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  1. I just had the same issues on a 2015 Stuck open Stat was my issues Nice quick easy fix...
  2. Not 30" a 3 ft Guess if your looking for a 30" you would need to cut down a 36"
  3. Anyone know if a scotty and 3 holders would fit on a 3ft track?
  4. Great picture's defently what its all about... Sometimes we forget it is the little things that count..... perch and smiles
  5. Without taking away from the original poster.... if one does have a kicker how much better/different does the set up work.
  6. Nice looking forward to seeing it.
  7. Wow I just sold a 91 gt 100 that engine was great never a issue in the 13 years I owned the boat... These engines were solid. Good luck with the sale
  8. I had one on my old boat, when it's dialed in worked great, cable can be a pain but after I got it figured out Non-issue. Purchased a new to me boat that had a fish hawk definitely easy and no cable, would I drop 1300 for it when I had the depth raider. No way they both do the same. If on a budget it works fine. No experience with the sub.
  9. Great work, sea nymphs are a great platform. Well done
  10. Looking for any cisco 42 track adaptors for a 2015 lund sport angler. Thanks
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