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  1. far as national security goes, an occasional “thank you America” would be nice. wow let's keep it too fishing. keep stocking salmon I'm glad no one was hurt and everything worked out. no matter were anyone lives in this world it is sad when they need to protect their family or property. either way I would fish with a lot of the members this site. Truthfully I would not care about your location more care about your boat lol. another 2 months and we will be back doing what we all love.
  2. That would be Owen Sound Ontario Canada if I was to guess
  3. Ended up with a scotty for Christmas might stick with the coated cable
  4. How did you mount the copper to the rail of the downrigger? Thanks
  5. Would a pice of copper flair at the ends work as well?? Deffently seems to be hard to finding the scotty 1211 part. Thanks
  6. Just wondering if anyone is using the torpedo speed and temp with a depth raider. Any info good or bad would be great. Just debating too use it, or just use the original coated cable from depth raider. Not sure if it will go on scotty or cannon rigger. Thanks in advance.
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