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  1. Thank you, I am interested in picking up that humminbird. I will be able to afford that. I'm not sure about affording all the other things. but whatever is going to up my chances when I go out. I have a feeling that I just got really lucky that day. I just went to the one spot that I knew my friend said he caught them all the time. I also bought some bottom bouncers that I heard worked better than the three way swivel and is much cheaper than riggers. thank you again for your help. any info is great cause im just getting in to this style of fishing.
  2. Me and my buddy went out at about 7:30 on my small boat and tried our luck at trolling, this was my first time out on the lake and my first time trying to catch anything besides bass and pickerel. I don't have down riggers or anything but I have read about the three way swivel technique and decided to try it. We didn't have much luck on the first run but eventually I hooked into two pickerel on the east lake side. Then I hooked into a monster on the west lake side and it took all my line and my lure. I was using 10lb test because I had heard that lighter line was the best to use, but I feel if I had tightened the drag anymore than it was, it would have snapped anyway so I just hoped to tire it out. If anyone knows of any ways to make this technique better PLEASE help! or any advice on spots to try to fish. I am a 25 year old college student and I cant afford all the gnarly gadgets like down riggers and fish finders and what not, so I am fishing blind out there. All the fish that I hooked into were on a silver laker taker and it was between 10 and 11:30.
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