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  1. Get yourself Pink and Chartreuse paint at a Hobby shop , small paint brush and Black Paint marker at Home Depot ( Not Magic marker ) to dab on your dots and your Good to go. No fancy air brushing needed .
  2. These are Luhr Jensen Diamond King Spoons . Renosky Joe Pirate Spoons have a Larger diamond shape rattle chamber at the bottom. Is Watermelon the only color you are looking for ?
  3. Down Deep

    Daily Limits Between Two Countries

    If you Really want to settle this call the ECO in your area , Not the office but the direct number of the ECO which are listed in most state regulation Guides . This way you will get the answer from the man who you will be dealing with on the dock or on the water . Been there Done that . his answer is sometimes different than the office person trying to interpret the regulation book .
  4. Down Deep

    Daily Limits Between Two Countries

    No , You can only keep 1 limit ! If the Canadian limit is more than the N.Y limit like salmon , you can bring the extra fish back to the US but don,t stop to fish here for another Species , you will get ticketed for being over the limit , If you Get checked at the dock , produce a Licence from Canada and you will be ok .
  5. They made 2 different styles . posting pic of bottom mast would help .
  6. Down Deep

    If This Is Global Warming...

    In February , I said " Pay Now or Pay Later " We had one of the nicest Febs I can remember , now we are paying with one of the worst Aprils I can Remember. I'd rather get the bad weather over with early in the year .
  7. Down Deep


    I will Take them , PM Sent .
  8. Down Deep

    Battery advise please

    Have had problems with Walmart Batteries , had failures within 1-1/2 yr. , even though They gave me free replacements it was a PITA To get the batteries in and out . Switched to Interstate , going on 4th year without a problem. just make sure you trickle charge every month or so during the winter .
  9. What is the Lower Price ?
  10. Down Deep

    Seneca Watkins Glen Show

    Is Sausage with Peppers and Onions on the Lunch Menu again this year ? That was Soooo Good !
  11. Down Deep

    Lost Kitewing on Irondequoit Bay

    I would call a small airport and rent a ride on a small air plane , pilots need to keep their hours up , so you might get a deal . Down side is someone already has it . Facebook usually works for people , Might tun up on Craigslist in the future .
  12. Down Deep

    Hydrofoil recommendations

    I Had Davis Doel Fin on Two boats so that is the only one I am familiar with . there might be another brand that is better ???? . Would be nice to find a test with different brand hydafoils used on one boat .
  13. Down Deep

    Hydrofoil recommendations

    After installing a Trolling motor And Bracket that weighted about 200 lbs on my 21 ft. the trim tabs didn't quite do it . Added Hydra foils [ 150 hp. outboard ] and a Couple 25 lb. bags of lead shot in the bow , PERFECT , Gets up and rides like a charm.
  14. 140 ft is a little deep for a compressed air dive , let alone the bottom time will only be a few minutes . decompression needed , cold water temps in dark murky waters etc = PITA . Even though my diving days are over . I did not bother my diving friends to try to recover my own X4D probe I lost , less hassle and time just buying a new one. Now a ROV sounds like a better idea than the Drone i was Thinking about .