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  1. Hello fishing mentors : I apologized if this topic has been discussed and I couldn't find it. I have a 17.5 foot princecraft that I run 2 electric Scotty down riggers , a fishhawk , and a fish finder. Of course a electric start outboard. I'm not sure if I'll be able to troll with main motor or if I'll have to employ a kicker. It's a brand new motor I've only idled it 15 mins at dock for first start break in. When I go out it's usually only 4-5 hrs in morning or evening , almost never a full day. I guessing that I should just keep motor starting battery for just that , so it never gets run down and leaves me stranded. I'm getting too old for being stranded... lol. So the question is do I want 2 batteries for electronics and when they die go home ?...or .... How many hours of use would 2 deep cycle batteries give under general normal use ? my kicker ( if I end up using it ) does not charge. Anyway I guess you can see where I'm going with this. Any set up advice would be appreciated. THanks for looking at my post. RE
  2. That looks like a pretty solid piece transom material.
  3. Shakemsam Yes all areas that could allow water in will be scrutinized thoroughly. I don't want to go through this again...lol
  4. I believe I know how the water was getting in. The top rail that covers in the plywood goes straight across the top and stops and a second piece of aluminum transitions upward. it at the confluence of those two pieces of rail that the water has gotten in. I have a friend in a aluminum fabrication shop that I'm going to ask to bend me up a "C" channel rail in one piece to recover the new material. I think the coosa board from Noah's is what is going to be used. Thanks
  5. Hi Chinook266 I did see coosa board listed at a site here in Ontario but in the description it listed a bunch of uses but didn't mention transoms ? I emailed to company and asked specifically if coosa board was appropriate for transoms and I have not heard back from them in a week. I will take a deeper dive into looking at it. Thanks for your time !
  6. Frogger I'm not familiar with that material. I will look into it . Thanks for your time !
  7. Good day everyone ! I just bought a princecraft Super Pro 226 and it has a soft transom that needs replaced. So of course it is plywood and I guess at my age I could go with plywood again and it would probably last longer than I will. But what the heck maybe one of my grandkids will get it , so it might be nice if it lasted a bit longer. The question of the day is , I'm wondering if anyone had any input on any synthetic materials that are impervious to moisture ? Barring that any suggestions on synthetic materials, what to treat plywood with to achieve better longevity from rot. Thanks very much for your time and for looking ! RE
  8. Nicely done Sir Sea nymphs are a great boat. You have years of enjoyment ahead in that beauty ! Cheers
  9. Hello Everyone : question what weight of weighted steel line do you recommend to get down 20-30 feet Also any idea where a fella could order some from or go pick up within 100 km of Toronto ? can't seem to find any on Amazon or anywhere else I check. thanks RE
  10. Hi Weighted steel ? I was figuring braided as a backer attached to copper then flouro to lure. I'm not familiar with weighted steel ? Thanks
  11. Hi Everyone : Been trolling for salmon and trout for a few years now , catch a few miss and few. But always luv to be out mostly with my daughter. I want to get into a bit of copper line use for the times when they are in that upper 20-30 FOW. Just curious if a roller tip is required or just beneficial to using copper between braid and fluorocarbon line. I'm thinking that kinking line might be a issue. also recommendations of a chart for depths for the above mentioned line set up. I'd really appreciate your expertise on these questions. WARNING ! Could be more questions ...lol Thank you ! RE
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