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  1. X4 TO X4D

    You need a new Probe and Display . Might be better buying a new unit and selling this one .
  2. Garmin TR1 Gold

    Your battery will be fine , I have 2 that stay charged even running downriggers and other gadgets . Just make sure you bring them to full charge every few days at home or dock .
  3. Hydofoil

    Had just trim tabs on 21 ft with 150 outboard , with 2 on board ok . with crew of 4 and full tank of gas (over 500 lbs.) needed hydrofoil added , a big difference getting up and nobody had to move to the front of the boat .
  4. Will Trade Walleye Fillets For Squirrels Want to make squirrel stew , buddy took me to a "hot spot" we didn't see any . Will trade fresh frozen walleye fillets for skinned and cleaned gray or fox squirrels . Need 4-6 , NO reds . Hamburg area .
  5. Cannon MAGNUM 10 STX Electric Downrigger . NIB Cannon MAGNUM 10 STX Electric Downrigger , New in Sealed Box . $475.00 Won as Prize . features include Telescopic stainless steel boom extends from 24" to 53" . Short Stop , Positive Ion Control and 250 fpm retrieve rate .Includes mounting base and low profile swivel base .
  6. Now that I read your Post , I remember having 2 brand new ( top sections only ) that I had to switch things on my boat for different kinds of fishing. will look for them and let you know.
  7. Kicker Motor mounts

    I have a garelick hydra powered 12 volt for 8 yrs . I don't think there is a more solid mount . no play whatever when trailering .A little pricy but to me well worth it after having other mounts break in rough water . Have a 21 Trophy with Merc 9.9 Pro kicker mounted on it .
  8. 7 Color Leadcore Reel

    I pull up to 10 colors , you'll be fine .
  9. I will take 4 of them . PM sent
  10. Dipsey colors?

    I use Black , Monkey Puke , Nuclear Pink , Glow And others . Usually try to match my attractor or lures . I did a test years ago scuba diving with all my lures , Dipsy Divers and what not and found out the color turns gray theory was a myth . Here is a link that might be interesting .
  11. This is what happens when There is no set price . I was interested but figured I would stay out of a best offer Sale . Too much like Flea-Bay .