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  1. Are you saying you have a 10 core and just let out the desired number that day. Lets say 5 clip it into the board and just use the reminder as your backing? I'm surprised the core clips I to the board and you have no issues with this. Figured you would need to add mono between the cores to clip. If this works it would allow a couple rods rods to stay home. I keep thinking clipping at core to the boards will create issues with the lead breaking.
  2. What is the max hp? Any recent work? Any idea on hrs? Thanks Nice looking boat
  3. Might just leave the torpedo off and pick up the regular Thanks
  4. Hey everyone With all this time on our hands and not going anywhere quickely. Just wandering what cable people are using. Friend has a torpedo cable but I know the old reviews were not the best. Just wondering pros/ cons.. Thanks
  5. Lol soooooo true but the reason why they need to be soooooooo strick and just shut it all down.. Common sense is a thing of the past Best post so far lol "If you need to ask..... " lol Be safe everyone
  6. I rather see the fixing up pictures. Looks like you did a sweet job.
  7. far as national security goes, an occasional “thank you America” would be nice. wow let's keep it too fishing. keep stocking salmon I'm glad no one was hurt and everything worked out. no matter were anyone lives in this world it is sad when they need to protect their family or property. either way I would fish with a lot of the members this site. Truthfully I would not care about your location more care about your boat lol. another 2 months and we will be back doing what we all love.
  8. That would be Owen Sound Ontario Canada if I was to guess
  9. Ended up with a scotty for Christmas might stick with the coated cable
  10. How did you mount the copper to the rail of the downrigger? Thanks
  11. Would a pice of copper flair at the ends work as well?? Deffently seems to be hard to finding the scotty 1211 part. Thanks
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