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  1. I look forward to the Gan outing every year. They got some from 1st class anglers north of the border and it's awesome to get to have drinks and share stories after a day on the river. The raffle table is amazing and after trading my tickets for my buddy's tickets - I walked out with 2 big prizes and several regular prizes We got a good laugh over that..... I hope he trades me tickets again next year.
  2. What a beauty! Nice going guys
  3. Very cool! Congrats to both of you Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. it's funny you mention that Sean cause I have gone through three Barbie poles already this year just due to them "breaking" - probably by no fault of the poles either. One barbie pole was donated to the Nigara Musky Association and my daughter won it. She was very excited as she had just broke her previous two. I have spent more on barbie poles and worms this year then I have my own equipment... I'm sure this trend will continue for some time as well haha.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. It was a really a great experience and moment. She was very proud to show off the little scuff mark the smallie left on her thumb as evidence to mom that she did indeed catch that fish.
  6. St. River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fun with Family Took my daughter out this weekend and drown some worms. We worked 15-20 feet of water and she was trilled to catch 3 smallies, perch, couple sun fish and bunch of gobies. Here is one of her smallies before the entire family fell asleep. While I was out there later that same after noon with just me and the daughter, I ran into an old timer who came over to us (G3 boat) after hearing my daughter screaming for excitement of catching another smallmouth. He told me that he was looking at himself in the mirror 30 years ago back when he use to take his daughter out. He thanked us for bringing back the memories a little teary-eyed and drove off into the sunset. I'm not sure who the guy was or if he is a member of this site or not, but I would love to hear the rest of his story should I ever run into him again. Here is to many more father/daughter trips down the river
  7. It's a good question Steve. I have not seen the smaller class fish yet this year however I think the high water should help with expanding and protecting the spawning areas. High water great for fishery, not so much for waterfront property owners. For example my uncles pond, which hasn't seen fish in 20+ years has exploded with panfish this year due to high water levels. The amount of new bait fish entering system has to be up from previous lower level years. It may be 5-7 years before we see Muskies in that 30"40" class that have benefited from water level changes but only time will tell. This is just my own theory so please take it with a grain of salt. Last three trips out we got 52", 54.5" and 50.5" this morning.
  8. You got me by 2" Bobby These might have been honorable mention at Gan outting
  9. That picture of the hook with the musky tooth is really cool! Never seen something like that Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. MEGA TANKER! Nice fish Bobby!
  11. Thanks for the tip longbow - I will certainly check that out.
  12. Nice job guys! Great report and nice to see the tournament was big success
  13. Wow that is a long day from 7am to 9pm in July. Ironman is right...
  14. Nice Zach!! Congrats on the victory How was the event overall? Well run? I have never fished that one before.
  15. Awesome! Very nice catch!