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  1. Wow congrats guys! Real trophy there! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Looks like a great event, would love to fish it if I wasn't out of town that weekend. Hope some guys from LOU do and share results of event.
  3. Nice boat Rich - I've added pics to the listing for you. Best of luck with the sale
  4. Hi guys - quick update, seems issue is specific to Android phones but only some as most appear to be working still. We are working on a new release of the app that will be better supported than current version and hope to have that out in a month or two. Private Message (PM) me with any other concerns on this as I don't want to clog up the main fishing forums with tech support related stuff. In the mean time, if the app is not working for you then you can simply use the mobile version of the site. Thanks again everyone! Chad
  5. App is getting updated as it is no longer supported by forum software. After upgrade is complete it will appear again in Play store. Currently the old app should still work so I would just use that for the time being until new app is finished. You can also use mobile version of site as that works fine as well. Thanks - Chad
  6. I remember back in 2012 when late fall time time we had some really low water levels.... so low in fact you could almost walk across Braddocks Bay:
  7. Yeah all the big names going to be there - pretty big event. We had them coming down our docks two wide..... The bass we caught in that area weren't exactly the ones I think they were looking for......
  8. Hahaha - river donations
  9. Had a chance to get some fishing with the family in and bring back some of my old childhood memories of dock fishing in Alex Bay. It was a lot of fun back then in the 80's/90's and just as much fun today with my own daughters. And for those parents out there that don't want to deal with trying to get worms on hooks..... try this: Good luck on the water this year everyone! Chad
  10. Nice boat Dan - good luck with the sale
  11. Wow - great fish Roughrider - congrats on the new PB! What a giant!
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