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  1. Wow that is crazy! I've been out in a couple of those but always amazing to see - great pictures!
  2. BlueEye

    A Fatty

    Nice fish Kevin - congrats. Looks like you got the program down on the river
  3. Boat is awesome! Congrats man
  4. It is your preference in which submission option works best for you. All we would ask is to not duplicate entries (i.e., if you do hard copy, don't do electronic of same record and vise versa).
  5. Hi LOU members, I had a chance over the last couple months to sit down and talk a lot with Steve LaPan (Section Head, Great Lakes Fisheries) and Dr. Farrell (SUNY ESF) with the goal of creating an electronic option for participating in the research on the St. Lawrence River muskellunge population at their Thousand Islands Biological Station (TIBS). This research is funded by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and is guided by an international muskellunge management plan. The voluntary Angler Diary Program is an important tool used by ESF scientists to help evaluate the status of the St. Lawrence River muskellunge population and sportfishery. Many members here on LOU already participate in this via the hard copy diary mailed out each year. This year we are pleased to announce they have accepted an electronic submission option in addition to the hard copy. More info about the program and the Angler Diary Submission Form can be found here: https://nymusky.com/dec-tibs-muskellunge-angler-diary-program/ I'd encourage anyone who fishes the river to participate even if you catch nothing! All entries are submitted directly to the ESF scientists in support of their on-going efforts track trends in our sport fishery and aid the DEC in their management of the St. Lawrence River muskellunge fishery. Thanks for the consideration and good luck on the water this year! Chad
  6. Haha thanks everyone had a great day!
  7. Awesome fish man - congrats!
  8. Yes, just use the mobile version of the site (not the mobile app).
  9. Yeah... I'll lock so we can focus on just the POLL (please vote if you haven't already!). Clearly a very politicized topic.
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