish bra.
  14. canandaigua lake

    What water depth are you picking up the rainbows in?
  15. canandaigua lake

    Got a laker on a Berkley flicker minnow off the boards and a rainbow on a copper and blue spoon 30 down 45 back on the downrigger on the 19th. Definitely slow.