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  1. Hi Mike - You have basically named your three best options down that way for NY pure musky waters. I'll be on Chautauqua Saturday. That entire lake is good for both casting and trolling. Boat traffic will most likely be an issue by mid-day Saturday so get an early start if possible. I may start casting and then switch over to trolling. Both north and south ends will produce fish but south end (shallower, warms up quicker) seems to be favored earlier in the year by many guys. If weather/wind gets to be too much on CHQ, then consider other lakes but hard to pass up one of the best lakes around. I'm excited to get out - best of luck to ya! Chad
  2. BlueEye

    Lake Sturgeon Restoration

    Pretty cool man - thanks for sharing!
  3. BlueEye

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    I am horrible at guessing bass weights Billy. Wish I had a scale that day I think katydid is probably correct in that 6-8 lb range but your guess is better than mine
  4. BlueEye

    Conesus Conesus Largemouth

    Thanks guys! State launch did look fine when we used it. There was no construction and we just had to pay a six dollar fee to park the trailer there.
  5. Had a chance to fish tiger musky tournament this weekend on Conesus. No tigers but did get a chance to watch this jumbo take down my 9” musky jerkbait.. haha. Casting over 10-15 feet of water I didn’t have a scale to weigh her... just a quick picture and measurement and back she went. She was 22” long... your guess is better than mine for weight
  6. BlueEye

    New PB?

    Nice fish Dylan
  7. Hi guys - Can you try logging into the LOU App today? I applied a patch and was wondering if it fixed the issue or not. Thank you - Chad
  8. Looking forward to it - I haven't fished that lake in a long time so it will be nice to get back out there. Hopefully there are no bass tournaments that day...
  9. Good start to the season Adam Very healthy looking fish!
  10. Hi guys - just a follow up on this, I talked with the developers yesterday. They acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix they expect to release sometime next week. So stay tuned and thanks again for the patience... frustrating I understand, but the mobile site should work fine if you just open up your browser on the phone.
  11. BlueEye

    B and E tackle Spring Fling


    Gonna see if I can stop in Sunday for a quick visit
  12. sooooo coool!!! Awesome fish - congrats to both of you
  13. Good start Bruce! Hope you guys have a great year.