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  1. hughes has been slow, warm water is inside.
  2. loosen the drag snd let them run! Dont try to stop them
  3. Atomic hooks

    dont straighten them and reuse them. they will snap on the next fish
  4. Autopilot

    its mounted on its own bracket, free swinging . it is operated by a hydraulic pump mounted under deck, two hoses from pump to cylinder mounted on outboard. Turn and steer with remote.once the boat is going the direction you want it will hold its coarse. It can also be connected to your gps to run a route or waypoint to waypoint. I do have an EZ steer mount on it , just in case it stops working, I can hook up to outdrive and steer from cockpit. Its a little expensive but its been a great investment.
  5. Autopilot

    I have a Garmin TR-1 gold installed for my yamaha 9.9 . It does an excellent job on my 23' Penn yan. Holds tru into 5' waves with no problem . The remote controls both speed and steering.
  6. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    it took a half hr to drink a beer??? lol Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Targeting summer browns

    browns like 55-61 degree water and are usually found where that temp meets the bottom.without knowing temps I would start by fishing in approx 60 fow within 10' of the bottom and gradually move out keeping tight to bottom until you find them. (example)If you catch a brown in 70fow keep working that depth as more will be there,you should see them on your graph if that depth shuts off ,the 55-61 degree water may have moved in or out a little. Temps can stay consistant or change hrly depending on wind and current.small to medium size spoons will work. Investing in a fishhawk temp system would be a good investment for you as it takes all the guess work out of it. The browns could be as shallow as 30' or as deep as 110'. Just depends on recent winds and currents. good luck!
  8. Mc rocket

    We do well with a 36" leader from 11" flasher to bait head. Be sure to put a slight bend in the rocket behind the baithead to get a good roll. We catch plenty of fish without using scent.
  9. try chanel 8 out of Sodus chanel 68 out of Hughes
  10. Ignition Issue

    check wire on starter is tight, also check that ground wire to block is tight
  11. ours came on spoons riggers down 6' and100' back toplines 150' back with small splitshot 8' above spoon
  12. we were out in same area east of maxwell,did our damage in 15-25 fow toplines and riggers down 6' on warrior medium size spoons.shorline was 38 degrees found 41degrees out deeper 13 for 17 one brown about 8 lbs rest were 3-6
  13. Hugh's 3/12/16

  14. Sampson derby roll-call

    Sloooo motion Dock 36E
  15. Kicker Motor

    I have a 21' Penn tan tempest with a 9.9 high thrust long shaft Yamaha. It does just fine 2- 3 gallons per day trolling 8-10 hrs Sent from my QMV7B using Lake Ontario United mobile app