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  1. Nicely done Sir Sea nymphs are a great boat. You have years of enjoyment ahead in that beauty ! Cheers
  2. Hello Everyone : question what weight of weighted steel line do you recommend to get down 20-30 feet Also any idea where a fella could order some from or go pick up within 100 km of Toronto ? can't seem to find any on Amazon or anywhere else I check. thanks RE
  3. Hi Weighted steel ? I was figuring braided as a backer attached to copper then flouro to lure. I'm not familiar with weighted steel ? Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone : Been trolling for salmon and trout for a few years now , catch a few miss and few. But always luv to be out mostly with my daughter. I want to get into a bit of copper line use for the times when they are in that upper 20-30 FOW. Just curious if a roller tip is required or just beneficial to using copper between braid and fluorocarbon line. I'm thinking that kinking line might be a issue. also recommendations of a chart for depths for the above mentioned line set up. I'd really appreciate your expertise on these questions. WARNING ! Could be more questions ...lol Thank you ! RE
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