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  1. Had just trim tabs on 21 ft with 150 outboard , with 2 on board ok . with crew of 4 and full tank of gas (over 500 lbs.) needed hydrofoil added , a big difference getting up and nobody had to move to the front of the boat .
  2. Will Trade Walleye Fillets For Squirrels Want to make squirrel stew , buddy took me to a "hot spot" we didn't see any . Will trade fresh frozen walleye fillets for skinned and cleaned gray or fox squirrels . Need 4-6 , NO reds . Hamburg area .
  3. Cannon MAGNUM 10 STX Electric Downrigger . NIB Cannon MAGNUM 10 STX Electric Downrigger , New in Sealed Box . $475.00 Won as Prize . features include Telescopic stainless steel boom extends from 24" to 53" . Short Stop , Positive Ion Control and 250 fpm retrieve rate .Includes mounting base and low profile swivel base .
  4. Now that I read your Post , I remember having 2 brand new ( top sections only ) that I had to switch things on my boat for different kinds of fishing. will look for them and let you know.
  5. I have a garelick hydra powered 12 volt for 8 yrs . I don't think there is a more solid mount . no play whatever when trailering .A little pricy but to me well worth it after having other mounts break in rough water . Have a 21 Trophy with Merc 9.9 Pro kicker mounted on it .
  6. I pull up to 10 colors , you'll be fine .
  7. I will take 4 of them . PM sent
  8. I use Black , Monkey Puke , Nuclear Pink , Glow And others . Usually try to match my attractor or lures . I did a test years ago scuba diving with all my lures , Dipsy Divers and what not and found out the color turns gray theory was a myth . Here is a link that might be interesting .
  9. This is what happens when There is no set price . I was interested but figured I would stay out of a best offer Sale . Too much like Flea-Bay .
  10. Used 150Lb. Power Pro for years , Dragged bottom a few times with no problems. Finally lost Probe and 12lb. ball fishing in 5 footers trying to set line into release . Ball swung up into air and came down " Snap " . Ouch-$$$$$$$$ . Switched back to wire on probe rigger , and always keep ball and probe under water in rough seas , just use stacker releases . Yes , always checked Super line , even cut a few ft. back every few trips .
  11. 25 year old 2 -stroke maybe 700.00 Don't forget the Rubber in and around engine ; carb rebuilds , diaphragms hardened as well as impellers .Also check bellows Etc. make sure the engines turn freely ,even if put away correctly they still could rust and seize from humidity if not turned over yearly . that's a long time siting idle . Everything will add up quick , especially if you pay to get it done . Great find , but buy it right.