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  1. We do well with a 36" leader from 11" flasher to bait head. Be sure to put a slight bend in the rocket behind the baithead to get a good roll. We catch plenty of fish without using scent.
  2. try chanel 8 out of Sodus chanel 68 out of Hughes
  3. check wire on starter is tight, also check that ground wire to block is tight
  4. ours came on spoons riggers down 6' and100' back toplines 150' back with small splitshot 8' above spoon
  5. we were out in same area east of maxwell,did our damage in 15-25 fow toplines and riggers down 6' on warrior medium size spoons.shorline was 38 degrees found 41degrees out deeper 13 for 17 one brown about 8 lbs rest were 3-6
  6. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  7. Sloooo motion Dock 36E
  8. I have a 21' Penn tan tempest with a 9.9 high thrust long shaft Yamaha. It does just fine 2- 3 gallons per day trolling 8-10 hrs Sent from my QMV7B using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. How is your black release attached to the cable? I put a crimp between the two holes on a black and crimp it about a foot above the ball. This keeps the release there on the cable but it is free spinning on the cable.with tension from your lure trolling the release should stay straight even if the ball does spin. I have never had any issues with line wrapping on cable.
  10. Warrior flutter spoons are great for spring browns. Mags are great on kings Paint holds up super. They come with quality treble hooks.
  11. Anyone know what marine channels are used for seneca during derby?
  12. Screamin king will be there
  13. Screamin king will be there
  14. Tooth paste a rag and a little scrubbing takes it right off.
  15. Tooth paste Not the gel kind but the old fashioned regular paste. Put a little on a damp rag and polish it up just like new.