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  1. I'll take them , PM me with cost of shipping to 14219.Thanks
  2. Started with a EZ Steer . then a Panther 100 which hard to control over steer , constantly pushing buttons . Switched to a Garmin TR-1 , Set it and forget it .Wife loves it , says its the best accessory I ever purchased for the boat . A must have for a crew of 2 .
  3. ​Had a 85 Mercruiser with same problem . Replaced bad Trim limit switch unit .
  4. ​I have one that I have been saving that hasn't been used in years , will try to find it .
  5. I had a similar problem a few years ago . it tuned out to be a bad hose or primer bulb ., which I was told will suck air into the carb , Relpaced both and it ran fine after that.
  6. ​Buy a cheap styrofoam cooler at the Dollar Store and cut a piece to fit .
  7. How many spoons are there ? Where are you Located ?
  8. I know the feeling also . It is hard to replace your favorite spoons or lures that are no longer made . PM me with a list and I will donate a couple dozen or more .
  9. ​ has them in 3 different sizes . I store then in the optional bag . I like the medium size the best . but also have a few of the large .
  10. ​Is there a Limit ???
  11. I was testing​ 840 Displays on my X4 and Yes they are interchangeable.
  12. Remove Pedestal put it on a 1/4" piece of Starboard , trace pattern, use 3m 4200 caulk and you should be good to go.
  13. No inline boards , will look for releases tonight .
  14. There will be Walleye , Bass , Trout and Salmon Gear there . I will be selling Dipsy Divers , Jet Divers , Paddle Flashers , Spoons . Amish outfitter Plastic Planer Board set. Big Jon long Manual Downriggers . still looking for more things to bring . Let me know if you are looking for something special and if I have it I will Bring it .
  15. Thanks that's what I will have to get . I have the same Steering as DoubleG which I am replacing with Sea Star hydraulic Steering . the new support rod has to slid into the tilt tube . the transom cut out is not wide enough so I will have to pull the motor to slid it in.Will try the Debond with some piano wire.