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  1. Pick any dock you can find up there and you should be able to catch some panfish. Stop and get some worms at 1000 Islands bait store and that is all you will need. If you are staying at a hotel on the water then they should have docks for you to fish from. Best of luck It's the same place I got hooked 36 years ago.
  2. BlueEye

    web site

    Hi guys - I fixed that pop-up issue (had the same thing happen to me). Send me a PM or submit support ticket by using link at bottom of site and I'll be happy to investigate individual related problems so we don't detract from fishing talk here. thanks!
  3. BlueEye

    19lb 4oz Brown

    Giant! Nice fish man
  4. Nice Tom! Good to hear fleas weren’t a problem too
  5. BlueEye

    Bald Eagle

    Very nice catch! Congrats guys
  6. Pretty interesting video from my friends over on OFC.... https://ontariofishingcommunity.com/topic/86632-salmon-in-the-river/
  7. BlueEye

    web site

    Hi Chasen - I'll look into a couple things for us this weekend. I'm always interested in making the site faster anyways even if this issue is isolated to only a few members. Thanks for your patience!
  8. BlueEye

    Thank you HANK

    I'll second that... Hank is great. He really puts in the time to figure out the issue.
  9. BlueEye

    Martie..avid muskie freak

    Welcome to LOU Martie! Glad to have ya aboard Haven't night fished the upper in a couple years now but if that's the plan, then id consider joining Niagara Musky Association (NMA). There are many die hard awesome anglers in that club to say the least, and plenty that love night fishing. .http://niagaramuskyassociation.ning.com/
  10. BlueEye

    Chautauqua Showdown!!!

    Unreal fish! Congrats to Frank on what I understand to be his largest ever from Chautauqua. Giant!!
  11. BlueEye

    Chautauqua Showdown!!!

    Had a great time at the tournament. 95 people turned out on a day that was slated for horrible weather - lots of musky addicts out there apparently Joe and I finished the day with a 40", 38" and bonus walleye to boot. If it wasn't torrential downpours of rain/wind, then we weren't catching fish. All of our activity came in the worst weather of the day. Special thanks to Mike Sperry over at Chautauqua Reel Outdoors for letting the club host the event at his place. Check out CRO if you are ever in the area. Good luck to everyone the rest of the year! Chad
  12. BlueEye

    Fat Otisco eye

    Giant! Nice fish Justin Thanks for sharing.
  13. BlueEye

    New to Site - Not to Salmon Fishing

    Welcome to LOU Dave -glad to have ya
  14. BlueEye

    Chautauqua Showdown!!!

    Thank you sir