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  1. Nice fish Mark & Gene - congrats!
  2. Very cool - thanks for sharing!
  3. We did this last year fishing Erie out front of Cleveland and it made a huge difference in the fillets. We left one un-bled just to see the difference and it was very noticeable both in color and taste.
  4. Hahah - yes you are correct! Sorry about that. See you TONIGHT!
  5. Pretty cool guys See you all at meeting tomorrow.
  6. Wow crazy Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Nice catch Looking forward to participating in the LOC this year (as always!)
  8. Looks very nice - nice job guys.
  9. Hi Pap - I believe that only shows up if you are using the LOU app to post. If you are viewing the site with phone browser window then it won't display that. Apple iOS App: Android App: Hope this helps Chad
  10. Cayuga

    I love hearing about this kind stuff guys - it's awesome! We got the best community here on LOU; it's not to say we don't have our issues from time to time with almost 20,000 members (no avoiding that) but I really feel on the whole we have the best group of guys who are always willing to share and support each other.
  11. LOL - that is funny I like the Trump tweet at the end of the article.
  12. Nice start [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Nice - looking forward to this tournament as always.
  14. Tommy is first class - both as mechanic and person